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									Premises Liability Attorney Oklahoma
  * Product Liability
  * Dog Bites
  * Spinal Cord / Paralysis
  * Motorcycle Accident
  * Burn Injury
  * Serious Injury
  * Car accidents
  * Truck accidents (including big rigs)
  * Premises Liability
  * Industrial accidents
  * Insurance Law
  * Wrongful Death
  * Workers' Compensation

Experienced Oklahoma Premises Liability Attorney

Our attorneys at the Office of Joseph J. Reinke have been assisting Oklahoma families in their quest for
maximum compensation for injuries suffered in premises liability claims for over 35 years. Our firm has earned
its reputation for legal excellence and our track record of success one client at a time.

We have helped many individuals seriously injured on someone else's property recover damages for any injury
they received. These types of cases are called premises liability, since the liability rests with the owner of the
premises or property. Our firm represents clients that have been injured on many different types of commercial
properties, including:

  * Office buildings
  * Manufacturing plants
  * Retail stores
  * Shopping malls

If the injury was sustained at work, our firm can also handle the workers' compensation issues that may stem
from your personal injury matter.

For world-class service from highly experienced attorneys, contact the Office of Joseph J. Reinke to schedule a
free confidential consultation. We handle premises liability cases on a contingent fee basis (we don't get paid
unless you get compensation) so you can afford to benefit from our 35 years of premises liability experience.

For information on how our attorneys, Joseph J. Reinke and Bob Burke, can put their years of personal injury
experience, including premises liability, to work for you, call us at 405/842-4335, visit us at our office (map-
directions), or fill out our intake form on our "Your Case Details" page.

Experienced legal representation and personal service are our hallmarks. The initial consultations are free and
the fees are contingent (you don't pay us unless we get you compensation). We also advance all costs. We can
Firm Overv

Firm Overview

If you have been injured through the inattention or neglect of another person or company, you need an attorney
to make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries.

You need an experienced attorney, one you can trust.
In our 35 years of legal practice, we’ve helped many people just like you. People who’ve been hurt and aren’t
sure where to turn. People who need legal help now. When you’re injured, sometimes it seems like everything
and everyone is against you. That’s where we come in.

Why should you have to bear the burden of an injury that wasn’t your fault? Our goal is to shift the burden of the
injury away from you and squarely back onto the person or company who caused it.

That’s justice and that’s our mission.

It is important that you find someone knowledgeable to look out for your rights and ensure that you are treated
fairly. To avoid being taken advantage of, you need experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. Our legal
system may be the best in the world but nevertheless, your adversaries will attempt to use the system for their
own benefit. Justice isn’t always served.

Years of Experience

As your attorney, you’ll have the benefit of experience on your side. We work to ensure that your case achieves
the best possible outcome. You will not be handed off to someone else in the office. In a large firm, your case
might end up in a stack of a hundred others on an associate’s desk somewhere. Not here. If you have a case
involving a personal injury or related litigation, you will be certain that you know which lawyer will be representing
you – Joe Reinke. If you have a Worker’s Compensation case, you’ll have Bob Burke on your side, an true
authority on Worker’s Comp law with over 30 years of experience.

Earned Reputation

Just like you, we don’t like tasteless attorney advertising. You won’t find our firm in a big, splashy yellow pages
ad. Most of our business comes from referrals: other legal professional, clients, and even doctors. The best
attorneys in the state trust us with some of the toughest cases. A reputation like that can only be earned. It is
earned by knowing how to evaluate and prepare a case for maximum value. If we are able to encourage a fair
settlement to be offered and it is in the client’s interest, we will encourage that it be accepted. But, if not, we are
prepared to got to trial rather than quickly accepting a low offer. We have earned our reputation by years of
experience for which there is no substitute. And most importantly, we’ve earned it by shooting straight with our
clients. We don’t over promise. We’d rather under promise and over deliver. You can count on that.

Advanced Trial Techniques Working For You

Our trial experience translates to superior courtroom presentation. Insurance companies prefer to avoid trial if
the case is well prepared by quality lawyers and properly evaluated. This often translates into higher settlement
offers. We use advanced trial techniques to bring our clients’ evidence to life, including technological aids such
as computer recreations, animations, and models. Today, using technology in the courtroom is essential for
effective legal representation, and we pride ourselves on our expertise.

So, if you’ve been injured and need an attorney you can trust, give us some details on the YOUR CASE
DETAILS page. Or call me, Joe Reinke, at 405/842-4335. If I’m not in, I’ll return your call right away. If you think
you have a Worker’s Comp case, call Bob Burke at 405/848-0314.

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