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Welcome! We are on our way through the World Wide Web to visit some cool sites and find out some information about scary things and strange occurrences. There'll be several questions to answer or tasks to perform at each site, so sharpen your pencils, Net Nuts, and we're off!!! Click on each of the pictures to send you to the correct sites.

Our first stop is the hall of UFO's What does "UFO" stand for? Who originated this term?

We're here to find the following information:

What term did World War II pilots use to describe strange lights in the sky? What did Kenneth Arnold see in 1947? How many were there? Where were they located? What was their estimated speed? What name was given to these objects?

List and describe the 3 levels of UFO encounters.

Do you believe in UFO's? Explain your answer.

UFO's were originally believed to be from Mars. Let's go there next and have a look around. We can get there with the help of The Nine Planets. Choose Mars from the "Table of Contents" and use the information to answer the following questions: How does Mars’s rank in position and size when compared to the other planets? Where did Mars get its name? What is its nickname? What month is named for Mars? What is Olympus Mons? . Also have a look at picture 18. What do you think it looks like? Mars has two moons. Find and record their names. There has been a lot of excitement over the current exploration of Mars. Would you like to be a crewmember on the first manned flight to Mars? Why or why not? What color is mars?

Speaking of scary things in the sky, let’s return to earth and go to this site, "bats" Answer the following questions: Are bats, rodents or mammals? How many babies does a bat normally have each year?

How can bats fly at night? What can a bat do that no other mammal can do?

Are you afraid of bats? Why or why not?

The next stop's not quite so cool. We're off to Volcano


Select "Current Eruptions" and list the 5 most recent volcanic eruptions. (Be careful. Eruptions are arranged in the order of their most recent update, not date of eruption!)

Click back one screen. Click "volcanoes". Click "earth volcanoes'. Click "Africa". Choose 10 volcanoes to view and list their names:

Try out Hot Lava and explain the difference between pahoehoe and AA lava. Click through the menu on the lower left to find the answer. What does lava smell like?

If you were given the opportunity to go on a volcano hiking expedition to Kilauea, would you go?

Hot enough? Could you burn up just sitting there? We will take a look and see What happened to Mary Reeser in 1951? Where did Mrs. Reeser live? Why is her death a landmark case? What was left of Mrs. Reeser? Do you believe that human beings can spontaneously combust? Support your answer.

Well! That just burns me up! Now we're off to another creepy place! Click on the dinosaur. dinosaurs.

Give the names of five

There are actually 7 reasons not to get a Burmese Python. Is there a market for adult pythons?

List them here.

Let’s take a look at snakes in PA.

List five facts about the snakes that live in our state.

Feeling like another field trip? Let’s go to the Field Museum of Chicago Look closely at this picture of the first bird. What physical feature did this bird have that modern birds do not?

Click on this word Albertosaurus; was it a carnivore or an herbivore?

What do you think killed the dinosaurs? Explain.

Sharpen your wits and pencils for more biting questions at our next site: Sea World Animal Bytes Pick one animal from each section and give two facts about it.

Another cool place for shark sighting, click on the shark. List five facts about sharks.

Click on the cheetah. From each of the areas of the world listed, pick one animal, and give two facts about it. Africa: Antarctica: Australia: Eurasia: Oceans: North America: South America: Got a headache from seeing all the sites? 'Feel like your head might explode? Let's head for our next site and see if that's

possible! What was Nikolai Titov doing when his head exploded? What is the condition called that caused his head to explode? What did it sound like when his head exploded? How many other people are known to have died from this disorder in the past 25 years? Scroll down to the 7 questions that could determine if you have the exploding head syndrome. Do you have any of them? List the ones that apply to you. The Hall of UFO Mysteries is an exhibit at the Museum of Unnatural Mystery.

Now that you are done with the scavenger hunt you can go there and look around.

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