Trieste, 10 October 2008 - 1391 entries in Barcolana 40 (update at 18.00). Shosholoza Salvatore Sarno taking part in the Barcolana is “a dream come true”. Weather forecasts for Sunday say light wind at the start dying out during the morning. Tonight “3 Barcolana Festival” with Fabri Fibra. Tomorrow at 19.00 in Bacino San Giusto Barcolana night race will tale place. ISCRITTI - 1391 entries in Barcolana 40 (update 18.00). According to SVBG registration desk in the next few hours the boats will be 1420. SARNO IN TRIESTE PRESENTS SHOSHOLOZA “I have always heard about the Barcolana: it‟s a dream come true. I‟m in Trieste and I‟ll be able to say „I was there‟” – said Shosholoza patron Salvatore Sarno, who arrived in Trieste for the race. “We are drawn by high ideals, among which the love for sailing and for South Africa” – added the captain who doesn‟t want to make comparisons with Alfa Romeo - “Shoholoza is totally different from Alfa Romeo, the two boats were built for different purposes. This is our first time, and we are aware of this, but I‟m sure that we could repeat this experiment and I‟m also sure that Paolo Cian and Tommaso Chieffi will make Shoholoza fly despite its 24 tons”. The boat has been adjusted after the two-day training in the Gulf of Trieste. We decided to take the two lateral wings off the bulb on tip of the he keel in order to speed up the boat broad reaching and running downwind with light breeze conditions. “The America‟s cup hull is built to race down and close to the wind; with this adjustment we will be faster in many other conditions” – explained Tommaso Chieffi, already 6 times in Barcolana with an overall win at the times of the Moro di Venezia. “With light wind the boat – says Chieffi – is competitive, so we hope to find the best conditions on the race course”. According to patron Sarno “Trieste is unique in its kind, there are no other places in the world with such a strong bent for sailing”. FABRI FIBRA OPENS THE “3 BARCOLANA FESTIVAL” – In about an hour the lights of the “3 Barcolana Festival” will turn on. Tonight Fabri Fibra playing Italian hip hop for the first live concerts being held tonight in piazza Unità. The square will play host to fans of different types of music, from rock to rap and blues: after local Magenta group, Harddiskaunt, Carnicats and Terza Sfera, it‟s Fabri Fibra‟s turn. Tomorrow night eagerly awaited Elio e le Storie Tese will play after the fireworks show (22.30). DOMANI LA BARCOLANA DI NOTTE – Tomorrow at 19.00, la Barcolana by Night: the night race dedicated to Ufo Class and organize in collaboration with Società velica di Barcola e Grignano and Yacht Club Adriaco. The usual appointment with night time sailing in Bacino San Giusto involving 12 Ufo class boats that will battle it out for 40 minutes around the marks. Over 5 thousand people, watched the event last year, crowding up along the waterfront, Molo Audace and the Stazione Marittima. The water is floodlit like a real stadium. The favourite Cattivik, who won 5 of the 9 editions of the race. The black boat of Gianni De Visintini , with Lorenzo Bressani at the helm, World Champion of Melges 24 last June (crew: Fulvio Manueli, Piero Boldrini, Alessandro Bonifacio, Marco Ragone and Massimo Zigiotti). The other favourite are Fuzzy-Fan of Andrea Pergola, Alien-Airam of Max Jenko and Don Chisciotte of Alessandro Galli. The race, created by Mauro Pelaschier is now a fixed appointment for the Autumn‟s Cup. METEO, OSMER ANNOUNCES LIGHT BREEZE ON SUNDAY – Light breeze at the start, calming down during the morning. This is Sunday morning forecast by Regional Weather Observatory Arpa. The weather will be warm and sunny, between 22 and 25 degrees. Tomorrow instead a light land breeze will blow in the morning and in the afternoon. Lokking back a the previous 39 Barcolana races, the Bora was blew on 16 events. Competitors will be able to follow real-time forecasts on Friuli Venezia Giulia Osmer website ( or on TOMORROW SKIPPERS’ BREIFING AND FIREWORKS – At 18.00, Stazione Marittima, the Briefing Barcolana with an update on weather conditions dedicated to the boat owners. At 22.30, instead, appointment along the waterfront of Trieste for the fireworks, and the concert of Elio e le Storie Tese within the “3 Barcolana Festival”. TOMORROW‟S APPOINTMENTS

ongoing events: RC44, Barcolana Festival, Villaggio Barcolana, Barcolana Classic, Barcolana by Night, Warm Up Barcolana, Briefing Barcolana, Question Time Alfa Romeo, Question Time Banca Generali

Rive: Barcolana Village opens YC Adriaco: RC44 Skipper meeting Piazza Unità d'Italia: Solemn flag raising Warm Up Barcolana: Race course practice Regional Government Palace ground floor: Press room opens Press room: Question Time with Francesco De Angelis and the managing director of Banca Generali – Team Banca Generali from 10.30 Rive: Historical boats parade in front of Piazza Unità d'Italia 10.30 Press room: Ski World Cup presentation Tarvisio 2009 in collaboration with Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia from 11.00 Gulf of Trieste: RC44 Fleet races - long distance – Trofeo DHL 12.00 Gulf of Trieste: Barcolana Classic race Trieste – Miramare - Trieste from 12.00 from Molo Audace: Uscita di allenamento Shosholoza 16.15 Press room: Question Time with Neville Crichton – Alfa Romeo 17.00 Yacht Club Adriaco: Prize-giving RC44 and Barcolana Classic 17.45 Stazione Marittima: Barcolana Classic prize giving 18.00 Stazione Marittima: Briefing Barcolana – aggiornamento meteo from 19.30: Bacino San Giusto: Barcolana di notte, Regata Classe UFO 20.00 Sede SVBG: Barcolana registration closing time 20.00 Piazza Unità d'Italia: Barcolana Festival –dj Lele Sacchi + El Tres + Micol Barsanti + Frankie Hi Nrg mc + Elio e le Storie Tese 20.30 Palazzo della Prefettura di Trieste: Gala dinner 40th Barcolana (upon invitation) 21.00 ground floor Palazzo della Giunta Regionale: Press room closes 22.30/23.00 Rive: Fireworks “Auguri Barcolana”

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