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									CHALLENGE FOR Nicole Parmley EVENT Name: Phone # Email:

Date of Challenge: Sunday, June 28th, 2009 through Tuesday, Sept. 15 th 2009. You must submit your completed challenge not later than 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15 th to Challenge Coordinator, Jayne Simpson. Fax to Jayne @ 888-286-4844 or email Jayne_Simpson@yahoo.com The greatest benefit of ‘going for the Challenge’ is the personal satisfaction of having consistently made the effort. Building your business through the Basic Five assures you of personal growth and a steady track to grow you Market America business. The most important decision to be made today is to ‘Go for the Challenge’. Proceed with an ‘I will’ mentality. Do not confuse past results with your potential for future success. We’ll see you on stage! ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE THREE THINGS WE DO TO ASSURE SUCCESS IN OUR BUSINESS

Attitude and Knowledge
Must have an active PAT Live extension. Your extension Purchase a minimum of 3 tickets to Nicole Parmley event. Ticket #’s Communicate regularly with Market America associate(s). Attend a minimum of (1) NMTSS Training. Type of Training Date Trainer Sign Have a written Goal Statement, reading a minimum of once per day. Create a vision of where your business will be one year from today. If you have not done this exercise previously and need help, work with a senior business partner or find a mentor. Create a written Vision Statement writing it in ‘future, present tense’. Example: It is June 13th, 2010. (Note: a great way to learn more on writing a Mission Statement is attending a Basic 5.) Evaluate your progress in meeting your Market America business goals on a daily and weekly basis.

Write/submit what going for and completing this Challenge has done for your business.

Host or participate in a minimum of 2 BV producing events during the Challenge period. (Transitions, Product Show or Preview, Health Fair, Natural Health Seminar, Motives, Website Sales presentation, etc.)
Date: Date: Type of Event Type of Event Location Location
List on website calendar List on website calendar

Pat Live Pat Live

Retail a minimum of $300.00 during the Challenge period. Order for personal use a minimum of one new Market America branded product. Name the product Sell a new product to (1) new Preferred Customers or sell a new product to (1) existing customer. Personally purchase an item from a Partner Store you have not previously used.

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Recruiting and Sponsoring Show the Plan to 6 new personal prospects. Assisting a business partner in showing the plan to their new prospect also counts.
Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Date: Name Name Name Name Name Name Result Result Result Result Result Result

Attend 3 Unfranchise Business Presentations with a minimum of 1 guest.
Date: Date: Date: Location Location Location Guest Guest Guest Result Result Result

Sponsor a minimum of (1) new Master Unfranchise Owner. Please list all new personally sponsored partners during Challenge.
Date: Date: Date: Date: Name Name Name Name of of of of new new new new business business business business partner partner partner partner PAT PAT PAT PAT Live Live Live Live ext. ext. ext. ext. of of of of new new new new partner# partner# partner# partner#

Follow Up and Building through the ABC Pattern
Follow up with your existing retail customers, identifying product needs and exposure to new product ideas. Share your results.

Follow up with your existing prospects. Share your results.

Have you qualified as new U.F.O. during this quarter, July-September, 2009? Have you re qualified as a U.F.O. during this quarter? If you have…CONGRATULATIONS!...you are a Challenge Winner. Please note below your status as a qualifying or re qualifying U.F.O. Thanks for leading the way. Sign your Challenge Indicating you have met all requirements. Fax or email to Jayne. Your completed Challenge requires the signature of a business partner/associate or at least Executive Coordinator or above. Challenges must be completed and submitted on time with confirming message, no exceptions! Name Signature Business Associate Signature I am a newly qualified U.F.O. July-Sept., 2009 Date: Date: I re qualified as a U.F.O. July-Sept., 2009

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