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									SuperStick ® Adhesive Technology
SuperStick® Adhesives

SuperStick® Adhesive Technology is a revolutionary adhesive created by the innovators at D&K Group. It is a hybrid of thermal and pressure sensitive technologies - the best of both worlds. It is more cost-effective than pressure sensitive materials and superior adhesion properties when compared to even the most aggressive thermal adhesive.


Superstick® was introduced in January 2002 and was initially available on CurlFree(nylon) films only. We have expanded the SuperStick® product line to include : > Polyester Films > Polypropylene Films > Vinyls > Mounting Pouches - SuperStick® is coated on both sides of the mounting pouch, placing on a board or other rigid substrate and passed through a heated roll laminator for one-step sign -making process. > Linerless Heat Assist Films - available in many different flavors, including gloss, luster, matte, textured, velvet and our popular canvas > and more to come!


According to independent lab tests submitted to the US Patent Office, SuperStick® adheres : > 15 times better than regular thermal film. > 2 times better on inkjet prints. > 50% better on e-stat prints. > 4-5 times better on wet ink. > 10-12 times better than D&K’s aggressive resin. SuperStick® was also evaluated by Xerox’s Finishing Lab and validated for use on their DocuColor 2060/2040/6060, DC 12 and igen 3. SuperStick® works well with almost any digital output.

SuperStick® Adhesive Activation Temperature - Thermal Process: 230o - 290o F SuperStick® Adhesive Activation Temperature - Low-Melt Process: 190o - 200o F


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SuperStick® Adhesive is operator friendly - laminating with minimal tension and pressure adjustments; it is costeffective - producing less scrap; it is a low cost alternative to PSA’s; and most importantly, SuperStick® wets out smooth and clear and gives your printed materials a three-dimensional look. SuperStick® is truly a unique adhesive.

The above information is presented for reference and illustration of general product characteristics only. The information does not constitute a representation or warranty relating to the suitability or fitness for a particular application or otherwise create guarantees of product performance. All material should be tested by purchaser to determine final suitability.

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SuperStick Adhesive Technology
SuperStick® Adhesives

To demonstrate the physical properties of SuperStick Adhesive as compared to regular heat activated adhesive, see the two figures below: Boundary Layer Heat Activated Adhesive >>

Film Layer Heat Activated Adhesive FIG. 1

Ink Layers
Receptive Ink Coating Paper Layer

Figure 1. represents heat activated adhesive. The adhesive layer does an adequate job of adhering to the ink surface or boundary layer but it does not penetrate through to the base paper. As you can see the adhesive lays on top of the surface of the ink forming a boundary layer. It has a few rough “sites” in which it is able to adhere to the substrate - in this case, coated paper.

SuperStick Adhesive Technology >>

Boundary Layer

Film Layer SuperStick Adhesive Technology FIG. 2

Ink Layers
Receptive Ink Coating Paper Layer
SuperStick Adhesive Sites

Figure 2. represents SuperStick Adhesive Technology. As you can see, SuperStick has many “sites” which penetrate beyond the boundary layer, through the inks and into the paper and cross-link to itself and to the paper fibers creating a mechanical bond. This is why SuperStick Adhesive Technology outperforms most other adhesives.

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