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									VISION STATEMENT: With a caring and safe environment and holistic treatment, every individual has the ability to live a balanced life free of addiction. MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to create, improve and deliver alcohol and other drug treatment, HIV and other health interventions, recovery, education and prevention services specializing in the challenges of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities of the San Diego region. ORGANIZATIONAL CORE VALUES: As an organization dedicated to helping individuals who want to be treated for their alcohol and other drug problems with their co-occurring disorders, Stepping Stone believes in: • • • • • • • Celebrating the diversity of the communities in which we live by being inclusive and accepting; Providing a safe and healing environment that encourages health of the mind, body and spirit; Meeting the needs of those familiar with addiction so they may celebrate courageous, balanced living; Being trustworthy to and with our clients and other stakeholders; Providing professional, effective services that are cutting-edge, integrated and progressive; Living and working as a model of an honest and accepting community; and, Being supportive and compassionate.

OPERATION: We provide a safe and caring and loving environment to promote healthy and positive life changes thereby greatly improving the lives of those we serve.  Stepping Stone operates a 31-bed, longterm residential recovery facility, a day recovery program,  and sober living housing.  We also provide homeless outreach, referrals, and recovery education as well as prevention and social support programs. HISTORY: Founded in 1976, Stepping Stone is a non-profit alcohol and drug recovery agency that offers a variety of social model recovery programs incorporating the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, Stepping Stone provides research-based, cutting-edge alcohol and drug treatment with integrated services for people with co-occurring disorders of mental health, HIV and other health related issues.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Job Description
REPORTS TO: Board of Directors through its elected Board President. JOB DESCRIPTION: The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for all financial, operational, administrative and legal aspects of the daily organizational management of the agency, which includes but is not limited to annual fund development, public relations and marketing, sound management of all fiscal resources, supervision of an established program staff, and business operations in accordance with standard business practices. The incumbent will liaison effectively with national, state, regional and local organizations, and coordinate the contributions of diverse groups of trustees, donors, staff, volunteers and community groups. The Chief Executive Officer works under authority granted by the Board of Directors to assist in defining priorities to build and develop teamwork between the agency and community volunteer leaders, to implement the Board’s Strategic Plan and ensure program and fiscal accountability. Full-time /Salary $100,000.00 (+). All inquiries and résumés should be directed to:

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Stepping Stone of San Diego, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer - Job Description
PREFERRED EXPERIENCE: • Minimum of five years experience in senior level administrative management and professional background and experience in drug and alcohol treatment and recovery. • Executive or associate director experience preferred. • Strong administrative and communication skills and demonstrated success in strategic planning, board development, donor cultivation and fundraising. • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the concepts of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. • Demonstrated experience in overseeing not-for-profit accounting and expertise in financial analysis. • Demonstrated experience in soliciting major gifts. PREFERRED EDUCATION: • Advanced degree preferred. RESPONSIBILITIES: Organizational Development • Working with the Board of Directors to develop the stakeholder base on the national, state, regional and local level for the agency. • Oversee and support current program staff and develop short and long term staff development plan. • Oversee and support volunteer work force, appropriate volunteer activities and procedures, including recruitment, approval, confidentiality, retention and discharge, as appropriate. Financial, Management and Administration • Implement the agency’s Board-approved Strategic Plan, and implement other Board and agency plans in a timely way as they relate to the capital campaign, programs, annual fund development, communications, business development, and major gifts and endowment. • Ensure legal compliance and program and fiscal accountability. • Provide the agency with expertise in non-profit accounting and financial analysis. • Provide leadership in developing organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and other staff, and carry out plans and policies as authorized by the Board. • Promote active and broad participation by partner organizations and volunteers in the agency’s work. • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in philanthropy, cultural organizations, as well as drug and alcohol treatment and recovery. • Maintain fiscal responsibility for the annual budget and report to the Board regularly. Program Development and Management • Oversee the current programs of the agency and working with staff, develop programs to achieve objectives of the agency’s Strategic Plan. • Identify and cultivate partner organizations locally, regionally and nationally for mutual program benefit. Fundraising • Oversee and support fundraising efforts including capital campaign, special event, major gifts, and corporate and personal individual solicitations. • Oversee and support fundraising appeal mailings and fundraising data base management. • Oversee and support event management, guidance and direction, follow up and analysis for continued improvement as needed. • Monitor grant opportunities and oversee the submission of grant applications. • Provide leadership in developing fundraising plans with staff and the Board of Directors. • Provide support and work with the Board in raising funds for the agency.
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Stepping Stone of San Diego, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer - Job Description
Board Relations and Communications • Assist the Board by maintaining and promoting the vision and mission of the agency and in achieving goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan. • Initiate and assist in recommending and developing policies and setting priorities. • Keep the Board and Board President fully informed on the condition of the agency and other important factors affecting the health of the organization. • Involve each Board member at an optimum level. Stimulate each to reach the highest potential as a Board member. • Work with the Board President to ensure effective and efficient Board committee structure and operation. • Communicate regularly with the President and key committee leaders. • Serve as staff liaison to Board committees as appropriate. • Assist the President in planning the agenda and materials for the Board meetings and Board strategic planning retreats. Public Relations and Communications • Implement marketing timeline and communications Strategic Plan approved by the Board. • Establish and strengthen working relationships with partners at the local, regional and national levels in the non-profit corporation industry. • Identify and develop new partnerships with business and community leaders. • Ensure appropriate representation, as a spokesperson, of the agency goals and objectives to community and corporate groups and other stakeholders. • Oversee the development and production of all agency printed materials and publications in accordance with predetermined graphic standards. Personnel • Develop and administer Board-approved personnel policies. • Ensure proper hiring and termination procedures as required by law. • Direct supervision of managers. Oversee any and all disciplinary actions. • Provide for adequate supervision and evaluation of all staff and volunteers. • Encourage staff and volunteer development and education. CHARACTERISTICS, KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES • Demonstration of leadership, sense of vision and ability to motivate others. • Strong interpersonal skills and a professional demeanor and presentation. • Strong verbal and written communication and listening skills. • Integrity and an ability to maintain confidentiality. • Strong analytical skills. • Experience and strong ability to work with and support the Board of Directors. • Ability to work effectively with a diverse population of community leaders, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders. • Extensive knowledge of finance and budgeting, contract compliance and grant writing. • Experience and knowledge of non-profit accounting and financial analysis. • Demonstration of initiative, creativity and follow-through. • Ability to multi-task and be in control of numerous tasks at any one time. • Strong sense of organization and planning and able to manage time well. • High level of energy, enthusiasm, and humor. • Strong computer skills with a working knowledge of QuickBooks, MS Word, MS Excel, donor software programs (i.e., DonorPerfect) and email systems. • Must be flexible and able to work evenings and weekends as needed. Occasional travel.

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