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                  of 2006
With the gasoline prices being as high as they are today, individuals are looking for a
way to save money on gas. This is being accomplished by finding alternative modes of
transportation or looking into the purchase of fuel-efficient automobiles. As car
manufacturers are aware of the high gas prices, they too are looking for a way to keep up
their sales and present automobiles which have fuel economy in mind. There are a few
different automobiles which have the prestigious title of being the best fuel economy cars
of 2006 as cited by the Environmental Protection Agency and accompanying sources.

Honda Insight
The vehicle which ranks number one in the best fuel economy list is the Honda Insight.
This manual automobile is one which gets 60 city MPG and 66 highway MPG. The
gasoline/electric hybrid features of the Honda Insight not only help individuals save
money on gas prices but also allow the driver to be more environmentally friendly than
they would with a vehicle that drove on gas alone. Some of the pros associated with the
Honda Insight besides the fuel economy feature are the fun manual shifting features and
that it is an enjoyable car to drive overall.

Toyota Prius
Another fuel-efficient vehicle which ranks just below the Honda Insight is the Toyota
Prius. This hybrid vehicle obtains approximately 60 city MPG and 51 highway MPG.
With its primarily electric functioning status, the Toyota Prius boasts fuel economy
features by putting the emphasis on the electric features of the automobile. The list price
for the 2006 Toyota Prius is around $22,000 which makes this fuel-efficient car not only
a wise choice with fuel economy in mind but price as well.

Honda Civic Hybrid
The Honda Civic Hybrid enters the list at number three and provides drivers with a fuel-
efficient 49 city MPG and 51 highway MPG. The Honda Civic Hybrid has many other
positive attributes besides being extremely fuel-efficient which include multiple standard
airbags and quiet interior while driving. This car which boasts fuel economy as a main
selling feature is not only that but a comfortable drive as well.

Volkswagen Beetle
For those individuals who are looking for a vehicle that is not only fuel-efficient but quite
attractive as well, the Volkswagen Beetle is one which provides both of these features for
its drivers. Obtaining approximately 37 city MPG and 44 highway MPG, the Volkswagen
Beetle may not be the top of the fuel economy list but it hovers around some of the best
vehicles when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Volkswagen Golf
The Volkswagen Golf is another fuel-efficient vehicle for individuals to drive when they
are looking to save some money on gasoline. The Golf provides a city MPG of 37 and
highway MPG of 44 for the driver, same as its sister car, the Volkswagen Beetle, and
allows individuals to drive in comfort all the while saving money on fuel costs. For those
individuals who are looking to purchase a non-hybrid fuel-efficient vehicle, the
Volkswagen Golf might be an attractive option to choose. Not to mention that the price is
extremely reasonable at around $16,000 to $19,000 per vehicle.

Ford Escape Hybrid
Another fuel-efficient vehicle which is of such a nature due to its hybrid capabilities is
the Ford Escape Hybrid. The Ford Escape Hybrid is a vehicle which will allow
individuals to cruise around town and not spend a fortune on gasoline like some of its
vehicle counterparts may. With a city MPG of 36 and a highway MPG of 31, the Ford
Escape Hybrid is included within the top 10 list as one of the most fuel-efficient
automobiles of 2006.

Lexus RX 400h
There are many individuals who like to drive SUVs yet are reluctant to do so because of
the current high gas prices that are being seen lately. There is good news for those
individuals as an SUV is on the top 10 list of most fuel-efficient vehicles of 2006. The
Lexus RX 400h is not only a fuel-efficient SUV but a luxury one at that. If one is looking
to drive a vehicle which has space, comfort, luxury and good gas mileage all rolled into
one, then the Lexus RX 400h might just be the perfect vehicle to choose.

When purchasing a new car, there are many factors which prospective buyers should take
into consideration. One important factor in particular is the fuel economy feature. It is
important that buyers review all of the facts regarding the most fuel-efficient vehicles and
determine if their vehicle choice is the right one with regard to fuel economy. By
reviewing all of the fuel factors which relate to various automobiles, a vehicle purchaser
will be able to ensure that they can not only pay for the vehicle itself but the gasoline
needed to operate the vehicle as well. Waiua Bay offers great fuel efficient and
economical Oahu Car Rentals

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