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What Does Bush Say About Economy


									The President Bush declared that the US economy has a firm foundation, but that there are areas of real
concern. The economy is still generating jobs, however, at a condensed velocity
Bush added that customer expenditure is still increasing, but the housing market is turning down.
Although business investment and exports are still growing, but the cost of imported oil has increased.
Bush assured that the administration has been examining the economy vigilantly. Though at a lower
rate but the economy is expected to grow over the coming years. Constant volatility in the housing and
financial markets could lead further damage to the overall economy, and put the growth and job
creation in danger.
In the current months, steps have been taken to shore up the housing market, including actions to help
stressed homeowners avoid foreclosure and to keep their homes. To keep the economy budding and
creating jobs, Congress and the administration needs to work to pass an economic growth package as
soon as possible. To be successful, a growth package will have to comprise tax incentives for American
businesses, including small businesses, to make major investments in their enterprises. Offering them
an inducement to invest will promote business owners to expand their operations, create new jobs, and
inject new energy into the economy in the process.
Bush further added that passing a new growth package is the most imperative economic precedence. A
growth package will help to build a fundamentally strong and healthy economy. And it will help in
keeping economic sectors that are going through adjustments, such as the housing market, from
adversely affecting other parts of our economy

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