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									                          ARBITROTM Reference Design
                     IXP-4XX Embedded Processor Solution

ARBITROTM is a full feature reference design with a small footprint for embedded solutions
based on the Intel IXP-4XX network processor family1. This generic processor design is
applicable for a variety of applications including:

        VPN Server/Router
        Multi-radio Wireless Broadband Router and Access Point (802.11b/g) 2
        4-Port Router
        Multi-Port Firewall
        Distributed Network/Remote Storage

ARBITROTM modular design provides a complete development platform. Features include:

        Optimized Linux OS
        IP Routing and Bridging
        VPN (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP)
        File Server for Storage Devices
        Advanced Data Encryption Engine

                     ARBITROTM Modular System Architecture

ARBITROTM is a generic embedded processor solution based on the Intel IXP-4XX processor.
The design is divided into three (3) modules:

        Processor Module
        Breakout Module
        Power Module

                                               The three modules are stacked in a
                                               two-layer design. The Processor and
                                               Power Modules are located on layer one
                                               and the breakout module is connected
                                               via PMC style connectors.

                                               Upon request, Rotani offers complete
                                               hardware evaluations kits and can
                                               arrange for high volume manufacturing
                                               for all three modules.

    Standard processor board uses the IXP-425/533 MHz.
    Support for 2 or 3 radios depending on version.
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Processor Module

The ARBITROTM processor module is designed as a standalone IPX-4XX embedded
processor card with the following key features AND I/O Interfaces:

    Board Size:   100.5mm X 136.5mm
    Processor:    Intel IXP-425-(266/533MHz)
    Flash:        4-16Mbytes Intel StrataFlash (Socket Option)
    SDRAM:        32-256Mbytes
    EEPROM:       1K-256K bit Serial (I2C)
    IO:           Ethernet - Intel LXT972 LAN PHY (2)
                  RS232 (1) via 3-pin header
                  JTAG connector (1) – 14-pin header
                  PCI bus connector (2) – PMC Style
                  Local bus connector (1) - PMC Style
                  Power connector – 24-pin header
    LEDs:         System LED (2) via GPIO1-2
                  Ethernet Integrated LEDs (2) via LXT972 LED1-2

Power Module

    Board Size: 59mm x 75mm
    I/O:        2.5mm 12Vdc jack input
                24-pin header – 3.3Vdc and 5Vdc
    LEDs:       Power indicator (2)

Breakout Module

The breakout module is designed to provide the mounting locations for the Mini-PCI
connectors and USB connectors. The board has the following key features and I/O


    Processor:  Security micro controller (PIC)
    Board Size: 175mm x 136.5mm                         Rotani, Inc.
    I/O:        Type IIIA Mini-PCI (2)                  14362 North Frank Lloyd Wright, Blvd.,
                USB 2.0 (4)                             Suite 2400
                                                        Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA
    LEDs:       USB link indicator (4)                  Phone:       480-477-6677
                MiniPCI status (6) (pins 11-14)         Fax:         480-477-6670
                Status indicator (2)                    Email:
                Seven segment debug
    Buttons:    Reset (1)

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