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Version 2.0 - 12pg Cafe World Secrets guide i put together! Feel free to share with your Facebook friends... all 350 million of them!

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									Planning the Optimal Cafe World Menu There are lots of tempting options when it comes to the items you can choose to put on your menu in Cafe World. As you advance to higher and higher levels of game play too, you only wind up unlocking more and more options in this regard. It can be very tempting to cook one item or another because of your own personal tastes, and really there's nothing wrong with indulging yourself from time to time. If you want to be successful in this business though, you'll have to make some more objective and analytical decisions when it comes to dish selection for your cafe. Planning Around Your Schedule The first thing you have to take into account when you're trying to decide what to cook is how soon you're going to be able to get back to check on your cafe and transfer prepared entrees from the stove to the serving counters. No matter how well planned your menu is, it won't do you much good if you don't get back to serve it in time. Food that sits on the stove for too long will spoil rather quickly, and this is something you want to avoid at all costs. Not only will you lose the opportunity to serve this food, and so have to wait longer to replenish your serving counters, you'll lose the money you spent on the ingredients that went into making is. You'll also have to pay to clean up the mess which, while not a hefty sum, starts to loom larger and larger when you're not making money off of the food you're preparing. Maximizing Your Earnings Another factor to consider when you're making your decision about what to cook in any given situation is how many servings each preparation of that dish will create. This is important for a couple of reasons. One is that you want to be able to make enough food to last until you can get back to your cafe and refill your serving counters. That way you can continue making money all day and night, which is obviously the ideal situation. The other reason this is important is because you need to have an empty serving counter when you're taking a new dish off the stove. If you're simply bringing out more of one of the dishes you're already serving, you can simply add those new servings to what was left of the old. However, if you have an entirely new entree coming off the stove, you'll need to have an empty serving spot available on the counter. This is a part of the menu planning process that is easily overlooked, but it can lead to a lot of spoiled food if you have entrees ready to come off of the stove but nowhere to put them. Cost Per Serving And of course, you want to pay attention to how much you'll make each time a customer purchases an entree. Maximizing this number will help you get the highest return per hour because it will mean you're getting the most out of each customer who walks through the door. And that, after all, is the goal of any good business owner.

Creating the Perfect Menu in Café World The goal of Café World is to put together the perfect menu to entertain and feed your guests so that they keep coming back, give you high ratings and you can load up on the eponymous café coins. There are a lot of thoughts on what constitutes a “perfect” menu for this game, so you should spend a bit of time researching and analyzing how to integrate your current dish options with the demands of your customers. And while you may want to keep cooking the things that you personally would want to eat in real life, it is important to step back time and again to look at what dishes actually sell well and will make you a profit. Your Schedule The first thing to consider when choosing dishes for your café is what dishes are going to work with your schedule. There are dozens of dishes to choose from and they each have a different cooking time. The shortest cooking times are only 5 minutes while the longest cooking times are as much as 24 or 48 hours. You can basically setup the dish and let it cook for a day or two while you are at work, watching movie or eating dinner. This is a great option for those that don’t log onto Café World very option. But for those that are on two or three times a day, you’ll need to more carefully analyze which short term dishes work in tandem with your schedule. Here’s the problem – if you don’t serve the food that’s sitting on the stove, it will spoil – and quickly. You need to get back to the stove after completion time fairly soon or you will lose your investment and a whole lot of time that could have been spent earning. You’ll also have to pay money to clean up the mess from the spoilage, which is a cost you shouldn’t have to endure. The Serving Amount Each dish also has a different volume of servings it produces. Because each dish is served from a serving table for a set number of customers, you need to consider how many times you can make coins from that dish before it is gone. If you have too many dishes as well, you will quickly find that the space on your serving tables gets used up quickly when you have a new dish and nowhere to put it. In the end, you want to decide what the total cost per serving for your dishes is. How much does it cost for every serving of that dish to prepare, cook, and serve it. And then, inversely, how much profit do you make from each serving, and how does that break down on an hourly basis. If you make 12 coins per serving of a dish and there are 10 servings of the dish ready every 2 hours, then your per hour coin rate for that dish is 60 coins. Now, most dishes are not nearly that high, but you get the idea. Ultimately, your café’s menu should be based on what you can make with each dish you cook and how well they integrate into your own schedule. Master those details and you will be set for some time to come. Café World Domination Café World Secrets Blog Top 7 Secrets To Mastering Facebook Games <<< Free 22pg PDF!

Do You Really Need Help to Master Café World? So, I saw something the other day that caught my eye, and at first I couldn’t tell if it was in a good way or not. The thing in question was a guide for Café World – one of those PDF guides that tells you how to get through a game without having to stop and think about anything. At first, I thought it was silly – this is just a social game after all. But, when I thought about it some more and how hard it is to get anything done in this game without a good chunk of real world cash or willingness to spend immense amounts of time in it, I wasn’t shocked to see that the game had a guide out already and I decided to check it out and see how it worked. My Verdict The Café World guide has been written to help guide you through every aspect of the game from start to finish. Basically, you are going to get an outline that shows you how to set up an account then effectively choose which dishes you cook, how you cook them, and who you will feed them to. The guide will then go on to showcase some hot tips on how to keep your café growing as you are offline, loading up on cash and making sure nothing ever spoils. You’ll learn how to snag new neighbors, load up on cash and expand your restaurant without needing to ever spend real world cash on a game that doesn’t require it. This is basically one of the most streamlined and effective outlines of how to play this game I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I’m not sure how the writer did it. These social games are so disjointed, that most of the time guides like this are just giant lists of features in the game, without any real insight. This guide however delves right to the root of what you need to be doing to succeed and never lets up. If you need a helping hand or are just getting started in Café World, you ought to check out this guide. I’m telling you – it really helps. Check it out: CAFÉ WORLD DOMINATION

Café World Secrets Blog Top 7 Secrets To Mastering Facebook Games

Why the Layout of Your Cafe is So Important in Cafe World A lot of the fun of playing Cafe World is the fact that you can customize your cafe in all sorts of ways. You can choose to add many different kinds of tables and chairs, doors and windows to create just the atmosphere you're looking for. You can also select from any of a number of other tasteful and interesting decorations. There are even several stylish options for the clothing that your own character wears. But no matter what you decide to do when it comes to decorating your cafe, you need to remember that the way you set up your tables, chairs, counters and stoves will not only impact the ambiance of the place. It will also have a lot to do with your ability to succeed in the game and grow you business overall. Easy Access Means Easy Money First and foremost, you need to arrange your furniture so that your customers will actually be able to get to all of the available tables and chairs. If you have, for instance, three chairs in a row up against a wall, the middle chair is simply wasted space. Your customers can't walk past the outer chairs to get to the middle one, so you'll actually likely lose customers needlessly when they walk in and can't find a place to sit. Since you know you never want to let customers walk away unsatisfied, you want to make sure that you have enough seating. It's easy to lose site of this aspect of your cafe. After all, you're the most actively involved in preparing and serving food – trying to make sure you always have food available and that the food on your stoves doesn't sit there too long and spoil. But none of that careful planning will do you any good if you don't have tables and chairs available for your customers to sit and eat at. Save Your Waiter's Legs Even when your customers are able to find an empty seat, they'll only wait so long to get their meal. That's why you need to make sure you set your tables up in a way that makes it easy for your waiter or waitress to get around. The quicker they can get back and forth from the serving counters to the tables, the easier it will be for you to make sure every customer who walks through your door gets their food in a timely manner. Another thing you can do to help give your wait staff more time to serve your customers is to give your customers a long walk to their tables. This means essentially putting in a lot of twists and turns so that your customers will have to take the long way around from the door to their seat. Being generally rather agreeable, your customers really don't mind this at all. And the extra walking time for your customers means more time for your waiters and waitresses to stay caught up on their serving cycles. If you keep these items in mind as you add more tables and chairs to your cafe, you'll be well on your way to success in Cafe World. CAFÉ WORLD SECRETS

The Key to Making Coins in Café World Like just about any other Facebook game out there right now, the goal of most Café World fans is to make as many coins as possible. The cost of getting all that extra Café Cash is largely prohibitive at best, but coins can be gathered relatively easily and in large amounts, depending greatly on how much time you have to invest into the game each day. If you spend hours a day playing the game, you’ll make a lot of coins. But, there are some things that work better than others – hence, this article. Let’s take a look at some top coin making tricks for Café World. Creating a Schedule that Works Café World is built around the idea of you being logged into the game and playing as much as possible. If you cannot do that, you need to adjust your game play strategy so that you can still make a decent chunk of coin without being online all the time. How do you do that? To start with, you immediately cut out all the items that are cooked right away. If you’re not logged on to the game more than once every 24 hours, you should not be cooking bacon or cheeseburgers that can be done in just 5 minutes. You should be cooking stews and pot roast – dishes that will take a full 24 hours to complete. If you don’t cook dishes that take that entire timeframe to cook, you’re going to be stuck with a whole array of spoiled food, which is ultimately wasted coins that could have gone toward other dishes or upgrades to your café. So, you should create a schedule, even if you just do it in your head real quick. When can you login each day and for how long? If you know you’re going to be online all day, such as on a Saturday, feel free to cook up those short dishes. The Right Balance Just because a dish fits you time frame doesn’t mean it’s a valuable dish though. You also need to be sure that it has a good coin per hour rate. To determine the coin per hour rate, divide the number of coins you will make by the hours it takes you to cook and serve that dish. For example, if you will make 100 coins with a dish that takes 4 hours to cook, the coin per hour rate is 25 coins. In addition to finding dishes with high coin per hour rates that match your schedule, you can visit your fellow players and help them out around their cafes. This might seem like a little extra work, but you can make 20 coins per visit you make to each friend on your neighbors list each day. There is a cap of 20 visits per day, but that’s still 400 coins a day just for doing a little traveling. What you do with your coins is entirely up to you, but you may as well have a lot of them to make that decision with. Cook the right dishes, do some visiting and have fun decorating your café as much as possible. Top 7 Secrets To Mastering Facebook Games <<< Free 22pg PDF! Feel free to share this guide with your Facebook friends! All 350 million of them 

Why Keeping Your Cafe World Customers Happy Is So Important
There are a lot of things to keep track of when you're trying to keep your cafe up and running in Cafe World. You need to make sure your dishes are coming along nicely, that you have enough servings left on your counters, and that the food you're making isn't going to spoil before you can get back to attend to it. If you're like most people, you also want to spend some time decorating your cafe and putting your own personal touch on things. All of this is fine – that's what's so great about this game. There are so many options for game play and you can make so many decisions on your own that the possibilities for what you can accomplish in Cafe World really are just about endless. But with all of these decisions to make and avenues to explore, you do have to remember to take care of one other thing as well – your customers. Business Is Business If you want to be successful in Cafe World, you have to remember why your cafe exists in the first place. And that's to serve your customers. You can decorate your cafe, rearrange your tables, and explore all kinds of menu options, but at the end of the day, none of it will do you any good if you aren't able to keep customers coming through your door. Just as with any business, you have to give your customers what they want if you want to stay in business. Cashing In It's easy to focus on making coins as quickly as possible when you're working to build up your business in Cafe World, and there's nothing wrong with that. You've got to make money if you want to keep your doors open. And keeping your customers happy is the best way to maximize you profit potential. The more satisfied customers you send out the door, the more people will venture into your cafe. Your Buzz Rating, the “thumbs up” number in the upper right hand corner of your screen, is a direct reflection of how happy you're making your customers. It's also directly related to the number of customers that walk through your door. The higher your Buzz Rating, the more quickly your customers will start to stream in, and so the faster they'll spend money. Dishes vs Service You can take all of the time you want planning out the perfect cooking and serving rotation so that you're maximizing your earning potential per sale. But that's not how you're going to bring in the most coins quickly. No matter how much your entree costs per serving, you only make money as quickly as you can serve it. Essentially, the quicker your sales, the more money you'll make.

Keep you customers happy and coming back regularly, and you'll see the coins piling up fast. This may not sound like what you want to hear. After all, there are much more interesting things to do in Cafe World than pay attention to all those people walking in and out of your door all day long. It's not nearly as complicated as it sounds. When you make the right decisions for your cafe, you'll be making the right decisions for your customers too. After all, it's just good business sense. Café World Domination Café World Secrets Blog Top 7 Secrets To Mastering Facebook Games <<< Free 22pg PDF! Feel free to share this guide with your Facebook friends! All 350 million of them 

The Value of a High Popularity Rating in Café World Whenever you put a dish together in Café World, your goal should be to make the customers who are about to eat it happy. This is how you can maintain a higher rating for your café, get more customers, get more XP, and ultimately get more coins. That’s a lot of moving parts, so you’d better have a good idea of how to keep them all moving in line with one another as you develop your restaurant from the ground up. Everything you do in your café should be centered on customer happiness. To make that process as easy as possible, here are a few things to keep in mind for your restaurant as you move forward. Service First, Decoration Second The goal of your restaurant is to make dishes and serve them to your customers. If you don’t bother to do this, you’re wasting a whole lot of time. That said, the urge to spend some coins and time redecorating is often too great to pass up. Only make changes to your restaurant if they are going to increase or maintain the number of customers you have coming in. That new table layout may look really cool, but if it drops your rating score by 5 points, it’s not a good addition to the café. Topping Out the Buzz Rating The Buzz Rating, or the number of thumbs up you get, as displayed in the top right corner of the screen is a hugely important number for any restaurant. If that number drops, your customers are not happy. If that number goes up, you’re doing something right. You’ll find that the number tops out at certain points as you level up – don’t let that bother you too much. Just make sure the rating never goes down without a good reason. You want it to keep climbing as you progress – all the better to increase both coins and XP gain as you get higher up. Getting the Food to the Customers You want to be sure that you can get your dishes finished and served to your customers as quickly as possible. As a result, you need to be sure that you logon to the game as soon as the dishes you prepared are ready. If you have it set for a 12 hour timer, try to be online within 13 hours so that you can rotate out your dishes and get those hot new foods into the bellies of your customers. Additionally, work on speeding up the serving process. Put serving tables directly next to tables in small clusters and provide enough servers to get between tables and customers as fast as possible. The more efficient the serving process, the happier your customers will be with that high speed service you’re offering. The goal of Café World is to make customers happy. If you succeed at doing that, you’re going to go a long way toward creating a highly efficient, highly successful restaurant that anyone will enjoy visiting. Most of all though, remember to have fun. Café World Domination Café World Secrets Blog Top 7 Secrets To Mastering Facebook Games <<< Free 22pg PDF!

How to Get the Most out of Gift Giving in Café World One of the cooler aspects of the wide array of Facebook games made by Zynga is that you can give gifts freely to anyone that you would like to share them with on your friends list. This gift giving is prompted each day and it costs you nothing. What’s more, you can often give and then in turn receive some items that are not available for purchase, especially during holidays and special events in the game. In short, if you’re not taking advantage of the gift giving process, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity that could greatly expand your café. How to Give Gifts Gifts are a part of the basic game play of Café World. You don’t have to do anything special to give a gift. You just need to login each day and hand out whatever you have available in your current gift menu. There is a daily limit to gift giving, but it is usually much lower than what your friend count will be. In Café World, these gifts come in the form of appetizers, cookies, and drinks that are well received by most of your neighbors as being relatively useful items. You can also give gifts that are not on the gift menu, buying items from the store and giving those as gifts. This is largely unnecessary though as your fellow players can get those items on their own with Café Coins and will most often prefer to receive the gift menu items instead. How to Get Your Own Gifts So, how do you go about turning this amazing system on its head and getting your own pile of new gifts to add to your café? It starts by giving out your own gifts. People are prompted whenever they receive a gift to reciprocate the giving with their own gift. So, if you send someone a new coffee drink, they will be asked to send something back to you. The game doesn’t require you to ask – it does the hard work for you. Most players will gladly reciprocate because they want to keep getting gifts from that friend (just the same as you). The key then is to send out gifts to everyone on your friends list every day so that you can get gifts back from each of them. Those friends that are neighbors in the game and logon each day will then be able to send things back your way. That is what you should aim for when you send out gifts – receiving similar gifts in turn to deck out your café. So, ultimately, if you are interested in becoming one of the top players on the Internet to give and receive gifts, you need to go out and start loading up on new neighbors that you can get the gifts from and give them to. This is a major part of the game play of Café World and something that every player should spend careful time mastering. Café World Domination Café World Secrets Blog Top 7 Secrets To Mastering Facebook Games <<< Free 22pg PDF! Feel free to share this guide with your Facebook friends! All 350 million of them 

The High Speed Leveling Path that Works in Café World One of biggest desires of every Café World player out there is to be able to level up as fast as possible. They get tired of being stuck at Level 10, watching their neighbors skyrocket upwards, and no wonder – there are so many more cool things you can do when you get up into the 20s and 30s. So, here are some tips to help you get the most possible XP to reach the highest levels in the game in no time. Start by Knowing What to Cook If you cook the wrong dishes, you’re never going to level up. Each dish has a different cooking time, serving volume, and number of Café Points awarded for each customer you serve it to. As a result, the dishes you choose to cook will have a big impact on how fast you can reach the upper levels. For the most part, the best dishes to cook when trying to level up are the ones that cook the fastest. You can serve far more customers that way and, if you are online frequently, you can rotate new dishes in every 5 minutes or so. Two good examples of this are Bacon Cheeseburgers and Chips and Guacamole. Both dishes take only 5 minutes to cook and they give 7 and 5 café points for finishing them up. If you can stay logged on and cook these dishes over and over again, you will get far more points than you would by cooking a 24 hour dish that only awards slightly more café points. The Right Layout and Schedule Now that you know what to cook, you should know how to setup your café and develop a schedule for cooking those dishes. This is important in more ways than just leveling. It will directly affect your Buzz Rating as well as how many coins you can make per hour – two stats you want to keep a close eye on as you get higher in levels. Eventually, those two stats will be all that matters to you. For now, you should try to setup your café so that servers don’t need to travel far between customers and serving tables. This will speed up service and if you are rotating a new dish out every 5 minutes, it will boost your buzz rating and get you more customers, which means more café points and higher levels. Scheduling is equally important in that you may not be able to log on to the game for hours at a time to cook burgers every 5 minutes. That’s why Zynga includes a variety of dishes that can be cooked over the course of many different intervals – from 2 hours to 48 hours. Choose dishes with high Café point rewards over a time frame that works for you. In the end, you want to be as well versed in the dynamics and strategies of Café World as possible. This means balancing the different aspects of leveling up in regards to your café point gain alongside your coin increase and your buzz rating. Pull that off and you’ll be well on your way to the upper ratings. Café World Domination Café World Secrets Blog Top 7 Secrets To Mastering Facebook Games <<< Free 22pg PDF!

The Inside Scoop on the World’s First Real Café World Guide There are a lot of different social games on sites like Facebook and MySpace. I’ve seen a dozen of them in the last few months blow up and frankly I didn’t get it at first. I saw people playing very simple, albeit free, games and while they looked interesting enough, they really weren’t all that engaging considering what they were. But, then I started playing Café World. Don’t ask me why it was Café World. It could have been any of them probably. They’re all the same generally, and in that they are extremely addictive. But, it was Café World and now two months later I’m a bit of an addict – I love this game. So, when I heard there was a guide coming out for it that would help to speed things along, I was first in line to read it. I wanted to know exactly what it was that this Café World guide could offer that I couldn’t figure out on my own. Turns out, it was quite a bit. As of the two month mark, I was roughly 25 levels into the game. I would play about 3-4 days a week, and the last day would rarely count because I would usually let all my food spoil in the interim when I took the weekend off. The Café World guide, however, showed me exactly how to outline and master the process of what to cook, when to cook it and how to set up the café before I logged off each night. Turns out you can actually make quite a tidy profit while not even logged in – for days on end if you want. I couldn’t possibly touch on all the cool things that this guide does right, but here’s the bottom line – Café World is a tough game without some guidance. There are dozens of dishes, possible combinations and ways for you to mess up with. This Café World guide, I was able to create the perfect combination of tactics. I’m now at level 45 and have way more cash than I’ll ever need – and I’m having more fun than ever. That’s what a good guide should do. Check it out: CAFÉ WORLD DOMINATION

Café World Secrets Blog Top 7 Secrets To Mastering Facebook Games <<< Free 22pg PDF! Feel free to share this guide with your Facebook friends! All 350 million of them 

How Many of these Guides Do We Really Need? There is another guide out for those social networking games. I just saw it on the forums for Café World last week and while at first I scoffed with everyone else (it’s a favorite pastime on the Zynga forums to scoff at the guides), I quickly found that the guide was actually a lot more useful than we were giving it credit for. When I Checked it Out I wasn’t going to check the guide out. But, then I started to ask around and heard a few good things about how it had been helping players start to build their cafes up from nothing into relatively high efficiency restaurants – something that I had repeatedly failed to do with my own café. After a day or two of waffling, I gave in and checked the guide out and boy am I ever glad I did. To be frank, the guide really does everything it claims to do – something I’ve never seen a guide do before. From start to finish, the Café World guide (which is the first of its kind that I’m aware of) shows players how to dig down and learn how to be one of the best players in the game. It shows you how to pick your foods, how to develop a strategy for leveling that doesn’t waste any time, how to get new neighbors and how to get things done without ever needing to spend real world cash on the in-game money or having to fill out countless surveys to get it done. In short, the Café World guide is a big giant blueprint that shows players how to go from level 1 to the top of the game in a streamlined path. It doesn’t give you step by step directions like other game guides because that’s not how these games work. Rather, it shows you how to cater your play style to your own schedule and do well with the time you have to invest. When you can do that, even a part time player can be a top ranked Chef. Check it out: CAFÉ WORLD DOMINATION

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