Aviva Children's Services – 2004 Holiday Program

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					Aviva Children’s Services – 2009 Holiday Program
Please complete this form and return it to: Aviva Children’s Services Holiday Program 1735 E. Ft. Lowell, Ste. 4 Tucson, AZ 85737

OR fax to: 327.6052 I/We wish to participate in the Aviva Children’s Services 2009 Holiday Program and will provide the following: Sponsor a family by providing Christmas gifts and grocery store gift card for a family consisting of family members I/We will consider delivering the gifts directly to the family. Send a monetary donation, so that holiday food and gift cards can be purchased for children and families. Send a monetary donation, so that gifts and gift cards can be purchased for teenagers living in an independent living program. Drop off unwrapped toys for the children or gifts or gift cards for teenagers. Please Print: Name Organization

Address_____________________________City____________State______Zip______ Phone (Work)______________________ (Home or Cell)________________________ E-Mail________________________________________________________________ If you choose to sponsor a family, please return this form to Aviva in order to get the family’s information*. Remember it is never too late to donate or sponsor a family. *For additional families to sponsor, please put information on the back of this form. Call Pat at 327-6779 ext. 37 if you have any questions. Visit our website: for our wish list or to donate on PayPal.

The Holiday Season is Near The holiday season is fast approaching and we are looking for sponsors to participate in this year’s program. The ways you can help are:     Sponsor a family (or families) for Christmas by providing Christmas gifts for all family members and a gift certificate to a grocery store or food Purchase a gift for a child or teenager and drop it off at the Aviva office (we never seem to receive enough gifts for teenagers!). Send a cash donation so Aviva can purchase holiday food and gifts for needy families without sponsors Send a cash donation so that Aviva can purchase Christmas gifts for teenagers who are living in shelters, group homes, or an independent living program.

As always, the need is great. Last year Aviva fed hundreds of hungry families during the holidays and provided Christmas gifts for thousands of children who would have otherwise had a bleak Christmas. We were able to do so because of generous community donors. It is great when we all work together to help those who are less fortunate. To help us coordinate our Holiday Sponsorship Program, please fill out the information sheet provided in this newsletter and return it to Aviva as soon as you decide how you can help. If you choose to sponsor families this year, you will be contacted with information about the family(ies). Please include an email address as that is how we will provide you with the information. Please call Pat 327-6779, ext. 37 or email at: if you have any questions. Wrappers Needed! Once all the toys start to collect we need to wrap them for the children. We start wrapping the day after the Sun Rider’s Annual Toy Parade. This year we will be wrapping in the gym at Palo Verde Baptist church on Tuesday, December 15th through Friday, December 18th. Wrapping Day is always a fun event and a great holiday volunteer opportunity. The case workers put in requests for children living with relatives, still with their own families or who have been reunited with their families. The request includes the child’s age and what toys they would like. This is a great time for those of you who like to wrap presents for a lot of children but don’t want to have to buy those gifts. If you would like to join us on Wrapping Day, please call Susan at 327-6779, ext. 11 or