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									Gifts in Kind and Other Donations Reporting Form
In order to thank, record, and provide gift documentation for tax purposes to the businesses, individuals and other organizations that make gifts to Colleges, Departments, Institutes, etc. at The University of Akron, faculty and/or staff members receiving the gifts should, as completely as possible, fill out this donor information form and e-mail it to Additionally, “hard copy” gift documentation (donor letter, statement, packing slip, appraisal, cash/check, etc.) for this gift should be sent to: Department of Development (+2603), Attention: Gift Processor. Form Completed By: Phone Number: E-mail:

Donor Name: Company Contact Name (if applicable): Address: City, State, Zip: E-mail: Telephone: Fax Number:

Type of Gift (gift-in-kind, donated services, cash/check, other): Description of Gift: Gift Date: Gift Value:

Gift Designation (college, department): Account Number (if known): Other Information:

Thank you!

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