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									Zoe Rafah "The next delete meeting will be in April 2011. We close our delegate meeting!" Ben Wells Jeremy Dear closes the Annual Delegate Meeting Rachel Hanretty and it's over, that's a rap Zoe Rafah "Over the next 18 months we will try to make our delegations as gender balanced as we possibly can." Zoe Rafah "We have a small gift for Gail and Lorna, please come up!" Zoe Rafah "Thank you to Gail and Lorna." Zoe Rafah "Audrey wanted to record the minutes even when she was ill yesterday and we had to drag her out." Zoe Rafah "The NUJ staff which are here working, Audrey sat through everything." Zoe Rafah "We thank the staff . I thank Chris Wheel, and all the student Journalist who have worked at this conference." Zoe Rafah "We wish James all the success in his future, I hope I can do the good job he has done." Ben Wells Standing ovation for Pete Murray's speech Zoe Rafah "Our members need to keep their homes, and rebuild the economy. We will sustain the union, decent pay for members." Ben Wells Pete Murray: "Educate, agitate and organise." Zoe Rafah "James said the best thing is a thank you card, so here is a card to say thank you! Welcome your new president Pete Murray." Ben Wells New president Pete Murray is about to speak Ben Wells Standing ovation at the close of James' last speech as president Zoe Rafah "I solute each and everyone of you." Zoe Rafah "I wish Pete every success in the next 18 months ahead." Zoe Rafah "Mother I love you and I thank you for everything you have ever done in my life." Zoe Rafah "It's been tough to combine the job that I love, with the job that pays the mortgage." Zoe Rafah "I thank Joe Frost, for helping with no hint of it ever being a problem." Zoe Rafah "I know how tough that has been on Michelle and Jeremy. I solute them. For doing a good job in a tough time." Zoe Rafah "We thank and solute you for all your service." Zoe Rafah "Thanks to Paul and Angela Austin. Angela kept pushing me through the 19 years." Chris Wheal Students will be paid for their work that will be used in the next issue of The Journalist Julija Jegorova J.Doherty - first class made work by Students. Zoe Rafah "I became a journalist not to become a house-hold name. I became a Journalist is to be a voice" Julija Jegorova J.Doherty - be the voice for people. "Thank you card from ppl" Ben Wells James Doherty: "It strikes me the issues faced by student journalists, are the same issues faced by everyone in this room" Zoe Rafah "Fortunately Jeremy's speech was inspirational." Zoe Rafah "We must support all of our members as much as we can." Zoe Rafah "It is also true that in times of crisis we have lost many." Zoe Rafah "Thank you for all the hard work that they have done." Julija Jegorova "Thank you all for the hard work you have done" - J. Doherty Zoe Rafah "I came to understand that the NEC work extremely hard on behalf of this union." Zoe Rafah "I got to meet and understand like-minded people." Zoe Rafah "Members don't know what their future holds, but they will stand up for Journalism." Julija Jegorova Stand up for journalists. Zoe Rafah James. "This weekend everyone has been united in a single goal to take back from those who seek to destroy our industry." Ben Wells Jeremy Dear thanks James for his inspirational work as president. James about to speak. Julija Jegorova New NUJ President - P. Murray Ben Wells ADM: About to present those newly elected to positions caroline NUJADM students given a big thank you ... we made the conference more fun. Our interviews were commended too. Julija Jegorova "Cheer for yourselves" Chris Wheal President James Doherty is 35. Pauline Norris has been on Standing Orders Committee for all of those 35 years. Julija Jegorova Yay! *applause for students* Rachel Hanretty Trading Union report send to review Julija Jegorova Thankful words for all the team. Ashley Scrace Lots of motions have been debated. One-hundred and twenty something I believe - with various standing orders, amendements etc in tow Julija Jegorova Last ADM. Next time we are coming to DM. Ashley Scrace Closing comments now. End of James presidency. Sad times - according to Jeremy Dear Ashley Scrace It's all over on the motions

Zoe Rafah "We are talking about the little media organizations. We produced the research. So the branches can go out and do their thing." Julija Jegorova "research focuses on database' Julija Jegorova "Talking about little media organisation" (internet) Julija Jegorova Last motion - 161 is being observed. Julija Jegorova Motion carried. Zoe Rafah " The NUJ really does make a difference. We need activist on the ground."" Zoe Rafah "The jobs are under threat. Help make us bigger, support the motion." Zoe Rafah "what's needed is action to tackle the problem. We need to stop this stabbing operation." Julija Jegorova "We need to take PA (press association)" Julija Jegorova 2 min silence - fabulous photo. well done, David :) Julija Jegorova 158 -- "Disaster recovery". Zoe Rafah "Please, we can build this union by continuing to recruit new people." Caroline recruitment debate started Ashley Scrace It is now. Final order paper. James opens it up. Just been talking to his mum. Lovely woman who loves what her son does very much Ashley Scrace Twitter is not working apparently Julija Jegorova President of NUJ (J.Doherty) is talking. Julija Jegorova Loves Ashley. Tnx for tea! x Julija Jegorova Motion 152 carried. Julija Jegorova "Photographers, who are doing documentary are being attacked" support the motion. Julija Jegorova TWEEETER is being too slow! Cannot see any of news. Julija Jegorova 25th annversary of miner's strike (1984-1985) Julija Jegorova Motion 152 @ Floral hall now. Julija Jegorova Jeremy's Dear speeches are always UNBELIEVABLE. Very inspiring. Julija Jegorova "Spirit of conference, should be spirit of Unit" - J.Dear Julija Jegorova Hot spirital motion is in the right place. Ashley Scrace Jeremy Dear tales the stand Julija Jegorova "List of corageous journalists. (...) There should never be a lot of NUJ journalists" Ashley Scrace "I expect to be let down by those spineless swines that run our industry" Ashley Scrace Sorry. Have been sidetracked with regards to Twitter by the president Julija Jegorova "Have a conversation somewhere else" - great idea and even better suggestion! Julija Jegorova Be sure that you have your training. Chris Wheal stood in silence while a list of journalists killed in the past year scrolled on the screen. Sadly, a long list took a very long time. Julija Jegorova "Media Wise needs your support" - leaflets. Ashley Scrace James Doherty, (soon-to-be-ex) president of the NUJ, has just walked in. He shook my hand and we exchanged a look of similar despair Ashley Scrace The two-minutes silence is over. It's chilling that the list was so long. Well over one-hundred journos killed Ashley Scrace *kilee = killed Ashley Scrace A list of journalists who have been killee is the past year is displayed. Total silence Ashley Scrace Thanks now for Jim - who is IFJ president. Sorry I can't be more detailed - I'm not on first name terms Ashley Scrace Motion 148 passed Ashley Scrace We may be in some trouble... Arnie has effectively been defamed by a statement that he snorts lines of coke regularly Ashley Scrace "Companies from IBM and others have said stuff online takes 50% longer to read. We need books" Ashley Scrace A man just flopped with an "I'll be back" joke Ashley Scrace Motion 14 ADM condemns Arnolld Schwarzenegger's actions over cutting schools budgets in California Rachel Hanretty Book branch against Arnie Swcharz Julija Jegorova Motion 148. Julija Jegorova Motion carried. Julija Jegorova Motion will cost anything, but support is very vimportant. "Fight" for justice. Peace world. Julija Jegorova "Families are fighters against systems and non-justice". Julija Jegorova Rache, yesterday LOTS of them were interested. Im not sure about this one. Rachel Hanretty was this the delegate who was very interested in a lot of our student journalists last night? Ashley Scrace Motion 147 - Massacre in India. First-time delegate: "[These killings] were a fine tuned plan" Julija Jegorova Motion 147 - "Massacres in India". Ashley Scrace A slightly hungover first time delegate has approached the stand Julija Jegorova Motion 1

Julija Jegorova Moton 145 carried (finnaly) Ashley Scrace Motion 145(2) carried Julija Jegorova "Sorry for confusion" Julija Jegorova Who wants to make motion "serriatum"?.. Ashley Scrace Morning NUJ. Quite a few people here - bleary eyed. Let's get down to it. Amendment proposal for motion 14(-something) Julija Jegorova Journalists are lost! Julija Jegorova Long debate! Julija Jegorova "want-to-be-jornalists (students) are FINALLY awake and they are... loud" Julija Jegorova "Dont want colleagues to place in dangerous field" Julija Jegorova "We are...union of Journalists..." Chris Wheal Israel back on the NUJ agenda. Are we going to restart the row? Julija Jegorova "We want to preserve freedom of action" Julija Jegorova "We are enjoying job we are doing. we are proud of journalists" Julija Jegorova "We have...continue investigations and reporting" (on side of Palestinians) Julija Jegorova "Middle East - not a football branch". Julija Jegorova "Not taking side, standing fro the truth" Julija Jegorova "Improve reporting" Julija Jegorova Support and investigation for journalism needed. Julija Jegorova "This year - the biggest demonstration ever" (issue in Palestine) Julija Jegorova "Gaza was not a conflict between 2 equal sides" Julija Jegorova Motion 145. Julija Jegorova "4 journalists died from bombing" Julija Jegorova Reporting in Gaza. Julija Jegorova "No cameras, no images, no witnessess" Julija Jegorova Motion 144 Julija Jegorova Michelle thanked for the donation that was made recently in support for journalists. Julija Jegorova Motion 143. Julija Jegorova Motion carried. Julija Jegorova G. Smallman - got back from Afghanistan 4 days ago. Julija Jegorova Motion 10 is being observed. Julija Jegorova "... journalists killed for doing their jobs" Julija Jegorova Deaths and threats of journalists in Sri Lanka. Julija Jegorova Motion 146. Julija Jegorova "Why did journalism die"? "What we can do to get it back?" - question for Russian journalists Julija Jegorova For Russian Union - it is "step forward" Julija Jegorova Journalists killed for their work. Julija Jegorova Anna Politkovskaya - her death shocked the world. Julija Jegorova 300 deaths and dissapearing of journalists (1993-2009) . Michael Copus I am completely hanging. Rachel Hanretty motion 141 carried Julija Jegorova Motion carried. Rachel Hanretty call for a roll call of the journalists who have died across the world Julija Jegorova Journalists of law - killed previous year. Julija Jegorova Motion 142 - role of Journalists in Russia. Chris Wheal About half the students here on time. But only a third of delegates. Jim Boumelha's voice is echoing around the empty hall Rachel Hanretty where is everyone? The conference is supposed to resume at 9.30am! Luke James is determined to do a report on NUJ international activities justice despite a hideous hangover! Kat Lay Ready to start reporting on the final day of conference. Slightly depleted reporting team... David Hedges Dancing with journalists & drinks with photojournalists - a grand end night to NUJ ADM! Ben Wells Audio-visual presentation at NUJ ADM ball on the credit crunch and it's coverage in the media Michael Copus That was @lej88's opinion, naturally. 1 Caroline live blogging on the future of New Media at Julija Jegorova 130. Looking forward to seeing all. Rachel Hanretty would the site be linked to main NUJ site or not Julija Jegorova "Journalist" is still independent, sperate publication" - PR representative. Rachel Hanretty it doesnt matter if Journalist is in print or electronic format, most important issue is editorial independence Rachel Hanretty Kat and Elinor: article on Organisation order paper 8 sent for review Julija Jegorova Journalists who contact only through online comments - should be involved. Rachel Hanretty we've missed out on important issues because we don'thave an online version of The Journalist

Julija Jegorova "Journalist" should be more visible. Julija Jegorova Everyone is confused... Rachel Hanretty Leeds branch and everyone else self confessed to being confused Rachel Hanretty 139 carried unanimously by ADM Julija Jegorova "We want to make independent journal" Rachel Hanretty Tim Dawson on behalf of NEC: we need to keep an independent Journalist Julija Jegorova Editorial independence is covered. Rachel Hanretty print/electronic editor independence debate Ben Wells Much confusion in the ADM over which motion or amendment is being discussed Julija Jegorova Motion 139 - Manchester. Rachel Hanretty straight on to 139 after composite moved earlier Rachel Hanretty motion 133 carried Ben Wells Got Twitter working again Julija Jegorova "We delighted that we have editor!" Julija Jegorova President: don't forget that we are talking about the amendment. Rachel Hanretty confusion confusion of what we are discussing here Julija Jegorova Journalist website should be the same as the written version. Rachel Hanretty Buckley's job is to edit The Journalist - that's it . Rachel Hanretty Peter, vice president, says there is so much material online that no one can be in charge of editing it all Rachel Hanretty motion address editorial independence of The Journalist Rachel Hanretty editorial control only applies to material taken from print journal and put online. Needs new rule for internet material Julija Jegorova Julija Jegorova Motion 157 Julija Jegorova "it is not the end of business." Rachel Hanrettyorder paper 15 being distributed Rachel HanrettyOrder paper 12 on The Journalist brought to an end Julija Jegorova Section 12 and section 22. Rachel Hanretty composite K(?) carried Rachel Hanretty amendment falls Rachel Hanretty separate website for journalist does not make it less independent but means more money . Pushes it outside the union Julija Jegorova Magazine attached to website doesn't make it less independent. Julija Jegorova Separate website for the "Journalist" - where's independence then? Julija Jegorova First we need TO COMPLETE the amendment. Rachel STUDENT ADM - helped to keep in touch with what is happening. Rachel Hanretty thanks for the praise for Julija Jegorova Current journalism website doesnt reflect what is around our industry. Rachel Hanretty journalist needs a vibrant and daily presence online Rachel Hanretty starting motion 133 Julija Jegorova Newspaper "Journalism". New editor Christine. Nice words from colleagues. Rachel Hanretty important Christine Buckley has our support - best of luck Rachel Hanretty Then tim asked for a second request to design something new, gen sec. didnt like that, tim not happy, tim not here Rachel Hanretty apparently Tim asked opportunity to attend ADM to cover it for The Journalist. Rachel Hanretty Why is Tim Gopsill not here? General Secretary asked to explain Rachel Hanretty Editorial board offerd congrats to new editor Julija Jegorova Vikky is paparazzi! Vikky: "Get used to it! We are journalists". Rachel HanrettyChair and Vice Chair of Editorial Advisory Board of The Journalist are absent Julija Jegorova Briefing @ 6pm. Caroline Chris Hewitt: asking to change the name of Northern Office to Northern and Midlands Office motion 77 passed Julija Jegorova Motion 75. Julija Jegorova Motions extending recognition of any member of the Union. Caroline motion 73 carried Vicki-Jane Appleton don't forget 6pm lakeside suite fringe meeting. some positive thinking after all the gloom Caroline motion 72 dropped as member missing. Caroline motion 160 carried Julija Jegorova Netherlands...gone..? Carl Leighton 7 points from the top 4 so far, top stuff. Caroline praise indeed for the younger journalists who work within the NUJ Caroline announcement: Govt money gained to help young journalists through a mentorship programme. Caroline @Zukelele yes .... she's/we're on it ... 53 AM Nov 21st from Seesmic in reply to Zukelele

Caroline Leeds delegate: Calls for a FULL time member to work with younger workers in the industry. Elinor Zukelele @carolineNUJ @rachelhanretty order 8 is on- Is rachel there to finish the report? Caroline John Burns: How can the NUJ claim to represent photographers when they have no way of consulting them? Julija Jegorova ~2 photographers within the NUJ. Julija Jegorova Photography matters. Simon Chapman from Bristol Branch. Rachel Hanretty back to Organisation paper 8! Motion 68 to create a Photographer's Industrial Council Caroline why do we need a photographers Industrial Council 46 AM Nov 21st from Seesmic Caroline and they're back into Order Paper 8 - Organisation 46 AM Nov 21st from Seesmic Michael Copus thinks @lej88 is the best journalist in the conference centre, just my personal opinion Zoe Rafah "The public service of the BBC is very important. Please support this motion." Julija Jegorova BBC is very important "covering the world". Julija Jegorova Motion carried. Julija Jegorova Information, that is put on Facebook or twitter - information start "walking around". Julija Jegorova Simon Chapman talking. Zoe Rafah "NEC seconding the motion. Its a worrying time for all the people who work on all the platforms." Carl Leighton Darren Bent yeeeeeeeeeeeey Zoe Rafah "They want to cut back on training courses. This is a mistake. Companies come to us and say NUJ is who we want to send our staff to" Zoe Rafah "We need to continue to lobby for fare work conditions." Vicki-Jane Appleton the president has gone for a jimmy. Aarti Thobhani "The reuse of work without permission from the Freelancers. Knowledge is power". Zoe Rafah "Essentially we spoke to the freelancers about copyright. They are expected to do more work for less pay." Aarti Thobhani "We have to pay for National Insurance, when we as Freelancers already pay for NI" Aarti Thobhani "The BBC continues to issues fix term contracts to Freelancers" Aarti Thobhani Motion 127 14 AM Nov 21st from mobile web Aarti Thobhani "This is a struggle for fairness and justice" 12 AM Nov 21st from mobile web Zoe Rafah "its all shameful to be honest with you. This is your chance to send a clear message for justice and fairness." Luke James da iawn for a cheeky bit of banter/serious forum about the Copenhagen climate change. Zoe Rafah "Those Journalistic pictures open a window on the world and that window is being shut. Photography matter, I urge you to support." Zoe Rafah "Im a first time delegate. journalist are facing a task. In Bristol, the freelance photography budget has been reduced dramatically" Aarti Thobhani "Photography is an essential part of Journalism" Aarti Thobhani "All journalists are facing attacks in the current climates" Aarti Thobhani Freelance pack available from Freelance section on NUJ website. Zoe Rafah "The general secretary has been involved in this situation." Zoe Rafah "Freelance Journalist have to pay national insurance twice over. Our members are hard pressed." Rachel Hanrettycontroversial: was 122 a simple token motion for students? Yes there are guideliness and leaflets but that won't change anything. Zoe Rafah "Regarded as slavery to get into the Journalism world. Student Journalist should not be exploited." Aarti Thobhani "In the credit crunch everyone has to pay to the bank" Zoe Rafah "Because of the credit crunch we are paying with our jobs for the gambles of others." Zoe Rafah "How much more can you take? We need a proper organized campaign. Do it for all of us!" Zoe Rafah "In May we went to the Annual share holders meeting, Trinity as a group will now be liaising with the NUJ." Chris Wheal Taken from 1pm to count sets of ballot papers. Results up soon. Zoe Rafah Motion carried. Aarti Thobhani "Cheap labour can be in the UK aswell" Zoe Rafah "We should be supporting out sourcing. Today we have abundance while others around the world struggle to survive." Vicki-Jane Appleton the outsourcing of journalists is totally worng in my opinion. keep things local and real. Aarti Thobhani "Outsourcing is not always bad. There are bad working conditions abroad" Zoe Rafah "They do not give a dam about equality. Support this notion." Aarti Thobhani Copy editing for Miami Herald in India. Zoe Rafah "This motion is asking the union to fight for quality work and pay. Together we can win." Rachel Hanretty Kat & Elinor: comment article sent to review. Who is tweeting on wages, payments and conditions? Aarti Thobhani "Many graduates in the Indian call centres work long hours"

Zoe Rafah "Many people in India work long hours for low wage." Zoe Rafah "Media companies are looking at anyway to keep profits." Aarti Thobhani Poor share holders need high returns? Aarti Thobhani "Working for Manchester evening news without daily pay rates" Zoe Rafah "This year we lost a third of our work post." Aarti Thobhani Health and Safety - "There is updated info about Health & Safety on NUJ website" Zoe Rafah "Make sure that the maximum benefits for the members is extracted." Zoe Rafah "Westminster and Brussels demanded to know the smallest details." Zoe Rafah "I think in the Leeds strike PA was a striking force. Lastly thank you to Sam Jones for keeping good order amongst the chaos" Zoe Rafah "In September they wanted 30 redundancies." Zoe Rafah "organize the future, we will be discussing the outcome of that report." Zoe Rafah 'Could mean many redundancies. a few people have got an idea of what is going on.We are keeping the chapel fully informed." Zoe Rafah "i could have lost my leg at the G8 Summit. I've been humbled by the support i have received. I have won my legal battle.Thank you" Aarti Thobhani "The future is Freelance, whether Freelance has a future is up to the NUJ". Vicki-Jane Appleton Stand up for Jounalism guys. Michael Copus That was red lights in previous tweet. Michael Copus Things have moved onto wages, payments and conditions. Should be some interesting things said here. Michael Copus Meanwhile Jeremy Dear reassures delegates that the right lights and alarms going off in the building are nothing to worry about. Michael Copus President asks delegates to "be there, and be ready," instead of talking longer than they are allowed. Ashley Scrace Motion 113 passed. End of Ethics debate. Tea time Ashley Scrace Jemma Charles from Mag Branch. "I agree with [motion 113, regarding Twitter]" I hope she does. It's my job at the minute! Ashley Scrace Motion 112 done. Motion 113 up Ashley Scrace Fantastic female spaker. Even disobeyed an order to leave Ashley ScraceTalking about the brilliant Jeremy Bowen Michael Copus Michael Copus Paddy Jackson BBC Online "We could only report what our sources were saying at the time." Ashley ScraceThe Irish journalist is excellent. I didn't catch name as he went straight in. Brilliant. Massive applause to reject motion Michael Copus Extremely animated delegate tearing into the opposition. Applause ensues. Ashley Scrace Irish man is getting very angry. Bugger me he's loud. I think he'll start saying "Feck" and "Gin" in a moment... Aarti Thobhani About to go into Wages, Payments and Conditions Ashley Scrace The previous quote was from the fantastic and lovely Nahed Abou-Zeid Ashley Scrace "How can we really sit in this conference and criticise those who put their necks on the line? This motion should be rejected" Michael Copus BBC WS delegate asks audience: "How many of us have actually lived in a warzone? Not worked, lived?" Ashley Scrace Nahed Abou-Zeid from World Service. "How many of us have lived in a warzone? Well, I have" Michael Copus The amendment falls, meaning it is still vague where the debate will be held. Michael Copus Delegates are debating where a forum for debate regarding Gaza should be held. Ashley Scrace Presenter of BBC World Service has approached the stand. First time in front of a UK audience and it is seamless Michael Copus BBC world service delegate making his first speech to an English audience. Ashley ScraceThe woman with curly hair is getting very animated. She was refused the stand Michael Copus Apologies for lack of attributed quotes - delegates seem to be in the habit of mumbling their names. Michael Copus ..."the big picture. Speaker proposing the motion. Ashley Scrace Very passionate woman against the coverage of Israel attacking Palestine. "The British media did not cover it well" Michael Copus "Why was this happening again? And why is it going to happen again? The answer is the big picture, and how we report..." Michael Copus Back to now - motion 1 condemning the inadequate and biased reporting of Gaza. Ashley Scrace Motion 111 passed. Motion 112 now in talks Ashley Scrace Motion 111 in talks now. Chris Frost just finsihed publicising the motion Michael Copus Training motions will debate NUJ training and its success, with the ADM proposing to invest in more NUJ training courses. Ashley Scrace Motion 110 passed with no opposition

Ashley Scrace[continued]"... A rugby player about to be hit with a brick is vulnerable" The point here is that there is no need for categories Michael Copus Around 3PM I'll be liveblogging the debates surrounding training. Visit then to follow. Ashley Scrace "Disabled people should not generally be called vulnerable as that puts them in a category. A rugby player about to be hit..." [continues] Ashley Scrace Stewart Brooks (?). The names are really hard to hear. He is addressing the vulnerability of children in the news Ashley Scrace Vote taking place. Motion 107 passed Ashley Scrace Stories of children and their welfare and it's featuring among the Ethics council Ashley Scrace Code of Conduct talks Carl Leighton Quick correction, one of the speakers was called Nahella Ashraf rather than Naliah. Ashley Scrace "The PCC in it's current form is a complete and absollute failure" - Chris Frost Ashley Scrace Chris Frost, NEC and Ethics Council: "The PCC investigation into the phone-tapping scandal was quite an outrage." Ashley Scrace Rename PCC the PPPL: "Press Proprietors Protection League" Ashley Scrace Calls to sack the PCC head after the phone-tapping scandal Ashley Scrace Late notice motion number 3(?) Bashing the NOTW and their phone-tapping exercises Ashley Scrace Chris Frost, Chair Ethics Council, basically outlined how they will support motion 93 Ashley Scrace Michael Fisher, Ethics Council: asks to support the motion 93 Ashley Scrace May I just add that any lack of quotation marks means I'm paraphrasing Ashley Scrace "The PCC has often promised a review of the rights journalists have" Luke James talking with comrades Ashley Scrace JD, Gen. Sec: "LAst year the TUC conference held a fringe event on the position of the NUJ" Ashley Scrace Jeremy Dear, General Secretary: "We are still affiliated to liberty" Ashley Scrace Delegate has questioned the latest position of the NUJ on photgraphers and relationships with police Ashley Scrace This is not going so well. The police here are taking a bashing. I wish the mic was turned up a little Ashley Scrace (Female delegate): "Journalist material is excluded from police procedures unless it is needed. But the terrorism act changed this" Michael Copus Motion 92 - Instructing the NEC to prepare a legal guide to 'special procedure material', e.g notebooks. Michael Copus "One thing that has made me really proud to be a journo since G20 is the fact that there has been such good investigation." Ashley Scrace "While I was at G20 a policeman objected to his photo and shoved his shield in my face. I must say it didn't make a great picture" Michael Copus London Freelance delegate shares his experience of the G20 demonstrations. Ashley Scrace G20 is the topic of discussion Michael Copus "Whatever the pressure, balanced reporting is absolutely essential." London Central delegate. Ashley Scrace "We welcome the efforts of the NUJ to highlights issues which happen [to journalists]" Michael Copus Motion 91 - "Condemns excessive policing of G20 demonstrations. Ashley Scrace Delegate from London Central branch speaks Ashley Scrace "Their egos seem to be greater than their legal powers when it comesto public order" - Adam Chrissie Ashley Scrace Adam Chrissie, Leeds branch, takes the stand Ashley Scrace Delegate is thanking all those who got involved in the campaign to free and save Suzanne Breen Ashley Scrace "Suzanne Breen is an example of a journalist who has rightfully stuck loyally by the NUJ rules" Ashley Scrace Ethics Tweets begin... Ben Wells Sue Glenton: "We're supposedly fighting in Afghanistan for democracy, really I think we should be fighting for our democracy over here" Carl Leighton That's all from me. Carl Leighton In fairness the point made is to explain what they're [muslims] all about to help people understand rather than fear. Carl Leighton "Muslims do need to explain their religion" same member of the group...controversial?? Carl Leighton "if you join the army you should obey the orders to fight" from one member of the group. Carl Leighton calls for the events of this fringe meeting to be reported after the outcome of Wednesday's court events went without reporting. Ben Wells "This is not a winnable war"

Carl Leighton Sue: Joe's only remaining charge is desertion and offered bail which he refused as it contained a gagging order. Elinor Zukelele @Carlzinho remember the hashtag 36 in reply to Carlzinho Ben Wells Sue Glenton: "The outcome from Wednesday's hearings was that Joe was unlawfully arrested and detained" Ben Wells Sue Glenton: "He [Joe] was taught during sessions that it was his duty to oppose any wrongdoing" Carl Leighton Sue: Joe was told during training it was his duty to report anything unethical. Carl Leighton Naliah has finished, some interesting points. Time for Sue Glenton mother of Joe who refused to return to Afghanistan with the Army. Carl Leighton Naliah: If Afghanistan is Obama's Vietnam then Pakistan is his Cambodia. Carl Leighton Naliah: Gordon Brown said it was 'patriotic for us to fight this war' I don't see how it's patriotic. Ben Wells Naliah Ashraf: "You're either with the occupiers, or with what we've got." Carl Leighton Naliah: Americans making deals with warlords..'you have this land just don't attack us'. Carl Leighton Naliah: Who feels we've ended terrorism Ben Wells Guy Smallman "They just want to be left alone, they've had 13 years of war and they just want an end to it." Carl Leighton Guy: the people don't like the Taliban, the government or NATO, they just want to be left alone. Carl Leighton Guy: Some people were selling their children in order to feed the rest of the family Ben Wells Guy Smallman: "In Kabul heroin is cheaper than healthcare" Carl Leighton Guy: 60% of Opium produced in Afghanistan is turned into smack before it leaves the country Carl Leighton Ballot box would arrive already full of papers, nothing strange at all about that is there hmm...very dodgy. Ben Wells Guy Smallman: "The word corruption and the Afghan government are now things that go hand in hand" Carl Leighton 51% of primary school age are working...very little has changed according to the Afghan people. Ben Wells Guy Smallman " I couldn't find a single Afghan who was happy with the political process out there" Carl Leighton Most Afghans felt the election was a NATO PR exercise. Carl Leighton Guy hasn't been embedded with troops whereas 98% of journos are Carl Leighton Time for Guy. Carl Leighton We're underway... Carl Leighton Just received a very arty postcard to send to my local MP "Afghanistan Bring The Troops Home." Ashley Scrace My spelling is terrible. Ethics will be after lunch I believe. Time for a fringe meeting Ashley Scrace Ethics will be starting soon - thought I guess after Lunch, as one is approaching Ashley Scrace Ethics will be starting soon - thought I guess after Lunch, as one is approaching Zoe Rafah "The future holds social issues about how we can fight climate change." Carl Leighton Eagerly anticipating the Joe Glenton talk with his mother and Guy Smallman, should be interesting. Zoe Rafah "The issue against climate change is taken very seriously by us." Zoe Rafah "We asking the NEC to do whatever they can to strengthen chapels." Chris Wheal Raining outside ADM in Southport. Very dry inside Zoe Rafah "These cuts are causing big problems. We are calling on the NEC." Zoe Rafah "Simply strengthen the support for the pensioners." Vicki-Jane Appleton Not impressed with Carl falling asleep. Chris Wheal ADM should have moved from annual to triennial, then they would accurately be described as TDM. Luke James is doing 'nice things' at NUJ ADM :) Zoe Rafah Motion 80 carried. Zoe Rafah Motion 79 Carried. Luke James loves being sole clapper to Welsh Executive Council motion at NUJ ADM Rachel Hanretty Organisation section of ADM sent to review. Will appear shortly. Vicki-Jane Appleton I can't believe it isn't policy already for NUJ work to be done by NUJ members. i'd think that was a no brainer. Zoe Rafah From Coventry "We feel better about being in the wider labor movement." Vicki-Jane Appleton don't forget lakeside suite at 6pm Vicki-Jane Appleton moving now to order paper 9 Vicki-Jane Appleton I just took a look at redwatch, seen as it's been such an issue here. i'm actually lost for words. Zoe Rafah The Irish executive council "We are totally opposed to this notion."

Vicki-Jane Appleton New Media is a contentious issue. what constitues an online jounalist? where are the lines drawn? comments welcome. Zoe Rafah Ireland must be properly included in this, we need to add more capacity. Vicki-Jane Appleton all the students look really grown up and serious. i'm so proud! Zoe Rafah "We are asking that you rectify the anomaly." Zoe Rafah 'We can fight for ourselves and we propose the notion to carry on fighting!" Zoe Rafah Over sixty's claim as they come packaged with free travel passes they are "a bargain!" Zoe Rafah we are seeking rule changes because we believe we have something to offer (motion 63.) Zoe Rafah "yesterday was a good meeting" Vicki-Jane Appleton some geezer up now has been to 48 ADM's before. that's a lot of voting! Zoe Rafah Motion 59 has amended. Michael Copus Delegates’ Saturday Morning Thoughts - Chris Wheal just had a scrutineers vote. Looked clear to me anyway and turned out to be 70 - 42, overwhelming Vicki-Jane Appleton the audio in this room is really ropey. Vicki-Jane Appleton motion 59 now being put Vicki-Jane Appleton motion with amendment now carried. lots of hustle and bustle now. Vicki-Jane Appleton equality council are now trying to withdraw entire motion with a view. denied. Carl Leighton I'm totally confused. Vicki-Jane Appleton amendment carried. Vicki-Jane Appleton sorry about my apalling spelling. Julija Jegorova Real drama is going on! Waiting for the decision! Ashley Scrace Let's all take a wager on where the vote is going... I think it will pass Zoe Rafah Still a bit of a hung parliament on the Bristol amendment. Vicki-Jane Appleton scritineers for bristol amendment are now counting votes. Zoe Rafah This has to do with there being enough women's names on this ballot. Vicki-Jane Appleton i just paid £2.80 for a tinny of red bull. robbery. Zoe Rafah The ruling has been upheld. Rachel Hanretty Zoe Rafah The ruling has been up held. Vicki-Jane Appleton ruling is now upheld. Julija Jegorova 50/50!!! Need 2/3 of the delegates to made the decision. Vicki-Jane Appleton still at odds. it's about 50/50 at the moment. Carl Leighton Ooooer how controversial. Julija Jegorova Standing order 23. Zoe Rafah The challenge of the chair has been supported by more than 5 branches. Vicki-Jane Appleton Challenge to the chairs ruling under standing order 23. Julija Jegorova Reply... will be given (?) Vicki-Jane Appleton granted right of reply to Mindy. Vicki-Jane Appleton standing orders committee ruling on legality of right of reply Zoe Rafah The Chairman will make a decision which can be opposed. Vicki-Jane Appleton things heating up here. unable to reach a verdict. Julija Jegorova Decision is made on chair's "wish". Julija Jegorova Cannot have a right of reply. Zoe Rafah The voting has come to a standstill, become almost 50 50 in the vote and the meeting of votes has come to a standstill. Ashley ScracePictures for Terrorism article. Taken by Ben: Julija Jegorova Passion discussion about motion 57! Awaitng for voting. Ashley ScraceOooooooooo, scrutineers! Some excitement. Who is supposed to be Twittering? I'm not complaining but some people haven't been assigned this Vicki-Jane Appleton scrutineers called to count vote as too close for president to call Zoe Rafah We have so many problems with discrimination still. Vote against the amendment. Zoe Rafah Black members delegate say This union must demonstrate they are progressive on equality issues. Julija Jegorova Question within all the centuries: men and women. Equality..? Michael Copus Foster Dongozi audio interview - Zoe Rafah We need men to make the structure comfortable for women to come forward. Chris Wheal Delegate just said the two best speeches so far were from the two youngest speakers. Very proud of Lizzie, if that's not patronising Zoe Rafah We need men to make the structure comfortable for women to come forward. Zoe Rafah Women in employment as journalist are forced to clean toilets as part of their job. Zoe Rafah By voting we can make a different to ensure more women can be involved in the union. Julija Jegorova Tim Lezard speaks "against" the event.

Zoe Rafah We need to "help the old gal move on." This move is about giving women an opportunity. Julija Jegorova Women role in journalism. Zoe Rafah The absence of women is "Embarrassing" Julija Jegorova Paul Breeden "Bristol Branch" - "excellent motion". Vicki-Jane Appleton come on ladies!!! Zoe Rafah The absence of women is "Embarrassing" Julija Jegorova General equality. Zoe Rafah The equality council the ADM has an "abysmal record" Julija Jegorova Look at ourselves - how we will change the situation. Vicki-Jane Appleton women make up 45% of the NUJ but underrepresented in higher reaches of the union. Vicki-Jane Appleton i've managed to miss a whole motion. sorry guys. it's tough to make headway. Julija Jegorova motion Vicki-Jane Appleton motion 57, equality council to move Vicki-Jane Appleton unless you are a fluent Welsh speaker that is. then you get your own channel. ironically time-filled with english language programmes. Vicki-Jane Appleton Welsh people massively underrecognised and represented by the media. it's a joke. i live there and i know more about england than Wales. Vicki-Jane Appleton Crisis in Welsh media and economy. Zoe Rafah welcome Christine Buckley, new Editor of the Journalist Zoe Rafah Hi A. Fachrur, whats your first name? Ben Wells "If you eject photographers from the ADM you might as well take their cameras and throw them on the funeral pyre of freedom of expression." Vicki-Jane Appleton section 4 of report. Vicki-Jane Appleton moving on to paper 8 Julija Jegorova *applause* Vicki-Jane Appleton standing ovation for Lizzie. Vicki-Jane Appleton Freedom for students too. Rachel Hanretty Take a look around at the delegates, they are all surprised we are taking a stand. Student power! Julija Jegorova Student delegate's speech. Rachel Hanretty Take a look around at the delgates, they are all surprised we are taking a stand. Student power! Rachel Hanretty Clap, clap, clap for us students! Vicki-Jane Appleton you go lizzie!!!! Julija Jegorova Lizie! Speech! Wooohoo! Luke James trying to dig out a story at NUJ ADM and a would quite like, for once, to be at Plaid Cymru National Council Chris Wheal RT @ajh40 @Thank you for Tweeting from ADM. Updates appreciated. Scarboro chapel Vicki-Jane Appleton slavery of new and student journo's. good point. anyone else tired of working for free and having pics published for no fee? Rachel Hanretty yes, working for free in the name of experience is slavery! Ben Wells Unpaid work done by students compared to slavery by student speaker at NUJ ADM Vicki-Jane Appleton New ways to make journalism pay. 100-130 Saturday January 14th 2010 Vicki-Jane Appleton good girl... support the george viner trust!!! Julija Jegorova Young journalist must have passion. Vicki-Jane Appleton average cost of journo course now over £4000. Vicki-Jane Appleton come on welfare officers, we all want you meet. Vicki-Jane Appleton our ethical position is a slightly different stance than most. looking at alternatives. Vicki-Jane Appleton fair point, whats more important. Vicki-Jane Appleton criteria for ethical investment fund no arms, no alcohol, no tobacco etc. none of these take into account trade union recognition or workers Vicki-Jane Appleton ethical investments raised, gathering of welfare officers please Vicki-Jane Appleton 100 years of NUJ extra. Ashley Scrace Article on suspected terrorist detained in the UK. Read here: Vicki-Jane Appleton organising the future fringe meeting tonight at 6pm. be there. Vicki-Jane Appleton 32% decline in value of unions investments, and they're low risk. (!!!) Ben Wells Motion 55 withdrawn Vicki-Jane Appleton motion 55 withdrawn! Vicki-Jane Appleton now moving to vote. clearly carried. overwhelming majority. Ben Wells Motion 54 carried Vicki-Jane Appleton oh no we have one more speaker. he is challenging the NUJ to spend more on campaigning. Vicki-Jane Appleton moving to the vote.

Tayo Gemstone Just did a video interview of Foster Dongozi of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists Vicki-Jane Appleton amendment falls Vicki-Jane Appleton opposition to amamndment. Tim dawson. Vicki-Jane Appleton maybe he has a point. increasing feed proportionate to earnings not location. Vicki-Jane Appleton we need a fairere mechanism for collecting subs???? sounds like tax to me. Vicki-Jane Appleton oh no we have an amendment to contest. Vicki-Jane Appleton ok so anyone against motion 54? Vicki-Jane Appleton equates to about 4 quid a year. i think we know how everyone is gonna vote. can't we get on with it. Michael Copus Just finished interviewing Foster Dongozi, who had some inspiring stories to tell. A brave man, facing up to a terrible evil. Ben Wells Chris Frost: We have not had a subs increase since Birmingham three years ago Vicki-Jane Appleton membership falling. need to increase subs. haven't had one for 3 years since birmingham. Vicki-Jane Appleton motion 54 NEC to move. Chris frost chairman of finance comittee. asking for rise in subs. Vicki-Jane Appleton ok i admit it, i'm totally lost with proceedings so far. 568. Rachel Hanretty suggestion from Finances that students haven't paid all their subs due to online payment system 569. Ben Wells Kevin Sandy: My understanding is that there has been a problem collecting the student subs this year 570. Vicki-Jane Appleton total budget can it be achieved? you tell me, looks like a deficit to me. 571. Elinor Zukelele @VickiAppleton yes... most people at the ADM are interested in what their union is doing about job cuts 32 in reply to VickiAppleton Vicki-Jane Appleton just met someone interesting got a lot more tweeting to do tonight! Vicki-Jane Appleton bored already. does any one like this stuff? Vicki-Jane Appleton guardian announced 100 job losses last week and removing their company pension scheme. Vicki-Jane Appleton annual report section 3, financial report forthcoming. lucky me Vicki-Jane Appleton way too much clapping for my ears Vicki-Jane Appleton Good speech. Ben Wells Foster Dongozi receives a standing ovation at the close of his speech Vicki-Jane Appleton when people are afraid of their government, that is a bad situation. when the government is afraid of the people, that is democracy Vicki-Jane Appleton strives to be non-biased unlike many other unions. Vicki-Jane Appleton constantly under threat of torture and murder but motivation comes from the need to tell the story of zimbabwe Vicki-Jane Appleton seeking assistance to allow their union to better support their work. Vicki-Jane Appleton thanks us all for our support Vicki-Jane Appleton to be fair, female journo's with loose morals.... i know a few! Vicki-Jane Appleton prohibitive costs of the internet and computers are hindering efforts of zimbabwean journalists Ben Wells Foster Dongozi: Today not a single independent media organisation has been registered Vicki-Jane Appleton now all media must be licensed by the state and therefore state controlled. Vicki-Jane Appleton check you out caroline... lightning fingers! Vicki-Jane Appleton then shut down by the courts. Vicki-Jane Appleton printing press was bombed Vicki-Jane Appleton Daily news was clamed for government nearly losing election. declared an enemy of the state Vicki-Jane Appleton 2 institutions, the daily news and movement for democratic change started around 98/99 Vicki-Jane Appleton Can't understand a word Vicki-Jane Appleton Zimbabwean speaker, Foster Dongozi speaking about life as a journo in his home country Vicki-Jane Appleton SOC moving order paper 7 finance Ashley Scrace Haha! I'm on the NUJ ADM main screen for the Twitter feed. Oh no, I've gone again... Still, 15 seconds of fame Julija Jegorova Good morning, ladies and gentelmens! Let the conference continue. Vicki-Jane Appleton Elect Jim Bouhlma to the ifj delegat ion Ashley Scrace Haha! I'm on the NUJ ADM main screen for the Twitter feed. Oh no, I've gone again... 15 seconds of fame Vicki-Jane Appleton Vicki-Jane Appleton NUJ Annual Delegates Meeting Day 2 Shiryn Burns is back in a conference room for her second day at the NUJ ADM

Ben Wells Not another early morning Matt Aslett Coffee.... David Hedges Up and ready for another day photographing at ADM...well, maybe a coffee or two first! Michael Copus Fascinating night spent in the bar: James Doherty, NUJ President, sharing his inspiring stories of Gaza. Makes me glad to be here. Shiryn Burns Just spent 15 mins waiting for her video to upload which went and failed at the last min.... i hate the internet sometimes. David Hedges eventful day at the NUJ ADM! Shiryn Burns just finished a feature on "Fighting the cuts" 48mins till its uploaded to YouTube Michael Copus Most of the students have finished reporting for the day. I'm editing the NUJ ADM podcast, which should hopefully be online tonight Ben Wells "Please help me, please hear my plea. My life is unbearable, please help me." - Detainee Y Ben Wells Covering Terrorism Meeting: Detainee Y: "I am living like a ghost" Tayo Gemstone end of sessions & students debriefing! (: Chris Wheal Just debriefing students and finding out what they had done. Rachel Hanretty we are having a fight in the student media room. Lady says we shouldn't be reporting live on the ADM. Julija Jegorova BNP is getting more council-elected. Luke Deakin Redwatch, Photography- related tantrumsand turkey&cranberry sarnies...oh and a pretty good start to this years ADM Julija Jegorova "Investigative research must go on" + BNP must be exposed. Julija Jegorova 1970's - Nation Democratic Freedom Movement. None of the words above. Julija Jegorova VERY strange that non lots of people are interested in this topic (!) Julija Jegorova Reporting on BNP. Julija Jegorova is reporting on BNP - "Unite against Fascism". Elinor Zukelele RT @Proposal to ban students taking photos thrown out Chris Wheal Students are reporting the news and making the news. Chris Wheal Proposal to ban students taking photos thrown out. Chris Wheal call for ban on photographs from the rostrum. Getting ready to speak. Ashley Scrace A lady has just challenged people taking photos. Literally, she squared up to the photographer Chris Wheal RT @richthehack: @I can only find one ADM picture on Redwatch - of paper sellers outside the centre. I'll keep looking and update Ashley Scrace Tempted to provoke Redwatch. This is just odd. I'd happily appear on it: Chris Wheal Jeremy Dear confirms students photos have been lifted and used on Redwatch. Extra security for delegates may be arranged Ashley Scrace We've been acknowledged as causing death threats to NUJ members. We're just the best Michael Copus That's me done for now, need to head back and start editing things together for the podcast. Chris Wheal Was talking to another delegate and missed the vote. Had to look at the live blog to see the amendment fell and motion passed Michael Copus This motion is calling on the NEC to continue its work with the Journalism Matters campaign. Michael Copus Motion 102 now. Michael Copus Amendment falls, much clearer vote this time. Michael Copus Speaker, against: "It's clear that the BNP want to exploit the casual racism that is in the UK." Michael Copus Last tweet was Bill Turner paraphrase. Michael Copus Speaker claims that the BNP's surge in popularity is because of the BBC's exposure. Ashley ScraceI was quoting, by the way. Hopefully I'll get away with it... Michael Copus "Good journalism interrogates, investigates and reveals." Speaker, against. Chris Wheal Just been told that the BNP's Redwatch is monitoring the students reporting of this debate Ashley Scrace Holy Christ. Loads of swearing here. Stating how a BNP document says, basically: "Fuck Black people; fuck Black people..." Ashley Scrace Amendment falls on BNP clause. Very close vote though Michael Copus The amendment falls with a close cut show of hands. Ashley Scrace Vote on the amendment Michael Copus President moves to vote. Chris Wheal NEC member just suggested if NUJ require evidence that motions proposed were passed in accordance with the rules, there'd be far fewer Ashley Scrace Lots of speakers are waiting in the wings to talk. There's got to be another 12 people yet to voice their opinion Michael Copus That's a first - delegates murmuring amongst the floor are told to ssh by other delegates! Ashley Scrace "Vote for the motion and you'll be voting in the right way." - Chris Frost Ashley Scrace The excellent Chris Frost - of coursebook writing fame, among other traits - takes to the stand

Michael Copus Chris Frost, for: "This was a union that believed in freedom of the media." Michael Copus Speaker against suggests that delegates are confused about the wording of the amendment. Ashley Scrace Woah, powerful stuff. "This amendment is dishonest and I URGE YOU TO REJECT IT!" Cue loud applause and foot stomping Michael Copus Tim Dawson, for: "This is a dishonest amendment, and I call on you to reject it." Ashley Scrace "What appears to be a conscience clause is actually a clause of no platform". People have started talking. No one seems to agree Michael Copus The line for speakers against the motion of a 'no-platform' policy on the BNP is decidedly larger than those for. Ashley Scrace "To say that the NUJ is against censorship isn't right. It's useful sometimes" Ashley Scrace The hall is intently listening to the views over censoring the BNP. Utter silence for the first time so far. Then applause after each view Ashley Scrace Should the BNP have a platform to voice their opinions? Vote here: Michael Copus "It is the wrong response for journalists to say 'censor'" Ashley Scrace "It's frightening to see these people in the media. Censoring them never harmed anyone" Ashley Scrace "They lie over immigration" (*Big cheer from one person*) Ashley ScraceI do not know who is Tweeting this. I will for the time being, especially with such an interesting debate Ashley ScraceThe BNP debate. Follow the vote here: Elinor Zukelele follow the debate live, comment and vote in the poll Michael Copus Things seem to have picked up a lot in the room with this BNP debate. Interestingly, it is not one-sided. Michael Copus "I became a journalist to question, to challenge, to oppose. Let people see Nick Griffin for who he is." Elinor Zukelele @thecopus who borrowed it/where is it? i'll run for it Michael Copus @Zukelele yes! I don't know who's got my equipment! 37 in reply to Zukelele Elinor Zukelele @thecopus do you still need someone? Michael Copus Tim Lezard refers back to his concluding words on a TUC debate: "Fuck the BNP." Michael Copus Whover has got the recording equipment needs to get it into the main conference room asap please Chris Wheal We have jumped from order paper 6 to 10, now debating the BNP Ashley ScraceNew comment piece of mine, here: Chris Wheal ADM motions are numbered, but Eric Morcambe is in charge, all the right motions, not necessarily in the right order Chris Wheal @Zukelele rogue apostrophe through: "within the medias’ control" edit police are on to it. Chris Wheal Just had a DM. I typed Frances O'Grady's name as Francis. Oh the shame. Chris Wheal RT @richthehack: Please also say I think they're doing a great job. I've covered conferences myself, I know it's not easy to inject life! Chris Wheal RT @richthehack: Great coverage of ADM so far but if I have a criticism it's a little bit processy. Reports could do with more colour Chris Wheal Just seen a story on, with a 66-word sentence and average sentence length of 45 words. Rocket about to be launched. Ben Wells Motion 49 passed unanimously Chris Wheal RT @Squeelaa: @and now I'm going to get lynched! I am only reporting. Don't shoot the messanger Ben Wells Motion 48 passed unanimously Rachel Hanretty Frances O'Grady of TUC has left the building Chris Wheal RT @Squeelaa: maths lesson: ADM costs 200k which works out at £10k an hour or £2.5k for 15 minutes... Chris Wheal NEC delegate just told me the unopposed speeches on Equality cost £2,500 Tayo Gemstone competence & skills should be the prerequisite to employment not age (: Ben Wells Motion 47 passed unanimously Chris Wheal "you just tweeted my exclusive," Lizzie said to me. Kane Mumford Motion 45 carried with clear majority Kane Mumford "Motion 45 - everything against it is targetting the most vulnerable groups in our society" Michael Copus Just interviewed the lucky winner of the Jeremy Dear Opening Speech Sweepstake Competition...sounds like the next Dale Winton show Kane Mumford Equality Debate's proving to be an festival of consensus - good for equality, bad for tweets Chris Wheal Just heard rumour a Swiss court has awarded Guy Smallman a shed load of compensation for his injured leg. Some get on to that story. Chris Wheal RT @Squeelaa: a lot of time (and money) could be saved if we stopped letting 3 people talk for an unopposed motion 12 minutes!! Ben Wells Composite G (Covering Motion 41 and 42) passed unanimously

Kane Mumford Ambient chatter abounds while the speaker for retirement Act puts his case - abstentions follow. Ben Wells Composite F (Covering Motion 38 and 39) passed unanimously Kane Mumford "Journalists must write about the Equality Act" - talkings not enough - Steve Brooks Kane Mumford Steve Brooks "angry" at even having to speak about equality but does so because of the "frequent breaches of the Acts" Kane Mumford Southhall black sisters group funding was withdrwarn and promises went undelivered. And so the motion is seconded. Kane Mumford "Reasonable defence" against sacking pregnant women was a terrible hypcorisy - Equality Council Chris Wheal Shown Francis O'Grady from the TUC around our newsroom. Left her swamped by student journalists with cameras and microphones Kane Mumford TUC concerned that the equalit bill will fall without debate due to "Seriously misinformed" MPS Kane Mumford "Equality bill will combat simple 'tick-box' equality" Equality Council Chris Wheal Francis O'Grady in available to be interviewed after her speech. I'll take her into the Training room. Writer, Phtorgrapher, audio and vid. Carl Leighton Package script is done, time for some voxs. Kane Mumford "Business as usual? No chance" According to Francis O'Grady. She's condeming the "fat cats" eloquently at the ADM ,com Ben Wells RT@mediaguardian: Murdoch Jr sees smaller role for papers Michael Copus Jeff Aptor receives a standing ovation for his contribution to the Union. An inspiring, honest speech to boot. We'll have audio soon. Julija Jegorova Everyone seems to be chilled. No pressure at all :) J.Aptor and his brilliant, inspiring speech! Chris Wheal Jeremy Dear just accosted me. "If I get interviewed by another student journalist I'll kill them". The challenge is yours Julija Jegorova Jeff Aptor - NUJ Paris Branch. Julija Jegorova "No pressure" - be aware! :D Chris Wheal extracts of opening speeches at NUJ ADM on Youtube Julija Jegorova Members of honour @ Floral Hall. Chris Wheal RT @psmith: @Surely you have to err on the side of freedom of speech. BNP = hateful Nazis, but should NUJ silence them? Rachel Hanrettyfront row seats to eye up those deemed worthy of honorary membership and gold medals! Michael Copus Back to business for the delegates, back to work for us reporters. Just recorded an interesting interview with an NEC representative. Ashley Scrace Sitting in the bar drinking a Gin and Tonic, listening to the President of the NUJ talking about things Michael Copus Well it's lunch, and some of these delegates look the happiest they have all day at this prospect. Chris Wheal All students at ADM back in the meeting room at 1.30 please for this afternoon's assignments Michael Copus At times it feels a bit like a 'ye olde church' in here. Phone just went off, think I got away with it though. Michael Copus Corr: Motion 36 - passed. Michael Copus Motion 35 - passed. Ashley ScraceLet's all bash Mark Thompson (BBC). "You're not a President Obama... You're not different." Michael Copus Previous quotes attributed to VP Peter Murray Ashley ScraceLet's all bash Mark Thompson (BBC). "You're not a President Obama... You're not different." Michael Copus "We demand fair pay for everyone at the BBC." Michael Copus "Don't charge the public for your presents. It's ripping them off." Michael Copus BBC expenses eventually raise their ugly heads. Michael Copus NEC support Motion 33, which offers support to the SBC launching a new digital public service TV channel. Chris Wheal NUJ ADM running very quickly through the agenda. Already near the end of Order paper 4, which was due this afternoon Michael Copus Motion 33 passed. Chris Wheal RT @Squeelaa: warning over Camerons closeness to Murdoch (the bastard) Michael Copus RT Ashley Scrace Ironic how Jeremy Dear said "James Murdoch is a bastard" just as a slide with "Legal Guidelines at the ADM" pops up Ashley Scrace Ironic how Jeremy Dear said "James Murdoch is a bastard" just as a slide with "Legal Guidelines at the ADM" pops up... Ben Wells "James Muroch is a bastard" - Jeremy Dear Ashley Scrace Jeremy Dear - "James Murdoch is a bastard" Ben Wells In five years time the BBC will not exist in it's present form unless you do something about it

Ben Wells Motion 27 carried nem con Ben Wells The crisis that's being faced in Scotland, Wales and Ireland is not that different from that in England it is just more intense Ben Wells Motion 2 We want to see a healthy quality press in Scotland Ben Wells Chris Frost: "We are seeing now the biggest change in journalism we will see in our lifetime" Michael Copus Things are fairly quiet at the moment in the reporter's room...that won't last. Ben Wells Finding it very difficult to tweet motions properly with the noise of chatter in the ADM Ben Wells Motion 2 It is not acceptable to outsource journalism to Jamaica local journalism must be produced locally Julija Jegorova Keep local newspapers alive! Ashley Scrace Future of the media has started... Now on motion 18. Hurry fellow reporters to take up your posts Julija Jegorova Problem: "Local government is getting involved into newspapers" Julija Jegorova NUJ is recognised. Chris Wheal RT @richthehack: @What do we call ADM now? E18MDM? Matt Aslett 455 images in 120 minutes Julija Jegorova Mike Jempson: "Your real strength is in your staff". Ashley Scrace Ran into the room only to find the future of the media speech has yet to start... Not long - I better start preparing some opinions Elinor Zukelele Remember the hashtag Julija Jegorova Motion 17 to be covered. Aarti Thobhani Everybody in the room wearing a Stand Up For Journalism Badge! Ashley ScraceWaiting for the future of the media piece at the NUJ ADM. Shouldn't be long before I can comment away Michael Copus Reaction to Jeremy's speech seems fairly positive. "Very much a call to arms," says one delegate. Michael Copus Reaction to Jeremy's speech seems fairly positive. "Very much a call to arms," says one delegate. Luke James - NUJ ADM - Motion 12 carries Julija Jegorova Preparing to take interviews from ADM participants. Aarti Thobhani Waiting to Tweet for Media Freedom :S Ashley Scrace Taking a break. The Twits will be sporadic now. Preparing a comment piece. Everyone here is working hard Julija Jegorova NUJ ADM students - chilling, working, writing... Both stressed and excited! Julija Jegorova Time break till 11 o'clock. Julija Jegorova NUJ motion 7 passed. Julija Jegorova Motion 7- subject as to urgency. Julija Jegorova Motion 7 - for -to hear directly from representatives. Julija Jegorova People start leaving..? Julija Jegorova Motion 7 to discuss - group of chapels should be direct link between the NUJ's rank. Michael Copus Jeremy Dear concluded quoting William Morris: "Intelligence enough to conceive, courage enough to will, power enough to compel." Chris Wheal ADMs will now not be annual but every 18 months. Clearly carried Luke James Motion 1 of NUJ ADM is carried despite passionate speeches in support of amendments and against the motion. Win for the NEC. Julija Jegorova Motion 5 and motion 7 - NEC to move. Julija Jegorova Amendment failed. Luke James Portsmouth amendment falls Julija Jegorova Debates against and for the amendment. Luke James is sporting a lovely NUJ left badge courtesy of comrade Kieran, who likes cats. Luke James Portsmouth branch amendment calling for an ADM "at least every two years" and one delegate meeting in two can be rule changing. Chris Wheal Bob Norris Portsmouth, Drop the A from ADM? DM stands for Doc Martins. I was a rocker not a Mod. Luke James Freelance Industrial Council amendment falls. Chris Wheal Doherty's "twatting" comment being frantically retweeted. Has he done the NUJ a disservice? This Twat can take a joke. Hope others can too Luke James LEJ88 Irish Council speaker: ADM is part of this unions democracy but is not the most significant part. ADM at the cost of action on the ground. Julija Jegorova Still debating about ADM frequency meetings. Luke James ADM - the sovereign body of this union. The pro annual meeting speakers having their say. Luke James Freelance Industrial Council amendment that ADM is biennial not every 18 months. Got a good reaction in the conference hall.

Luke James Heard "comrades" in the main hall for the first time. Lefty take over on the cards? Luke James Jeremy Dear nodding in support of London Freelance speaker who has rubbished last speakers claims and backing the motion. Julija Jegorova ADM is about spending money, not saving! Luke James Apologies to any of my followers (purely Twitters based) who doesn't care about the NUJ Julija Jegorova Critical decisions should be made now (how money should be spent). Luke James Magazine branch speaker: we should have met 6 months ago and met the financial crisis head on. NUJ in a mess and we need to meet each year. Julija Jegorova Finincial crisis affected journalists in the last 18 months. Luke James NEC speaker:18 months since the last ADM, this has not damaged our work or democracy. Lets use our councils rather as well as ADM. Applause Julija Jegorova Money should be spent reasonably. Luke James Jeremy Dear - General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists. At the ADM, Southport Luke James We should have ADM in London and let people stay at fellow members homes - we should do this more cheaply - applause. Julija Jegorova Talk about strenght and solidarity of NUJ. Luke James Press and PR branch supporting an annual meeting over a meeting every 18 month. Fears democratic accountability will be weakened. Luke James "If you want a annual delegate meeting you need to recruit more members" - the message coming from supporters of an annual meeting Julija Jegorova Jeremy Dear talks about democracy. "More talk, less action" -is not about the Union. Luke James NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear says conference will come at the cost of union action. He wants less talk and more action. Ashley Scrace Jeremy Dear talks about democracy. "More talk, less action" -is not about the Union. Ashley Scrace Well I'm off. Jeremy is outlining the NUJ decisions we're likely to take. Ben Wells Over the next 72 hours you are going to be required to make some tough decisions, but none tougher than this one Ashley Scrace He's back again. No, he's gone again Ashley Scrace And Jeremy leaves. Big applause to a worthy speech Ashley Scrace "I am sure a union such as ours will be at the forefront of building the future out of the wreckage". Julija Jegorova "Fighting spirits of our members" - Jeremy Dear Ashley Scrace Jeremy takes in inspiration the words of William Morris: "Intelligence enough to conceive [etc]..." Ashley Scrace "Fighting spirits of our members" - Jeremy Dear Ben Wells I'm angry at the greed that has wrecked our industry Ashley Scrace Jeremy is powerful here - everyone transfixed. Thanks continue. "I'm angry at the greed who has wrecked out industry" Ashley Scrace Jeremy Dear is finishing: Thanks to all the NUJ; Jeremy's PA Gail and Michelle; Applause Chris Wheal At least Dear got his fewer and less right Julija Jegorova "I pay tribute to all our staff" - Jeremy Dear Ashley Scrace Has the speech gone on the longest yet? Will my battery hold out? find out soon enough. Rapturous applause at a mid-point Ashley Scrace The NUJ has taken decisions no-one wanted to take. When faced with a stark choice of fewer motions, we need to take action now Ashley Scrace "I pay tribute to all our staff" - Jeremy Dear Ben Wells When faced with a stark choice between less frequent meetings and less support for our members I know where I stand Julija Jegorova We must be sure that union survives. Ashley Scrace We must be sure that union survives. Ben Wells Never has the need been greater or the cause more important Ashley Scrace "The NUJ is your union... We need to recruit to keep our chances alive." Ben Wells We must recognise that in the eye of the perfect storm we have not always been strong enough to stop job cuts... Julija Jegorova Discussion about job cuts. Ashley Scrace Discussion about job cuts. Ashley Scrace "Police attacks at G20 are unacceptable and undermine journalistic freedoms" Ashley Scrace The NUJ has fought for jobs. BBC, Yorkshire Post etc. But is it all in vain? Jeremy thinks not Chris Wheal Jeremy Dear: news aggregators should pay a levy to fund public service journalism Ashley Scrace Top slicing the licence fee is not the only way. But what are the other ways? News aggregators - Google etc - to help fund? 039 Ben Wells I'm sick of hearing MPs say "can you imagine what Rupert Murdoch would say about that?

Julija Jegorova "Independence is profitable" - Jeremy Dear. Ashley Scrace "Our ancestors would have been horrified... that current communities should be deprived of local democracy and information" Ashley Scrace "Independence is profitable" - Jeremy Dear. Ashley Scrace NUJ Jeremy Dear bangs Rupert Murdoch. In a metaphorical sense, of course... Ashley Scrace "Tory leaders jump into bed with the very hammers on the free press..." Ben Wells There’s is a philosophy built on the words of James Murdoch Ashley Scrace Half of the country's 1,300 papers will close before 2013. Local democracy suffers. Journalism becomes a business of business Ben Wells councils courts and public bodies are no longer being scrutinized Ashley Scrace "Trinity Mirror were not the only pigs with their heads in the sand... Their arses in the air" Jeremy Dear with regard to 1 in 4 job losses Ashley Scrace JD, General Secretary: "Trinity Mirror bosses have cheek to call journalists reckless..." Ashley Scrace Long-Eaton has no local radio, newspaper or free paper - just one example of the suffering media despite profits among the heads of business Ashley Scrace Jeremy Dear has approached the stand. "There could not be a more crucial time for this union to stand up for Journalism" Chris Wheal Jeremy Dear to speak. Watch tweets on and live reporting. Sisters, brothers...... he begins Julija Jegorova Discussion about ADM frequency. Ashley Scrace Discussion about ADM frequency. NUJADM rejects first challenge to the order paper. Second challenge on order of votes on annual, 18 month or 2 year meetings Chris Wheal Pauline Norris of SOC unprepared as nobody mentioned this before. Finance paper is not ready yet. Should have mentioned it sooner 27 AM Julija Jegorova Standing orders Ashley Scrace Here comes the regular Tweets on the National Union of Journalists Annual Delegates Meeting from Southport. Ashley Scrace Standing orders. Chris Wheal South Yorkshire's Phil Turner objects t the whole order of the conference and wants first order paper delayed Julija Jegorova "Journalists and journalism matters" - J. Doherty Ashley Scrace "Journalists and journalism matters" - J. Doherty Chris Wheal NUJ president James Doherty, attacks "blogging, facebooking and, dare I say it, twatting" Julija Jegorova "Google can repeat the news, but it cannot produce the news" - James Doherty Ashley Scrace "Google can repeat the news, but it cannot produce the news" - James Doherty Julija Jegorova Massive crisis in media industry - James Doherty. Ashley Scrace Massive crisis in media industry - James Doherty. Ashley Scrace Still in the newsroom. Out to cover the speech soon. Proceedings have just got underway Julija Jegorova ADM opening. Ashley Scrace ADM opening. Ashley Scrace Welcome to the National Union of Journalists ADM. It begins soon. Regular Twitter updates will be here for all the speeches.

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