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									OFFERING PRICE SUMMARY LETTER Date: Name: Address: Dear This letter is our written offer to purchase sq.ft. of an acre out of a called legal description Our approved offer is dollar amount DOLLARS ($number amount) for the needed project name A legal description of the area and interest in real estate to be acquired is attached, along with a copy of the parcel sketch illustrating the property affected by the project. The following improvements, structures, building equipment and fixtures have been considered as part of the real estate and are part of the property to be acquired: ITEMS LISTED BELOW ARE IMPROVEMENTS LISTED IN APPRAISAL REPORT Manufactured Home with Porch Outbuilding Septic System Fencing Shed Dirt Work Landscaping Concrete Drive SAVE and EXCEPT, HOWEVER, it is expressly understood and agreed that Grantors are retaining title to the following improvements located on the property described as: IF LANDOWNER CHOOSES TO RETAIN ANY ITEMS LISTED ABOVE, LIST THE IMPROVEMENTS BELOW AND INCLUDE THE 30 CLAUSE. IF NO IMPROVEMENTS ARE RETIANED ON LIST ON DEED AFTER THE SAVE AND EXCEPT PARAGRAPH “NONE” Outbuilding Fencing Grantors covenant and agree to remove the above-described improvements from said land by the day after closing, subject, however, to such extensions of time as may be granted by Grantee, its successor and assigns, in writing; and if, for any reason, Grantors fail or refuse to remove same within said period of time prescribed, then, without any further consideration, the title to all or any part of such improvements not so removed shall pass to and vest in the Grantee, its successors and assigns, forever. City of Pearland will pay all closing costs and cost of title insurance (if required by the CITY) associated with the transaction except for your share of the prorated taxes for the year 2008. Term of Possession: At time payment received by Seller. The consideration recited herein represent a final unconditional settlement and compromise by all parties as to the value of the property and other consideration herein conveyed. Parcel No: Account:

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83. Revised 7/28/08

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Purchaser: City of Pearland By: ______________________




Name: Anthony Vu Title: Date: Acquisition Coordinator ______________________

Name: ______________________ By: ______________________

Name: ______________________ Date: ______________________

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83. Revised 7/28/08

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