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									Tell it to the Marines
By SMDA Historian, Maj Kevin Kiley, USMC(Ret)
“Study again and again the campaigns of Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Gustavus Adolphus, Turenne, Eugene, and Frederick. Model yourself upon them. This is the only means of becoming a great captain, and of acquiring the secret of the art of war. Your own genius will be enlightened and improved by this study, and you will learn to reject all maxims foreign to the principles of the great commanders.” -Napoleon


he study of military history is not What is not well known is that the Marine Regiment in War I in France. A only an interesting and enjoyable Marine Corps has produced worlddistinguished combat veteran, Thomaactivity, but it is essential in developclass military historians and scholars son was also an accomplished artist, ing the professionalism of any armed that have written books that belong in and his lively and accurate sketches service. You must study your profesthe first rank of any military library. accompany his writing, giving it an sion in order to practice it, and studyTwo of the most prominent are Colonel air of authenticity that few authors can ing military history is part attain. His monumental Fix of that profession. Great Bayonets! is undoubtedly “The truth of the matter is that the Marine Corps is, and captains among us are probthe best book of its kind, always has been, an intellectually curious organization and ably few, if any, in number; describing the Marines in has developed many innovations throughout its history by but aspiring to becoming a the mud, blood, and terror study and application that have contributed significantly professional soldier is what of warfare on the Western to the study and practice of the art of war.” undoubtedly drove many of Front in the War to End us into becoming Marines. All Wars. A tough-minded For those of us who have now passed Robert D. Heinl and Colonel John W. regular officer, Colonel Thomason the torch to the next generation of Thomason. Colonel Heinl was a Yale described the Marines he served with Marines to carry, it is still our duty in graduate, was at Pearl Harbor the day in France as “the old breed of Ameriwhatever capacity, to teach those who the Japanese attacked, and served with can regular, regarding the service as come after. That can take place in the distinction throughout War II and after. home and war as an occupation.” classroom or in casual conversation, He was prominent among other distinAs an historian of the first rank, whether from formal instruction or sea guished Marines during the political Colonel Thomason did not limit himstory, all of us can still teach and guide. crisis immediately following the war self to American history. He ventured The Marine Corps is not known when the Marine Corps was nearly into the Napoleonic period, abridging as an intellectual service, especially abolished as a separate service by cerand translating the three-volume memamong our uniformed brethren. It is, tain of our uniformed “brethren.” Furoirs of one of Napoleon’s cavalrymen, however, one of the best kept secrets in ther distinguished service hallmarked giving the volume his own colorful the service. In the first fitness report I a career that honored both the Marine outlook on the military profession as received as a commissioned officer, my Corps and himself. well as a drum roll of his own sketches reporting senior made the comment that As a scholar, he wrote the authoriof life in the Grande Armee. I “was something of an academic.” I tative Soldiers of the Sea, the US Marbot’s memoirs are a colorful wryly mentioned to him that the remark Marine Corps 1775-1962. A classic, story of enlisting and growing up in could be taken as derogatory by some the only fault of the volume is that it the French army of the Revolution who might see it later. He chuckled and ends in 1962. He also compiled the and the Napoleonic period. Marbot said not to worry about it. excellent Dictionary of Military and went from private in a light cavalry What I did discover was that the Naval Quotations and wrote books on regiment to the colonel commanding Marine Corps has a dual personality Tarawa, Wake first a regiment of chasseurs a cheval when it comes to scholarly endeavors. Island, as well (light cavalry) as well as a regiment of On its face, the Marine Corps doesn’t as The Marine Hussars during the Waterloo camappear to be an intellectual service and Officer’s Guide. paign in Belgium. Marbot’s memoirs that impression is alive and well in the His writing was themselves undoubtedly need to be minds of many who view the Marine as prolific as taken in many places with a large Corps from the outside in. The truth of it was sound, salt pill; as with many old soldiers, the matter is that the Marine Corps is, and his place as Marbot “remembers with advantages.” and always has been, an intellectually an historian is However, Marbot was a skilled, light curious organization and has developed second to none in cavalrymen and a good commander; many innovations throughout its histhe annals of the and that, along with the troops he tory by study and application that have Marine Corps. led and the comrades he served with, contributed significantly to the study John W. Thomason commanded come through like a shining beacon in and practice of the art of war. a Marine rifle company in the 5th his narrative. continued...
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To the membership: Notification of SMDA By-Laws Change: The National Staff has reviewed and approved the following changes to the by-laws and further recommends approval of same by the National Assembly. Underlined portions denote where changes are recommended. Article XIV: Section 3 (b). The section reads: “(b) The Corporation shall be governed by a board of not less than five nor more than nine members who shall be nominated by the National Staff of the Second Marine Division Association and elected by the membership of the association. (At the next National Assembly, and following the adoption of this amendment to the by-laws, the several directors shall be nominated for election for terms of one, two, three, four or five years respectively; and thereafter) at each National Assembly, the National Staff shall nominate and approve directors to fill vacancies and present the nominees to the National Assembly to be elected for five year terms. Vacancies on the SMDA Endowment Fund Board of Directors which arise between annual assemblies shall be filled to complete the unexpired term of the vacating director by appointment of the National Staff:” If the suggested changes are approved by the National Assembly, the section will read as follows: “(b) The Corporation shall be governed by a board of no less than five nor more than nine members who shall be nominated by the National Staff of the Second Marine Division Association and elected by the National Staff. (At the next National Assembly, and following the adoption of the amendment to the by-laws, the several directors shall be nominated for election for terms of one, two, three, four or five years respectively and thereafter) at each National Assembly, the National Staff shall nominate and elect directors to fill vacancies for five-year terms. Vacancies on the SMDA Endowment Fund Board of Directors which arise between annual assemblies, shall be filled to complete the unexpired term of the vacating director by appointment of the SMDA President with the approval of the National Staff. Appointments of any or all directors of the SMDA Endowment Board of Directors may be revoked by majority vote of the National Staff.”


Tell it to the Marines
Thomason takes his version to another level and retells Marbot’s story with verve, wit, and the sense that he empathizes with Marbot as one old soldier to another. I have both versions in my personal library, and when the overwhelming urge to read Marbot comes up from time to time, it is Thomason’s version, with those wonderful character sketches of anyone from Napoleon to the lowest cavalry trooper, that I reach for first. Lastly, there is a Marine who was both historian and playwright. Wounded severely at Belleau Wood in 1918, he later wrote the famous play What Price Glory? about the Marines
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in France in 1918. He captured it perfectly, and when made into a movie in the 1950s by director John Ford, it definitely portrayed the die hard attitude of the Marine Brigade. Laurence Stallings’ Marine Corps career was short, active, and dangerous. Many years later he penned the outstanding book, The Doughboys, which not only described war on the Western Front in 1918, it is the history of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) that went overseas to fight in Europe. The book contains some of the most vivid personal recollections and anecdotes that I have ever read in any military history, and it gives a you are

there feel when being read. It is one of the best books written on any army in any period. There is pride in the writing, along with bitterness, nostalgia, and a definite feel for the soldier and Marine, from private to general officer. This is part of our heritage as Marines, and who better than another Marine to tell the story of our Corps? There are scholars among us, and those who want to write and tell the stories that interest them, need to be encouraged to write. And it is through the efforts of those Marines and scholars that came before us that those who come behind us will find the motivation to tell their versions of history.

Welcome Aboard
New Members of Second Marine Division Association
James D. Backman HQ 3/8 42 Wilson Avenue Wayne, NJ 07470 Gregory J. Bertling H&S 3/6 181 Glenhill Drive #1 Slinger, WI 53086-9677 Patrick C. Bryant H&S HQ/ 2d FSSG 3125 Whitford Road Orleans, MI 48865 David V. Crocker HQ/6 170 Pheasant Run Saunderstown, RI 02874-2032 Recruiter: Dick Vincent Christopher M. Dunn H&S/1/6 54 Nevens Circle Rockland, MA 02370 Recruiter: Paul Mastranglelo Allen Fields Executive Director/ Riviera Hotel 2901 Las Vegas Blvd So. Las Vegas, NV 89109 John M. Galvin III MTM Co 2d Maint 2FSSG 100 Lincoln Avenue Quincy, MA 02170 Recruiter: Vincent Dolan Brian J. Hearnsberger H&S Co 703 Wharton Street Oceanside, CA 92054 Recruiter: Jim Evans SgtMaj Joe Houle, Sr. 2/8, 1 / 2 6th Marines 2920 Northwoods Drive Jacksonville, NC 28540 Recruiter: Col Peter Grimes (Ret) PHM 3/c Edward “Doc” Hendrickson 2nd AMPHIB 151 Vose Avenue, Apt C-3 South Orange, NJ 07079 Sgt Joe Houle, Jr. 3/6, 6th Marines 2700 Northwoods Drive Jacksonville, NC 28540 Recruiter: SgtMaj Joe Houle, Sr. Nathaniel J. Ivins F/2/8 16936 Loukerton Street Valinda, CA 91744 Recruiter: A.J. Daubenshmidt Cpl Carl J. Kraettli C/2/6 6313 W. 10th Avenue Lakewood, CO 80214 SgtMaj Michael F. Jones HQ/10 5046 Washington Street Camp Lejeune, NC 28547 Recruiter: Peter Grimes Robert F. Kistler WPNS 8 25 Nottingham Court Palmerton, PA 18071 Kevin Kramer 2 FAG / 2 FSSG P.O. Box 68 Vineburg, CA 95487 Capt. Thomas I. Leach H&S / K-3-2 3450 Lake Pointe Drive Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Robert F. Lohrmann 8214 Analee Avenue Baltimore, MD 21237 Alberto Marchionni L/3/6 956 Monroe Turnpike Monroe, CT 06468 Robert J. Moran WPNS 1/6 48 Roberts Road Ashland, MA 01721 Johnnie L. McElvy 2/4 520 Mountainview Avenue #1 Valley Cottage, NY 10989-2727 John A. Nardolillo Camp Geiger 5C Denise Drive Latham, NY 12110 William A. Oliver HQ/2 48 Westwood Drive Orono, ME 04473 Joseph Reale BAS 4/10 2 Fairmont Place Glen Cove, NY 11542 MajGen Wayne E. Rollings C/1/6 400 SE 121 3rd St. Rd Ocala, FL 34480 Recruiter: Peter Grimes MGySgt George N. Shraga K/3/8 P.O. Box 2893 Clifton, NJ 07015-2893 R. Gary Sokoloski HQ Bn, 3 / 4, 6th Marines 2112 Seth Williams Blvd Camp Lejeune, NC 28547 Col Walter M. Fitts H&S 1/8 (XO) 202 Windjammer East Emerald Isle, NC 28594 Recruiter: Col Peter Grimes Frderick Frates F/2/2 21 Utica Lane So Dartmouth, MA 02748-1232 Recruiter: Norman Couinard PFC Kevin C. Grimes, USA 101st Air Assault 155 Leslie Drive Hubert, NC 28539 Recruiter: Peter Grimes Robert N. Haidinger H&S Security Detail 74 Club Road Riverside, CT 06878 Recruiter: MajGen O.K. Steele George R. Hanlin HQ H&S Truck Co 8525 Woodville Road Mount Airy, MD 21771 Nathaniel J. Ivins F/2/8 16936 Loukelton Street Valinda, CA 91744 Recruiter: A. J. Daubenschmidt SSgt Albert V. Jacobson A/1/6 1011 Yuma Lane N. Plymouth, MN 55447 Michael J. Johnson H&S Co ATB 4437 Dunn Road Fayetteville, NC 28312 Timothy E. Kempton Tanks 209 North Hwy 172, Lot #1 Hubert, NC 28539 Recruiter: Martin McNulty SSgt Kent E. Kirkham HQ 1/8 A Btry 1/125 FA(STRICK) CSC Scania Iraq APO AE 09331 Carl J. Kracttli C/2/6 6313 W. 10th Avenue Lakewood, CO 80214

Paul C. Reed 3026 W. Houston River Road Sulphur, LA 70663-8111

1stSgt Lonnie Atkins III 52 Long Beach Avenue Roosevelt, NY 00575 George K. Bathie Tent Camp 1201 South 27th Street Apt A Altoona, PA 16602 John B. Bianconi 8th Comm FMFLant 1010 Powell Avenue Cresson, PA 16630 HM3 Brent L. Booze, USN H&S 1/8 1006 East Peleliu Drive Tarawa Terrace, NC 28543 Recruiter: Martin McNulty Maj James Capers 2/2/1 104 Clemson Court Jacksonville, NC 28546 Recruiter: Peter Grimes F. Neil Chaffie A/1/8 5854 State Route 96 Apt 211-A Romulus, NY 14541-9580 Harold G. Collins C/1/6 1649 Mill Springs Road New Market, TN 37820 Elliot M. Danish C/1/8, C3/10 144 Rancine Drive Newport News, VA 23608 Recruiter: Martin McNulty


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Welcome Aboard
New Members of Second Marine Division Association
William W. Makolo HQ C/1 ATBn P.O. Box 326 Cosmopolis, WA 98537 Recruiter: Jerry Goforth LCpl Georgie A. Maltes MAG 14, WC65B PSC 8052 Cherry Point, NC 82533 Robert E. Maness F/2/8 3809 Carlton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45227 Recruiter: Jerry Goforth Frank Marasco AmTrac Bn 5557 Eagle Point Circle Westlake Village, CA 91362-5425 Kent D. Morrison D/1/2 114 Paloma Drive Leesburg, GA 31763 Recruiter: Jean Day James F. O’Hara HQ I/3/2 2012 NE 26th Street, Apt 4 Wilton Manors, FL 33305-1534 Gentry M. Pace B/1/2 535 Upper Colony Road Wellington, NV 89444 Robert L. J. Quinn F/2/8 8880 SW 27th Avenue B-18 Ocala, FL 34476 H/2/8 P.O. Box 441 Satsuma, AL 36572 SSgt Frank Rathbun F/2/18 11308 Popes Head Road Fairfax, VA 22030 Ernest W. Ryder H&S 1/6 5400 34th Street West #2L Bradenton, FL 34210 Recruiter: Gerard Boutin CWO4 Pete J. Serra HQ 1/6 400 Altavista Loop Jacksonville, NC 28546 Jimmie R. Stone M/38 333 Albany Street Fredericksburg, VA 22407-6368 Recruiter: SgtMaj Ed.Schnug John J. Sweeney HQ ASBD P.O. Box 356 Troy NY 12181 John J. Tobin H&S 1/6 24 Castle Road East Weymouth, MA 02189 Recruiter: Vincent Dolan Swan A. Torres, Sr. HQ /5/10 22 Milbank Road Staten Island, NY 10306 David N. Viens I/3/6 7232 SE Mulberry Drive Hobe Sound, FL 33455 106 N. 4th Avenue Mayodan, NC 27027 Joe Vodenichar HQ 3/10 Recruiter: Peter Grimes Kurt R. Weeks MilTrainTm 3/8 995 Sandridge Road Hubert, NC 28539

Rene’ C. Adee 83540 Kemper Canyon, TX 79015 Recruiter: Donna Hogue LaDonna C. Buschmann 1032 South Courland Avenue Park Ridge, TX 60068 Recruiter: Donna Hogue David C. Hanley 1021 Pacific Avenue Beachwood, NJ 08722-4519 Leo C. Gattoni, Jr. 64 Akers Avenue Montvale, NJ 07645 Henry C. Safaryn 400 Huntington Avenue Rine Beach, NJ 08741

LCpl Toby A. Kelley I/3/6 3/6 India Company Camp Lejeune, NC Sponsored By: New England Chapter



Cpl Dwight Rodriguez I/3/6 3/6 2d MarDiv, India Company Camp Lejeune, NC 28542 Sponsored by New England Chapter

In the Association By-laws, Article III – Section 6, subparagraphs (a) thru (c), it is required that a rotation among the various regions be adhered to so that each region is afforded the opportunity to host the National Assembly in conjunction with the National Reunion. Because of several factors, the national staff elected in 2004 to bridge the rotation for the 2007 reunion. The staff chose to hold it in Washington, DC, on a one-time basis, and return to the normal rotation for 2008. It remains that: The 2007 Reunion/National Assembly location is in Washington, DC. On the rotational basis, the 2008 Reunion/National Assembly was the opportunity for the NORTH CENTRAL REGION – Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. However, no chapter or group in the North Central Region responded to the solicitation and according to the by-laws, “The national staff may eliminate that region for consideration for that year and continue to rotate”. The solicitation in the July, August, September 2006 issue of the Follow Me additionally requested that, “If there is a chapter or group interested in hosting the 2008 Reunion, please contact the Executive Director prior to August 31, 2006.” The only response was from the New England Chapter, and they offered a bid for the 2008 Reunion to be held in Boston, MA. That bid was voted on and approved by the national staff at the national staff meeting on January 31, 2007. Unfortunately, we are faced with a similar situation for 2009. On our rotational basis, the next region in line for consideration is the SOUTH CENTRAL – Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. If in fact any chapter or group from the South Central region is interested in hosting the 2009 Reunion, they must submit their bid prior to the reunion in Washington, DC. I should point out that this is a wonderful way for our association to bring together groups of members at locations that provide a diversity of attendance. If there is any chapter or group interested in hosting the 2009 Reunion, please contact Executive Director Pete Grimes prior to August 1, 2007 at (910) 451-3167.
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An overview of the events and camaraderie that marked SMDA’s 66th Birthday.
By Pete Grimes

2007 SMDA
dinner at Sywanyk’s Scarlette and Gold, which is considered the Corps’ museum in Jacksonville. Several members of the National Staff and a number of early arrivers attended, and retired SgtMaj Ihor Sywanyk regaled us with stories of past exploits. Wednesday was the beginning of the main arrival of our members, and as is always the case, there was much joy in seeing old friends, and sharing the past twelve months in a one-hour snap shot. The Registration and PX Room were filled with pure havoc and laughter each time another member arrived. If you stood back in the corner of the room and watched the interaction of friends, as they hugged and clasped those whom they shared so much with 60 years ago, it brought both a smile and a tear, and such pleasure at being a part of this special time. It makes the effort worthwhile. On Wednesday afternoon, several members of the National Staff took the time to visit the Wounded Warrior barracks and shared time with some of our Division’s heroes. Being with them makes you proud. Wednesday night there were no planned activities and most members spent time going from group to group, just spending time being with each other. Not so for the National Staff. They started at 6:30 pm (1830) and worked until 11:00 pm (2300) on the business of the association, and you would be proud of the diligence and seriousness with which they approached their responsibilities in representing the SMDA. Numerous issues were presented, and the staff took each and made a decision in the best interest of the total membership. A long, but very beneficial night. Thursday began our events schedule, and we stood in a drizzle for morning


his year’s Birthday Celebration, held February 1 & 2, was a bittersweet event, combining a wonderful, great turnout of our members and the bitter departure of our beloved Division, on the very day the association began its event schedule. It was almost as if we had planned to be here to say our “goodbyes,” as the Divisions Command Element (MajGen Gaskin, SgtMaj Battaglia and the support Marines and sailors) made their way to jump-off points as they deployed to Iraq. This emotionally charged moment was not lost on our members, as almost all of them have “been there – done that,” albeit years ago. However, saying goodbye to friends and loved ones is never easy, and it does cast a subtle pall on an otherwise festive occasion. Yet our Birthday this year was a festive adventure. As with the last two years, we started on Tuesday night with a no-host


Apr-May-June	2007

Colors at the II MEF / 2d Marine Division Headquarters, and the 2d Marine Aircraft Wing Band made us forget the weather. We then moved into the Littoral Warfare Training Center (LWTC) for Gen Gaskin’s Welcome Aboard. But, this one was special. Before he began, he used the occasion as a platform for a promotion and awards ceremony, where he requested the assistance of several of our members to assist in pinning on the award or promotion. As Gen Gaskin remarked, “This is the passing of the old Corps to the current Corps.” Tremendous symbolism. At the end of the Welcome Aboard, our Vice President Tom Fitzpatrick presented him with a check for $50,000.00 from an anonymous donor for our Endowment Fund; and General Gaskin presented Tom with a framed “Thank You” letter. At the conclusion of this ceremony, the general turned the Division’s Rear Element over to BGen James Williams and SgtMaj Mike Jones. Then he was off to Iraq. Our best wishes to all of our Division Marines and sailors. Gen Williams presented a sketch of Marine operations in Al Anbar Province and turned the program over to a squad of Marines who had just come back from Iraq. Their comments and stories were stuff you can use in books, and they never stopped answering our questions. Where do we find such wonderful young men and women? We departed the LWTC for lunch with our heroes at the 8th and 10th Marines Mess Halls, and because of the weather, the afternoon events were conducted in the maintenance bays of 2d Tanks. Still, a very worthwhile afternoon and extremely informative. We were then driven back to the hotels to prepare for the annual Sergeants Major Reception at Marston Pavilion. Between 2d Tanks and the hotels, a small group headed by Vice President Tom Fitzpatrick stopped by Colonel Adel Hodges (Base CO) office to present her with a $10,000.00 check for the Wounded Support Fund. Just one more of Tom’s anonymous donors in support of our wounded heroes. While we were enjoying the Sergeants Major Reception, Gen Gaskin and SgtMaj Battaglia, much to our delight, swooped through on their way to Cherry Point, for a final goodbye to us. Our thanks! Our President, Jerry Goforth, welcomed all those who attended and some folks stayed longer than others, but a good time was had by all. On Friday, our busiest day, we started with the Memorial Service at the Protestant Chapel, and our own Chaplain, Rev Dr Tony DeMarco was just wonderful. You know how meaningful his sermons are, by the number of people who want copies of them. And there were a lot of requests this year, many from active duty Marines. 17

Apr-May-June	2007	

FEBRuARY 1 & 2
Then we were off to Goettge Field House for the annual rededication of the Division’s Battle Streamers. This is a ceremony unlike any other, and our members are an integral part of it. Additionally, during this ceremony the Division’s Commanding General, the Sergeant Major and our president present our Association’s Awards. We receive the award recommendations from the Division and provide a plaque certificate, an inscribed K bar and a complementary yearly membership in the association. This year’s award winners were: Tarawa Award: 1stLt Brooks W. Boehlert Vogal Award: GySgt Joseph E. Estep Smith Award: Sgt William D. Dycus, Jr. John Henry Balch Award: HM3 (FMF) Steven K. St. John Follow Me Award: 2d Assault Amphibian Battalion 2006 Division Marine of the Year: Cpl Jeffery W. Hunt 2006 Division NCO of the Year: Cpl Dwight Rodriguez Gueits These awards are very meaningful to the recipients and their families, as evidenced by the fact that the Tarawa Award winner was in Iraq and unavailable. So, his father flew in from Oregon and his brother flew in from Boston to accept the award in his name. Families count! With the ceremonies finished at the Field House, our members found a number of interesting things to do on Friday afternoon. Some


went to the PX, some ventured to Swansboro, the “Friendly City by the Sea,” and some just took the afternoon to be with friends, or to rest. Friday evening was devoted to our annual Birthday Banquet Celebration at the Officers Club, which is always a gala affair with a cake cutting, a guest speaker and numerous celebrity guests. This year we were privileged to have the Deputy Commanding General of the 2d MarDiv, BGen James Williams, as our guest speaker and an array of special guests including LtGen and Mrs. Martin Berndt; MajGen and Mrs. Robert Dickerson; MajGen and Mrs. Wayne Rollins; Col (BGen Select) Dave Berger; Col Adel Hodges, Commanding Officer Camp Lejeune; Mrs. Gaskin; Mrs. Gurganus, Mrs. Battaglia and many others. It was a very memorable evening and one that will be talked about for years. As is our tradition, we held a raffle and this year’s prize was a free room for the week of our reunion in Washington. This year’s winner was Maj Jim Capers, USMC (Ret), a renowned Vietnam war hero who lives in Jacksonville, and spends a lot of time with the Division’s many sections. It’s going to be a real pleasure to have Jim and Dottie with us in Washington. As the night concluded, we said our goodbyes until next year, or until we reconvene in Washington at our 58th Reunion. We will be looking for each of you.

Let’s make this one spectacular.


Apr-May-June	2007

To Second Marine Division Association Funds
Generous donations have been made to the Second Marine Division Association General Fund, Scholarship Fund, Endowment Fund and Wounded Warrior Fund by the following donors. Those who have additionally chosen to honor the memory of a valued friend with their donations are so noted on page 24. Each donation allows SMDA to continue the good work these funds provide for, and we thank each and every donor. SCHOLARSHIP FUND Francis M. Arnold Robert E. Ball Bruce Barton Richard J. Bronstein Frederick Brooks Kenneth Campbell George W. Charlton, Jr. John A. Cook Watson Crumbie Claude W. Culpepper Dale N. Davis Frank A. Denbrock Otis W. Dennis Ron Deverick Norman Dobson Roger R. Doskocil David J. Fell Leo Fitzpatrick Morris Fletcher Angie Gladson James Golden Lewis Griffith Victor Grondzki Thomas F. Higgins Thomas T. Hill Martin J. Hughes Robert E. Jackman Jack Jasper Kingston Johns, Jr. R.H. Kelly Richard J. Kennelly Richard S. LeBlanc Donald R. Lienesch Thomas J. Lynch George G. MacKender Donald C. Magee James Manley Hyman Mantel Curtis S. McCall Michael McDermott Raffaella Mingolelli Jon D. Mullen Peter Optekar Oscar A. Peters Mary E. Pinkham Lawrence H. Pratt Robert H. Purinton Deloris Radtke ENDOWMENT FUND Edward F. Baker Barney F. Brewer, Sr. Jean Bonds Donald J. Childs Michael J. Dillon James L. Gentry Bernard H. Grommes Richard J. Kennelly Mary E. Pinkham Mac Radcliffe William C. Saltzer William E. Schmitt Kenneth E. Thompson
Donations continued...

Richard Rawling Jack Richardson Floyd S. Robertson Paul E. Rockhold Peter R. Rosi Frank Rozich William C. Saltzer William E. Schmitt Richard D. Smith John B. Thompson Kimber E. Vought Howell N. Wheaton

WOUNDED SUPPORT FUND Roscoe Cartmill Louise Edginton New England Division of the Marine Corps League SMDA California Chapter Ernest F. Steiner Henry J. Thomas Russell H. La Croix Charles B. Scott Doris Shaffer

Great News: Solving Problems is Part of Our Mission.
From Pete Grimes, Executive Director


ife is full of wonderful surprises, and it is always amazing to see how they sometimes arrive. Take for example, our Third Vice President Tom Fitzpatrick. Tom called me several months ago and indicated he had a problem. Of course, I was concerned! His problem was what to do with the $60,000.00 gift an anonymous donor had given to him for our Association. Wow! What a surprise – what a problem! Actually, it turned out that $30,000.00 was earmarked for the new LCDR Philip Beilock, USN (Ret) Endowment Fund, and $10,000.00 was for the Wounded Support Fund. But the problem was with the other $20,000.00 that had been donated to be used at Tom’s discretion, and he was wringing his hands about finding the best employment of the donation. Ideas were bantered about, and Tom went

away to consider the alternatives. Several days later, he called and had a great idea – how about us putting $10,000.00 into the Mid Atlantic Chapter Endowment Fund and $10,000.00 into the National Staff Endowment Fund. Sounded like a great idea. However, Tom had one caveat to the National Staff Fund: “Every time the National Staff meets (twice a year), the current president will take up a collection from the staff members and it will be added to the National Staff Endowment Fund.” What a great idea! The decision as to the application of these donations was voted on at the National Staff meeting in February and approved. The president passed the hat, and $160.00 was added to the National staff Endowment Fund. That’s a win – win!

But that’s not the end. President Jerry Goforth, seeing the generosity of our anonymous donors, decided that he would chip in with a very generous donation to the General Fund to help defray the cost of a display case to be used for our PX items in 2d Division working spaces (which was approved by Gen Gaskin just before he left for Iraq). And that’s not the last surprise. On April 2, your headquarters had an unannounced visit from our members Russell and Elizabeth La Croix. They were on their way from Florida to their home in Greenwich, NY, and had stopped to see grandchildren at Recon Bn and Cherry Point. After we talked for a while, they abruptly wrote a check for $1,000.00 for the General Fund and $500.00 for the Wounded Support Fund. We love those kinds of visits and the surprises, and welcome problems like these.

Apr-May-June	2007	


To Second Marine Division Association General Fund
George Almaraz Alfred H. Andersen Theodore C. Anderson Stanley R. Anderson Lela M. Anthonopoulas, Sr. John H. Armstrong Glenn Artis David A. Augustus David Avery Pete G. Ayala Wayne A. Babb Patrick F. Baker Ed Baldwin Fred Ballantine Joseph J. Barr Froman Barrett Roy W. Bartels Joseph J. Bassarab Salvatore J. Basso Thomas P.Bayley Ken Beasock Roland C. Beisenstein David A. Beliles Bernard P. Benoit William G. Bishop Howard H. Bishop Henry G. Black Robert C. Bleyl Lawrence R. Bogle Carl Bornes Boll Borses Donald R. Boswell Arvin J. Bowden Stanley W. Bowen Gerald R., Bowersox William Bowles, Jr. Jacob J. Brandman James A. Brashear, Jr. W. P. Bridges, Jr. Roberta Brockmann William Brod W. Lee Brown Lucille M. Brown Ralph L. Brunkg Milton Brynin Leroy M. Burgess Cecil J. Burton Lucian J. Caldara Walter E. Callaway Francis J. Cantrel Richard E. Carey Howard E. Carlson Patrick Carozza Roscoe Cartmill Matthew J. Caruso James P. Casey F. Vincent Cesare Roland M. Chiasson Gary M. Chlan, Sr. 20	 Raymond Christensen Francis Coleman Frederick E. Cook John Cooney George F. Cribb David V. Crocker Emory C. Crowder, Jr. Edgar C. Crowell Eugene Cruickshank Richard A. Cruickshank Robert A. Cunningham Aldo Curatolo Velma I. Curran Raymond M. Dabler Charles A. Damm James Daneker Richard F. Danielson, Jr. Edward F. Danowitz A. J. Daubenschmidt Richard H. Davis Wallace M. Davis David A. Davis, Jr. George E. Day, Jr. Herbert H. Deighton Thomas G. Denice Vincent J. DeSensi James DeStaso, Jr. Max I. Deweese William J. Disney Paul R. Dobson Richard J. Dobson Vincent J. Dolan Uhlmon L. Donaldson Stephen F. Donoghue Paul T. Donovan Roger R. Doskocil Ray E. Dotson Bill Douglas Verla Doyle George E. Dudley Robert J. Dunn Kenneth A. Dunn Robert E. Ecklund Robert G. Edwards Jack H. Epstein Eugene A. Erickson James L. Evans Jeanne Evans Eddie N. Evans Kenneth Fackina John A. Ferguson Charles Figard Dick Findlay Wayne F. Fisher James W. Fitzgerald Peter J. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Peter J. Flaherty Bonita Fleckenstein James R. Fleming Gerard G. Flood Francis “Corky” Flynn Jack L. Fortney Charles S. Fox Mildred M. Fox Floyd A. Franlick Bill Frazier James G. Freeman Howard E. Frost Lawrence J. Fruci Richard Furman Michael J. Gallagher William J. Gallagher John T. Gallagher John E. Gallina William Garber George Garden Ivan D. GAre Edward S. Gavora John H. Gentry, Jr. Gerald H. Gerkhardt Joseph R. Geromette Donald E. Gilker Francis A. Gilleo Jack T. Gillespie William E. Gilson Paul E. Goforth Faron Goldon Robert L. Graham William J. Graziano James Greenhalgh Paul Gross Gene L. Gustad, Sr. John T. Gutka Richard A. Hadler Hunter Hadley Caryl E. Hager Robert J. Hall Gary N. Hammett Clarence M. Hanna Harry R. Hardgrove John H. Hargraves Michael H. Harrington Ray T. Harrison J. Frank Hauer Kenneth A. Havelka Charles W. Hawking Milton L. Hazzard Gerry Hazzard Christ W. Heart Guy C. Heater Dwight Hellums Robert L. Hemmings Morris D. Henjum Robert C. Hepford Christopher D. Herman Myrtle Hernandez Wayne Michael Hewitt, II Billy J. Heyduck Jay C. Hileman Reginald Hoffman William C. Hogue Ronald R. Holtzman John F. Horgan Ted Hoskins Wes Hotchkiss Archie Hovsepian Gary C. Hubach Mae L. Hudman Ryland Hughes Craig A. Hutter Charles Iding George Ihnot Thomas D. Iwanicki Gennaro S. Izzo Mario Jacinto Robert Jacklin Earl L. Jenkins Roland K. Jennings Robert Johnsmiller Charles O. Johnson Grant J. Johnson Robert J. Jones Robert C. Jones, Jr. Joseph Jordan Raymond E. Kania Eugene R. Kazinkowski Crosby G. Keay Charles W. Keith Ralph N. Kennedy Richard J. Kennelly Frank J. Kern William B. Kilpatrick William G. Kirkwood Edwin W. Klem Vincent “Dutch” Klinger James R. Knapp Lloyd C. Knight Bonnie Knorzer Glenn C. Koenig Andrew Kopack Mahlon R. Kruse Milton Kurz Frank Kutash Ronald Labrum Donald H. LaFond Leon Lamb William R. Lammie William T. Lane, Jr. Charles Latia Arthur P. Lembke James H. Leonard Joseph A. Levato Donald E. Linkous Charles Luhan, Jr. Thomas Luyster, Jr. John J. Lynch David Mackey Apr-May-June	2007

To Second Marine Division Association General Fund
Philip J. Maher Wallace Malone James Manley Hyman Mantel Jerome A. Maratea William E. Marcantel C.B. Marcinkowski Maurice Marquis Warren G. Martens Albert Martini Morris D. Mason Robert J. Massimin Donald A. Masztak William J. Maxam Robert C. Maynard James McCahill Edward L. McCallum Elmer G. McClellan Kenneth M. McDonald Andrew B. McFarlane Harry McMahon Robert C. McManus Frank McNerney Richard Melanson Robert L. Messenger George Meyer Joseph A. Michuda Bernard J. Miller Wheeler Miller Robert Montgomery Mike Monyak Monroe Morgan Edgar Moser Joseph T. Muffler William F. Murphy Cecil Murphy John J. Musil Michael R. Nagle Charles H. Nava Chris Navarro Alexander J. Nevgloski, Sr. Andrew J. Novitski Paul T. O’Reilly Howard A. Olson Morris Owens Joseph C. Padeletti George E. Parsell Robert T. Partidge Robert J. Paskevicius S. David Paton II Clarence N. Pearson Robert Pecher Lawrence Pegut Shirley D. Peltier Noal C. Pemberton Wendell V. Perkins Bernard “Pete” Peterson Arthur O. Petty Mary E. Pinkham Wilfrido Pinna Elizabeth K. Pond Robert G. Porter Earl C. Potter Gerald Powlus Wendell E. Prather Louise Price Antone Rago Olga Randall Earl Randolph David R. Rapley Richard O. Reed George A. Rickabaugh Bernard J. Riggs Lawrence H. Roane, Jr. James Q. Rodgers James T. Rosenbaum Vivian Roxburgh Charles W. Saltrick William C. Saltzer Howard H. Sanders Morris Savitz Frank J. Scalise Anthony J. Scaran, Sr. Sidney Scarborough William E. Schmitt Anthony H. Schultheis Ruben B. Scott Thomas Scott Wilkins M. Scott Ward K. Scott James H. Seale Ernest M. Seelye Dodd Sellers Lucy Prado Shank George T. Shapen Daniel Sharib Donald J. Shilko Harry Shortway, Jr. Robert F. Shultz Joseph Shuper Vincent Shuttera George E. Sigler, Jr. Mike Sinder Bernard E. Skibinski Robert E. Small Patricia M. Smith Irving Smith William D. Smith Charles W. Smith, Sr. Jimmie J. Snider Marvin R. Snith Sam H. Snoddy Robert E. Snow Emmett L. Soules Curtis “Speedy” Spach William A. Speary James H. Spencer Gordon E. Spencer George J. Stancel Kenneth D. Stanford John Staugaitis Lewis J. Steck Marc Stella Harding J. Stewart James B. Stinson Chris Stohldrier Steve Strack Charles B. Strause Robert C. Sullivan Frank Suszczynski Stanley Swiston Alexander A. Szabo John R. Tappen Lenore E. Taubert Richard F. Taubert Otto D. Taureck Richard L. Taylor William C. Taylor Jack Teague Charles J. Terio John M. Terry Robert A. Thatcher Jessie D. Tinsley Edward M. Toland Earl Tonet Albert C. Torgerson Edwin J. Travis James E. Troy Keith C. Tucker Charles W. Van Horne Fames E. Vanairsdale Thomas J. Vaughan Bill Vickers Daniel A. Villarial Charles F. Vitek R. J. Vroegindewey Michael W. Waldron George A. Walker, Sr. Donald W. Walp Francis Walter Norman E. Ward H. Clay Ward John T. Ward Roscoe V. Washburn Lou Werneburg Orville J. Wheelock Dwain E. Whitney Edward F. Wilke Robert N. Williams Wiley Williamson Donald Willis Roland D. Wilsey Charles J. Woods Robert H. Workman Edward H. Wysmulek Charles Wysocki, Jr. John F. Zakian Donald J. Zidik, Sr. James M. Zirakian

Second Marine Division Association Donation Form
Donor	_______________________________________________________________________ Enclosed	is	my	check/money	order	in	the	amount	of	$___________	which	I	wish	to	donate	to	the	 SMDA	Scholarship	Fund				 SMDA	Endowment	Fund				 SMDA	General	Fund				 SMDA	Wounded	Support	Fund Optional:	Sent	in	memory	of		__________________________________________________________________ _ 	 _______________________________________________________________________________________
Please	send	donations	to:	Second	Marine	Division	Association,	PO	Box	8180,	Camp	Lejeune,	NC	28547.
Apr-May-June	2007	 21

We Honor and Remember


✯ Geraldine Catham Crandall, TX ✯ Bradley J. Ainsworth B&C Co/AMPHIB Rec DOD 1/11/07 Patsy A. Ainsworth 603 Falls of Venice Circle Venice, FL 34292-3982 ✯ Hugh E. Chester C/NBC 30 DOD 12/25/06 Susie Booe 7229 S. Country Road 445W Greencastle, IN 46135

✯ Clyde L. Fox ENGR Bn DOD 2/14/07 Auburndale, FL

✯ Capt Donald I. Kirkman HQ/18 2d Pioneer BN DOD 11/27/06 Vista, CA

✯ Vera Ladd ✯ Reba Fritts (Don W.) Widow Associate Life Member DOD 1/29/07 Dean Ladd 2218 Holly 10310 N. Morrison Road Duncan, OK 73533 Spokane, WA 99217 ✯ Roy P. Conway ✯ Fred Willis Gerish ✯ Norma L. Lindholm ✯ Howard W. Barton, III E & H&S/2/6 H&S 2/6, G/2/6 DOD 2007 4/2 Mrs. Roy Conway DOD 4/5/07 Marvin E. Bartholomew DOD 2007 P.O. Box 1297 Annabelle P. Gerish 289 Lilac Place Corinne Barton Stratford, TX 79084 P.O. Box 1047 Loveland, CO 80537-4140 234 Pear Orchard Drive Dunnsville, VA 22454-1047 Vicksburg, MS 39108 ✯ Harry W. Councell ✯ Claude Maben 2/8 ✯ Anthony Greco C 2/4 Tnk Bn ✯ O John G. Baublitz, Jr. DOD 11/10/06 C/1/18 DOD 1/29/07 H&S/2D ENGR BN Mettie Councell Hobart, IN Dolores Maben DOD 4/13/07 72732 Granite Avenue 2341 Cross Road Joann Pearson Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 ✯ Aubrey Dale Gunther Klamath Falls, OR 97603 5 Bray Court A/2d Tank Bn ✯ Earl MacPherson Catonsville, MD 21228 ✯ J. Wendell Crain DOD1/17/07 2nd AMTRAC Bn K/3/2, I/3/2 Nancy Gunther ✯ Hugh C. Becker Medford, OR DOD 11/27/06 2033 E. 2000th Street A/1/10 Louise Crain Camp Point, IL 62320-2717 ✯ John R. McCurdy DOD 1/15/07 4514 Foxhall Cresents Associate Life Member 4440 Grand Ave S. ✯ Raymond O. Hall Washington, DC 20007 2d MAW Minneapolis, MN 55409 B/1/2/10 Ruth McCurdy ✯ Madelene J. Dean DOD 1/14/07 1323 Sandhill Road # ✯ Glenn H. Boland DOD 2/24/07 Patricia Hall Yeagley A/1/8 John Y. Dean 82 Crudo Road Lebanon, PA 17046-1945 Mary Boland 112 Airport Blvd Alcove, NY 12007 1130 Allison Drive Pensacola, FL 32503-7626 ✯ William McDaniel Michigan Center, MI 49254 ✯ Richard F. Harmon C/1/2 ✯ Baker “Red Dog” Duggins 2d TNK Bn DOD July 9, 2006 ✯ Thelma Bontz 2/26/07 Beardstown, IL John Zeliff Family Danville, PA 2016 Dorset Lane ✯ Charles W. Eberwein, Jr. ✯ James W. Johnson Modesto, CA 95355 ✯ Wayne Brayton B/2d Anti Tnk Bn C/2/2 E/2/2 ✯ Edwin J. McGinn DOD 2/6/07 DOD 11/1/06 DOD 10/14/06 C/1/10 Joanne H. Eberwein Dianne Sidorewicz Donna Brayton DOD 9/27/06 1365 Nimitz Court 4211 W. 1st Street Spc 106 787 N. Detroit Street Theresa McGinn Rockledge, FL 32955 Santa Ana, CA 92703-4034 Lagrange, IN 46761-1111 1 Adner Drive ✯ John F. Finneran ✯ William M. Kelly Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-3039 ✯ John Brown C/1/8 E/2/6 ✯ David C. Millard H&S/8, H&S/2/6 DOD 1/24/07 DOD 9/12/06 B/1/6 DOD 11/08/06 Mary Finneran James Kelly (son) Columbus, OH Maxine Brown 380 Main Street P.O., Box 359 5 Palmento Way Marshfield, MA 02050 Goshen, IN 46526 ✯ Clifford N. Morgan Irvine, CA 92612-2109 I/3/8 ✯ Mildred Foltz ✯ David Kinder DOD 2/13/07 ✯ LtCol Stanley Caplan Associate Life Member H&S 2d/Sig Bn Marjorie Morgan 5th & 7th Flt Mary Hansen (daughter) DOD 11/15/06 8482 Tiffin Court Tillie Caplan 14874 Lambeth Square Peggy L. Kinder Mentor, OH 44060 7341 Amberly Lane # 30 Centerville, VA 22020 632 E. Forum Drive Dilroy Beach, FL 33446 Roselle, IL 60172 22	 Apr-May-June	2007

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