Working with Barnsley Schools Grounds Maintenance Method Statements by cometjunkie50


									Working with Barnsley Schools Grounds Maintenance Method Statements
1. You have been asked to provide a Grounds Maintenance Service to a large Secondary school who has just gained specialist status to become a sports college. As you would expect they have two footballs pitches a cricket pitch and a rugby pitch. Please provide a detailed method statement of how you would propose to maintain the above mentioned pitches including both summer and winter maintenance. Also provide details of marking out including when this will be carried out and at what time in the school year.

2. A school requires you to cut some grassed areas at the front of the school before pupils and staff begin arriving on site so as to avoid any disruption to the school day. This is an old school with a perimeter fence that is kept locked. Your men arrive early on site to find that they cannot gain access to perform the work how would you deal with this and what procedures would you put in place so that this did not occur again.

3. You receive a phone a call from a school. They are situated on a large site with paths, car parks, paved areas, many beds and borders and they are having considerable problems with the controlling of weeds and pests in particular around the perimeter fencing of the school. Please give details of what advice you would give the school together with detailed method statements on the application of chemical treatments including the selection of appropriate materials their application and any Health and Safety considerations.


Working with Barnsley Schools Grounds Maintenance Answer Guide
Question 1 Answer A detailed statement of how football cricket and rugby pitches will be maintained throughout the year i.e. cutting, fertilising, rolling and spiking slitting erection of goal posts rolling reseeding, harrowing etc. 10 Marks

Question 2 Answer Ensure that have a contact number for the caretaker so that they can complete the work that they have arrived to do. Pre plan so that they arrive at a time when there will be someone available to open up the gates and always ensure that they sign in when performing any work on school promises. 10 Marks

Question 3 Answer Requires details of advanced notice or signage. Advice to schools on the programme of works and application of pesticides. Weed control of hard surfaces, selective pest control, record keeping, resources, environmental issues and Health and Safety considerations i.e. PPE. 10 Marks


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