Lab The Energy Flow Through the Ecosystems Pyramid

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					Lab: The Energy Flow Through the Ecosystems Pyramid Problem: Using water as a substitute for energy, can you demonstrate the energy flow pyramid and interconnections within a model ecosystem? Hypothesis: The results of this experiment will show… Procedure: 1. Determine the volume of the water in the bucket. 2. Students line up in a food pyramid facing the teacher. 3. The teacher will pour water into the hands of the primary producers. 4. The producers will pour the water into the hands of the students at the next trophic level. 5. Students will continue to pour water from one trophic level to the next until it reaches the end. 6. The last trophic level will pour the resulting water into a bucket. The volume of the water will be determined. Data: Starting volume of water Ending volume of water Difference % of water lost

Neatly sketch the energy flow pyramid that you modeled and label the trophic levels with the organisms that each contained.

Analysis: (answer each question in complete sentences) What did the water represent? How was energy lost as it moved through the trophic levels? How is energy lost in real ecosystems? Why do real food chains rarely have more than 4 or 5 trophic levels? 5. Why are there fewer frogs than grasshoppers in this ecosystem? 6. Why can more people be supported eating lower on the food chain? 7. As human populations grow, make a suggestion (in relationship to this lab) that would help ensure that there is enough food energy for all people. Conclusion: (write a paragraph that addresses the following) 1. Your hypothesis. 2. Is your hypothesis supported by the data or not? EXPLAIN! 3. What questions you may still have that resulted from the activity. 4. The value of this activity to the study of science. 5. Are there any limitations to this lab? Is there any way in which this lab was not a good representation of a real system? 1. 2. 3. 4.