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									Decentralised Ventilation Systems
The individual and space-saving solution for a comfortable room environment

FassadenSystemLüftung GmbH & Co KG

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The Company at a glance


A world-wide sales network and the best research and development resources in this industry.

On the road to success with ecological, economic ventilations systems
Utilise our far reaching experience... FassadenSystemLüftung (FSL) has been developing decentralised ventilation systems since 1975. When quiet, individual room conditioning is required, and when the investment costs and space required by central air conditioning systems are too high, then our products and system solutions come into their own. Using the ventilation devices integrated into the outer skin of the building, fresh air is supplied to the rooms and return air is extracted. From simple flow devices to complex systems, numerous variations can be achieved. to new opportunities and innovations… FSL has been part of the Trox Group since 2000. In conjunction with the market leading manufacturer of ventilation systems and components in Europe, FSL can draw on significantly higher production capacity, a world-wide sales network, as well as the most capable research and development division in the sector - a constellation from which you as a partner can only profit. Experience in almost all application areas makes it possible for you to draw on our ideas, developments, products, and concepts. This applies both for the new buildings, as well as during renovation work. ...and in this way create a natural and healthy living environment for yourself Our many references and loyal, satisfied customers reflect the good collaboration between FSL and its partners and customers, for whom we often meet the most individual of wishes.

Aerodynamic measurements in our modern laboratory facilities. Front page: Deutsche Ausgleichsbank AG in Bonn

Underfloor units

Installation details of an underfloor unit for decentralised ventilation.

Underfloor unit, air supply


The comfortable ventilation solution for floor to ceiling glazing
In buildings of major architectural significance... For buildings with outer walls glazed from floor to ceiling, the use of underfloor units for ventilation and extraction is the ideal solution. In combination with double façades, the thermal conditions in the intermediate space in the façade can be utilised for energy savings. ...and individual ways... In the case of the decentralised ventilation of the Post-Tower in Bonn, the building owner’s wishes included the optimum combination of different requirements in the areas of energy saving, flexible use, and a pleasant working environment. The compact FSL underfloor units transport the fresh air from the intermediate space between the facades into the offices. Along with the housing containing acoustically and thermally insulating cladding, the units comprise a filter, fan, backdraught damper and coils for heating and cooling. ...of creating a comfortable environment The innovative environmental solution in the Post-Tower in Bonn is not a one-off. Whenever the best combination of a sense of well-being for people, economic aspects and high levels of user comfort are required, FSL is the partner who can offer a tailor-made solution. ...with quiet, invisible ventilation... Underfloor units are installed in the false floor and air is introduced and/or extracted using floor diffusers. From acoustically attenuated flow openings to complex systems with electronic components and coils, the range of FSL underfloor units is large.

The 163 m high Post-Tower in Bonn


Coil Heat Exchanger Systems

Individual installation of a coil heat exchanger system.

Sill ventilation unit with 4-pipe heat exchanger coil.


The Neckermann Computing Centre in Frankfurt am Main, equipped with FSL coil heat exchanger systems.

A guarantor for energy saving and well-being
Using a small amount of energy… High levels of heat recovery with, at the same time, very low heat losses are important requirements for ventilation and air conditioning systems. These requirements, as well as the realisation of ventilation in the window area and thus the provision of a high level of comfort, have been achieved with the coil systems from FSL. ...short air paths... The combined supply and extract air devices are installed in the sill area, or in the false floor. The outside air is drawn in through the façade. The air is cleaned through a filter and then driven by a supply air fan through a recuperative heat recovery device and coils, which heat or cool the air as required. A fan draws the return air out of the room and conveys it through the heat recovery device and the façade to the outside. ...and low costs... An example of the renovation of a building using these units is the Neckermann computer centre in Frankfurt am Main. In advance of the construction project, it was confirmed by means of the comparison of the investment and operating costs that the coil system from FSL is the most cost-effective variant compared to a central ventilation and air conditioning system. ...guarantee high-quality room air The high level of satisfaction in this and many other projects is the best evidence of the well-being of the users when the system is used. Due to its ecological and economic characteristics, the coil system is often also the most suitable solution Schematic representation of a coil heat exchanger system in a sill wall design. for investors and operators.


Ventilation units in Module Design

Decentralised supply and return ventilation with sill units in a modular design.

Combined supply and return boxes with integral heat recovery.


Inconspicuous ventilation systems in the window sill area provide a comfortable room environment.

The variable and individual ventilation system
When frequently changing usage… As the usage of buildings can change frequently, and in the majority of cases a final usage plan does not exist at the time of building planning, attention must be paid during design to ensuring that the building services provide a high level of flexibility. The ventilation solution for this application is the use of FSL frame design devices. In the Deutschen Ausgleichsbank AG in Bonn, modules were installed in the area of the windowsill, and equipped with supply and return air boxes as required. The project is only one example of the usage of these units in which the acoustic requirements, as well as the high requirements for variability and individuality of a ventilation and air conditioning ...with the variable module solution... In the case of these systems, the housing with the supply and return air openings, which is termed a module, is integrated into the façade at an early stage of construction. Once the requirements for the rooms are defined, the module can be equipped with either a heating and acoustic attenuation pack without a ventilation function, or with a ventilation device as a plug-in box. Using this modular design, it is possible to install window and sill units as well as underfloor units with a wide range of functionality. ...provide every user his or her comfort To guarantee every user individual comfort in the case of variable building use was the ambitious objective during the development of the decentralised ventilation units in module design. system have been achieved.

Deutsche Ausgleichsbank AG in Bonn – an example of the variation possible in modular ventilation units.


The most modern technology and well-qualified employees are the basis for the production of our quality products.

Final assembly

for underfloor units

Air velocity- and temperature measurements in our test Laboratories

From design to service
With experience and commitment we discuss with you as early as the pre-planning stage, when the building still only exists as a concept, the wide range of possibilities for using decentralised ventilation devices in your new building or building to be renovated. With creativity and competence product management and design draw up and prepare, in conjunction with your project team, the most sensible, costeffective system solution you prefer. With an inquisitive spirit and a wealth of ideas our highly qualified employees from research, development and prototyping supplement the project team. They draw on our many years of experience and extremely well equipped test facilities. With skill and reliability our employees in the factory and in administration ensure a high level of product quality and provide for the long service life of your investments, as well as punctual delivery to your construction site. With speed and satisfied customers behind us Our customer service team supports you with technical support during installation, commissioning, and servicing of the units and systems. The maintenance employees support functioning products and satisfied customers. Investment Banking Center, Frankfurt am Main FSL - a synonym for decentralised ventilation today and tomorrow By means of continual, customer-orientated and userorientated innovation, we have become what we are today: the market leader in the area of decentralised ventilation systems and the company with the most widely ranging applications, as well as numerous patents that demonstrate our extraordinary development potential.


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