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									Help us to Help our Students
Middlesex is all about making a difference to people's lives - giving them the education that perhaps they never thought they would have. You have had that opportunity - can we ask you today to think about a way to ensure that future generations of students can share it? We'd like to ask you to think about leaving a gift to Middlesex when you make or update your will.

Middlesex continually strives to increase excellence and add value and needs to do so by raising additional income. We want to use this money to help current and future students to make the best of their time at Middlesex. The income will be used to alleviate student hardship, upgrade student learning resources and to fund other projects to enhance their learning. Over the years, our alumni and friends have given generously in many ways and their gifts have been used on a number of projects, including helping with the building of a state-of-the-art student Learning Resource Centre at Hendon. We recognise that it may be difficult to make gifts while paying for a mortgage and bringing up a family. Leaving a legacy, after provision for family and friends, is a key way for our alumni and friends to help. Middlesex students have been honoured to benefit from a number of bequests over the years. Our most recent bequest is to be used to fund a prize for disabled students, studying at Cat Hill.

Chancellor's Scholarships Awards Ceremony November 2005

Sheppard Library, Hendon Campus

Achievement Awards Ceremony November 2005

For many of us, rising house prices have made paying Inheritance Tax on our estate a certainty. Gifts by a UK tax payer to a charity such as Middlesex University are free of both Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. A legacy means you can reduce the value of your estate and hence the amount which would be reclaimed by the tax-man. If you are planning to leave a legacy, we would always suggest you seek professional legal advice. You can dedicate your legacy gift to supporting needy students, or to academic excellence and opportunities. For larger gifts, we would be delighted to discuss naming a permanent scholarship, prize or academic post - after you or a loved one. Please contact Sandra Smith at the University to discuss this further at s.m.smith@mdx.ac.uk or at Development Office, Middlesex University, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1QS.

A Thank You
Middlesex University remains indebted to the generosity of alumni and friends and is always appreciative of your continued support.

Achievement Awards Ceremony November 2005

Trent Park Campus

Graduation 2005

If you would like to remember Middlesex University in your will, we would greatly appreciate if you could let us know of your intentions. This would help us to plan for the future. Any information supplied is strictly confidential and is not legally binding. Please return this to Sandra Smith, Development Office, Middlesex University, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1QS. I I have included a legacy to Middlesex University in my will If you are happy to do so, please include indicate the approximate value of your gift. £ __________________ Please send me further information about leaving a gift to the University in my will. I am considering including the University in my will. Please contact me to discuss this further. I am considering making a gift to the University. Please contact me to discuss this further.


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