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					Personal Budget Worksheet                     Lesson 1: Goals and Budgets
                                    Worksheet 1-4
Complete the budget worksheet for you and your family

My goal is to save $_________ a month. I want to $______________ in ___

  Monthly Income                                  Monthly Expenses
  $ from job after taxes (you)     $              Housing Expenses
  $ from job after taxes (your     $              Apartment rent or home mortgage                  $
  Retirement or social security    $              Property tax/home Insurance                      $
  Government assistance            $              Home maintenance/repairs                         $
  Alimony/child support            $              Gas and electricity                              $
  Other income:                    $              Water                                            $
  Total Monthly Income             $ _______
                                                  Other Expenses
                                                  Food                                             $
                                                  Car loan                                         $
                                                  Car insurance                                    $
                                                  Car maintenance/repairs                          $
                                                  Gasoline                                         $
                                                  Public transportation (bus/metro/taxi)           $
                                                  Credit card payments                             $
                                                  Loan payments                                    $
                                                  Telephone                                        $
                                                  Cell phone                                       $
                                                  Doctors/dentists                                 $
                                                  Insurance (other than car)                       $
                                                  Entertainment                                    $
                                                         1. cable television ($___)
                                                         2. restaurants & clubs ($___)
                                                         3. video rentals ($___)
                                                         4. other ($___)
                                                  Clothing                                         $
                                                  Alimony/child support                            $
                                                  Other expenses                                   $
                                                         1. cigarettes ($___)
                                                         2. gym membership ($___)
                                                  Total Monthly Expenses                           $
What is your Monthly Income                           $ _________
What are your Monthly Expenses                       - $ _________
What is your Monthly Income after Expenses (Savings)  $ _________
What are ways you can save more money ______________________________   Beginner/Low-Intermediate    Unit II: Planning for the Future

Description: This doc is for any person who wants to budget their personal finances. This worksheet allows you to set a budget and focus on what costs you need to cut to read that goal. There is a place to write your monthly income, your monthly expenses, your savings, and report what ways you can save more money. The monthly expenses are items which every person has. They range from all housing payments, utilities, car payments, food, entertainment costs, transporation, insurance, and more.
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