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									Gift Form
Donor Information Date: Name: Spouse:
(if applicable)

Address: City/State/ZIP: Daytime Phone: E-Mail: Employer:
(possible matching program)

Evening Phone:

Address: City/State/ZIP: Gift Allocation – Annual Support Unrestricted Gift Other:, Level of Contribution: $10,000 – President’s Circle $ 1,000 – Associate Gift Instructions This Gift is In Honor of: This Gift is In Memory of: Credit Card Information Name
(as it appears on card)

$ 5,000 – Dean $ 500 – Friend

$ 2,500 – Director Other

Card Number: Expiration Date: Signature:

VISA CVV # (three numbers on back of card):


Gift Opportunities I would like to speak with a representative from the Office of Institutional Advancement regarding: Bequests Gifts of Appreciated Assets Gifts of Life Insurance Gifts of Real Estate Gifts of Charitable trusts or annuities Gifts of Business Interests, Closely-Held Stock, or other Tangible Personal Property Is Gateway Community College Foundation in your will? Yes No Would consider Best time to contact you: Telephone Number: Testimonial Please share with us, why you give to Gateway Community College Foundation.

Please print and mail or fax this form to: Gateway Community College Foundation, Inc. 88 Bassett Road, North Haven, CT 06473 Telephone: 203-285-2323 Fax: 203-285-2324
Gateway Community College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is fully tax deductible and a receipt will be forthcoming when the transaction is completed.

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