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					Cultural Partnership Group Venue: Date: Time: Present: Burnley Mechanics Tuesday 23rd June 2009 1pm Gerard Vinton – Head of Leisure and Recreation Paul Foster – Sports Development Jacqueline Whitaker – Tourism Peter Kenyon – BAP Elaine Roberts – LCC Arts Development Mike Townend – Towneley Hall Helen Jones – Arts Development Rachel Hawthorn – Arts Development Andy Buck – Parks


Minutes of CSIT and recent Cultural Partnership meetings are now available for download from . Go to Leisure Time and click on Related Downloads at the bottom of the page.

1. Minutes of last meeting  Recent “Get it Loud in Libraries” was successful and well attended by a good cross-section of people.  Big Art broadcast series, now finished, receives mixed responses – the representation of Burnley was not all positive, but the young people came across very well. Bug Art Trust are holding an event in October in St Helens, not sure yet if we will be involved. Invisible will be relaunched in October.  The Community Festival date has been moved to Saturday 22 nd August, due to Burnley FC’s premiership home game clash.  The new Arts Strategy is now available for download. Follow the link from the Arts Development page at

2. Culture and Sport Improvement Toolkit (CSIT) update Burnley’s self-assessment has been peer assessed by Chorley. Some scores were increased, overall the score is still “Good”, but a slightly higher “Good” than before. Key area for improvement plan: Joined up working and communications. Going through the CSIT process has already strengthened joint working across different service units. Sharing good practice with other authorities, eg. with the Harris Museum in Preston, has already begun. Now the task is to formalise and build on this. Certain points in the improvement plan have been identified as responsibility of the Cultural Partnership. These are:


Review the identity and promotion of Burnley’s cultural offer Develop better processes to share knowledge and good practice of cultural delivery, advocating culture’s benefits and identifying potential joint working opportunities. 2.4 Review culture’s role within the LSP structure and how culture supporting cross cutting delivery is best utilised. 2.6 Explore opportunities for joined up communication/promotions across culture, develop a culture of cross discipline promotion. (To be initiated and formalised by Communications and Marketing departments, then expanded to Cultural Partnership). 2.7 Review and identify target groups that are worked with across culture to provide a co-ordinated approach and identify any duplications or gaps. 1.5 2.3 2.3 is a key role for the group. 2.4 needs to be a two-way process. The whole Improvement Plan will be sent out via email. CSIT minutes are available online (see above). Helen and Paul are giving a presentation about the plan on 16th July. Please send any comments by then.

3. Cultural Partnerships role and responsibility i. Important to establish representation of the CP on all the BAP theme groups to represent culture. CP could be used effectively as a reference group for BAP theme groups. We need to know dates for sub-group meetings, who will be representing and reporting back to CP. The representative can pull out key points to report, and theme group topics will be listed on CP agenda at each meeting. Representation:  Simon Goff sits on Environment group  Jacqueline Whitaker can feed through to the Vision Board via Kate Ingram  Helen is on Stronger Communities  Paul could sit on Community Safety  Linda Searle could join the Health theme group A list of who will be representing Culture on the BAP theme groups will be given to Mick Carteledge. ii. The Stronger Communities group have compiled a draft list of priorities to be condensed. Three of them relate to culture, Helen suggests we formulate one priority to cover culture and encourage them to use that one so that culture does not get lost in the condensing process. Suggested wording: “Advocating the role that culture (Sports, Arts, Heritage and Parks) can play in delivering the priorities of the Sustainable Communities Strategy”. Helen will feed this back to the next Stronger Communities meeting. 4. Youth Consultation feedback – Cultural Partnership response Bring BBC’s Big Weekend to Burnley Radio 1’s Big Weekend happened in Preston 2 years ago. No chance of bringing it to this part of the country again so soon. 2

Improved Musical facilities such as Rehearsal, venues & recording There are new such facilities at the Basement Project, behind the Mechanics, and BYT have funding application in to deliver music workshops. Targeted venues just for the young/ More Youth Clubs We need to know what kind of provision they are asking for. Indoor Skate Park/Ice rink Blackburn has an ice rink – not sustainable to have another in Burnley. Gerard Vinton is working with other leisure providers in Pennine Lancs to look what Burnley’s unique offer is. Improved communications with young people Text and Bluetooth are effective methods for communication with young people. There are some issues of safety but these can be addressed. The Police have recently used Bluetooth to good effect. Improved and more play areas A Play Areas Improvement Plan exists, funding has been received and the plan is due to be implemented in the next 12 to 24 months. Community Cinemas We need more information about what exactly is being requested Assistance with Travel costs to leisure events Again more information is needed. Other concerns raised at the forum included the environment and education. Helen will feedback CP’s responses to Gordon Howley who organised the event.

5. Communications  Scream & Shout. The new summer programme is out. Sports promotion day went well and another will be held before the school holidays begin. Registration will take place for all participants and cards will be issued. Over the next few years, the plan is to improve and expand the partnership and bring in funding to market the programme. This year has been a big step forward and there is much to work on for next year.  Volunteers. A Volunteer Development Officer has been appointed and will be starting in July. The post will improve opportunities for volunteers and increase numbers involved in Sports Camps. Volunteers will now be provided with uniforms.  Calico newsletter Bolt/Bolt On This is a free quarterly promotional opportunity, read by 4,500 residents and sent out to community centres. The publication is edited by residents, which may increase its readership. Anything submitted should aim to be jargon-free. Submission deadlines are the end of June, October and February. The actual publication dates are August, December and April. Contact Alicia Foley, Community Involvement Advisor 01282 686396 / 07833 575497  Events listing online is a resource available for listing events online. Rachel Hawthorn can upload arts events, and Stewart Ingham will



shortly be trained up to add sports events. A link from the front page of Burnley Council’s website would be good, to signpost people to rather than the Council’s What’s On listing. GV will pursue this with Communications and Management team. Magic 8 Balls Arts Development are producing branded Magic 8 Balls on key rings, with 14 options inside relating to culture in Burnley. The outside will be branded with These will be ready to give out at the Community Festival.

6. Pendle Forest Park This is a 10 to 15 year project linking parks in the area and offering joint promotion. Jacqueline attended recent meeting – very positive.

7. Any other Business Question was raised about projected completion date for Padiham Linear Park and the possibility of linking in with re-launch of Padiham Leisure Centre. Gerard will pursue. Free swimming still resounding success. 4,000 new registrations since the start of the initiative, majority being under 16s, an increase of more than 100% on this time last year. Update from LCC  Creativity Works Arts Engagement post currently being recruited will link in with Burnley.  LCC are supporting BYT and Lancashire Sinfonietta is now under LCC Arts Development.  LCC are looking for partners to work with on programme lead up to 2012 entitled “We-Play”. Budget is £400K for 4 years of work. Theme of Routes and Trails, strong element around cycling, and using technology and social networking. Needs to have sub-regional impact. Creative Lancashire is involved, focussing on building young people’s leadership and entrepreneurship through creativity. Princes Trust are also potential partner. Good potential for linking in with many things already happening in Burnley, around cycling in particular. Stories of the World project involving Queen Street Mill – Rachel will send info along with these minutes.

Dates for rest of 2009 meetings Tuesday 8 September 1pm St Peter’s Health and Leisure Centre Tuesday 3 November 1pm venue tbc Attachments CSIT Improvement Plan Stories of the World Info