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Boarding Contract


									Jim and Julie Reeves 2501 Galeston Avenue Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577 (641) 673-5491

Boarding Contract--Dog
Date: ______________________ (Read before signing) Owners Name: _______________________________________________ Phone #: ______________________

Address: __________________________City: ________________State: ____Zip: _________Cell Phone #: ___________________ Email address _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Dog’s Name: ___________________________________________ Sex: ____________ Spayed/Neutered: ___________________ Breed: ____________________________________ Age: ____________ Color: ________________________________________ Does dog: Chew destructively? __________ Bite? __________ Climb fences? ___________ Bark excessively? ___________

Who is your veterinarian? _____________________________________________ Phone: (If known) ________________________ Dog has Medical Waiver, (EVS) ________________________________________________________________________________ Date of last Rabies vaccination: __________________ Distemper/parvo booster: __________________ Bordetella: ____________ Date of last fecal exam: ______________ Results: _____________ OR Is dog on: Interceptor/Heartgard Plus/Sentinel (Circle one) Medication required while boarding. ___________________________Is dog allergic to any medications?______________________ Who do we contact in case of emergency? _____________________________________________ Phone #: ___________________ This contract will cover all further boarding at Shadowland Kennels unless a new contract is signed subsequent to this date. This is a copy of the contents of the original signed copy. 1. 2. The Shadowland Kennels, hereinafter referred to as the “Kennel” agrees to exercise due and reasonable care to keep its premises clean and sanitary and properly enclosed in accordance with Iowa State Law. The Kennel does not assume and shall not be held responsible for any liability with respect to the animal listed in this agreement, of any kind, character, or nature whatsoever, arising out of or from the boarding of this animal, or any damages which may accrue from and other cause whatsoever, including loss by fire, theft, escape, death, injury to persons, animals, or property or death or injury to any other animal caused by the within named animal during the term of this contract, whether this animal be on the premises of the Kennel or not, or the owner of said animal agrees hereby to be and is solely responsible for any and all acts of behavior of said animal at any time within the term and time of this contract. In no case shall the Kennel be in any way liable or responsible. The owner of the within named animal specifically represents that he is the sole owner of said animal and that there is not now any lien or mortgage against said animal and that the within named animal has not been exposed to distemper or rabies within the last thirty days, and that any required annual licenses has been obtained. State law requires rabies vaccinations and proof of current said vaccination is required prior to boarding. The Kennel is State Licensed and is required to take adequate measures to provide for disease control. In order to comply with this law the Kennel also requires proof of current Distemper/Parvo booster, recommends Bordetella vaccination and one of the following; a veterinarian’s negative fecal exam within 20 days-puppies, 1 yr.adults prior to boarding, proof that the dog has been dewormed with a complete dewormer such as Drontal Plus, or proof that the dog has been on one of the following Heartworm medications during the months recommended by local veterinarians; Heartguard Plus,
Sentinel or Interceptor.





The kennel shall have, and is hereby granted, a lien on the aforesaid animal for any and all unpaid boarding and/or charges resulting from the boarding of said animal with the Kennel. The owner hereby agrees that in the event that the monthly or weekly boarding charges are not paid with in thirty days after they become due and payable accordance with the terms of this contract, the Kennel may exercise its lien rights, and ten days after notice to owner may dispose of said animal for any and all unpaid charges, at private or public sale, and if such sale does not secure a price adequate to pay such costs of board and/or other charges delinquent plus cost of sale, then the owner shall and must pay Kennel the difference. Any moneys realized by the Kennel at such a sale, over and above charges due and cost of sale, shall be returned to owner. Notice shall be conclusively deemed to have been given pursuant to this paragraph if notice in writing of such intended sale shall be mailed of the within named animal at the address given herein, and no further notice shall be required. If the animal becomes ill, the owner, or person listed as emergency contact, shall be notified at once, if possible, or such attempt shall be made to notify owner, and if owner or emergency contact does not immediately inform the Kennel regarding measures to be taken or if the state of the animals health requires quick action, the right to call a veterinarian or to administer medicine or to give advisable attention within the discretion of the Kennel, shall be taken for granted by the Kennel, and such expenses being reasonable in amount shall be promptly paid by the owner. Diarrhea is common in a boarding situation and is usually stress related. If a dog develops diarrhea it will be monitored, evaluated and treated (normally by withholding food and/or giving overthe-counter anti-diarrhea medications) at the kennel’s discretion. If diarrhea continues despite efforts of the Kennel, a veterinarian will be called or the dog will be taken to a veterinarian for evaluation and possible treatment. Owner will not be notified if the condition is temporary or clears up when treated. Owners or Emergency contact will be notified of Serious illness. Unless owner files with the Kennel within thirty (30) days from the date the animal is removed from the Kennel, a written demand for any claimed injury or damages, resulting from the boarding of said animal under the contract, said owner shall and does hereby waiver any and all rights which he may have against the Kennel for any liability arising under this contract for damages, or otherwise.
If action were initiated by Kennel in order to enforce this contract, owner promises to pay such sum as the Court may fix as attorney fees. The animal is not to be taken off the premises without the consent of the owner and Kennel except as provided above for medical attention.

7. 8.


The owner guarantees payment of this bill. If for any reason this bill is not paid when presented, and is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, the owner agrees that a reasonable fee may be added for attorney fees, and such other costs as the Court may allow. Interest charges on over due bills are at 18% annual interest rate. 10. All bedding material brought into the Kennel must be freshly washed and will be removed at the Kennels discretion. 11. The Kennel is not responsible for damage or loss of any items brought into the Kennel by owners such as, but not limited to; bedding, toys, chews, food, collars, leads and medication. Items given to animals in housing units will be removed at the discretion of the Kennel. 12. The Kennel reserves the right to move said animal from one housing unit to another, be it a run, crate or other enclosure, at its discretion and without notice to owner.

OWNER HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGES HAVING READ THIS CONTRACT and agrees to the terms of this contract for all future boarding transactions. After signing of this contract, transactions will be recorded on your file card and these terms will apply for each of those transactions. You are required to provide updated medical records annually.

Owner X ______________________________________________________ Date: _____________________

OR Authorized Agent __________________________________________________________________________________________

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