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Issue 9, Spring 2007

Shelter Buzz
The American public is beginning to understand the importance of reducing pet overpopulation. There has been increased media attention on animal rights issues generally, including new laws enacted to punish animal abusers, health risks related to treatment of feedlot animals, and the overwhelming number of animals euthanized every day in this country. Television programs about animal rescue groups and “pet detectives” have also helped raise public awareness. At least three states, California, Utah and New York, are close to becoming “No Kill” states. Unfortunately, Illinois is not currently part of this movement. AHS receives over 300 e-mails every day regarding animals scheduled for euthanasia all over the state, mostly due to lack of space. AHS finds homes for 180-200 dogs and cats per month (over 200 in December 2006), but there are still over 4 million euthanized every year in the U.S. A dog or cat is euthanized every 8 seconds and over 8 million enter animal control facilities and shelters every year. As citizens of Illinois, we can choose to work together to do something about this inexcusable state of affairs. It is important to contact our representatives in government, let them know our concerns and ask them to take action. We can also encourage our friends and neighbors to neuter their pets. We can educate our children and encourage school and community programs that promote responsible pet ownership. Supporting AHS in its mission to decrease pet overpopulation is another option, and will make a direct and positive impact on the problem in our community. AHS offers a number of different ways to help: Make a monthly or annual donation, become a member of AHS, sponsor a specific animal, give in-kind gifts from our Wish List, volunteer your time and expertise, help find foster families, or assist with general operating expenses. (See Page 15.) The care of each animal coming to AHS costs at least $300-$700, depending on its physical condition and immediate needs. Your support of our organization is an effective step in the goal to make Illinois another 'No Kill' state. We can accomplish this together! Thank you!!

Honey Couldn’t be Sweeter
Honey is a very sad example of extreme neglect. She is an 8 year old female Beagle/Bassett Hound who was found on the street in deplorable

“I think dogs
are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.”
Gilda Radner

condition. No one claimed or wanted her at animal control and so she was to be euthanized -- until AHS stepped in and rescued her. Honey's body was covered in mange and her nails had grown so long that they curled under and through the pads of her infected, swollen feet. She also had acute pneumonia. AHS staff immediately cut her nails, gave her a dip for the mange and started her on antibiotics for the infection in her feet, skin and lungs. All throughout this treatment the staff received big thankful kisses from Honey! She has since been nebulized three times a day to clear the pneumonia in her lungs and she is turning into a healthy and happy girl. You couldn't ask for more affectionate little girl who loves other dogs and wants nothing more than to sit in your lap and cuddle!

Unloved and Lost -- Until Now
This tiny pitty puppy was left to die. She was found starving while wandering the streets of Middleton, Ohio. She couldn’t walk properly because her nails were so long and she was extremely underweight with kennel cough. She was brought to a foster home where some people showed up claiming they owned her. The dog warden was called and refused to give her back to those people. He had them sign her over to a kill shelter where she could only go to a rescue or be euthanized. That is when AHS stepped in and rescued this sweet little girl. She will be loved and cared for until a caring family opens their home to her.

Lesley Irwin, President AHS, inc.

I want to thank you all for giving us the best dog...we love him, he is treated like a prince, haha. I know he had been at the shelter for a long time, so I just wanted to give you guys an update on him. It took awhile for Moe to get accustomed to our house, especially the kitchen -- he seemed to have a fear of kitchens. But now he runs the house, he is great with the kids....and he is very loved! I just wanted to let you all know he is doing great! He even sleeps with my daugher! Cindy Austin

Maui and Harley aka Luda
We would like to share some photos of Maui and Harley (formerly Luda) whom we adopted from your shelter. Both cats have been a blessing for us. They both have their own fiestiness and attitude but also have a great capacity to love. Harley has gotten so big since we adopted him. He never misses a night curled up at my feet and he loves to walk around our apartment making strange noises. He also loves to play with our min-pin Peanut. Maui gives never-ending kisses and has the cutest meow. We are very satisfied with our choice and we thank you for all of your help. Ashley & James

Just got the latest Fuzz Buzz and also wanted to give you all an update on our wonderful son, Tucson. We adopted Tucson 3 years ago and he has been the king of our house along with his brother, Reggie. We are still amazed at Tucson's transformation from the first time we met him at the shelter to when we got him home. He's such a happy dog. We can't thank you all enough for rescuing such an important part of our lives. Russell, Andy, Reggie and Tucson

Buckley aka Barnabus
Hello everyone! Just thought you might like some pictures of Buckley. We adopted him earlier this month from the Huntley location. He is a FANTASTIC dog and behaving very well. He has major seperation anxiety issues that we are curbing with doggy day care and obedience classes. He LOVES playing in the dog park and watching basketball games with his owner :). We will send more once the many outfits that his mom has ordered for him arrive this week. Thanks again for all your help. Colin H. Gilbert & Lisa Goranson

Izzy aka Jilly
Izzy is a wonderful, smart puppy and we love her very much! She looks forward to her play time with other dogs. Izzy is #1 in her obedience class. She is very active and loves to run around and go for walks, but when it's night time she loves to cuddle on the bed under the covers just like we do! Here is a photo of her with best friend Beau, a Great Dane! It is very funny watching them play due to their sizes!! I want to thank you for adopting her to us, and when we are ready for another one we will definitely be coming back!!! The Mahoneys

Sammy aka Breeze
We want to say thank you to all of you at the shelter. This is our first Christmas with our beloved Sammy (aka Breeze) and we are truly grateful. We hope you enjoy the picture, she really has grown. Thanks again! The Ragos


We just wanted to let you know how happy we are that Biscotti is part of our family. She is just a loveable, sweet, adorable pup! Attached are two pictures of her taken last week. She is doing great and is really overcoming her shyness. Biscotti has been introduced to family, friends and other animals too, and she is becoming more social every day. She is also doing very well with her obedience training. We are very grateful for your wonderful organization which brought Biscotti into our lives. Agnes & Mike Izzi

Mardi aka William
HI there, this is Mardi, aka William, checking in to say I am really enjoying my new family. I am a super sweet and gentle boy and I love my new baby brother and big sister. They have so many neat toys and things that I love to steal and proudly run through the room with. My name is short for Mardi Gras since I am a hound dog and all, my new dad thought I needed a southern name. Mom picked Mardi and after just a few short weeks of being here I have learned that when she yells it I better listen. I am hoping to make it to the Christmas party and you won't even recognize me, I am getting a little leggy. Mardi Marks

Recently we adopted Caleb from you and what a wonderful pet he is! He has made all of us proud to have him as one of our family. He is very happy here and we just wanted to thank you for allowing us to bring him home!!! Thanks, The Betts Family

Cooper aka Chicago
Ever since we met Cooper, well, his and our lives haven't been the same. He is just what the doctor ordered. He's sweet, fun and very playful. We are very happy with Cooper and I know that he is happy living with us. My grandchilden also love him. He's doing great. Thank you AHS! Ernest and Isabelle

Hi.. I'm Maggie. Just wanted to update you on how well I've been doing in my new home. I was adopted in May and have since met lots of new friends. I get tons of excercise chasing my new brothers and sisters around the house. I've gotten a little bigger and you can't see my ribs anymore. I love my parents and they love me, except when I jump up on people, but I'm getting better. Thanks for adopting me out to such a great family! Maggie, Ashley & James

Stuart aka Pinochio
We adopted Pinnochio, now Stuart, and he is doing wonderful! He was a little shy when we met him, but we knew he'd warm up to us eventually. Well "eventually" to Stuart turned out to be within the 1 hour 20 min. car ride home! We stopped by Petsmart on the way and he acted just like we'd been his owners for years! He happily greeted quite a few dogs, helped "pick out" a toy (he took it off the shelf himself), very patiently let us try on collars and even sat like a champ while his ID tag was being engraved (which Dad here took awhile to type everything in)! He is already learning how to sit on command and he is almost there with stay! He likes to look out the window, enjoys fire trucks and he loves to stare at our hamster "Carl" (who we have now moved to a bookshelf...hey, he's a RAT terrier!). Stuey, as we sometimes call him, is doing just great. Thank you so much for letting us adopting him - We couldn't have asked for a better dog!!!. Fred, Paula, Natalie & Alison Rodriguez


Shawna & Serena
Shawna, aka Punky, and Serena, aka Chantilly, are both settled into their forever home. Serena came first and then Shawna who had been in foster care with brothers Cooper and Joey. They are so loved! Thank you. Sue Burke

Allee aka Mina
We just wanted to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to adopt the most adorable puppy ever. She has become a huge part of our family. She is 8+ months old now and is so well behaved. She enjoys the parks by our house -- she just runs and plays with sticks and runs some more. She’s with me and her “aunts” (my husbands parents dogs) all day everyday at work Everywhere we go, people say how adorable she is, and she really is. We love her so much and wanted to say how amazing what you guys do is. Saving animals and allowing them to live the best life they can. And rest assured Allee has a great new life -- better than some kids. I don’t know what we ever did without her! The Michel Family

AHS Note: Serena (Chantilly) came to us with sight in only one eye. We were thrilled that Sue found it in her heart to adopt her and that she is doing so well!

Greetings from Cary! My humans are so nice. I love it here! I have my….I mean OUR very own water bed! I get to go to dog training class, make new friends and I have a huge yard where I can play ball. Sometimes I even get to watch T.V! My humans love me and I love them too!! Thanks for taking good care of me. Popcorn May Hurley

Miles aka Butch
I just wanted to send an update on Miles, formerly known as Butch. We adopted him in Dec. 2005. He is now a healthy, leggy coonhound. He loves squeaky toys and chewing nylabones. He is a joy to everyone in the family! Thank you! Jenna Pass

Toward the end of summer 2004, we adopted Max - a large miniature dachshund. When we brought him home, he was overweight and his belly was scraped by being dragged along the ground. He was also very timid around men and had a hard time warming up to my dad and I and had a problem with being over- protective of his food. Max has gotten much better at meeting new people now. It took some time but it is safe to say that there is little to no aggression with his own food. With a strict diet and lots of long walks, Max is currently down to a healthy weight. He has happy eyes and a shiny coat. We have always had dachshunds so we know that they tend to be characters, but Max has a very unique and fun personality. He constantly makes us laugh and he never ceases to entertain us with his 'quirks'. He has been on many road trips to all over the country and even stayed in hotels with us. We have loved having Max as a part of our family. Thank you, AHS, for what you do and for making Max ours.

We adopted Nadia in November and we love her to death! She is so perfect and house training/obedience trainin has been excellent. She loves everyone and everything and keeps us entertained at all times! We are so glad that we traveled the distance to come and get her. We don’t know what we would do without her. She is a great companion and just awesome to have around! Thank you so much for making the opportunity for us to adopt smooth and easy! Mark and Andrea Sparrow


Rebecca and Rich

(More Happy Tails on Page 12)

Shadow Ben Katrina Trinidad Faith

Shadow is only 1 year old. He has degenerative hip displasia. He is on daily medication but often needs additional pain meds. Before long the disease will leave him unable to walk and eventually he won’t be able to stand the pain. He will be in AHS care indefinitely unless someone wants to give him, what time he has left, the experience of life with a family.

Ben absolutely ADORES people! He is 5 years old with FIV, which is Feline Immune Deficiency. At present he is showing no symptoms of the disease. He prefers petting to playing and would sit in a lap all day if he could. He is waiting for the person with another FIV cat or no other cats. Please help AHS with his ongoing care.

Katrina is a 3 year old female Am Staff Terrier. Rescued from New Orleans with no food or water. She has been through so much having lost her family and her best friend, a Rottweiller. AHS staff is trying to fill that gap but she deserves a real family of her own.

Trinidad is a 4 year old female who has been with AHS since she was a kitten. She was found in a dumpster and, not surprisingly, she is wary of strangers. She loves other cats but is constantly passed over by adopters for the more outgoing cats.

Faith is an 8 month old lab/whippet who adores people & dogs. Rescued by AHS when she was only 16 weeks, she had no hair because mange mites covered her whole body. She went through 4 months of dips. Faith has never known a family & has waited so long!






Pretzel is a 10 year old Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu with one eye, severe dental disease and a grade 3 heart murmur. He has been on antibiotics and heart medicine for months. Please help with his dental and heart care by sponsoring this sweet boy.

Barclay plays, eats and gives kisses just like any other pup but has a congenital disorder that makes him seem to have constant hiccoughs. All testing has been inconclusive. His condition has kept him from being adopted -- so far.



Becca is a 2 year old Pit who was rescued from Hurricane Katrina. She had no hair due to a horrible case of mange and was terrified of everyone. Now she is wary only of strangers. While AHS gives her the best care, she really needs a true home with everyday family life, where she can be loved.

Mackenzie is only 1 year old but she is deaf. It will take special training by AHS staff and volunteers for her to learn to respond to hand signals. Right now she is easily startled, especially by smaller animals touching her suddenly. She is a sweet girl who loves people and needs to find someone willing to love a deaf dog.

Tramp is a 1 year old boxer/ Am Staff Terrier mix who was rescued starving and in horrible shape. He has been treated twice for an extremely bad case of heartworm and had to have leg surgery. In spite of all that he adores people and thinks he is a lap dog! His story was in the winter Fuzz Buzz.

Marmaduke-Just in to AHS!
AHS just received this three year old male Mastiff/Presa Canario. Animal Control had been called to Bloomington where there were three dogs attached to heavy chains in an abandoned lot with no food or water. To the officer's horror, when arriving at the scene, it was discovered that two dogs had died from starvation/dehydration at the end of their chains and only Marmaduke was left barely alive. Marmaduke is the most well behaved, mellow, loving, gentle giant. He has already put on so much weight since being at AHS. He has most likely never experienced human compassion or a real home in the 3 years he has been alive, please show him this by sponsoring or adopting him.

PLEASE don’t separate us! We need to be adopted together. Cinder is a 1 year old Lab/Shar Pei mix who literally screams if Kody, his 2 year old Shepherd/ Boxer buddy is taken out of the kennel. It is hard to get the larger dogs adopted, let alone two placed in the same home. Because of the attachment these two boys have we just can’t separate them. Please, if you can't adopt these two beautiful boys, help by sponsoring them so we can keep them together until they find that special home.

With your help we can give them the long-term care & medical help that they so urgently need! PLEASE see page 15 to sponsor one of these pets


Come Visit the AHS Cats and Kittens
With the coming of spring the cat room is nearing capacity. Foster homes are caring for orphaned and nursing kittens, like the ones pictured here, who will soon be joining the dynamic AHS cat community. We are now looking for experienced, dedicated foster parents to help us get these little ones ready to be adopted. The cat habitat is open during shelter hours for walk-in adopters or those in the “just looking” phase. Volunteers are always welcome & needed to help with socialization, grooming or light cleaning.

Update: Moonbeam & Leonardo!
After having been abandoned 3 times, these two sweet cats have found their forever home! They were adopted by Daniel and Selena Fines who read their sad account in the last Fuzz Buzz. We are so happy that they’re together in a loving home after all they have been through.

The Declaw Dilemma
Declawing has become one of the most controversial of all the elective surgeries performed on cats. It is basically an amputation of the last joint of each toe, removing the bone along with the nail. This procedure is very painful, carries a risk of complications and has no benefit to the cat. Therefore it should never be the first course of action when adopting a new pet. Understanding why a cat scratches and learning effective declawing alternatives can help you teach your cat and allow him to keep his claws. The main reason people choose to declaw is destruction of furniture. But cats that scratch your favorite sofa are not on a mission to destroy your home. Scratching is an instinctive, normal marking behavior that allows the cat to deposit its scent and leave a visual sign for other cats. It is also an important stretching activity. Because scratching is a natural behavior, like grooming and covering waste, it can be a challenge to modify, but cats CAN be taught to use more appropriate objects like scratching posts and cardboard scratching boxes. There are effective and proven strategies you can use to transfer your cat's scratching instinct away from your furniture. you get the large ones so the whole cat can fit on the box to stretch.

• Teach your cat by moving his paws on the new post or by
pretending to scratch it yourself. This will scent the posts and encourage exploratory clawing. Try sprinkling catnip on the post, too. The scratching boxes are easy to scent and some even come with a supply of catnip. Play with your cat on and around the post or hang toys from it. Make it a fun place to be. Cats will respond to praise if done in a way that doesn’t startle or frighten.

• NEVER hit or scream at your cat. Cats do not respond well to
punishment because they don’t see a link between the punishment and their behavior. The only thing it does is teach your cat to fear you. It may lead to aggression. Yelling, squirting a water gun or startling him with a loud noise when he scratches the couch teaches him that your presence, rather than the act of scratching, brings punishment. Instead try placing a tower of plastic cups that topples over when bumped in front of scratchable items to startle your cat whenever she begins to scratch. Double sided tape, items covered with blankets or sprayed with aerosol deodorant will hinder scratching behavior during the training period. Odor neutralizers remove the scent-marking component. If you absolutely must have a declawed cat because of a family member’s compromised health, AHS suggests you adopt one that has already had the procedure. In the event that there are none available you can be placed on a waiting list. Declawing should be considered only as a last resort when the above strategies have been tried for at least several months without success, and in cases where a cat's scratching would otherwise necessitate its removal from your home. If declawing is ultimately chosen laser surgery is the prefered method. Please talk with an AHS staff member before you take this serious final option. They will be able to provide you with a list of veterinarians who perform laser declaw and more information on this procedure.

What You Can Do:
• Trim your cat’s nails regularly. AHS staff or volunteers will gladly help you
learn to master this simple task. The nail hook is what tears upholstery, so removing it is the first step to eliminating damage.


• Buy or build several sturdy, firmly placed scratching posts. They must be tall enough, at least 3’, to allow the cat to stretch. Bark-covered logs, posts covered with sisal or posts covered with tightly woven burlap work well. Consider cardboard scratching boxes that lie flat on the floor but make sure

Back from the Brink: Rescued Pets Get Help from AHS


here are so many dogs and cats like these that need our help! A large number of the animals we rescue are abused, neglected and in desperate need of medical attention. Below are Lace and Satin who came to us with horrific cases of demodectic mange. These two sisters spent the majority of their 'puppy hood' (8 weeks - 5 months) in animal control where they were

Twigs before

Twigs after

Lace before Lace after

wigs is a Balinese mix who was abandoned by a couple going through a divorce. They simply walked away and left him in the house until he was rescued by some good samaritans who immediately brought him to AHS. He has been eating ever since! Twigs still has a long way to go as he was very dehydrated, had an upper respiratory infection and may have other health issues. He is adjusting well, though, and is being given lots of love from AHS staff and volunteers. If you would like to sponsor Twigs while he recovers see page 15 and we will send you an update.

Just Rescued by AHS - Annabelle!


s we go to press with this newsletter we took this little beagle in desperate need of help. She was shot in the face which blinded her in the one eye and scarred her face badly. She is getting veterinarian care with AHS but her medical bills will be extensive. Can you help offset Annabelle’s care with a donation to AHS?

Satin before

Satin before

depressed and lost so much hair that Satin was almost completely bald when we rescued her. Lace was not much better. They were started on dips, antibiotics to fight secondary skin infections associated with mange, and given cottage cheese and plain yogurt mixed in with high calorie puppy food to give them the extra boost of protein that they needed for a healthy coat of hair and skin. They got a lot of love and nutrition and were finally able to go outside and feel sun on their bodies for the first time. We are happy to announce with the extra hard work & love from the staff these two beautiful girls were recently adopted into loving homes!

Satin after


What Makes AHS Unique Shelter Winter Wish List:
A TRANSPORT VAN URGENTLY NEEDED!! KURANDA DOG BEDS desperately needed for our indoor/outdoor runs! You can donate straight from their website to the animals at AHS. Bedding (towels, comforters, blankets, bath mats, sheets) Driver to transport animals to spay/neuter facilities Vet to donate time to do wellness exams. Vet practice to build with us. Prescription I/D (at your vet clinic) Friskies or Fancy Feast Canned Cat/Dog Food Cans of tuna fish Cans of chicken chunks Esbilac (milk for Puppies) Does the organization keep all dogs & cats on flea, tick & heartworm preventatives? KMR (milk for Kittens) Collars - all sizes Leashes - all sizes Toys (stuffed animals, tennis balls, squeaky toys, ropes) Bones (rawhides, nylabones, dentabones, etc) Newspapers / Paper Towels / Toilet Paper Shop Vac / Brooms / Mops Revolution for dogs and/or cats Clorox Clean Up / Windex Garbage Bags / Wheeled Garbage Cans Stainless Steel Bowls Frontline Plus - all sizes Heartgard - all sizes Tide & Bleach Litter boxes AA batteries Electrosol Tabs
Coyne Station Road


even things to consider when adopting your next pet or making a donation to a non-profit shelter:

Does the organization neuter all animals before adoption, to combat the overpopulation problem and encourage responsible pet ownership?

• AHS neuters all animals before they are adopted, transports to and from veterinarian visits, provides post-surgical monitoring, 5 days of pain medication and removes stitches in 10-14 days after surgery.


Does the organization microchip all animals to ensure they will never end up back at an animal control facility, pound or kill shelter?

• AHS microchips all pets before they are adopted and retrieves any animal located by the chip, 24 hours a day, any day of the week, in order to safely reunite them with their owners.


Does the organization keep all animals current on vaccines?

• All dogs and cats that come to AHS are vaccinated, including rabies vaccine if they are old enough, and given as many boosters as necessary while in the shelter.


• All dog & cats are on Heartgard Plus and Frontline Plus every month while at AHS so they are protected from fleas, ticks and heartworm at the time of adoption. Cats also have Revolution applied when they arrive to kill fleas, ticks, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms & mange.


Does the organization have a schedule for rescued dogs & cats to keep them exercised, bathed, fed and medicated?

• AHS is fully staffed 7 days a week from 6 am until 7 pm, including holidays. The staff and volunteers provide daily walks, baths, feedings, medications and individual attention to every animal in the shelter.


Does the organization accept all breeds of any age with physical or mental imperfection?

• AHS accepts any breed, age or disability, immediately assesses the animal's condition and provides professional veterinary care for any and all identified medical needs.


Does the organization use the majority of its donations for the care of animals rather than administrative costs like advertising and salaries?

• AHS exists for the benefit of the animals who desperately need its services. Administrative costs are kept low due to the dedication of AHS volunteers, foster families, veterinarians and other supporters who believe in the mission of the AHS organization.
Animal House Shelter 13005 Ernesti Rd • Huntley

Volunteers needed! Just stop in between 11am and 7pm any day of the week.


Rt 47

Hw y

Computer Paper / Ink Ad Space in Newspaper Tools of all kinds Heating Pads


Algonquin Rd

River Rd

Main St

Lake Cook Rd Randall Road

Rt 31

Rt 25

To make your gift go to work faster, credit card donations are accepted at:


Rt 47

Inte rsta te 9 0

Higgins (Rt 72)
Thank You for Your Help!

Please Don’t Blame the Breed
Day in and day out shelters are asked about certain breeds of dogs. People are most concerned with American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, ChowChows, Shar-peis, and Akitas. What all of these breeds have in common is that they often attract the wrong type of owners. The breeds are not at fault. The lack of responsible ownership with a lack of proper socialization is the crux of the problem. When people get dogs for protection, fighting, or intimidation they often deliberately do not socialize the dog. Dogs may be locked up in basements, abandoned houses or chained in yards, and may also be starved, taunted and provoked. They are not given an opportunity to socialize with humans or other dogs, and can be wary and aggressive when approached. Their reaction is similar to that of abused, neglected and isolated children, who may violently lash out at social workers and others when they attempt to remove them from an abusive situation. It takes patience, time and therapy to nurture trust and rehabilitate both children and animals who have suffered in an abusive, neglectful environment. The Pit Bull Terrier breed is the most common victim of animal cruelty, but ironically these dogs are by nature very loving, people-oriented, intelligent and highly trainable. They also respond extremely well to rehabilitation efforts. Society does not blame an abused child for the mistreatment by a parent or guardian, but there are those who want to ban the entire Pit Bull Terrier breed because of the behaviors they exhibit following abuse by their owners. Banning an entire breed will not alleviate the problem of animal cruelty, it will only make the abusers more adept at hiding their dogs or drive them to begin using a different breed for their abusive activities. A mix of Chow-Chows and Akitas, called “Chakitas,” have recently become popular among this criminal element. The next dog that these despicable owners decide to abuse will be victimized and maligned just as the Pit Bulls are now. If suddenly there was an increase in red cars running people over, would we assume red cars should be banned? No, common sense would dictate that red is a more popular color choice for car owners. Banning a breed makes just about as much sense. The Supreme Court in Alabama just ruled against breed specific legislation, because there was NO proof that one breed is genetically more "dangerous" than another. In the city of Chicago, we also do not have Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Chicago has "dangerous dog laws," that judging each individual dog on an individual basis, instead of "dangerous breed laws" that judge dogs based on their breed. These are two examples of positive changes, but the misinformed will continue to press for breed bans. It is up to those of us who care about these faithful dogs to provide education and advocacy on their behalf.

Animal House Pit Bull Cuties Toby Scarlet Josie

10 months

2 years

1 year




1.5 years

2 years

1 year

Heartworm Disease: A Serious Illness
It is extremely important to get a yearly heartworm test and keep your dog on heartworm preventative every month! Ask your veterinarian for more information. Dogs contract heartworm from the bite of an infected mosquito. The treatments are expensive and painful, sometimes even fatal for the dog. Below are only some of the faces of AHS dogs that are currently going through debilitating heartworm treatments that could have so easily been prevented.

Catherine Hedges

In order for these dogs to complete their treatment and be adopted they have to stay with AHS from 3 to 5 months. They undergo a series of injections, each a month apart and neutering must wait until one month from the last injection. YOU CAN HELP! By fostering one of our heartworm positive dogs, you could save the lives of 16-20 dogs! Every week that a heartworm positive dog stays with us we could have rescued and placed another dog. (Call for information) If you can’t foster please help AHS to keep rescuing these poor souls, who are often ignored and euthanized, by sponsoring one of them through their treatments. (see form on page 15)


Edmon Agassi, Derek & Donna Alexander, Christina Alvarez, Jackie Andrew, Emergency Animal Clinic of McHenry, Michael & Ann Babiarz, Gisela Baltensperger, Thomas & Annalisa Barrie, Dean & Susan Barsness, Mary Bauschert, Sonia Beranich, Paul Berlin, William & Mary Biehl, Burak Binerer, Debra Biolchin, Lorranine Boker, Bette Brinkerhoff, Sharon Brown-Maloney, Ruth Bruch, Tim & Mary Budreau, Therese Byhre, June Caddy, Carli Caputo, Laverne & David Carlson, Lynn & Timothy Clement, Lorel & Derek Collis, Ed & Carole Cooke, Patrick & Julie Corey, Pamela Cumpton, Richard & Connie Curto, Nancy & Todd Dalman, Carolyn Dalton, Lynn & Will Dawson, Michael & Jill DeFranze, Mr. & Mrs. DiBenedetto, David Dick, Brian & Sandra Donlea, Laura & Daniel Donoghue, Donoghues Family, James & Evelyn Donohue, Edward & Jane Dowling, Ted & Penelope Duke, Geraldine Eder, Jack & Terri Ellingham, Mark & Karen Emory, Sonia Errichiello, Dale & Bonnie Farrington, Lauren & Douglas Foos, Judith Freeman, Pilar & Kirk Freundt, Jay & Annette Frischkorn, Joanne Gara, Frances Garvey, Laurel Gasser, Heather Gates, Luann Gavula, Mario Giannone, Sandra Girard-Lombardi, Judith Goldberg, John & Kay Golitz, Mary Gott, Kathleen Graff, John & Mary Graffeo, Eugene & Kathleen Grosch, Gullum Family, Nancy Hamill, Linda Hamilton, Grace Hammond, Nicholas & Karen Harkovich, Harris Bank-Algonquin, Mark & Gwendolyn Hayden, Kimberly Hendricks, Jill Hermann, Cleo Hess, John & Mary Hetreed, Terry Hillerich, Karen Hockemeyer, Cindy Hollebeck, Henry & Nancy Holste, Jerome & Mary Holzer, Lisa Horn, Frieda & Christine Howe, Karen & Shawn Hunnicutt, Robin & Linda Hunt, George & Judith Hurt, Arthur Hutchinson, Bruce Illig, Len & Rebecca Inglese, Mary Jackman, Kelly & Joseph Janulis, Ralph & Dee Jensen, Don & Ann Jerome, Richard & Evelyn Jimenez, Therese Johnsen, Pam & Ross Johnson, Lisa & Wayne Jonas, Kapcheck Family, Kasting Family, Andrew & Jennifer Katsoulis, M. Evelyn Keating, Christine Kerr, Aram & Diana Kevorkian, Andrew & Catherine Kezeli, Dr. Sharon Kobak, Sarah Kotva, Ken & Janis Krissinger, Phyllis Kukula, Frieda Labruno, P. J. Land, Kaye Lange, Rick & Melanie Langos, Steven & Jean Larsen, William & Catherine Lee, Elena Levoy, Santo & gerlinde Locasto, Thomas & Linda Long, Janice Lovering, Elena Lovoy, M & K Construction, Inc., Laurie Mack, Matt & Denise Macleod, Brian & Julie Maki, Edward & Jacque March, Bonnie Martin, Randall & Patricia Matecki, Suzanne McCaron, Heather McGovern, Theresa Meece, Mr. & Mrs. Meece, Monica Meyerkord, Jeffrey & Kristin Michalczyk, Jadwiga Mikula, Michael Miller, Anthony Mocelli, Theresa Molgren, Don & Mary Morris, Rick & Cathy Murray, Dorothy Nelson, Richard & Donna Nelson, Barbara Nolan, Michael O’Brien, Daniel & Gail Oddo, Thomas & Sherri O’Donnell, Dennis & Barbara O’Hara, Janet & Bill O’Neil, Joan & Stuart Oppenheimer, Larry & Dorien Pacquer, Jody Paine, Anna Palucha, Amy Pandola, Samuel & Brenda Pappalardo, Gary & Lauree Personette, Ellen Petrick, Dawn & John Pezl, Bruce & Deborah Pfaff, Edith Phillips, Kathy Pinkus, Dr. Lisa Preston-Putnam,Nancy Pruski, Douglas Pulaski, Grace & Bill Pyter, Terrie Radzis, Casey Ramas, Mary Rauschert, Reid Redmann, Dennis & Beth Redpath, Rebecca Reiter, Donald Richter, Charles & Karen Rickert, Darcie Randall Ridolfi, Peter & Sabine Riehle, Laura & Ronald Rogers, Katie Romaniak, Jennifer Rose, Susan Rosene, Brent & Karen Runzel, James & Kathleen Sances, Scott & Lisa Schaefer, Roxanne Schramer, Walter & Claire Schuette, Daryl & Kimberly Schwermer, Sciaccotta Family, Robert & Denise Scott, Yvonne Selle, Mr. & Ms. Nicholas Serino, Steven & Glenda Shaffer, Biren & Pamela Shah, Irene Shewchuk, Thomas & Julia Shuff, Ellen, Tracy, & Jacob Sievert, Inna Smirnova, Ana Smith, David & Vicky Smith, Mary Solymossy, Joanne Snyder, Mark & Julie Spector, Scott & Judith Stahr, Anthony & Mary Stallone, Joan Stebly, Jon & Marjorie Stiller, Randall Szczesny, Julius Szumylo, David & Kathy Tabak, Susan Tandy, Richard Tejan, Leslie & Alan Teraji, Phyllis Timmons, Gregory & Marilyn Tipsword, Doug & Nancy Towle, Jamie Trainor, Richard & Elizabeth Tveter, Christopher & Kristen Waack, John Wagner, Thomas & Barbara Walter, Diane Wamberg, Virgil & Beverly Watts, Wayne & Denise Weber, Welch Family, Peter & Shirley Welsh, Albert & Barbara Wessberg, Barbara Wetzel, Bruce & Alice Whalen, Kathyrn Wilkes, Cynthia Williams, William & Barbara Williams, Debra Willis, Lynn Wilson, Wiwat Family, Frank & Kathleen Woodin, Barbara Yasko, Robert & Jeanne Yeagley, Paula Zaloga, Konrad Zeitler, Dan & Julie Zahn, Philip & Diane Zinn

2 0 0 7

Can You Find Room for this Shy, Sweet Girl?
"You paused outside to look into my cage. I tried to play it right, wanting to catch your eye with a shy glint in my own, a soft bark, that said, "Choose me," in a canine grammar I hoped you'd understand.” -- R.S. Jones, on his dog Scout's adoption from a shelter


ay is a shy 2 year old female Australian Shepherd mix who just NEEDS A CHANCE! She does not 'show' well for adoptions and so she is constantly passed up. Once Fay gets to know you, she wiggles right over to to 'plop' in your lap. She adores other dogs and the entire staff at AHS and we wish everyone else could see her true potential. She will not be the type of dog to come running up in an adoption room and give you a kiss but if given the opportunity to be part of a family, would be a loyal and very loving companion. Fay has been with us for a year now and most likely spent most of the first year of her life in animal control, after being picked up as a stray. You will be blessed with a life full of butt wiggles and kisses having Fay in your home. Please consider giving her a loving home or sponsoring her through training while with us.

Senior to Senior Program

Walker - 8 years


lease consider adopting one of our older or long-term residents. Animal House has a program to help these adult pets find their forever homes. It is available to anyone over the age of 50 who adopts a dog or cat over the age of 5. The adoption fee is 25% off the animal’s posted fee on the website:

The older dog or cat may have a little grey in his fur or display a calmer demeaner but his capacity for loyalty and love hasn’t diminished in the least. The golden years with your pet can be a time to cherish. Please consider this wonderful opportunity if you are over 50 and would like to share your home with a grateful and loving companion.

Sheba - 9 years

2008 Calendar Photo Contest!
AHS is putting together a 2008 calendar of animals adopted from us in the last 6 years! You can submit as many photos as you like with a $10 per photo donation and the Board of Directors will decide which photos will go into the calendar! The photos need to be very clear and as creative as you can get, the more personality the better! Send your check to AHS and your digital photo(s) to as a jpeg attachments. If you don’t have a computer you can send prints to our mailing address. Winners of the photo contest will be announced in our fall newsletter and we will then post the calendar on our website for all to order!! All proceeds go to AHS pets. Good Luck!


Thanks to volunteers Mary Ann Hetreed, Julie Bozza, Bob & Jennifer Harnish, Virginia Choromanski, Claudia Rothstein, Catherine Hedges, Donna Alexander, Linda Suhr, Nancy Pruski, Cheryl and Lynn Cameron. Thanks to Discovery Financial Group, Girl Scout Troop 194, Frank C. Whiteley Elementary, Westfield School & Christopher Conley for their donations of bedding. Thanks to Valerie Banks for her fundraising help, and to Lou Flannery, Dick Miller, Cody & Carl’s Blvd and Felix & Fifi's Dog Bakery for their In-Kind donations. And, of course, thank you to the Animal Care Clinic of Algonquin.
Dear Lesley, When Rebecca was six, we adopted two cats from AHS, Meadow and Paloma. Since then she has talked about your shelter and enjoyed reading your newsletters, especially when she saw an article about our two cats who were orphaned with their litter when they were three weeks old. For her ninth birthday, she asked if she could get donations for your animal shelter instead of birthday gifts. She enjoyed getting all the donations, but loved having the chance to actually give a few of the toys to your dogs and cats. We loved your beautiful facility. Thank you, Jackie & Gene Schneider

AHS Needs Your Support!
AHS currently has the following average costs for each rescued animal:
Dog Cat

j j j j j j j j

Food ......................................$58....$40 Veterinarian.........................$135....$82 Medicine ...............................$98....$56 Board ..................................$105....$74 Personal Care ........................$70....$43 Supplies.................................$59....$20 Cleaning & Maintenance .....$128....$98 Other.....................................$47....$27 Total Cost Per Animal ..........$700..$440 Current Adoption Donation ..$300..$150 Public Donations Needed ...$400..$290

Nora Davies (left) had an 11th birthday party and asked guest to bring all sorts of pet items which were then donated to AHS.

Since the number of animals rescued by AHS each year is almost 2,500, total support needed from public donations is $800,000. Please help us meet this yearly need with your generous donation. There are many ways to help. See page 15 for more information. We can’t do it without you!

Thank You to AHS Major Donor Plaque Recipients
$5,000 + Joyce Denehy Larry & Shirley Irwin David & Vicky Smith

Would Your Company Like to Support Animal House Shelter?


$1,001 - $5,000 Pete & Pat Sessing Jay & Annette Frischkorn Scott & Judith Stahr Bernard & Dorothy Meece Judy Stevens Dave & Ellen Petrick Leslie Teraji Reid Redmann $501 - $1,000 Edward & Mary Bauer Wayne & Lisa Jonas Daniel & Deborah Beio Jean Labovitch Rita Bigoni Joan Lamond Kevin Breslin Brooks McCormick John & Darcy Cox Mr & Mrs Meece Kirk & Pilar Freundt The Panzer Family Judith Goldberg Sarah Rothstein Nancy Hamill Don & Martha Scheidler Lisa Horn David & Vicky Smith The Jackman Family


our company can gain more than just financially by donating to Animal House Shelter. Donating is a way to give back to the community by supporting a Nonprofit Organization that fills a valuable need. It is a strategic investment that offers benefits to your company, your employees, the community and animals throughout Northern Illinois. Your company gets a reputation as a good corporate citizen when it shows compassion for all animals and a willingness to help protect them from cruelty and abuse. Consider helping through Corporate Sponsorship. Sponsor our website, newsletter, a van or one of our direct mail fundraising appeals by offering to match donations made by our supporters. You may also be able to make an In-Kind Donation of products or services. Does your company provide a service or sell a product that could benefit AHS? Consider office supplies, appliances, groomer visits, or veterinary care. So, if you are an employee who is already or soon will be active in helping AHS, consider extending the value of your contribution by getting your employer involved. Not only will you be making a tax deductible donation to a beneficial non-profit organization but you will be helping animals right in your own neighborhood through Animal House Shelter.



Oliver & Pumpkin
Oliver and Pumpkin are getting along great and are very happy. Pumpkin sleeps in the little bed next to my pillow - and mush love bucket Oliver under the covers next to me. Thank you again very much for blessing me with their affection and rest assure, they are in a very loving home and will be very well taken care of for the rest of their lives. Pretty soon they will get to see the rest of the house, well for a short visit anyway. Oliver is still kind of young to be roaming a 4 bedroom 2 story house - I don't want him to get lost! They play very well together and when one eats the other has to see what is going on and joins in. Pumpkin also likes to sit in the bathroom sink! Donna Petersen

I am writing to tell you how well Buddy (Siberian Husky mix) is doing. We adopted him TWICE from you. The first time was 7/03 and we returned him 10/03 because we thought he and our other dog were not getting along. After two months of sponsoring him, I couldn't stand not having him in our family and decided to get more information on what we might have been doing wrong. Turns out we were misinterpreting both dog's behaviors and also we had their crates in two separate rooms due to a space problem in our small ranch home. We brought our other dog up to the shelter and had one of your workers watch them for about an hour and she said they get along quite well!! She educated us on their particular behaviors toward each other. We re-arranged our little house to put the dog's crates together so they could see each other while we were gone and all our problems were solved!! We re-adopted Buddy 12/03 and we have been a very happy family ever since. Buddy has at least gained about 20 pounds and is now a very healthy 73 pounds! He is such a sweet pea, I don't know what we ever did without him. Tia, our other dog is lost without him as well, even when Buddy is only going to his groomer's! Thank you again for keeping Buddy safe and warm while he was waiting to be adopted….Twice! The Johnston Family

Trey aka Peaches
I just received your newsletter and had to send a quick note on Trey aka Peaches. I adopted Trey in April 2006. I saw Trey on your website which listed him as having special needs as he only has 3 legs. I just knew he was perfect for me. When I arrived, Trey was not in the cat room so I asked someone about him and she said he was still in quarantine. She brought him out and I immediately asked to adopt him. I am pretty sure he has either doubled or tripled in size from being 5 lbs when I got him. He is so friendly, easy going, and playful that everyone loves him. Thank you so much for taking him in and allowing me to adopt him. He has brought a lot of joy into my life! Jessica Bartelt

Awoogh everyone! I’m in my new forever home and things are goin’ great! It was almost a 2 hour drive to get there and, unlike most other dogs, I’m not so keen on car rides. But I did okay and I’m getting better at it all the while. That’s a good thing too, because we take the car to the dog park...WHAT?? Did somebody say dog park?!? Awoooh!! The dog park is dogrrrrrific, like Dogsneyland, and we go EVERY DAY!!! Anyway, I know Animal House is the best shelter around and the staff there is the best in the world but its not the same as havin’ a good forever home. Hope all of you get adopted by some folks that love you as much as mine do. We’re gettin’ along great! Love, Beagle Hooper

Emerson aka Coffee
Emerson is a 7-year-old cocker spaniel, who I adopted back in 7/05. When I first took him, he didn't even want to be petted. He had no idea what toys were for and he was pretty overweight. Now, he is a happy dog living with me in downtown Chicago. He loves going for walks to Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain. He gets so much attention wherever he goes. He's a tough little guy, and trots purposefully through the crowded streets as if he is on his way to work with the rest of the business people. He also loves his toys, and every time I put them back in his toy box, he has them all out again within minutes. He has lots of love to give and follows me everywhere. He is truly my best friend and I cannot believe anyone could Jessica Turner have given him up!


Lucy aka Lotus
My husband and I adopted Lotus (aka Lucy) in December 2005 and she has quickly become the head of the household. We have been thinking of adopting a second dog and of course wanted to see who you had available. We both look forward to seeing the new facilities. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!!! Frank & Lisa Dinelli

Moxie & Dodger
In September 2006 we adopted two orange kittens named Honey and Magoo. Now known as Moxie and Dodger, both are doing great in their new home! It's amazing how fast they've grown. Both have such energy and love to spend it by playing chase with each other or by playing with us and their toys (which end up in the oddest places!). Anyway, we love Moxie and Dodger and are thankful that you were able to help bring them into our lives. Thanks, keep up the good work! Andy & Monica Buchanan

Lia, our poodle-bichon mix that we adopted from you in 12/03, is thriving in her new home. Lia loves to "go for a ride" or "go bye-bye in the car." We are so happy that we chose to adopt Lia. Thank you for everything. She is doing so well. Scot, Donna, Savannah & Lia Robnett

We just wanted you to know Sally turned 1 on September 13, and she is doing great. She is a very social dog that loves to play. She often gets to go to doggie day care just to play with her friends and burn off some puppy energy. She often has friends from the neighborhood come by to run around the back yard, too. Her closest friends are Molly, a golden retriever, Milly, her "cousin" a black lab, Bernie, a basset hound, and many others. Sally has added a lot to our family and we are so happy to have her. Andy Cheren

Horton aka Shain
Horton has made our lives so much better! He is so full of life and love. He really adores his new brother, Cletus J Pug. They love the local dog park where Horton has made many new friends. He is the fastest there and even gives the Great Dane a run for his money! We really love him and appreciate the work you do in keeping the cats and dogs safe and healthy. Janice & Ted

Brandy aka Cecelia
Brandy here with my new family and we're adjusting nicely. My new 2 legged friend keeps trying to "train" me. I am showing a liking to jumping on tables, stealing sox and getting my mouth on anything I can find. I also like going into the shower with my human. I'm guarding my new house and they call me very "vocal", whatever that means. My dog sister Roxy and I are getting along well. Sometimes we play a little rough, and then we get told to settle down. When it's time to take a little nap, we sleep next to each other back to back. I still have trust issues but mom talked to the vet on how to make me more comfortable. My mom has told many of her co-workers about the shelter. Hope some of my brothers and sisters there will find new families or the shelter will get some support. Thank you for taking such good care of me while I stayed with you. Sniffs and licks to you all. Brandy (Tracey Dispensa & Judy)

Rex aka Yogurt
My husband and I adopted "Yogurt" in September of 2006. We changed his name to Rex. Rex is pictured on the right and Emmy on the left. They really seem to LOVE each other. Thank you so much for helping us find such a GREAT dog.. Jessica DeBoe


WAITING FOR A HOME..................
Nicky Simba Romeo Diva Nibbles

10 week, male Beagle/Dachshund

8 month, male Lab/Shepherd

6 year, male Long Hair Chihuahua

7 week, female DLH

10 month, male Boxer Mix

Some of the Recently Rescued by AHS...

3 starving Chihuahua Mix puppies

Australian Shep., 7 mo.

Lab Mix, 10 weeks

Lab Mix

Mom & 3 Lab Mix Pups

Collie, 4-5 years

Pit Mix, 8 weeks

Pit Mix, 2 years

2 Beagle Pups, 8 weeks

All of these dogs, including the puppies, were scheduled to be gassed at animal control facilities -- until AHS stepped in.


Help Us Save A Life Today
Please use the enclosed envelope to send this form and your donation to help the AHS animals.

All Donations are Tax Deductible

YES, I Want to Help Animal House Shelter, Inc!
Sponsor A Pet:
With your sponsorship of any AHS dog or cat you will be sent a progress update and photo
Name of Sponsored Animal:
(Pets in need of sponsors p.5)
Please tear off or photocopy and mail to AHS in the provided envelope

1st choice _________________________________________________ 2nd choice _______________________________________________ $300 = 6 month $500 = 1 year $1000 = 2 years

$150 = 3 months

Please make this sponsorship in the name of: ___________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Become a Corporate Sponsor


Your company name on a plaque at AHS and recognition in Fuzz Buzz (Readership of 16,000+)

Make a Tax-deductible donation in the amount of:
$1000 $500 $250 $100 Other $__________

Become an AHS Member:
Membership includes newsletter, invites and all updated Animal House Shelter news for 1 year!

$25 Senior

$50 Individual

$100 Family

$500 Corporate

To VOLUNTEER at AHS please just stop in, go to our website or call 847-961-5541
Name ___________________________________ Address ___________________________________________ City ______________________________________________ State ______________ Zip __________________ Email _____________________________________________ Phone __________________________________
Total Amount enclosed $___________________ Visa MC Check (payable to AHS) Credit Card

Card Number ____________________________________________________ Exp ________

Signature __________________________________________________________________ 3-Digit Code ________

Please Mail to: Animal House Shelter • 13005 Ernesti Rd • Huntley, IL 60142 or go to our website to donate on line:


Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage

Permit No. 170 Barrington, Il

13005 Ernesti Rd. Huntley, IL 60142 847.961.5541

Lesley Irwin Maggie Pfannenstiel Allen Gabe Ellen Petrick Shirley Irwin Jane Redmann Shane Adams Lawrence Irwin Jennifer Jackman Gary Personette

Visit AHS online at

Black Beauty gets his Smile Back!

Sweet Bella Needs a Gentle Touch
ella has a condition that prevents her body from absorbing nutrients from the food she eats. Because of this she will eat large quantities of food and remain almost emaciated. She is on special medication that helps her body absorb nutrients and may have to be on this medication for the rest of her life. AHS will continue to have her tested and evaluated in hopes that, over time, her condition will improve. Bella is very shy with new people although she is quite good with children. She will need time, patience and a gentle touch but any family that would give her a chance would be paid back in love and Bella kisses.


hat an amazing boy! AHS rescued this beautiful 2 year old male Boxer from animal control and immediately saw something very wrong with his mouth. He constantly held it open and wanted to eat but just couldn't. He was taken to our local vet clinic for Xrays and specialist, Dr Charlier, was called. It is unknown exactly what circumstances resulted in this poor boy's injuries. He may have been hit by a car or been deliberately hit in the face by a baseball bat or some other large object. A HUGE “Thank You” from AHS to Dr Charlier who donated her time and effort in order to help this boy live a normal life! Her notes on Black Beauty’s surgery follow:


Black Beauty had fractures involving his right and left lower jaw (mandible) as well as his upper jaw (maxilla). One of the lower jaw fractures was an open fracture (bone was exposed). The fractures appeared to be old, possibly as old as a week or more. The cause of the fractures was trauma of unknown origin. Oral surgery was performed to repair the fractured lower jaw. The fractures were reduced and then stabilized with intraoral wire and intraoral acyrlic. Black Beauty received excellent care post op at AHS with feeding of softened food and twice daily rinsing of his mouth. Approximately 6 weeks post op, the jaw had healed and the acrylic and wire were removed and the fractured lower molar was extracted.
Cindy Charlier, DVM,
Fellow, Academy of Veterinary Dentistry Diplomate American Veterinary Dental College Fox Valley Veterinary Dentistry and Surgery

• Sat June 2nd - 1 pm “What Makes AHS Unique”, a presentation held at Algonquin Bank & Trust - 4049 W Algonquin Rd., Algonquin IL. This presentation is made possible by the Huntley Area Public Library. Check the AHS website for any updates or changes regarding this event. • Sat June 30th - 1:00 pm “Dog Wedding” at Cody and Carl's Blvd - 756
W Northwest Hwy., #4D Barrington IL. There will be refreshments for people and pets!

Black Beauty now!

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