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“Send her back!” These were the emphatic words of my then six-year-old son after fortyeight hours of living with an eleven-week-old puppy named Viviann. The warm glow cast by her chubby, adorable puppy-ness had quickly given way to the not so charming realities of living with a creature who nipped when it played with you, had an absolute passion for my son’s stuffed bear, and who peed with wild abandon whenever and wherever she pleased. My nine-year-old daughter was more tolerant of these behaviors, but learned quickly to guard her chicken nuggets with diligence. “Keep your hands high” became the mantra in our house. June 2008

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Gradually we all calmed down and, as our confidence grew, we began to enjoy her more and more. We learned to keep an eye on our food and to pick up our stuff; so, you could say Viviann made us much better housekeepers. The children learned to be thoughtful of and responsible for another creature’s needs and how to teach with affection and praise. They also learned to be tolerant of mistakes made by a little creature who was still learning the ways of a strange world. Those are lessons that I, as a parent, sometimes needed reminding of. There’s a lot to learn from raising a puppy. Now, the time has flown by and it will soon be time for Viviann to go fulfill her destiny. Now, my son wishes she could always stay. Now my daughter will miss cuddling her in the evenings while watching T.V. Now my husband will miss their early morning walks together in the cool, dewy air, and seeing the deer, foxes and bunnies as the sun comes up. And, now I will miss her comforting presence and sweet, steady companionship. It has not always been easy raising this puppy into a dog,, but it has always been worth it! Mary Anne Darling and Family Please mark your calendar July 13 – 3:15 – 5:00 – All Pups Germantown Community Center July 27– 3:15 to 5:00 – All Pups Upper County Community Center

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As my husband rushed off to work each morning with a relieved look in his eye, I began to wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew. The next two weeks of my life were solely dedicated to obsessively watching Viviann for any signs of needing to do her business and then frantically rushing her out the door. During this time I hung up on many a friend mid sentence. But, the feeling of accomplishment when she mastered the skill of holding one’s bladder was immense and overall much easier than toilet training either of our two children.

June 8 – 3:15 to 5:00 – All Pups Montgomery College June 22 – 3:15 to 5:00 – all Pups Montgomery College

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Local Regions Gather to Celebrate Pat’s Retirement
On May 4, raisers from Bay, Baltimore and Montgomery, and other friends of Pat Clark, gathered together to honor her many years of service with Guiding Eyes for the Blind as she transitioned from puppy raiser to regional manager, and now to retiree. However, in Pat’s own words, I’ll be back! I want to continue to stay connected with this wonderful group of people; I plan to still be a puppy raiser, but want to also accomplish some other goals as well! Accolades and proclamations were bestowed on Pat by Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley and Senators, and she was presented with the American Flag that flew over the Capitol Building on March 24. Additionally, $5,000.00 was raised through contributions from regions and friends with the funds being donated back to Guiding Eyes. She was also informed that a puppy born in the “C” group in June will bear the name “Clark.” Could this be the next puppy that Pat will be raising?

Montgomery Region’s gift to Pat was the engraving of an English proverb for a paving stone to be placed on the Independence Path at the training school. Lamont was the second “guest of honor” Keep company with those who may make you better Thank you, Pat Clark Montgomery Region

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Maine Region Looks to Other Puppy Regions to Help Raise Money

The Maine Region of Guiding Eyes for the Blind is doing a raffle drawing to help raise money for their region. All the proceeds will go toward the purchase of medications dispensed on a monthly basis to their GEB pups in training. Kathleen Hayward, former co-area coordinator for the Montgomery Region who moved to Maine several years ago with her husband, Steve, has remained a loyal GEB puppy raiser. Her endeavors, along with those of other Maine volunteer raisers, are helping to keep this region alive. Please share this raffle ticket information with your relatives, neighbors, friends, church affiliation, school and work colleagues, to help support the Maine Region of Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Remember, this is a contribution and is another tax deduction for year 2008.

The drawing will be held in August to announce the winner.

Please cut out this raffle ticket and mail to CJ Rogers along with your donation. Thank you

Drawing – August 2008 Please enter my name in the drawing for the quilt Name:

Maine Region



Phone: E-mail: Make check payable to: GEB-Maine Mail raffle ticket and check to: CJ Rogers 1433 Reeds Mill Road Phillips, ME 04966 Phone: 207-639-5421 Hand made quilt, size 72 x 88. Proceeds will be used to purchase Interceptor and Heartgard for Maine Region pups in training

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Pups behind bars…Napa and Treasure with their new roommates at the training facility…and loving it all!

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Edwin enjoying the opening of pool season

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