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									Stage rider
The following are minimum requirements for a safe, problem-free performance. If musicians feel that these requirements have not been sufficiently met, musicians reserve the right to postpone the start or continuation of the performance until the issues have been resolved to acceptable standards. Minimum stage requirements are a 12-foot wide by 8-foot deep area for setup, plus space for speakers and lighting stands. The facility should completely cover and protect the band’s equipment from adverse weather conditions, including direct sunlight, rain, excessive winds etc. Outdoor shows require at least a 10-foot by 20-foot EZ-Up tent with sides that roll down. In the event of inclement weather during an outdoor show, musicians will not under any circumstances perform in any exposure to the rain or during any kind of electrical storm. In this event, continuation of the performance will be postponed until conditions have cleared to the satisfaction of musicians.

1. Drums: - bass drum - 2 toms - floor tom - snare - plastics in operative condition (Remo, Evans or one of similar quality) - drum seat (adjustable height) - snare stand - hi-hat stand (with cymbal holders) - 4 cymbal stands (with cymbal holders) - 8 microphones.

2. Bass: - bass combo amplifier at least 150 W + microphone + boom stand for the mic (if direct output with a unique microphone simulator is built in the combo, Di-box is needed)

3. Guitars: - 2 tube combo amplifiers at least 80 W (Marshall JVM, JCM series, Fender) + 2 microphones + 2 boom stands for the mics (if it is a small club, 1 combo amplifier + 1 microphone + 1 boom stand for the mic are needed) - 2 line inputs for 2 acoustic guitars + Di-box for 1 line

4. Vocals: - microphone cable - boom stand - vocal effects

5. Monitors: 3 lines - vocals line - instrumental line - drums line

6. Stage: (see stage layout) - stage area approximately 9’x17’ stage (153 sq. ft) - sockets available (minimum 2 standard extenders for 5 sockets) - proper lighting, additional light effects - 4 guitar stands - drums - at the center - bass combo - on the right beside the drums - guitar combos - on two sides (or on the left) - Monitors: 1st line - radio monitors (our equipment) 2nd line - on two sides 3rd line - near the drummer - Minimum flooring requirements for a show are plywood sheets with some kind of covering securing them in place (carpet, rug, rubber surface etc) set up on level ground and approved in advance by musicians. 7. Audio mixing desk: min 14 channels

General requirements
- Transportation matters should be negotiated by phone. - Transportation from the arrival place to the venue and back should be provided (minibus or 2 cars). - If the band will stay more than one day, hotel room or an appartment and fine food should be provided. - A make-up room to be locked by musicians is a must! - There should be chairs, mirror, tea, coffee, mineral water, napkins in the make-up room. - There should be still mineral water on the stage for all members of the band.
Payment (compensation): agreed compensation is given to musicians at their arrival. We understand that it might be difficult to fullfill all the requirements, that's why ALL alterations should be discussed with us in advance. Musicians require access to the performance area at least two hours prior to start time and at least one hour after finish time. Soundcheck should be finished not later than half an hour prior to the beginning of the performance. All equipment should function properly and should be placed in accordance with the stage layout. Equipment should be tested before soundcheck begins. During soundcheck and performance qualified operating staff should be present to manage any technical matter. Cell phone number: +38-066-338-46-27 Oleg, +38-050-802-14-23 Olga

ICQ: 28-97-97-132 Oleg, 248-773-006 Olga E-mail: upstairs@upstairs.com.ua

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