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					YURI WONG Bio Yuri has been playing the solo singer-songwriter circuit for a couple of years, with numerous billings, including Moonshine, Starbucks Music Series and Troubadours. With a style of music blending alternative rock and acoustic textures, strong melodies and guitar hooks, Yuri has proven to be an entertaining act. His first single, Red Dress, has garnered favourable attention and has been featured on the Voices From Next Door compilation CD. Now, backed up by his terrific band, Vostok-1 (comprising drummer Jazlan Yatim, bassist Leonard Chin and guitarist Adrian Lai), the act proves to be even more engaging with its combination of melodic rock. Selected Gigo-graphy 12 Apr 2007 Moonshine @ Laundry Bar, The Curve 30 Mar 2007 Feature show with Cheong Whye Mun @ The Attic, Bangsar 25 Mar 2007 The Encounter @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre 10 Mar 2007 Solo set @ KL Jam Asia 11 Feb 2007 Hearts and Lightbulbs @ Laundry Bar, The Curve 23 Dec 2006 Guest Performance @ Hitz.tv BlastOff! Season 3 19 Aug 2006 Starbucks Music Series @ Ikano Power Centre 18 Aug 2006 Starbucks Music Series @ The Curve 28 Mar 2006 Troubadours @ La Bodega, KL Testimonials From Starbucks Music Series: "Guitar-slinger Yuri may be better known as the axe-wielder for modern rockers Frequency Cannon (winners of Blast Off! 2005), but his own talents as a singersongwriter have shone brightly at various acoustic shows around town. The versatile man should have no trouble engaging audiences at the Music Series." From Moonshinekl.blogspot.com: "No Yuri isn't some Russian act brought in for your listening pleasure. He is in fact a full blooded Chinese man from Melaka who has such an impressive command over the sacred six-string that he can practically churn out pretty much any tune you know (provided its from the 90s that is). Not really one to bill a living jukebox, I roped him in for the rich acoustic layers and melodies that he makes. ... this composer (he works for a jingle studio), gig organiser (he's one half of Project Bazooka, one of the three resident shows that happen at Laundry every month and Malaysia's very own music wiki), and rock kangkang ambassador (he plays guitar for local act Frequency Canon) will be on hand this Thursday for all you lucky music fans."

Technical Rider Band setup (4-piece):  Drummer  Bassist  Guitarist/Backup Vocals  Lead Guitar/Main Vocal Backline equipment required at venue:     1 x Drum Kit 1 x Bass Amplifier 2 x Vocal Mics 2 x Guitar Amplifier Mics

Yuri & Vostok-1 will bring:  2 x Guitar Amplifiers Details: 1 x Vox AD30 Valvetronix Guitar Amplifier 1 x Vox AC15 Guitar Amplifier Both guitar amplifiers to be mic-ed up Contact Yuri Wong Mobile: +6 012 6084707 Email: wongyuri@gmail.com Web: www.yuriwong.com Myspace: www.myspace.com/yuriwong Images: www.yuriwong.com/gallery/

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