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					H a r d n es s Tes t i n g             HARDNESS TESTERS AND SOFT WARE

                                                   The spectrum of Hardness Testers takes in 3 types of tester:
                                                   with a loading range from 5 - 1000 g, 1 - 2000 g and
                                                   300 g - 30 kg.
                                                   Each type is available in manual, half- , 3/4 and automatic

                             A U T O M ATION                               HARDWARE
                             Both types can be extended due to the         The image analysis software we offer can

                                                                                                                       hardness testing
                             integrated, automatic objective revolver.     be supplied with an equally
                             Equipped with manual table, camera and        effective hardware program from
                             automatic analysis software, CMT next         complete system down to single
                             becomes a half automatic system. If an        components, such as monitors and
                             automatic table is used, (excl. autofocus     computers.
                             function) then ¾ automation is achieved.
                             The fully automatic variant is then reached
                             through additional motorisation of the

                                                                                                   Tel. 02681.9539.0
                   HARDNESS TESTERS AND SOFT WARE                                                                    H a r d n es s Tes t i n g

                                            H A R D N E S S T E S T E R type 1

                                           » Software interfaced loading dial: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 g
                                           » Automatic loading, duration and unloading
                                           » Load duration 5 - 30 sec., in 5-sec. intervals
                                           » Definition of different test schemes (starting point, angle, amount, positions, etc.)
                                           » Modular design provides individual configuration
                                           » Autom. objective revolver
                                           » Dual objectives: 10x, 40x
                                           » 1280 x 1024 b/w USB camera
                                           » CMT software

                   V E RS I O N S

                    ½ A U T O M AT I C                               ¾ A U T O M AT I C                             C M T ( F U L L Y A U T O M AT I C ) )
                    MICRO HARDNESS TESTER                            MICRO HARDNESS TESTER
                                                                                                                   » Automatic control, focus and analysis
                   » Manual control and focus with                  » Automatic control with manual focus          » Autom. cross table         100x50 mm
                     automatic analysis                               and automatic analysis                       » Controller for X-Y-Z axis
                   » Cross table and insert ring on request         » Autom. cross table        100x50 mm          » Insert ring (Ø max. 40 mm)
                   » Hardness test plock                            » Controller for X-Y-axis                      » Hardness test block
                                                                    » Insert ring on request
                                                                    » Hardness test block
hardness testing

                   Ask for more information about other hardness testing systems. Changes are reserved.

                   ACC ES S O R I ES

                                                                     S Y S T E M L A B TA B L E

                                                                    O rd e r N o.: A 750 0 022
                                                                    » System Lab assembly                          » WxHxD              880x670-790x800 mm
                                                                    » With 20 mm HPL worktop

                                                                     S O F T WA R E C M T

                                                                    O rd e r N o.: 920 0 8 036
                                                                    » For automatic analyses of indentations
                                                                    » Automatic graphs
                                                                    » Automatic measuring of indentations
                                                                    » Rockwell Convertion ASTM E140 preset and editable
                                                                    » Save and print results

                     Tel. 02681.9539.0                                                                                                        Tel. 02681.9539.0