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					swim with wild dolphins and seals
For your experience of a lifetime, Sea All Dolphin Swim s friendly crew will take you to Southern Port Phillip Bay, to a magnificent underwater world that boasts more biodiversity than The Great Barrier Reef. With Sea All you can choose to snorkel or stay dry and view from on board. The cruise is suitable for all ages, sizes, and abilities.
Departs: Queenscliff Boat Harbour everyday - (Weather and numbers permitting) Mid October to April. Tours depart twice daily during peak season. 9.00am & 1.30pm Snorkellers arrive 1/2 hr prior to departure for fitting wetsuit and snorkeling equipment. Adult snorkeller Child Snorkeller
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Cost :

$115.00 $100.00

Adult sightsee Child sightsee

$60.00 $50.00

Kodak Disposable Underwater Cameras available onboard (27 exp) $25.00 Special interest or sightseeing tours also catered for. Ideal activities for conference or social groups.

Included in the cost: 5mm thick Dive wetsuits for all shapes and sizes Snorkelling equipment fitted to each individual. Light refreshments supplied. Caring, patient and expert staff (High crew to guest ratio- limited number of guests) We suggest the minimum you bring: A thick beach towel, Sun hat & Wind jacket Camera. You re free to bring your own wetsuit & snorkeling gear. (Weight belts not necessary)


Snorkelling is one of the best ways to view the incredible underwater world of Phillip Bay. Starting with Popes Eye- The smallest Marine National Park on the planet, our friendly experienced instructors will be on hand to show you how, assist you with gear and give you a few tips so that you can fully enjoy your experience. Popes Eye- Snorkel Introduction and Reef Exploration See unusual and colourful reef fish See coloured sponges, sea squirts, & coloured sea stars. See the unique gannet rookery. Chinaman s Hat Seal Platform- Snorkel with the Australian Fur Seals. Snorkel with up to forty Australian Fur Seals in a safe environment, or watch them basking in the sun from onboard. Enjoy the antics of the comical Seal Pups who are always keen for a play. Observe graceful seals as they swim effortlessly amongst snorkellers. Swim with and observe Wild Bottlenose Dolphins. Enter the water and hold the mermaid line as the curious dolphins approach. Listen quietly and hear them chattering under water. Observe the spectacular leaps & lunges while listening to expert interpretation from our patient and qualified instructors. Lean over the bow and watch some of the Bay s 80 resident dolphins riding the boats bow waves. More to enjoy onboard a Sea All cruise. Ride in the boom net or share a duck board spa behind the back of the boat. Chat with local and international visitors while enjoying a cool drink in the sun or warming cuppa undercover. Get a mariner s view of the historic military and maritime installations and historic cliff top mansions of the Nepean Peninsula. Learn about our world renowned marine environment from expert marine educators. Experience the notorious Rip and watch the huge ships enter the bay in nearby shipping channels. Sea All Dolphin Swims. 26 Santa Monica Blvd, Point Lonsdale Victoria 3225. Ph: 03 5258 3889 Email: For more information and online booking visit: