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Date yyyy mm dd Deadline yyyy mm dd CONTACT Organisation BIOCEP


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Date yyyy mm dd Deadline yyyy mm dd

Organisation Contact person Address Postcode City Country BIOCEP Dr. Moshe Harel P.O.Box 1527 47300 Ramat Hasharon Israel Department Male/female Male Email Fax Telephone Website +972-54-4525807

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Large Collaborative Project Network of Excellence
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KBBE-2009-3-6-01: Nanobiotechnology: smart devices to study biomolecule dynamics in real time

Emerging trends in biotechnology

BioCep has developed an improved method of separation of immunomagnetic marked cells. Its patented Cell Enrichment Process (CEP) can identify and reliably separate rare cells at a higher yield, with less contamination and less damaged cells than other products available on the market. This enabling technology opens up a multi-billion dollar opportunity in the following areas:

(1)Prenatal diagnosis: The Company is able to isolate fetal cells circulating in the maternal blood stream - enabling the identification of prenatal genetic disorders with a simple blood test. The test is intended to replace, in the first trimester, currently available procedures such as amniocentesis and will be safer, accurate, and less expensive. (2)Stem-cell based cancer therapy: The Company’s proprietary technology enables the isolation of stem cells in larger quantities and with improved purity than in currently available systems. Cancer therapy results are improved, incidences of relapses are reduced, patient’s recovery time is faster, and hospitalization costs are lower than in current procedures.

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(3)Cancer diagnosis and prognosis: The Company is developing a test able to track cancer metastasis by identifying and counting cancer cells circulating in the peripheral blood. The test enables improved diagnosis and prognosis of various types of cancers, including breast and colon cancers.

cell separation, rare population, prenatal, stem cell, gene therapy, cancer diagnostics
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Searching for an organisation that coordinates an FP7 project under KBBE-20093-6 “Emerging trends in biotechnology” in particular, in particular 3-6-01. Our company can add substantial value with its advance technology of cell separation

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