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									UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME INTERIM PROGRESS REPORT SECTION 1 – BACKGROUND INFORMATION 1.1 Project Title: International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRIN) — Communication 1.2 UNEP Project Number: UNE-GLO-01-201F (formerly MT-1010-01-75), subproject of UNE-GLO-01-201A, Project ID 5008 1.3 Responsible Office: Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) 1.4 Coordinating Agency/Supporting Organization: Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) 1.5 Project starting date: June 2001 1.6 Project completion date: May 2005 1.7 Reporting Period (the six months covered by this report): January, 2003 to April, 2003 1.8 Total budget ($US) and UNF contribution: Total Budget= $976,619, UNF contribution $666,218 1.9 Relevant UNEP Programme of Work Component Number: Environmental Conventions SECTION 1 – BACKGROUND 2.1 Project Status During this 3.5 month period (January 2003 to mid – April 2003) CORAL/ICRIN has made progress on a number of fronts. CORAL has been successful in developing several coral reef educational tools and resources to help build local outreach capacity that continue to be improved. The outreach materials and directory databases are on-line, as is the photo bank, downloadable fact sheets, tourism guidelines and teacher’s resources. The briefing papers for ministries of the environment and tourism are ready for production, as are as the tourism guidelines in Spanish and Japanese. Distribution of our tools and resources to increase local outreach in coral reef areas has already begun. Over 250 Dive In To Earth Day organizers received our tourism guidelines and distributed them to thousands of local people. Our community outreach has gone well this period. Extensive training has taken place in two ICRAN sites (Bonaire and Old Providencia). The Dive In To Earth Day program was a great success with over 255 events in more than 57 countries. Specifically, Over 30 activities were conducted in ICRAN sites. We have completed data collection for the ICRAN demo/target sites Outreach and Management Needs Assessment, which we coordinated with the UNEP regional seas offices (Caribbean, East Asia, East Africa) and the South Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP). To raise awareness among tourists, we’ve have campaigned a Dive In pledge for divers and expect to collect 10,000+ signatures. CORAL and ICRAN contracted and completed a one and a half minute in-flight video segment for Continental Airlines. An educational tool for sustainable tourism, the segment will air during the months of May/June 2003 and reach 2.8 million travellers. Media outreach during this period included promotion of the Dive In project.


Page 1 UNEP Progress Report CORAL/ICRIN 12/26/09

2.2 List Actual Activities/Outputs Achieved in the Reporting Period We accomplished all goals for this period. We exceeded some goals and have taken the initiative on other projects. (a) Demonstration and Target Site Activities CORAL provided trainings and technical assistance in Bonaire and Old Providencia. 1. Bonaire National Marine Park: We have been working closely with the new marine park manager providing training and technical assistance on such topics as law and enforcement, park management, and relations with tourism sector. This will continue for 3 months. We have also been in discussion with STINAPA to work together on a management plan for Bonaire. We supported and helped coordinate the research and planning of marine reserves on surrounding Bonaire with a Pew Fellow researcher. 2. Old Providencia: We held a 10 day training in San Andres, Colombia with the local community, CORALINA, and dive operators. Dive operators from Old Providencia participated in this workshop where they received training on basic coral reef ecology and threats to the reef, mooring maintenance, low-impact diving and dive operations. (b) Activities with Partners 1. Dive In To Earth Day: Provided outreach to the dive community at 20 coral reef protected areas that have been designated as International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) demonstration and target sites. To accomplish this goal, we asked our regional partners to solicit the local dive and NGO communities’ participation in Dive In events. We provided information and support on effective activities that will reduce threats to the reef. Accomplishments include:  20 regional representatives from 16 countries helped reach out to local dive and NGO communities;  107 events are being organized by dive operators;  49 events took place in 41 coral reef protected areas; and  At least 30 Dive In To Earth Day events were organized in support of 14 ICRAN Demo/Target sites - 9 ICRAN demonstration sites and 5 ICRAN target sites (see appendix for attached document).  Events are organized in 9 ICRAN demonstration sites and 4 ICRAN target sites  Over 3500 divers have signed the Dive In pledge. We plan to gather at least 10,000.


Page 2 UNEP Progress Report CORAL/ICRIN 12/26/09

2. ICRAN Needs Assessment: Completed data collection on the needs of Demonstration and Target Sites with the assistance of all four Regional Seas Programs. Analysis will begin May 1, 2003 and report shared with all partners. The final report will be invaluable in focusing the efforts of ICRAN as we enter Year Three. 3. ICRAN Briefing Papers: ICRAN steering committee and partners completed the internal review of briefing papers. Briefing papers are now ready for production and distribution. We researched the names and contact information of over 150 Ministries of Environment and Tourism to send the briefing papers. These informative briefs will also be sent to ICRAN demo and target sites that identified a need for information for policy makers and local government in the ICRAN needs assessment. (c) Promotion and Coordination of ICRAN Activities: 1. Calendar: We distributed over 2000 CORAL Calendars with an ICRAN logo on the front cover to the dive community in the United States since January 2003. 2. Newsletter: We distributed 7000 CORAL Newsletters with an ICRAN logo on the front cover to the dive community since January 2003. ICRAN Plus a cover article on ICRAN demo site SMMA. 3. Tourism Guidelines: We distributed over 1000 CORAL Tourism Guidelines with the ICRAN logo to the dive community since January 2003. Distribution is conducted on the website and through partner organizations. Spanish and Japanese versions are ready for production once funds are made available. 4. Dive In To Earth Day:  Prominent logo placement on CORAL’s Dive In To Earth Day website, as a sponsor of Dive In To Earth Day, with a link to the ICRAN website. CORAL’s website receives more than 400,000 annual visits.  Prominent logo placement in promotional materials distributed to 255 event organizers in 57 countries and territories around the world  Prominent placement of ICRAN logo, as a sponsor of Dive In To Earth Day, ICRAN’s logo is in all CORAL generated outreach material including press releases, email announcements and flyers.  Prominent logo placement in advertisements in 18 diving and travel magazines with a circulation over 1 million and a value over $70,000 USD. Magazines include: Asian Diver, Caribbean Travel and Life, Dive Training Magazine, Diver (UK), Diver Magazine (Canada), Dive New Zealand & Dive Pacific, Diving Trade International, Dyk!, Espacio Profundo, Florida Scuba News, Northwest Dive News, Philippine Diver, Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine, Scuba Diver Australasia, Scuba Globe Asia Pacific, Sport Diver Magazine, Thai Diver, Undersea Journal


Page 3 UNEP Progress Report CORAL/ICRIN 12/26/09

We are disappointed that, because of the war in Iraq, we have encountered unexpected resistance from many environmental journalists who are focusing on war coverage instead of Earth Day this year. 5. In Flight Video: In Flight Media is scheduled to air on all Continental Flights to the Caribbean and Western Pacific. An estimated 2.8 million people will view the clip, which features coral awareness information for the traveler.

6. Website Statistics since January 2003:  ICRIN Website 26,662 visits  Photobank - 1564 visits  CORAL Site 72,000 visits (d) Fundraising Activities 1. Raised matching funds and in kind donations of advertisement space and promotion for Dive In To Earth Day 2003 totaling $150,000 from Homeland Foundation, Oracle Foundation, Munson Foundation, West Marine, and in-kind donations. 2. Submitted a NFWF grant in February 2003 as a matching grant for ICRAN demo and target site trainings commencing in September 2003. 3. Submitted NOAA grant in March 2003 as a matching grant for ICRAN demo and target site trainings commencing October 2003. 4. Submitted a proposal to Disney Foundation for Dive In To Earth Day 2004 5. SCOTIA? SECTION 3 – PROJECT DELIVERY AND ACTION Achievement and Challenges to the Implementation of ICRAN Just as ICRAN is gaining momentum, the uncertainty of funding is creating significant concern. Planning and implementation of project goals is, of course difficult, and we are concerned that CORAL and our partners will be unable to follow through on commitments. Currently, we are prepared to publish a variety of materials, such as briefing papers, foreign language tourism guidelines, and enhanced web tools, but have been unable to determine whether Year Two funding will be released. We are looking forward to the May Steering Committee meeting as the appropriate venue to evaluate ICRANs implementation of the strategic plan as a means to develop new approaches to resource utilization that will enhance fundraising and overall coordination of partner efforts.


Page 4 UNEP Progress Report CORAL/ICRIN 12/26/09

Plans and Milestones for the Next Six Months 1. ICRAN Needs Assessment: Analysis and final report complete. We will begin creating a strategy to meet the outreach and education needs of the ICRAN demo and target sites. 2. Expansion of On-line Tools and Resources: We plan to expand the On-Line Library to include management materials as well as more items downloadable and translated into other languages. We will continue to add photos to the photo bank. 3. Sustainable Tourism in the Meso-American Barrier Reef: We will work with our partners to create Codes of Conduct for Marine Recreation Providers in the region and provide trainings and technical assistance for low-impact for lowimpact marine tourism in MPAs. 4. Dive In To Earth Day: Begin planning for Dive In To Earth Day 2004 with more focus on supporting community projects in ICRAN demo and target sites.


Page 5 UNEP Progress Report CORAL/ICRIN 12/26/09

Appendix Dive In To Earth Day 2003 events at ICRAN sites:  At least 30 Dive In To Earth Day events were organized in support of 14 ICRAN Demo/Target sites  9 ICRAN demonstration sites  5 ICRAN target sites Demonstration sites 1. Apo Island Marine Reserve, Philippines i) Paul’s Diving School held a beach cleanup with the local community and local officials ii) Silliman University Marine Laboratory conducted studies of Tourist Diver Damage and a Survey of Coral Diseases 2. Bonaire National Marine Park i) Dive Inn Bonaire dive operation held a house reef cleanup week. ii) Bonaire Nature Alliance held a 24-hour survey dive iii) Buddy Dive Resort held their 3rd Annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt & Reef Cleanup iv) Photo Tours Divers held a fish ID class and REEF fish survey involving dive operators from around the island v) Touch the Sea organized two caretaking dives at Old Pier Bunaken National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia i) 15 dive operators of the North Sulawesi Watersports Association sponsored a beach and reef cleanup Cousin Island Marine Protected Area, Seychelles ii) Nature Seychelles conducted a study on the effects of coral bleaching on coral reef fish. Komodo National Park, Indonesia i) The Komodo Foundation held a Crown-of-thorns Removal event ii) Live-aboard dive operator, SMY ONDINA, PT Diplad Indonesia, collected trash, plastics and fishing lines from dive sites Coral Coast (Cuvu Tikina), Fiji i) Saravi Tourism Consultancy held a beach cleanup with school children and villagers and an underwater clean with divers Mo Koh Surin, Thailand i) Chulalongkorn University conducted studies on Coral Recruitment in Coral Communities Covered by Macroalgae Soufriere Marine Management Area, St. Lucia Soufriere Marine Management Association (SMMA) sponsored:








Page 6 UNEP Progress Report CORAL/ICRIN 12/26/09

i) Mooring installation by SMMA Marine Rangers. ii) SMMA 'Open-day' activity iii) Glass-bottom boat tours 9. Ste.Anne Marine National Park, Seychelles Marine Parks Authority held two events: i) Cleanup where they removed marine debris from turtle nesting beaches ii) Clean-up of invasive plants/creepers on Round Island with a presentation about the Marine Parks for community members followed by a snorkeling trip Target sites 1. Koh Rong, Cambodia Eco Adventures South East Asia LTD. (EcoSea) conducted i) Reef Check survey off Koh Rung iii) Fundraising event to raise money for the dept of fisheries for equipment purchase and maintenance iv) Beach walk cleanup and Night Snorkel/party at Serendipity Reef 2. Parque Nacional Archipelago de Los Roques, Venezuela i) Sesto Continente dive operation organized a mooring buoy maintenance project ii) Organizacion Eco Challenge organized a beach and underwater cleanup Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic i) The Marine Park held two Environmental Community Festivals to educate local communities about the park and reef protection ii) Fundacion Amigos del Parque Nacional del Este organized exhibits and presentations for the Marine Park Environmental Community Festival Providencia, Colombia The Parque Nacional Natural Old Providence McBean Lagoon held several events including: i) Clean up in the Park ii) Environmental activities with children (12-14 yrs) iii) "Tracking" along the mangrove interpretative track near the coral reefs iv) Presentation of environmental movies Sanya National Coral Reef Nature Reserve, China i) Marine Research Institute of Hainan held a Reef check survey in Xipei reserve area at Yalong Bay, using an underwater camcorder to record coral and fish.





Page 7 UNEP Progress Report CORAL/ICRIN 12/26/09

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