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									Application Due Date: January 29, 2010

Cancer Research Internship for Undergraduate Students
Underrepresented or minority undergraduate students at New Mexico State University are invited to apply for a summer research internship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. The Hutchinson Center has an international reputation for its pioneering research in biological sciences, bone marrow and stem cell transplantation, cancer prevention, and epidemiology. Our scientists come from around the world and are involved with many aspects of cancer research.

A nine-week summer internship program has been designed to provide research experience and mentorship for underrepresented or minority undergraduate students. The ideal candidate will be entering their junior year; however related science and/or research experience may be a substitute for academic standing. The program will th th run from Monday, June 14 through Saturday, August 14 2010 (including travel days). Students must be able to commit to this entire period in order to participate. Students will participate in a unique intern experience in the areas of basic science, human biology, public health science, or clinical research. In addition to completing a research project, students will also participate in a variety of educational activities throughout the summer, including weekly research seminars, morning “coffee break” discussions, and a final poster presentation. Students will also have an opportunity to attend a national conference. The program will cover the cost of conference registration and travel accommodations for those who wish to present their research at a scientific meeting.

The Hutchinson Center will provide a $4000 stipend for participation in the Cancer Research Internship Program for Undergraduate Students. The program will also pay partial travel costs to and from Seattle (up to $450). Students may communicate their air travel preferences to the FHCRC project coordinator, who will pre-purchase airfare upon request. If the cost of airfare is less than $450, the program will reimburse students for the cost of one checked bag per flight and/or ground transportation to and from the airport. A receipt denoting the cost of these items is required for reimbursement. Students who drive to Seattle are asked to denote the total number of miles driven in order to receive mileage reimbursement (up to $450). Interns are responsible for their housing and food expenses. Housing for the nine-week session is available at the University of Washington’s Stevens Court for approximately $1300. This residential facility has clusters of four single-occupancy bedrooms that surround a living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Housing applications for Stevens Court will be sent to students who are selected to participate in the Cancer Research Internship in early March. Students are also welcome to make their own housing arrangements. A quarterly pass for regional Metro transportation (buses) may be purchased for $45.00.

     U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Enrolled at NMSU at the time of application submission. Undergraduate student of at least sophomore standing. *Underrepresented or minority student. Strong background in the sciences.

*This includes racial and ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented in health sciences, persons with disabilities, and persons raised in economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Completed applications are due on January 29, 2010. Notification of acceptance will occur in March. Please mail or email your application (pages 4 – 7), transcript(s), statement of research interests and career goals, and waiver to review letter of recommendation (page 8) to:


Application Due Date: January 29, 2010
Jennifer Anderson, Project Coordinator Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 1100 Fairview Ave N., M3-B232 Seattle, WA 98109 OR Deliver complete application by January 25, 2010 to: Lené Löest, Program Coordinator at NMSU Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 181 Phone (575) 646-5104

For more information about the program and to download an application, go to: You may also contact Dr. Michèle Shuster at NMSU at: or Jennifer Anderson at the FHCRC at:

Due to the competitive nature of Cancer Research Internship Program for Undergraduate Students, the following suggestions should be taken into consideration when preparing an application; however adhering to these recommendations does not guarantee acceptance into the program. 1. Give yourself adequate time to complete the application. Responses to open-ended questions should have a thoughtful, detailed response that shows the applicant is: 1) interested in gaining research experience in a specific area, e.g. molecular or cellular biology, public health, etc., 2) concerned about a particular technology or methodology, e.g., cell culture, structural analyses or flow cytometry or specific biological model system, e.g., C. elegans or Drosophila, and 3) has reviewed the FHCRC’s Faculty Page at: to learn more about the investigators who work at the FHCRC and the types of research conducted. Students should proofread their application thoroughly for accuracy and completeness before submitting. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ask friend(s), professor(s), and/or faculty advisor(s) to review their statement of research interests and career goals. When writing a personal statement, the author should respond to the following key points:
    



For what are you applying and why? What are your educational and/or career goals? Why are you applying to the FHCRC’s Cancer Research Internship Program? What qualifications do you bring? How are you prepared to make a contribution to the prospective lab and/or your own professional development? If you don’t have prior lab experience, have you held a position of responsibility or previously worked in a team setting that would lend itself well to this program? How will this opportunity further your educational/career goals?


Request an informative letter(s) of recommendation. An informative letter will highlight the courses you have taken, your quality as a student compared to other students, accomplishments achieved, and how this program will further your educational/career goals. When requesting a letter of recommendation, the applicant should:

 

Choose your reference(s) wisely – a letter(s) of recommendation from an individual(s) in a department or field similar to the program for which you are applying is viewed more favorably than a recommendation letter(s) from a former employer or teacher in a non-related field. Give your reference(s) at least two weeks to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Submit your letter of recommendation request in writing. Giving your references a copy of your resume and/or the following information: a) the name of the program to which you are applying and a brief


Application Due Date: January 29, 2010
description of what the program entails; b) the name of the sponsoring institution; c) a brief description of how the program fits in with your career goals; and d) a brief description of what you will contribute to the program and how you will benefit from participating. The last and possibly most important information to convey is: e) when the letter is due, to whom the letter should be addressed, and the options for submitting the letter, i.e. via email, fax, or mailing address. Send your reference a friendly reminder – preferably one week prior to the application deadline. The last and most important gesture to consider when requesting a recommendation letter is often the most overlooked. In short; send your reference(s) a handwritten NOTE OF THANKS!

 

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. The information requested in this application is useful for assessing the diversity of applicants and is submitted voluntarily; failure to respond will in no way influence intern selection.


Application Due Date: January 29, 2010

Cancer Research Internship for Undergraduate Students Application

First Name

Last Name

Mailing Address (during school year)



Zip Code

Email Address

Cell Phone

*Social Security Number

*Date of Birth

*Note: It is optional to provide a Social Security number and birthdate on this application; however this information will be requested upon acceptance in the program.

Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident? How would you describe yourself? Are you of Hispanic origin, such as MexicanAmerican, Latin American, Puerto Rican, or Cuban? What is your race? American Indian or Native American Asian American/ Pacific Islander African American/ Black Caucasian/White Other (please specify): Yes Female Yes No Male No

Do you speak and/or read/write in any languages other than English? Language Speak Read/ Write


Application Due Date: January 29, 2010
Are you a 'first generation' college student in your family? Are you the recipient of need-based financial aid at your institution? Yes Yes No No

NMSU Banner ID Number Current Class Standing Expected Date of Graduation Are you a Minority Access to Research Careers [MARC] Fellow? Yes No Sophomore Junior Senior Other (please specify):

Please list the colleges and universities you have attended, beginning with NMSU.

How did you learn about this opportunity? (Choose all that apply) Email Announcement Professor Fellow Student Other (please specify):

Please attach a copy of your college transcripts (an unofficial version is acceptable). Please include courses you will have completed by the summer of 2010.

To help us place you with an appropriate mentor, please indicate any current problem(s) or question (s) in molecular biology, cellular biology, or public health that are of major interest to you.


Application Due Date: January 29, 2010
Please indicate whether you are interested in a particular technology or methodology (for example, mammalian cell culture, structural analyses or flow cytometry) or a specific biological model system (for example, C. elegans or Drosophila).

If you are interested in working for a particular scientist(s) at the Hutchinson Center, please identify the research investigator(s) and explain why you would like to work in his/her research laboratory. Please refer to the Hutchinson Center web site at: to review the research interests of scientists.

Please list any previous employment, awards, special skills, or hobbies that you believe qualify you for this program.


Application Due Date: January 29, 2010 RESEARCH INTERESTS AND CAREER GOALS
On a separate sheet of paper (limit one page), please explain why you are interested in scientific research and describe your career goals. If you have had any previous research experience, please describe the nature and duration of that work. Be sure to include where and with whom that research was conducted and, if possible, request a letter of recommendation from your research supervisor.

Please identify at least one person who has agreed to write a letter of recommendation for you. You are welcome to request a letter of recommendation from multiple references; however only one recommendation letter is required for this application. If you are willing to allow the letter(s) to remain confidential, please complete the information requested below. In addition, we ask that you sign the Waiver to Review Letter of Recommendation Form (page 8) and provide a copy of this form to each person who is writing a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Please ask your reference(s) to mail or email their recommendation letter to Jennifer Anderson by January 29, 2010 at the address provided on the Waiver to Review Letter of Recommendation Form (page 8). A letter of recommendation will be provided by:

Full Name

Email Address


Full Name

Email Address


Full Name

Email Address


I waive the right to review the letter(s) of recommendation:




Application Due Date: January 29, 2010

Cancer Research Internship for Undergraduate Students Application
If you agree to waive the right to review this letter of recommendation, please provide this signed form to the person who has agreed to write a recommendation letter on your behalf. You may print multiple copies of this page if you seek a letter of recommendation from more than one person. I waive my right to review the letter of recommendation written by:



Student Signature


Reference: Please enclose this form with your letter of recommendation and mail or email it to the following address by January 29, 2010. MAILING ADDRESS: Jennifer Anderson, Project Coordinator Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 1100 Fairview Ave N., M3-B232 Seattle, WA 98109



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