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									2009 DATES

JUNE 2009
Thursday 4 June BOT Meeting Commencing at 5:30pm In the Seminar Room Monday 8 June Pasifika Parents Meeting From 6-8pm in the LCR Thursday 2 July BOT Meeting commencing at 5:30pm in the Seminar Room Friday 3 July End of Term I Monday 20 July Start of Term II Tuesday 28 July Parent Report afternoon from 4pm to 7pm
Students in Years 9 and 10 have recently sat examinations in their core subjects; Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, and will be sitting an English exam in 2 weeks time. Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 who are entered for achievement standards have been sitting examinations at the same time. Teachers are currently marking all papers and providing feedback to students as to their progress. The information from the examinations will form part of the mid-year report, which will be posted out to you in the upcoming July break. We intend to have a parent report afternoon on Tuesday 28 July from 4pm to 7pm, and I encourage all parents to make the time to come down and talk about the report and other matters of progress with your child’s teachers. Rugby League – Girls This team has been doing well in the new Auckland Girls League Competition, winning their last game against McAuley High School 26 – 4 Rugby League – Boys This team is having a consistent season, undefeated so far with Coach Jerry Seuseu, formerly of the Warriors and the New Zealand Kiwis and Manager Ben Claxton. Jerry was a teacher for a time here at James Cook High School. There is great participation in other sports as well: we have 8 Netball teams playing on Wednesdays – a large increase from previous years and Badminton and Basketball both have Girls and Boys teams. 23 teams over all codes for the Winter Season. Rugby Union 1st XV Rugby – Are settling into the season, start competition round this week starting with a Bye and first game on the 13th June at Mountford Park against Manurewa High U15 Rugby – Had a good win over Pukekohe High (20 – 19) U14 Rugby – Doing very well so far with several great wins including 130 – 0 against Alfriston College



Netball Great participation, we have 8 Netball teams playing on Wednesdays – a large increase from previous years with 4 Mainstream teams and 4 Puutake teams. Soccer Three teams – Girls, Junior Boys and Boys 1st XI (Prem) who are having a great start to the competition with a draw and a win. Hockey Both a Girls and a Boys team who have both had good starts to the season with close wins in a tight competition. Basketball Good to see both a Girls and a Boys team Badminton Good to see both a Girls and a Boys team 3. Brian Campfens, who was in Year 13 in 2008, has been awarded a University of Waikato School Leaver Scholarship for $3000 to help his studies this year in BEngineering Software Congratulations to Arapuni Heta of 9JA, Sharmain Heta of 10LA and Victor Heta of year 11 who all achieved excellent results at the National Tae Kwon Do Titles on Saturday the 30th of May. They all won their divisions and became National Titleholders which is an outstanding effort! I invite all our Pasifika parents to come to our Pasifika Parents’ Evening on Monday 8 June. Mr Green is working hard with a group of Pasifika parents to provide a programme of interesting activities for parents which will inform you about the way in which our school operates, how the education system is matched to your child’s needs, and where you can help your student make progress.



PASIFIKA PARENTS’ MEETING JAMES COOK HIGH SCHOOL MONDAY JUNE 8th 6-8pm Lane Conference Room Talofa, Malo Lelei, Kia Orana We invite you to our meeting for parents of Pacific students at James Cook High School where we will present –      our guest speaker Silao Vaisola-Sefo (ex Manu Samoa and Otago NPC rugby player) our new Ministry of Education Pasifika Education Coordinator Lonny Lavea Levi our latest statistics on academic performance for Pacific students our plans for improving the Presence, Engagement and Achievement of JCHS’s Pacific students tasty refreshments with a Pacific flavour

Please come along and join us for some thought-provoking listening and talking!

I look forward to seeing you at that evening. 5. As we move into the winter term we have some issues with our students. In particular we are very concerned about lateness, which rises heavily at this time. Many students merely offer the excuse that they slept in and consequently are late for school. It is absolutely important that students are there at the beginning of a lesson. At this time the teacher talks about what is going to be taught, how the students will do the work before setting them going. Students who miss this part of the lesson find it very hard to catch up. It also makes it difficult for other students who were on time when students wander in to class and distract them from their work, and also they distract the teacher from teaching. If you are bringing a student to school by car please have them here on time. The bell rings at 8:40am for an 8:45am period 1 start. The other matter which causes concern during winter is the wearing of non uniform items. The Board has a very strict policy in respect of uniform and wants all students to be properly dressed in full school uniform at all times. If you are having difficulties in purchasing uniform then we are able to help. The Board has an equity fund through which it makes available vouchers for parents to purchase items of uniform and pay the Board back over a period of time. It is a simple process that is used by many parents, and we very much appreciate the way in which parents pay the money back to the Board so it can be used over again. If you are having difficulties getting uniform items please contact the Deans’ Secretary, Mrs Sandy Kramer, and she

will set you up with an opportunity talk to the Dean and receive whatever help we can provide. Please do check that your student has full uniform each day. 6. We have had some problems with violence from a small number of students, and the Board asks me to remind parents that any form of violence towards others is entirely unacceptable at school. I have raised this matter before, and we are concerned about this problem which affects our community within and outside the school. Students must understand that we will not allow any form of violence or fighting to come into the school, and this very much includes the areas around the school when students are arriving or leaving in the afternoon. I ask you for your support in this, and that you make students aware the punishment for fighting can be very harsh and include exclusion or expulsion from school. Term II will finish on Friday 3 July. We start again for term III on Monday 20 July



James Cook High School ex student heading for the United States On 24th January 2009, the New Zealand Iron Blacks, (Under 18 American Football Team), qualified for the Junior World Cup. Two JC Spartans boys, Lefu Iaopo, (ex James Cook High School) and Raymond Saipele have been selected to travel to the United States to participate in the Junior World Cup Tournament will be held in Canton, Ohio, USA, at the end of June. It is run by IFAF, (International Federation of American Football). To get right behind Lefu and Raymond. JC Spartans aims to help fund the trip, and will host a Bingo evening to raise funds. Tickets are available from Grant Dalton (phone 2664463), and all funds will go to send the boys to the United States to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity. What When : : Bingo fundraiser Friday, 5 June (doors open at 6pm) James Cook High School, Dr Pickering Avenue, Manurewa (in the school hall)

Where :

Bingo costs $28. Meals and drinks will also be sold. We need a really good turnout. So please join the JC Spartans in their campaign to send Lefu and Raymond to the United States. 9. As from Tuesday 2 June we will be moving to winter bell times, with a shorter lunch every day. School will then commence at 8:40am and finish at 2:50pm.

10. Influenza A (H1N1) – Swine Flu – you will be aware that the swine flu virus is currently affecting a number of people in countries overseas. There have been some cases in New Zealand, mostly associated with students from Rangatoto College. However, the virus is spreading quite significantly in US, Europe, Japan and now Australia. A number of schools in Australia have recently been closed. Schools are very susceptible to viruses and influenza, as they are readily spread by young people. As a result if influenza A virus takes hold in New Zealand it is likely that schools will be the first and most affected. In that case we will be instructed by the Ministry of Health to close the school, and I am informed by MOH that this could happen very quickly with the order to close given within hours. In this case I will be sending all students home with a letter of explanation which will outline how long the school will remain closed for, and any matters that you need to be aware of. My understanding is that the closure is likely to be for a week at least. Could I ask for the assistance of parents in reducing the risk of influenza taking hold in our community. The Ministry of Health advises three very important matters. They are:make sure your children understand the importance of washing their hands, especially before meals and after going to the toilet; assist your children by making available disposable tissues when they have coughs or sneezes; most importantly, if your child has the flu or a cold please do keep them at home until they are well. Please do ring us and let us know of that situation when it happens.

Hopefully the influenza A swine flu will pass and not cause us any more problems than we usually experience in our winters. Please do contact me if you require any further information.

Thank you

B E Smith Principal

Upcoming Events for June
A few weeks ago I was speaking to a senior student who gave me some unsettling information. Apparently her parents were informed that the school told students that they could only apply for one university. I can assure you that this is not correct. When we work with students we encourage them to apply for 2 or more courses and, if it’s best for the student, courses at a variety of tertiary institutions. If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact me at the details below. Thanks. Joy Williams (HOD Careers) In School      3-5 June - CMDHB speakers in Year 11, 12, 13 Science/Biology classes 8, 22, 26 June - StudyLink presentation to senior students in the Hall 17 June - CMDHB’s Incubator Health Careers session (20 x Y12/13 students) in LCR 19 June, 10-12.30 - MIT Mini Expo in the Hall 23 June, lunchtime - Whitecliffe School of Art & Design careers information session in S1

Out of School  24 June, 12-7pm - AMES Training Centre Open Day, 500 Queen St, Auckland  8-11 June, 4-7pm - UNITEC Information Week, www.unitec.ac.nz  25 June, 6.15pm - University of Auckland Pasifika Information Evening, Fale Pasifika, 20 Wynyard Street, Auckland. Register at www.creative.auckland.ac.nz or 0800 61 62 63  16 June, 7-9pm - Uni of Otago Law Career Function, Otago House, 385 Queen St, Auckland Register at law@reception@otago.ac.nz  17 June, 6-8pm - Uni of Otago Health Sciences Information Evening, Otago House, 385 Queen St, Auckland. RSVP by 13 June to auckland.liaison@otago.ac.nz or 373 9704  18 June, 6-8pm - Uni of Otago Business Information Evening, Otago House, 385 Queen St, Auckland. RSVP by 13 June to auckland.liaison@otago.ac.nz or 373 9704  3, 4, 9, 11, 17 June - AUT Information Evenings, City Campus and North Shore Campus. Register at www.autuni.ac.nz/infosessions or 0800 288 864. For more information on any of these events, feel free to contact any of the Career’s Department staff. Joy Williams (Careers Advisor) ext 843, Joanna McNaughton (Gateway Co-ordinator) ext 877, Denise Rosenfeldt (Careers Assistant) ext 866

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