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									Snapping Vortex
Snapping Vortex – Defense against a right step-through punch. Name – This technique gets it’s name from the way that the Kenpoist snaps his strikes
into the attacker creating the rapidly changing energies endemic to the chaos inherent in a powerful vortex.

Theme- Snapping Vortex emphasizes disturbing directional switches in support of an
extraordinarily fast Diversified Angle of Attack (DAA). This DAA is characterized by increasingly accelerated moves in extreme close quarters to the attacker. These accelerated strikes violently snap the attacker’s body in ever changing spiral directions (left, right, laterally, down and up) in order to systematically and efficiently induce vertigo, unconsciousness and ultimately… death.

Concepts & Principles taught in Snapping Vortex1. accelerated moves 2. angle of cancellation 3. angle of deflection 4. angle of deviation 5. angle of disturbance 6. angle of incidence 7. axis of rotation 8. body alignment 9. Body Mass 10. borrowed force 11. borrowed reach 12. bracing angle 13. buckles 14. confluence of forces 15. contour 16. control maintenance 17. control manipulation 18. depth zone 19. directional switch 20. displacement by distance 21. distracting 22. disturbing 23. Diversified Angle of Attack 24. dropping 25. framing 26. frictional pull 27. fulcrum 28. gap 29. gravitational check 30. height zone 31. horizontal orbit 32. knock out 33. lateral momentum 34. lever 35. line of attack 36. line of departure 37. lock out check 38. marriage of gravity 39. obscure zones 40. pinning check 1

41. pin-point effect 42. pivot 43. plunging 44. point of origin 45. rebound 46. residual torque 47. Retreating Arm Levers 48. returning motion 49. reverse marriage of grav 50. reverse motion 51. rotational torque 52. sliding check 53. snap 54. spiral 55. sweeping check 56. time deterrent 57. vertical orbit 58. vital areas 59. width zone 60. zone of sanctuary Robert J. Metz 26 JAN 05

Attack - While facing the attacker from a relaxed position of readiness (modified
attention stance) the attacker steps forward with his right foot and executes a right stepthrough punch to your head or body.

Defense S1 From Modified Attention Stance execute a left step-through with a marriage of gravity to 11:30 into a Left Neutral Bow Stance posting behind and hooking the attacker’s right foot in a positional check. This takes you off of the assailant’s line of attack and into a more tactically sound location to fight from called a line of departure. S1 Left hand inward parries attacker’s punching arm just above his right elbow creating a angle of deflection with a detaining check while you pivot 20* into a Left Forward Bow Stance and your right arm tracks along the underside of his punch on a angle of deviation delivering a right downward, diagonal thrusting punch to the attacker’s right ribs (1). Your intent is to use your attacker’s forward progress against him with power generated through borrowed force to double him over (borrowed reach) and limit his respiration via fractured ribs. This cancels the attacker’s height zone via your proper body alignment as measured from the heel of your right foot through the right hip and shoulder and continuing along your arm to the right fist. (There is a hidden horizontal elbow suffix to ribs if desired as well). S2 Right arm invokes control manipulation by immediately framing your head with a upward, outward parry (sliding check) in a vertical orbit initiating a frictional pull to the outside of the attacker’s right arm ultimately rotating your wrist clockwise into a downward, snapping cranes head capture of the attacker’s right wrist. This returning motion acts as an angle of cancellation that pins (pinning check) his right foot to the ground and marginalizes his left side arm and leg weapons as his left shoulder and hip rotate backwards effectively canceling his width zone. (There is a hidden outward finger slice insert to eyes if desired as well). S2 Concurrently, pivot 90* clockwise, invoking full rotational torque as well as a extreme directional switch, into a Right Forward Bow Stance while delivering a left, upward, vertical elbow in a vertical orbit to the attacker’s right outer elbow (2) on an angle of incidence. This takes advantage of colliding forces due to the parallel force system being exerted via the fulcrum of your ascending elbow and the downward counter-pressure anchor you maintain at the distal end of his arm lever. The mental image you should have is like the reverberation one would expect to see when a grand piano shatters upon impacting a cement street after falling from 10 stories. Further, this initiates an “S” pattern breach of his stance integrity by involuntarily wrenching his right shoulder forward and away from you. (There is a hidden glancing, descending elbow to the right bicep, if desired, as a suffix to this phase of motion in preparation for S3). Note that this action further forcefully neutralizes his width zone by design. 2 Robert J. Metz 26 JAN 05

S2 Insure that as you pivot into your Right Forward Bow Stance that your left knee buckles his right knee (3) in an angle of disturbance. S3 The left hand will snap down the attacker’s right arm in a vertical orbit utilizing reverse motion with a downward, vertical cranes head (sweeping check) impacting the medial nerve (4) thereby insuring that his right arm is controlled (control maintenance) so that his right hand can’t index your midsection or groin as it passes by these vital areas as our intent is to expose the inside of his right arm to attack. Insure you ultimately gain a controlling check/grab to his right wrist with your left hand using proper counterpressure at the distal end of this arm lever adding to the shock that is about to be deposited by the following strike. S3 Concurrently, pivot 90* counter clockwise (rotational torque) into a Left Forward Bow Stance invoking a second extreme directional switch while delivering in a vertical orbit a right, upward, vertical elbow to the attacker’s right bicep (5) again taking advantage of angle of incidence coupled with colliding forces thereby violently redirecting his balance in the second phase of the “S” pattern breach of his stance integrity by involuntarily wrenching his right shoulder backward and away from you. This adds a whiplash effect to his neck in preparation for the next strike. S4 While maintaining control of his right wrist with your left hand pivot 20* into a Right Neutral Bow Stance and contour along the top of the attacker’s right arm using rotational torque in a horizontal orbit of your right, outward, upward, diagonal handsword to rebound into the attacker’s right brachial plexus origin (6). Contouring is an important principle to adhere to during this technique in order to insure tactical success in environments of limited visibility or complete darkness. S4 Concurrently, use residual torque to twist the attacker’s right wrist counter clockwise and down in order to enforce the lateral momentum extant in Retreating Arm Levers which acts as rotational force that employs the expanding nature of the width dimension. This redirects his balance from the previous forward momentum thereby completing the breach of his stance integrity via the triple Directional Change Displacement inherent in the “S” pattern. A proper strike to the brachial plexus origin elicits a “knock out effect” in that unconscious ensues upon the strike ceasing neuromuscular/inter-vascular function in this area of the neck in a lock out check as a time deterrent for at least 20 milliseconds. S5 As the right handsword is already maintaining a bracing angle to the right side of the opponent’s neck utilize control maintenance by sliding it to the junction of the neck and trap muscle in a crane hand gravitational check while simultaneously delivering in a vertical orbit a right, downward, inward, flapping elbow to the attacker’s sternum (7) by pivoting 90* into a Left Neutral Bow Stance in order to buckle the attacker’s solar plexus region of address and pull the attacker’s torso down to again negate his height zone while simultaneously making his depth zone deform inward. S5 Immediately follow up by pivoting 20* into a Left Forward Bow Stance and deliver in a vertical orbit a right upward, knee to the attacker’s bladder (8) in order to create a pinpoint effect and buckle the attacker’s lunar plexus region of address and pull the attacker’s torso down further negating his height and depth zones and fully bending him over. 3 Robert J. Metz 26 JAN 05

S5 As your knee is already chambered execute a right snapping knife edge kick to his left inner knee (9) thereby buckling it slightly creating a distracting displacement by distance before landing in a Left Neutral Bow Stance so that the right foot returns back to point of origin. S6 Sweep your left foot back in a horizontal orbit sweep of the attacker’s right foot to 4:00 behind your right leg initiating a Right Front Twist Stance followed by sweeping your right foot on a straight line back to 4:00 into a Left Neutral Bow Stance thereby creating a “well” (gap) so to speak that the attacker can be thrown into. This foot maneuver also creates a zone of sanctuary for you further regulate control manipulations in preparation for the throw to follow. S6 Concurrently, use your right, downward, inward palm heel to the back of the attacker’s neck to direct the attacker’s head clockwise beneath his right armpit as your left hand rotates his right arm lever clockwise via a vertical orbit in a dynamic axis of rotation up towards the sky causing his whole body to spin under his right armpit in a confluence of forces. Done with proper pressure and control maintenance the attacker should end up in a seated position directly at your feet facing away front you. S7 As your right hand is still controlling his neck step with your right foot to 3:00 into a fighting horse stance with both feet askance his seated position and bring both hands, one palm over top of the other resting upon the crown of his head. S7 Next inhale expanding your lungs to full capacity and bounce an inch up out of your horse stance while pressing your knees outward thereby momentarily creating a reverse marriage of gravity. Then forcefully blow all the air out of your lungs while breathing out the word “Hooooo” and collapse your Body Mass via a dropping concave stance to invoke marriage of gravity while concurrently executing a double plunging, vertical heel palm thrust straight down seeking to push his forehead into his pelvis thereby resulting in a sinew separation along the vertebrae of most of the spine (10). S8 Do a double cover-out to 6:00 scanning the obscure zones to 7:30 and 4:30 respectively as you do so in order to check 360* of battle space as a prefix to your escape and evasion vectors. S9 Extension – can add extension to Snapping Vortex after S7 by indexing Green Belt’s Back Breaker. Delete everything previous to when your right hand grabs the attacker’s chin and your left hand grabs the crown of the head in preparation for the neck break in Back Breaker and grafting the rest of the technique onto Snapping Vortex. This flow of Back Breaker’s neck break, right handsword, double hammerfists and claws to right retarded ball kick to heel stomp makes an excellent suffix to Snapping Vortex. Need to update vulnerable target chart.


Robert J. Metz 26 JAN 05

Vulnerable Targets

6 2 5 4 1 8 7





Robert J. Metz 26 JAN 05

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