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					Should Boxing be banned?
Although not everyone agrees with the subject of boxing being banned I want to present the points of view that surround this subject. Modern day boxing started in the eighteenth century and the rules have changed a great deal for safety. Boxing originated from bare knuckle fighting. To make the sport safer we now have; padded boxing rings, gloves, gum shields and a fourth rope on the ring to protect the boxers so they don’t jolt their neck or suffer a whiplash injury. First of all let us consider the points in favour of banning boxing. The International debate education association proved that in the twentieth century a thousand boxers died either in the ring or shortly afterwards as a result of injuries from fighting. A local example of this would be Johnny Owen, a young Merthyr boxer who died shortly after receiving a blow to the jaw in a championship boxing match. Also it proves that boxing is a very violent activity because the intention of the sport is to physically injure your opponent. Many children who watch this on their televisions may try to imitate the boxers by getting into trouble because they are fighting in the streets. Despite this argument there are people who think boxing is a good sport, for instance says boxing teaches good discipline and encourages fitness. It is a world sporting event just like football, rugby, hockey, swimming and mountain climbing. Boxers know the risks they are taking when they step inside the ring, a person can get injured in any sport they play so why just ban boxing? You can’t help it if you get injured, it’s something that happens, and if boxing is successfully banned it will be carried out even more in secret. Most boxing is late in the evening anyway and its impact on children is therefore less damaging than that of other sport.

After weighing up both sides of the argument I have come to the conclusion that boxing should stay. My main reason for this is that it keeps you fit Cyril Thomas a brother of Eddie Thomas, another famous boxer from Merthyr Tydfil, said Eddie would run up a hill in heavy coal mining boots to give him more strength in his legs. Most boxers fight for the money or the fame and not simply for the fighting. After Johnny Owen died they now x-ray your head to make sure the incident does not happen again. The rules are strict and the referee has to stay close ready to stop the fight at any time. But this is just my personal opinion. By

Cerys Davies

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