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									This Tournament Goes To Eleven 2007 Music Monstrosity (subject packet) Written by: Drake, Grinnell, Jason, LunaMike Bentley, Bruce Arthur, Brittany Clark Rock and Pop Music Questions taken from the packets originally submitted under the titles “God Listens to Slayer" (Grinnell), "The Evolution of Rock" (Drake), and "'80s Music" (Jason Luna).

1. Founded in 1980, they fortunately passed up the chance to call themselves "Head Cheese". This group would release a wildly unpopular synthesizer driven album with some actual good songs like “Billy Gnosis” and “Chasing the Wild Goose”, 1983's Into the Unknown, but soon returned to their traditional style with songs like “Frogger” and “Along the Way” on the appropriately titled, Back to the Known. Their first full length album contained enduring staples by the band like “Part III” and “Fuck Armageddon This is Hell”, an album called "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?". Epitaph records founder Brett Gurewitz and UCLA Professor Greg Graffin collaborated to write the title track to Suffer, the 1988 album this author credits with saving punk rock. FTP, identify this band, best known for songs like “21st Century Digital Boy”, “Sorrow”, and “Infected”, as well as their cross-buster logo. ANSWER: Bad Religion 2. They did soundtrack work for movies like movies like Spawn, and The Crow: City of Angels, the latter of which contained their song “Jurrasitol”. That song came out just one year after their 1995 debut album, which featured tracks like "So Cool" and "Gerbil" in addition to the power suicide ballad, “Dose.” They haven't released an album since 2002's The Amalgamut, a disc that contained a song with the heavy hitting lyrics, "I touch / Yeah, yeah, yeah" in the chorus. Besides “Where Do We Go From Here”, this band fronted by Richard Patrick found success with a song opening "awake on my airplane", namely “Take A Picture”. FTP, name this American band who brought us the power trip from “Short Bus,” “Hey, Man Nice Shot.” ANSWER: Filter 3. This artist dropped out of high school to begin his musical career with the band Rock House, later known as MPD, Limited. After leaving the band Loot and moving to California, he starred in the forgettable Saturday morning cartoon, "Mission: Magic" in 1973. He had an early hit in his native country of Australia, 1971's “Speak to the Sky”, while his best known song appeared on the album Working Class Dog and is about a woman who is "watching him with those eyes / and she's lovin' him with that body". Outside of the music world, he is best known as Dr. Noah Drake from General Hospital, whom he stills portrays. FTP, who is this singer, best known for his 1981 number-one hit “Jessie’s Girl”? ANSWER: Rick Springfield

4. This first single to top the Billboard Modern Rock Charts, according to Wikipedia, indirectly references Brian Eno’s collection of Oblique Strategies via a reference to the movie Slacker. At one point in this song, the singer proclaims, “I'd studied your cartoons, radio, music, TV, movies, magazines”, and the drug Benzedrine is mentioned in the first line. Lead singer Michael Stipe reportedly said that this song is about over-analysis by the news media. The first single from the 1994 album Monster, FTP, identify this song whose title came from a question asked in 1986 by William Tager and another man of Dan Rather, a hit by REM. ANSWER: “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” 5. They contributed the song “You Better Swim” to the soundtrack for the Spongebob Squarepants movie, while the '90s saw them release albums like Sacrifice, with a title track that appeared in Romeo and Juliet along with this group's lead singer. In 2005 the band won its first Grammy award, a Best Metal Performance award for a cover of Metallica’s “Whiplash”. This speed metal band's most popular song contains the lyric, "Double up or quit, double stakes or split". Formed in 1975 by the former-bassist of the space-rock outfit Hawkwind, this band's albums include Overkill and No Sleep Till Hammersmith. FTP, "Ace of Spades" is the best known song of what band led by Ian Kilmister, better known as Lemmy. ANSWER: Motörhead 6. This fastest selling album in the history of Columbia Records was originally going to be called "Don't Be a Faggot" before the record label axed that idea. One song on this album brags "I got a girl in the Castle and one in the pagoda", while another has the lyric, "I spent my last dollar to buy a Sabrett". Kerry King of Slayer played lead guitar and appeared in the video for one song, while other tracks contain samples from works such as "When the Levee Breaks and "Low Rider". The album cover features a Boeing 727 crashing into the side of a mountain, with the Def Jam logo on the tail. Also containing tracks like "Paul Revere" and "She's Crafty", FTP, name this album, best known for hits like "Brass Monkey", “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”, and “You’ve Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party”, the 1986 debut album by the Beastie Boys. ANSWER: Licensed to Ill 7. In Almost Famous, Lester Bangs claims that this band, who recorded “Silver Bird” and “Roseanne”, “could be drunken bastards and still make good music”. They first gained radio play with the single “Shakin’ All Over”, recorded before Chad Allan left the band and Burton Cummings became their full-time lead vocalist, and these Winnipeg natives were the first Canadian band to have a number-one hit in the United States. One of their famous songs spells out part of the title and asks the title figure to "mama let me be". Guitarist Randy Bachman, of Bachman-Turner Overdrive fame, left the band in 1970 after the release of their multi-platinum album American Woman. FTP, what is this band, whose song “These Eyes” was sung a cappella in Superbad? ANSWER: The Guess Who

8. Their first officially released album contained a song that advises the listener to leave the title figure's "ass in the corner till her feet get cold", a track that featured Vernon Reid titled "Sophisticated Bitch". "LSD" and "Kevorkian" appeared on their 1999 album There's a Poison Goin' On, an album that also contained the controversial re-interpretation of “Schindler’s List” called “Swindler’s Lust". Their ranks have included Sister Souljah, but their road manager and drummer left the group before their latest album "Rebirth of a Nation" due to comments supporting the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. FTP, name this rap group, producer of such as hits as “Don’t Believe The Hype” and “Fight The Power”, whose membership includes Terminator X, Professor Griff, Chuck D, and Flava Flav. ANSWER: Public Enemy 9. With his then wife Jeanette, he recorded a song where he don't mean maybe about “Speedin' Back to My Baby” as the second track on his solo album. In his most famous band, he rarely did vocals himself, instead letting band mates sing songs he penned like “Getaway” and “Parasite”. However, he did sing on the 1979 track “Hard Times” and made his vocal debut on the "Love Gun" album with the song "Shock Me". The only semi-hits from his solo career were "Rock Soldiers" and "Back In the New York Groove", and he appeared playing guitar in full concert attire in a 2007 Dunkin' Donuts commercial. FTP, name this lead guitarist from the rock band KISS, who was known as “Space Ace.” ANSWER:: Ace Frehley (also accept Paul Daniel Frehley) 10. In the music video for this song, a newspaper image of a boxer can be seen punching another boxer during the tempo change. That video also weirdly displays the lyrics of the song in the background, like the first two words, "so if". The Scissor Sisters covered it as a B-Side to "Mary" in 2004, and the song has been featured in numerous videogames including NHL 05 and Madden 05 and the first Guitar Hero. Its lyrics talk about the singer being left "broken, shattered" and also mention that "I'm just a crosshair." Some people on the Internet claim it's about an assassination by Gavrilo Princip, which would connect it to the band's name. FTP, name this most popular song by Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. ANSWER: “Take Me Out” 11. A really early version of this song performed at CBGB's entreats the listener to "listen to me now, I've passed the test / you think I'm cute, I think I'm the best", lyrics not in the studio version. Kate Miller-Hiedke sang an opera version of this song, while the Barenaked Ladies covered it on their early album, Buck Naked. It got no higher than number 92 on the charts, and when David Byrne wrote it in 1977, he said that he “imagined Alice Cooper writing a Randy Newman ballad”. Known for having a French bridge and talking about how the singer is "nervous and I can't relax", FTP, what is this song by the Talking Heads, played acoustically to a canned drumbeat at the beginning of Stop Making Sense, appropriately used in the film Summer of Sam. ANSWER: “Psycho Killer”

12. They are known for performing live covers like "Dream Police" by Cheap Trick and "Can't Get It Out of My Head" by ELO, which appeared on their most recent studio album. They formed after a benefit concert for Ozzy Osbourne drummer Randy Castillo in 2002, and their first album saw them produce tracks like Sucker Train Blues and Big Machine. Some more notable covers this band has performed include “Dead & Bloated”, “Vasoline”, and “Interstate Love Song”, all by their lead singer's former band. FTP, name this group consisting of three former members of Guns n’ Roses, a former guitarist of Wasted Youth, and Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots, who have released such songs as “Slither” and “She Builds Quick Machines.” ANSWER: Velvet Revolver 13. The music video for this song begins with a man whose football jersey reads “Darius B” coming out of a store and using a portable microphone to announce a sale, which causes a street musician playing the artist’s last hit on a saxophone to leave. One artist in this song’s video wears a white mask over his right eye, and at one point, the backup dancers are dressed as football referees. One artist in this song expresses his like for the colors white and blue after being told that he looks good in them, while another states that the titular objects are only good for one night, and that you could not get certain colors, even with a personal genie. Featuring Murphy Lee, for ten points, name this Nelly song about buying two pairs of the titular Nike shoe. ANSWER: Air Force Ones 14. In 2001, Rhino Records re-released it and added on five songs, which include “Slug” and “It’s a Long Way Back to Germany”. It cost roughly $25,000 to record, putting its price higher than the two albums already recorded by the group. It includes a cover version of a Bobby Freeman song made famous by the Beach Boys, “Do You Wanna Dance?” as well as “Surfin’ Bird”, a Trashmen cover. Lesser known originals on this album include “Teenage Lobotomy” and “We're a Happy Family”. It is best remembered, however, for the two surf-rock inspired singles it spawned, “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” and “Rockaway Beach”. FTP, what is third album by the Ramones, whose title can also refer to a Cold War intercontinental ballistic missile? ANSWER: Rocket to Russia 15. They plan to release the compilation album “Medium Rare” later in December to coincide with their planned reunion show at the Middle East, a venue where they earlier recorded a live album including songs like “Dr. D” and “Cowboy Coffee”. This band includes Joe "The Bass" Gittleman as well as "Johnny Vegas" on saxophone. Before their breakup, they recorded a song about former mobster Mr. Moran on the album A Jackknife to a Swan, while earlier albums include Don't Know How to Party and Question the Answers. They had a cameo appearance in Clueless, performing one of their early hits, "Someday I Suppose", while the song that they're best known for asks "Have you ever been close to tragedy?". Finding their greatest success with the album Let's Face It and with songs like “The Rascal King”, FTP, name this band, best known for the hit, "The Impression That I Get". ANSWER: Mighty Mighty Bosstones

16. It was first recorded in 1967, and has since been covered twice by two bands led by the same man. The artist's second cover version of this song is a six minute and twenty-nine second long live version that features a brass section and a keyboard solo. This song's writer denies that it is a reference to a drug dealer, while that title figure boasts "A cat's meow and a cow's moo, I can recite 'em all". More generally, the song tells the story of the title figure, who returns to his Inuit village, bringing great happiness with him. Begging the listener to "come on without, come on within, you've not seen anything like" the title figure, FTP, what is this song, originally written by Bob Dylan under a pseudonym and covered by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band? ANSWER: “The Mighty Quinn” 17. A Michigan band named Da Yoopers released a parody of this song that referenced the Green Bay Packers’ Superbowl team. This song’s music video begins with the gyrations of a woman with a bright orange headscarf and blue shorts, and dancers in the music video for this song include a woman in a blue wig and an Asian woman with pink clothes and lipstick, while the chorus is sung by two middle-aged men in business suits with an old-style drop down microphone. The video for the official Christmas remix of this song shows its dance moves applied to “Jingle Bells”, “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Auld Lang Syne”, and “Joy to the World”. Those moves were choreographed by Diana Cubillan. The titular character cheats on her boyfriend when he is out of town, because his two friends were so fine, and she is always at the party because she thinks it is cosa buena. For ten points, name this Los Del Rio hit, a popular Spanish dance from the mid-1990’s. ANSWER: Macarena 18. In one music video for this group, the lead singer drives around with a whip, using it to transform other band members into Mexican stereotypes. One song by this group references a water sprite whose appearance fortells the sinking of a ship, and they also used traditional Mexican dress for “Pistolero” and adopted Japanese garb for “Samurai”. Two members of this group were refugees from the Hungarian Revolution, while a female member was Dutch. One of their songs is a story of redemption in which the titular character uses his skill at the percussion to impress his father, and their most famous song contains lyrics discussing dancing on a table until it breaks, as well as love that tastes like caviar and was performed at Eurovision in 1979. For ten points, name this German-language band that adopted a Mongolian theme for “Moskau”. ANSWER: Dschinghis Khan 19. Its original B-side was “Drifting Heart”. Meat Loaf includes it in his Rock Medleys at live shows, and it was covered by Iron Maiden after the departure of their longtime manager Vic Villa. It was an early staple of the Beatles, and the band continued to play this song that mentions that "the jukebox blows a fuse" into their 1964 American torus. The most famous cover, however, is still played as the last song at every Electric Light Orchestra concert, and it has become their signature song and breakthrough single. Originally performed by Chuck Berry in 1956, this is, FTP, what song that instructs a certain classical composer to do the title action and "dig these rhythms and blues". ANSWER: Roll Over Beethoven

20. The iTunes version of this album expands on one of its song's title, offering a solution involving an "Inner Tube, Bath Mats and 21 Able-Bodied Men". Originally conceived as a double album, songs like “No Man's Land” and one about the discover of Pluto, “For Clyde Tombaugh” appeared on an 21 track outtakes expansion to this disc. Its cover controversially featured a depiction of Superman, leading to the album being temporarily be pulled off the shelves. One of the alternative titles of a song on the album is "I Have Fought the Big Knives and Will Continue to Fight Them Until They Are off Our Lands!'", a reference to a Black Hawk Chief's reaction to the Treaty of Ghent. Also containing songs like “Decatur, Or, Round of Applause for Your Step Mother”, which comments on the great debating skills of Stephen A. Douglas, FTP, identify this "state" album by Sufjan Stevens, which also contains the song, “Chicago”. ANSWER: Illinoise 21. It was recorded in May 1977 in London, and released by Polydor Records in November of that year. Though the artist is usually associated with mainstream rock genres, this album was considered a blues record and a large step away from his previous works. Tracks include “Peaches and Diesel”, “The Core”, and “Mean Old Frisco”. The album cover has a blue-scale photo of the neck of the artist’s Stratocaster guitar. Aside from 1970’s Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, which was released by Derek and the Dominoes, it is the artist’s greatest critical success. FTP, what is this Eric Clapton album, which takes its name from a nickname given to Clapton during his days in Cream? ANSWER: Slowhand

1. Identify some of these things relating to a certain artist, FTPE. [10] He contributed a cover of “Lost in the Supermarket” as well as originals like “Still and Rockin' the Suburbs” to the Over the Hedge soundtrack. ANSWER: Benjamin Scott "Ben" Folds (don't accept "Ben Folds Five") [10] While still part of Ben Folds Five, Folds wrote this song from The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. In response to thinking about the title occupation, the singer's dad says "Son, you're fucking high" in this song. ANSWER: Army [10] Ben Fold's most successful solo album to date is this one released in 2005. It came with a DVD about making the album, while the album contained tracks like “Give Judy My Notice”, “Bastard”, and “Jesusland”. ANSWER: Songs for Silverman 2. Identify these things relating to Weezer, FTPE. [10] Weezer’s first album began with this track, and it ended up becoming the third single for the band. Written about a car accident, it proclaims “I’m carrying the wheel” and asks someone to “come sit next to me”. ANSWER: “My Name is Jonas” [10] One of the better songs on Pinkerton was this one, where the singer is disappointed to find that his love interest is a lesbian. Its title comes from a noted lesbian symbol. ANSWER: “Pink Triangle” [10] Coming in between the Green Album and Make Believe, this Weezer album featured tracks like “Keep Fishin’” and “Dope Noise”. ANSWER: Maladroit 3. FTPE, identify the following about the early days of a certain band. [10] Before they had Neal Peart at drums, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of this group created the seven minute blue-collar classic "Working Man". Their next album, Fly By Night, would feature Peart playing drums on "By-Tor and the Snowdog", though. ANSWER: Rush [10] The editor of this question knows Rush best for making this song, which appeared on the “Anthology of Interest II” episode of Futurama. One part of this song off of Moving Pictures sounds like it's talking about Space Invaders, and it shares a title with a certain literary character. ANSWER: Tom Sawyer [10] Rush's album Hemispheres featured this song written by Peart. It tells of a story where tall oaks and shorter maples compete for sunlight, but they are all kept even by “hatchet, axe, and saw.” ANSWER: “The Trees” 4. Questions about Sublime, FTPE. [10] Sublime found early success with this morality song about a blue eyed creep who ends up screaming to no avail in a cell with a large inmate after being convicted of doing the title action. ANSWER: “Date Rape”

[10] Date Rape appeared on this Sublime album, which also included good songs like “Smoke Two Joints” and “Badfish”, now the namesake a very popular Sublime tribute band. ANSWER: 40 oz. To Freedom [10] It wouldn’t be until Sublime’s self titled album and Bradley Nowell’s death that the band would find a true hit with songs like this one, that has the singer saying that he doesn’t cry when his dog runs away and he never had to battle with a bulletproof vest. ANSWER: What I Got 5. Identify these things about a certain Pink Floyd album, FTPE. [10] The semi-title track on this album is broken into three parts, notably containing a weird spoken word section where a man shouts “How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?” ANSWER: The Wall [10] Also appearing multiple times on The Wall is this song, both Track 1 and 21. Both versions talking about “might like to go to the show to feel the warm thrill of confusion”. ANSWER: “In The Flesh?” [10] This Pink Floyd member sang lead vocals on The Wall songs like “The Show Must Go On” and “Young Lust”. Before Pink Floyd, this guitarist was in the band Joker’s Wild. ANSWER: David Jon Gilmour 6. Identify the following about some different versions of a particular song, FTPE. [10] Originally recorded by Sonny Curtis and The Crickets, this song mentions that “I needed money cause I had none”, so the singer did the title action with the aid of a “six-gun”. ANSWER: “I Fought the Law” [10] A recent cover of “I Fought the Law” was done by this band, which appeared in a 2004 Superbowl commercial. Oh yeah, their next chronological single was “American Idiot”. ANSWER: Green Day [10] Another version was done by this Canadian artist whose notable albums include 18 til I Die and Waking up the Neighbours. ANSWER: Bryan Adams 7. For the stated number of points, name these original songs by The Who from lyrics: [5] For five, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” ANSWER: “Won’t Get Fooled Again” [5] Five, “I hope I die before I get old.” ANSWER: “My Generation” [10] For ten, “I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked the Beatles, I asked Timothy Leary.” ANSWER: “The Seeker” [10] For ten, “I don’t mind other guys dancing with my girl.” ANSWER: “The Kids are Alright” 8. Identify some of these songs contained in various polkas by Weird Al, FTPE. [10] One of the songs covered on the track “Polka Party” was this Madonna song from her album True Blue, about a girl telling her father that she’s pregnant and “keepin’ the baby”. ANSWER: “Papa Don’t Preach”

[10] Off the Deep End’s Polka Your Eyes Out contained a cover of this track by Divinyls which Wikipedia astutely determines is “about masturbation”. ANSWER: “I Touch Myself” [10] In 3-D’s Polkas on 45 contained this song by the Rolling Stones that Elite Beat Agents fans may know as being the song in the last level in the game. It starts by saying “I was born in a cross-fire hurricane”. ANSWER: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” 9. Identify the following ABBA songs FTPE. [10] This song refers to the titular brand of arena lights, which will blind the singer, but also see her “shining like the sun / smiling having fun.” ANSWER: “Super Trouper” [10] In this song, the singer and her titular lover reminisce about crossing the Rio Grande to help fight a war while they were young, noting that “there was something in the air that night / the stars were bright.” ANSWER: “Fernando” [10] This song begins by noting “where are those happy days / they seem so hard to find”, “it used to be so nice / it used to be so good” before issuing the titular cry for help. ANSWER: “S.O.S.” 10. Identify the following relating to a recent hit song. [10] In this song, the artist urges the listener to get a new one of the titular object, noting that his present one is “like, so whatever” and he “could do so much better”. ANSWER: “Girlfriend” [10] “Girlfriend” is the first single off this most recent Avril Lavigne album. ANSWER: The Best Damn Thing [10] This older Avril Lavigne album featured the hits “Complicated” and “Sk8tr Boi”. It shares its name with a Trick Daddy song. ANSWER: Lets Go 11. Even though they only had one studio album and lasted for only three years, the Sex Pistols defined the age of punk. FTPE, answer these questions about them and their work. [10] This was the name of their only album, from 1977. ANSWER: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols [10] This was the controversial lead singer of the Sex Pistols, who got the job by being seen in London miming along to an Alice Cooper track. ANSWER: Johnny Rotten (also accept Lydon) [10] This “ultimate Sex Pistols fan” became their bass guitar player in 1977 after the departure of Glenn Matlock. He wasn’t very talented and the band broke up the next year. ANSWER: Sid Vicious (also accept John Simon Ritchie) 12. Identify the following about a recording artist and his work. FTPE: [10] This southern hip-hop artist is perhaps best known for saying “Yeah” a lot in the Usher song “Yeah” ANSWER: Lil’ John

[10] Lil’ John had a smash hit with “Get Low”, off this 2002 double-platinum album. ANSWER: Kings of Crunk [10] Lil’ John produced the hit song “Goodies” for this other Atlanta artist, a female R&B singer. ANSWER: Ciara 13. Answer some questions about an artist who contributed to the hearing impairment of the writer of this question, FTPE. [10] Led by now-openly gay Rob Halford, this British metal band behind the song "Electric Eye" was accused of causing some kids to try to commit suicide over subliminal lyrics in "Better By You, Better Than Me", off of Stained Class. ANSWER: Judas Priest [10] Songs from this 1980 album included “Living After Midnight” and “Breaking the Law,” and inspired a worldwide tour. Your packet writer once lost his voice during a concert trying to hit the “You Don’t Know What It’s Like” scream from “Breaking.” ANSWER: “British Steel” [10] This was the video documentary that featured them, done in 1986 when they were about ready to do a concert with Dokken in Landover, MD. It was apparently a favorite on the Nirvana tour bus, as well as parodied by bands such as American Hi-Fi and Less than Jake. ANSWER: “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” 14. Answer these questions about everybody’s favorite “boys next door,” Herman’s Hermits FTPE. [10] This was the lead singer of Herman’s Hermits, who was also an actor who can be seen on such TV shows as Married with Children and Quantum Leap. He also has a recurring role on As the World Turns. ANSWER: Peter Noone [10] Their first hit in 1964, this song peaked at #13 in the U.S. It starts with the words “Woke up this morning feeling fine/There’s something special on my mind.” ANSWER: “I’m Into Something Good” [10] Everybody’s favorite song with a back handed reference to an Anglican, it hit #1 on the U.S. charts in June of 1965. It tells the story of a man who got “married to the widow next door/she’s been married seven times before.” ANSWER: “I’m Henry VIII, I Am” 15. Name some stuff from the Beach Boys, FTPE. [10] A traditional West Indies folk song arranged by Brian Wilson, it involves a drunken first mate, a sheriff named john stone and the singer just wants to go home. ANSWER: Sloop John B [10] Although the charms of Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda are mentioned, it is the titular location that the singer will get to fast and then he will take it slow. ANSWER: Kokomo [10]] This song involves a contest between a fuel-injected Stingray and a four-thirteen with the singer repeatedly telling his opponent what he’s going to do to him. ANSWER: Shut Down

16. There was a lot of bad rock from the 1990’s. FTPE, give the artists that gave us these lameass creations. [10] This lesbian group from San Francisco gave us “What’s Up?” in 1993. Their only hit, I thus “scream at the top of my lungs” that you guys really sucked. ANSWER: 4 Non-Blondes [10] First off, how this group was categorized as rock in the first place, we have no idea. With songs such as “Let Her Cry” and “Tucker’s Town,” it proved to your packet writer that Darius Rucker is much better off peddling the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch for Burger King and not playing lame music with this group. ANSWER: Hootie and the Blowfish [10] Their singer has no voice, and it’s evident from examples such as “Champagne Supernova” and “D’You Know What I Mean” that they can’t write either. And even better, the Gallagher brothers are still getting paid. ANSWER: Oasis 17. Answer some questions about country music from the 1980s, FTPE: [10] Lionel Richie collaborated on this man’s 1980 number one hit, “Lady”. ANSWER: Kenny Rogers [10] In 1981, this singer let everyone know how much he loved a rainy night with the appropriately titled, “I Love a Rainy Night”. Elvis also covered his earlier song, Kentucky Rain. ANSWER: Eddie Rabbitt [10] This St. Paul, Minnesota, native is best known for 1984's , “God Bless The USA.” ANSWER: Lee Greenwood 18. FTPE, answer these questions about the bands that have featured Paul Rodgers. [10] The first hit he was associated with, “All Right Now,” from 1970, was done while he was the lead singer and songwriter of this band. ANSWER: Free [10] He was then part of this super-group with Mick Ralphs of Mott the Hoople, and had several hits such as “Feel Like Making Love” and “Shooting Star.” He was this group's lead singer among other things until 1982. ANSWER: Bad Company [10] He is now touring with this band, who once featured Freddy Mercury as a lead singer, and had hits with “Another One Bites the Dust” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” ANSWER: Queen + Paul Rodgers 19. FTPE, answer these questions about “The Originator,” Bo Diddley. [10] Due to a humiliating experience on stage one time, he plays a Gretsch guitar in this shape. ANSWER: In the shape of a rectangle (Can also accept square, reluctantly.) [10] On November 20, 1955, he was the first African-American to appear on this show. He proceeded to double-cross the host by playing his hit instead of what he was told to, and was subsequently told that he wouldn’t last six months in the business. ANSWER: The Ed Sullivan Show [10] George Thorogood covered this Bo Diddley hit released in 1958. It is also used in quite a few Samuel Adams beer commercials featuring their founder, Jim Koch. ANSWER: “Who Do You Love?”

20. Identify the 70’s progressive rock bands from album titles, FTPE: [10] Red, Starless and Bible Black ANSWER: King Crimson [10] Close to the Edge, Tales from Topographic Oceans ANSWER: Yes [10] Brain Salad Surgery, Tarkus ANSWER: Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (or) ELP

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