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Legal Bat List 2008


									Manufacturer Akadema Anderson Bombat Catapult Debeer Demarini Dudley

Models of Legal Bats For 2008 All Wood Softball Bats will be legal!!! (No hardball wood bats) Updated 3-25-08 X919SP Flex Tech (blue bat), Pyrotech (PTSP) Daddario, Hollow Point, Johnny Ice C405 Chicago 16, Clincher Silver (1510C), Icon, New York 12 Bruiser, Deemoo, Destroyer, Nitro, Raw Steel (DXRAW), Ultimate Weapon Assult, Assult II Black Magic, Black Max, Connexion (ST1Z, ST2Z, ST300, ST3), Connexion Z Core (ST7Z, ST71), Cyclone, Cyclone (SK34), Diamond Pro, Hammer, Havoc, Power Contour (SX24), Power Core Plus(S90), React, Rebel (SZ100), Redline (SZ5Z, SZ1C, SZ3, SC500, S80, SX20, ST360 (sc900)), Reflex (SX30, SX40, SX50, SX60, SRX9DSX), Smoke, Spectre, Triple 777, Triple 8 (SZ800), X-Treme Gold, MVP, Silver Advanced (BFSB), Air Attack II(SB18), Dynasty (SB406, SB75P), Gamer, Louiseville Slugger (SB3, SB9, SB10, SB19, SB21, SB23, SB31), Momentum, Response Power Dome (SB504), Samurai (SB77S), Silver Slugger (SB40), Slash, TPS (TPS3430S), TPS Gold (SB704, SB38), TPS Grand Slam (SB87GS), Warrior (SB85W), Warrior Power Dome (SB505) X10SB Aero Launch, Battaboom, Black Powder, Bomber (RBT), Hawk, Ignitor, Keystone, Powder Show (BT0044), Swoosh, Venom Aerodyne, JA7ERC, Scandium, Super 950, TSS, WSC SSK, Troy Brumbalow, Xtreme Ambush, Elite, Fuel, Ion, Liquidmetal 2(FPLM2), Paramount, Powerforged, Recon, Select, The Bull Blue, Laserflex, Storm Buzzsaw, Inferno, Nitroglycerin Beast MG46, Powercell, Powercell VT, Power Zone, Prodigy 7050, Silencer, Supercell, Supercell VT, Ultraflex, Whiplash Insanity (WBSB7 only), Wicked (WWS405 only), X-Caliber (SBE), Blade (W8SB)



Louisville Slugger

MacGregor Nike Powerflite Powerhouse Rawlings Steele's Toledo Wilson Worth

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