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					Here's another interview with Jonas by Sandra of "Iron pages". Gateways to new dimensions open while listening to the latest release of Treasure Land (Gateway). As usual melodic and progressive elements are sparkling as bright as before. But besides that the Treasure Land has been enriched by a new jewel So it's time to talk to Jonas Hörnquist once again in order to catch up the latest news: The new jewel is Jakob Samuel - the new vocalist at Treasure Land. Jonas describes: Our former vocalist Zenny is married and has two little children. He told us that he would not be able to serve the band with 100% of his energy. So he went back to his former band DESTINY which doesn't have such professional ambitions like TREASURE LAND in aspects of tours, CDs, etc. We still are in good contact with Zenny." TREASURE LAND met Jakob with the help of a friend: I gave him four of the new songs and the task, to sing them. I liked his voice from the very beginning, but it was kind of stress for him to study six songs in about three weeks time in order to be able to record them in the studio with us together." Congratulations ! Jakob definitively sounds better than Zenny. An opinion that is shared by Jonas: "He has more volume and , because of having drumming experience with TALISMAN, a great feeling for rhythm. Zenny has never been as catchy as Jakob but I still think of Zenny as one of Sweden's best hardrock-singers." Regarding his look there's another shared opinion: Many people say that he looks like Ozzy Osbourne. In fact he has some of his charisma, looks pretty cool but is a little bit small. Words that only can be said by a swede because asking Jonas about Jakob's height I received the following description: He's 1.77 meters. That's ok as long he doesn't stand near me. Speaking of Ozzy. Jonas beloved cat, being listed in the credits of the booklet at second place is called Ozzy, too - although it's a female cat. I will explain it to you., Jonas gets excited: At the time I got her, I found out that her 'miaow' sounds like Ozzy's screams. So I had to call her Ozzy. Why not. We all know that stereotyped thinking isn't appropriate in some cases. Jonas can tell you : Lots of people think, we're playing death metal because we're swedes. Ok , I know that Sweden and Norway are the outstanding countries for death metal but that does not mean that every band from scandinavia fits that image. I really don't like Black Metal and Death Metal I mean lyrics of vikings are damn good, sometimes I feel like a viking, even Yngwie Malmsteen felt that way ('I am a viking', 1985, LP Marching out)." But such lyrics would never be a possibility for Treasure Land: "Despite of the fact that I am proud of being a swede there are more important things for us we want so sing about." The lyrics on are mainly sociocritical: "I wondered why the human race is destroying the one and only planet we have for life. We are unable to live in space or on any other planet. A culture that has been aware of this fact are the indians. I really admire the indians. It's a shame how

the white people destroyed this culture." That's true and we all should keep this in mind. Treasure Land would love to be on tour in Germany as soon as possible: We would like to show our ugly faces to all who are willing to see them. It would be brilliant if we could do this together with an other swedish band." As we don't have any problems with ugly faces (less than ever if they are playing such great music as Treasure Land) we all are hoping that these plans come true.

Interview+Story: Sandra Eichner

This interview with Jonas is made by Andreas Hoh of "Breakout"
1) Tell me something about the history of Treasure Land! Treasure Land was formed 1993 by me and my brother, and old friend who played bass joined shortly after that. We found the keyboardplayer in 1994, good singers is very hard to find in Sweden (we have had 10-15 different singers) Zenny Gram joined us 1996 right after he had sung in our first and only demo "The Gift". We signed on to Modern Music in June 1996, released our debut CD "Questions" in Feb/97. Did a couple of gigs to support this in Sweden, Zenny jumped of T.L. and we found Jacob Samuel (Totem, Talisman) went in to the studio to record the follow up to "Questions" in Jan/98 and here we are today. 2) In the booklet you send greetings to god. Are you a white metal band or is it only your conviction? It's only my own believes, I do believe in God but I’m not a Christian. 3) Your old singer Zenny Gram left the band after the first CD and was replaced Jacob Samuelson. Please, tell me the reasons for this change! There were several reasons for this decision but… he is married and has two children so! 4) One year ago you released "Questions". Are you happy about the reaction (for example fans and press) ? Would you change something if you could do the whole thing again ? I’m very happy that so many people liked our debut CD, it’s hard for a newcomer band to make a statement but I’m not worried about my future as a successful musician. There’s not anything I would like to change about "Questions" 5) Tell me something about the lyrics on gateway. Do they follow a concept and what is the deeper meaning of "Gateway" ? The only concept they have is that the lyrics once again are about religion and politics, at least my lyrics is about that. The meaning of "Gateway" is that it can be a gateway to anything such as, gateway to a different world, gateway to space, gateway to becoming a better person. It’s up to the one who see it to make his own vision of how he see the cover of our new CD. 6) Which idea stands behind the artwork of the cover? See above. The cover were made by my brother. 7) I tell you some differences between "Gateway" and "Questions" which came to me minds during hours (!!) of listening. Please try to commend them. 1. Your new album has more classical influences Yes I agree, that may have to do with the fact that I listen very much to classical music and wanted to take my influences a bit further. 2. The guitar-solos are more classical and faster Same thing here, the only thing you have to watch out for when you play classically influenced guitarsolos is that it’s very easy to get the comparison to another Swedish guitarplayer, and you don’t want that. I play faster on this CD yes but it was not intentional, I think that I was more or less just pissoffed of the whole situation we were having in the studio. 3. "Gateway" has a much more better sound and so it sounds harder. Yeah! totally better, it has a more rawer and more honest sound that "Questions". We worked day and night for this sound even though its recorded in just 20 days.

4. Your new vocalist has more possibilities with his voice He definitely have more possibilities than Zenny had, and he looks pretty cool as well. Ha ha 8) Will you do a tour to promote "Gateway"? Do you know any dates or acts to play with ? We hope to tour with this CD but we don’t know yet, were looking for a production company who really believes in what we do. We’re playing live in Gothenburg as headliners in Sweden’s biggest rockscen th the 27 of March so that should be very fun I guess. Then we have a couple of dates with Lions Share. After that I don’t know. 9) One last funny question: Why did you call your cat "Ozzy"? When my girlfriend and me got her into our home and the cat became hungry she sounded like a very early Ozzy Ozbourne. Bark at the food. Andreas Hoh.

Interview from Sandra of Iron Pages with Jonas Hörnqvist.
Treasure Land show, that in the land of the elks even years after Europe still great bands rise up. Modern Music show that such bands, even if they don't do trend music can release albums. And we show that there is still press which is caring. The name"Treasure Land" is not the most common one, his inventor Jonas Hörnqvist comes from Stenungsund in Sweden, plays guitar in the above mentioned band and explains to me not without pride. I see music as a treasure and a gift from God. In good music you can discover lots of treasures, and because I want to belong to it, I've called the band Treasure Land. Their first CD "Questions" has been released and it's one of the few pieces of real music, which today beholds the market. Our sound is a bit difficult to describe, means Jonas, absolutely right, "progressive metal comes maybe closest. And this is a word, which music-consumers, in Sweden as well as everywhere else, don't find that attractive anymore. But success isn't the reason why we make music. Most of the bands today follow trends. As for instance, when Nirvana became popular, everyone wanted to sound like them. I hope that T.L will never sound like a copy band. Take Green Day as an example: They can't even play their instruments. In contrary to this knows the guitar-teacher from Sweden how to treat an instrument. Partly it even remembers me to Dream Theater…"Yes, apart from us using choruses and Dream Theater don't, the guy from the north says. "My brother and I are grown up with KISS and therefore wanted parts for to sing along too." I come to talk about the very serious lyrics of the band. Especially one song "Why?" awoke my interest, as it sees to be real. That's right, Jonas answers it is about the misuse of drugs. A close friend of mine has problems with it and nothing in the world can help him." Which is a really sad thing. Also the other lyrics are on a very high level. Jonas: "The Gift" is about Nostradamus. "Misery" is about a man who is possessed by demons. He prays to God that he may help him out. The spirits of nature may have influenced this song-writing. But a serious musician does not write unserious lyrics. Jonas tells me that they want to do a video on their own. It looks like we gonna do a video of "The Gift" and record it in a castle in Sweden. And this would really be something to make the treasure isle shine in the eyes of the German metalpirates. We'll see if the classical-music fan, Jonas who sees Germany as the land with the biggest metal-ground and listens to Gamma Ray, Elegy and Conception, can establish his idea… Sandra.

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