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									THE CHIMES
SEPTEMBER 2007 Community Presbyterian Church, 32202 Del Obispo Street, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 “ SERVING THE LORD SINCE 1919” (949) 493-1502 FAX (949) 493-4215 www.sjcpres.com office@sjcpres.com

Welcome Back – Summer’ s over. Youngsters return to school, oldsters to work. Summer vacations begin to fade into our memories. Even The Chimes returns from its August hiatus refreshed. Church activities that may have languished during the summer take on new energy. Your session, following its July retreat has developed a focus and vision for Community Presbyterian Church to:

Energize people through Christ centered Worship and Equip them to live as disciples in order to Engage the community in building the Kingdom of God.
To this end we have focused in several areas: • Bob Ause describes how we have begun to reach out to strengthen and enhance our relationship with all who come in contact with and participate in the life of Community Presbyterian Church. (See page 7) • David Ludwig gives us an update on our expanding community outreach as we partner with Habitat for Humanity in the building of homes in San Juan Capistrano. (See page 3). A list of the Elders and deacons and committees is included on page 10. Please consider where you might wish to fit into the many activities

The Chimes

September 2007 Page 1

Al Jessen, Clerk of Session Elders met with Moderator Morgan Murray for Regular Session Meetings on July 17 and August 21, and for a Called Session Meeting on Saturday, July 21. Ten elders were present for the July 17 Meeting of Session at 7 pm. Written reports were presented to Session by David Ludwig and by Bob Ause about the first activities of two initiatives: participation in the SJC July 4 Independence Day celebration to distribute information to the public about the Habitat for Humanity housing project for SJC, and the VBS parent welcome group and family Hoe Down Celebration and picnic dinner on the last evening of VBS. A Stewardship report revealed that contributions to CPC for the first 6 months of 2007 were under the estimate by $9,537. Frances Bucklin and Dale McLeod were approved as Co-chairs of the 2007 Stewardship Committee. They were asked to prepare a Stewardship plan and present it for Session approval in August. The financial report indicates that, as of June 30, year-to-date CPC expenses were $25,392 more than CPC income. Elder Reid found that by combining church telephone, church DSL, and Preschool telephone accounts together, total telephone service charges can be reduced. In addition, he is looking into replacement of all the functions of our rather old, in-house telephone system by using Centrex service from AT&T at a cost which is lower than we have been spending to maintain our privately-owned equipment. CPC insurance coverage purchased from a new vendor is significantly less expensive. The coverage limit for the building has been raised to a more realistic estimate of $7,000,000 for replacement cost. Eight elders attended a Called Session Retreat on Saturday, July 21. Starbucks coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts were provided for those who arrived at 9 am. After a time of prayer and a review of the agenda, Elder Reid led Session through a reflection on the CPC Vision Statement. In addition to the 3 E’ s of our statement - Energize, Equip and Engage - participants came up with more E’ execution, s enthusiasm, excellence, evolution and others. Factors which keep us from pursuing our vision were listed and discussed. Elders watched a video recording of an interview by Pastor Murray with Rev. Steve Wright, Pastor of the Village Presbyterian Church in Ladera Ranch. In the video, Steve described the stress and ultimate benefits of staffing transitions which his church underwent. Resistance to change is a given at his church, just as it is at CPC. The discussion continued while lunch was served. Lists of components which elders perceived as significant parts of Energized Worship, Equipped Discipleship and Engaged Mission were created. Elders continued to wrestle with a way to align the church’ s vision with current and proposed staffing. While no official action was taken, the group affirmed five strategic shifts in staffing. Promising shifts will require new job descriptions to be drafted and they will be discussed and evaluated at a later meeting. This meeting ended at 2:15 pm. Eight elders attended the August 21 Regular Meeting of Session at 7 pm. Stewardship Committee cochairs Frances Bucklin and Dale McLeod presented the plan which they drafted for a two-part 2007 Stewardship program addressing a) the 2007 budget problem, and b) funding the 2008 budget. Their plan was approved by Session. The congregation will see PowerPoint charts about Stewardship and hear spoken words about Stewardship beginning Sept 9 and continuing through Oct 14, Commitment Sunday. A report from Stewardship indicates that year-to-date contributions partially closed the gap with the estimate. After 7 months, year-to-date contributions are within $5,093 of the estimate. Finance estimated the July 31 gap between church year-to-date income and expenses to be $21,000. This is down from $25,392 last month. Session voted approval of a motion from Elders Powers and Reid to use money from a Preschool account to remove and replace playground equipment which has been judged by an expert as too dangerous for the children to use.

Session Report

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September 2007 Page 2

Update on Habitat for Humanity in San Juan Capistrano
David Ludwig I manage a small business, and am still learning a lot about the process, even at my advanced age. We like to think that our company is different and “ special.” thing that I strongly believe is that, as a One group of colleagues, we must all share the same purpose, vision, and values; only then can we successfully reach our goal. So, on a regular basis when we meet, we remind ourselves of what we stand for. It is no different at our church. At Community Presbyterian Church, our vision is to Energize people through Christ-centered worship and Equip them to live as disciples in order to Engage the community in building the Kingdom of God. Early in 2007, we at CPC resolved to live out this vision through two church-wide initiatives: ” Needs-Based Families Ministry – Establishing relationships with parents and families of the youth, children, and preschoolers who participate in the life of CPC. H Expand Community Outreach – Working in partnership with others to provide adequate housing in our community, in order to empower families, strengthen our community, and bring honor to Jesus Christ. We have been blessed to be able to begin our community outreach mission by working with Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, which plans to build a complex of 27 affordable homes for qualified families right here in San Juan Capistrano. We have established a partnership with Habitat, and are working closely with them to facilitate this project. We had optimistically hoped that construction would begin this fall on at least some of these 27 homes. But, just as for my small business, things don’ t always turn out the way we hope they will. Nevertheless, the Habitat project for San Juan Capistrano is alive and well – just moving forward slower than some it’ s had planned. Here’ project status as of mid-August 2007: s the H The total cost to build all 27 homes will be about $7 million. So for, only about $1 million has been pledged. [Do you know where we can find $6 million?] H If the remaining $6 million is not pledged within the next few months, Habitat will consider breaking the project into phases, and beginning with the construction of a smaller number of homes. H Statistically, only about 10% of the families that apply to help build their own Habitat houses continue through the end of the process. This means that more than 250 families will probably be needed to apply for the 27 homes in San Juan Capistrano. (Continued to page 4)

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September 2007 Page 3

H So far: ♦ 79 applications have been submitted (many of them thanks to the work of volunteers from Community Presbyterian Church) ♦ 3 disabled veterans have applied ♦ 6 disabled veterans have started the process ♦ 4 veterans without disabilities have started the process ♦ 6 of the 79 families have been accepted into the program H The City of San Juan Capistrano is reviewing the final building plans in preparation for issuing Building Permits. H Widening of Calle Rolando (the access street to the property) has begun. H Construction will begin in fall 2007 on a retaining wall on the north side of the property; site grading should be completed by December 2007. H Volunteers from Community Presbyterian Church, led by De Trenbeath and others, have assisted in spreading the word about the Habitat project at the city’ s Independence Day celebration and at the San Juan Summer Nites concerts (manning booths and information tables), and found great interest in the community – great personal reward from their involvement. and H Volunteers from CPC, led by Joanne Fraze and others, have assisted at the Family Orientation meetings held monthly at the San Juan Community Center. H Volunteers from CPC, led by Jerry Elliott and Frances Bucklin, have begun to build a coalition of churches in the South Orange County area whose members may be interested in the Habitat program in general, and the San Juan Capistrano project in particular as a solution for the affordable housing crisis in their own communities. If we are successful, this will include: ♦ A Presbyterian Partnership – Presbyterian churches that we can work closely with in other coordinated project support. ♦ A Christian Consortium – local churches which see the same benefit to the community other and to their congregations called to Christian action as we do at CPC. So that’ s where we are. What can you do to support this initiative? H Volunteer some time in one of the CPC support activities. (Call De or Joanne.) H Talk to friends, your employer, or other local businesses to let them know about Habitat and to encourage interested families to apply for an affordable new home. H Contact individuals, businesses, and others who may have the means and interest in such a project, and encourage them to learn more about Habitat and consider a donation to this worthwhile cause. [Let’ make a dent in that $6 million.] s help H Talk to your friends who attend other churches, and encourage them to consider Habitat as their own expression of Christian love and community concern. If they are interested, have them contact Jerry or Frances. H Pray for the success of the project, for the families who will occupy the homes, and for the volunteers who will help build the homes and support the program. The Chimes September 2007 Page 4

Thanks for your support of this initiative. Keep the faith.

De Trenbeth, Ann Ludwig, Darlene Elliott, Paul Larson, Anne Larson and Don Seapy – 7/4/07

Kim LaPerle (Habitat O.C.) and Joanne Fraze – Juan Summer Nites 8/15/07 San The Chimes September 2007 Page 5

Why We Support Habitat for Humanity One of our Habitat families stopped by the office a few weeks back. It was a single mother and her 10 year old son. It seems he had organized a garage sale with his outgrown toys, etc. because there was something he really wanted to buy. Luis handed Jamie, our receptionist, an envelope heavy with coins and wrinkled dollars. “ s this?” What’ Jamie questioned? “half of my money,” responded proudly. “ to give it to Habitat to help build a It’ s Luis I want home like mine for another family.” All totaled, it was $47.50, a very generous amount, considering what that might have bought for him. It’ s even more generous when you learn that his mother has recently endured several months of serious illness, and could most certainly have used the money herself. It is both humbling and inspiring to think of this generous act, and causes me to reflect on what Jesus meant when he said that we would do well to develop the spirit of a young child as we are seeking the kingdom of God. Nancy Cast Director, Family Services Habitat for Humanity of Orange County We know that Jesus commanded us to live gratefully, and to live generously. Sometimes it takes a child to remind us of such truths.

LOUISVILLE - According to a report in USA Today – largest newspaper in the country - the the Presbyterian Church (USA) has sent more volunteers to the Gulf coast to help relief and rebuilding efforts since Hurricane Katrina struck almost two years ago. According to a list compiled by the newspaper, 29,345 Presbyterians have aided the Katrina relief efforts, ranking the PC(USA) fourth among all faith-based organizations. Only the Southern Baptist Convention, Habitat for Humanity and the United Methodist Committee on Relief have contributed more volunteer workers to the relief effort. Most of the PC(USA)'s efforts have been coordinated by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA). We are deeply indebted to all the Presbyterians who have so selflessly contributed to the rebuilding of the Gulf coast," said PDA coordinator Susan Ryan. "And while public recognition is not our reason for doing this work, it is gratifying to see USA Today tell its millions of readers that the Presbyterian Church (USA) is so effective in bearing Christ's love to those most in need."

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September 2007 Page 6

Dear Chimes Reader, The Hoe Down celebration at the end of Vacation Bible School (VBS) was the culmination of another wonderful week. It also marked our first all-church engagement event. The VBS leaders and VBS volunteers said there was more participation and support from the congregation than ever before. More of you got engaged with kids and families! That was a great encouragement to all VBS workers and a statement of our love and service to the children and families who attended VBS. The Hoe Down itself was attended by nearly 200 people, about 150 VBS children and their families and 50 of us from the congregation. Various Children’ s Ministries initiative volunteers led teams to serve the VBS families in various ways. There was a parking/greeter team, set-up/take down team, food/menu team and grilling team. There was a seating and serving team, communications team and most importantly of all, a prayer team. We should especially thank Dale McLeod, Val Jessen, Joanne Fraze, Paula Zintl, Fran Eagan, Barbara Ward, Keith Cannon, Cindy Tolles, Francis Bucklin and Mike Bautista for leadership in heading up these service teams. The Hoe Down was a ministry of engagement event because: 1. Our members took the opportunity to get to know new people; there was plenty of that going on. 2. It was an act of service to our community’ s families. It offered them a chance to celebrate their children’ s week at VBS and have some family time. As the children played on the lawn, the parents talked and relaxed. Many spent more than three hours here and even then didn’ to t want leave. This was a “ no strings attached” of service with high value to the families at low act personal risk. 3. The Hoe Down offered church members who were here all week long to have longer conversations with the guests. The Hoe Down prompted one parent to comment to De Trenbeath, “ ve been looking for an opportunity to serve in our community like your church is doing with We’ Habitat for Humanity.” s involvement in VBS and her presence at the Hoe Down allowed De’ enough time in conversation with this family that they could communicate what is really important to each of us. One of the components that made this event different from others our church has held was that it was covered in intentional prayer. A prayer team was called together under the leadership of Francis Bucklin to anoint this time and all VBS participants with prayer. In hearing about the prayer team I have come to feel that this praying made this event a success. This event was not a success because we prayed for it, rather this event was a success because we intentionally prayed. Throughout the week of VBS, 24 people were praying in groups or alone for families and children by name. Prayer itself epitomizes the attitude that we need in a ministry of engagement. In prayer we handed over our will to the Lord. We surrendered our control to God’ s leading. In prayer we asked God to reveal His will for our lives, whether for VBS week, for the Hoe Down for the individuals and families who attended and for our congregation. By praying we aligned our wills with the Lord’ s. As a ministry of engagement activity it was our hope that the Hoe Down would provide every member of the congregation some way to take a step toward a posture of engagement. This step may have been very small, like just sitting next to someone you didn’ t know, or the step may have been great like praying for someone attending VBS or the Hoe Down by name. Ultimately we hope that every member of the congregation will reach the point of engaging a neighbor in our community enough to find out what ways we can serve them in Jesus’ name. In His Service, Bob Ause

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September 2007 Page 7

ANNUAL FUND CAMPAIGN BEGINS SEPTEMBER 9 The kickoff for this year’ s annual fund drive will be Sunday, September 9, when the outline for the next six weeks will be announced. Pastor Morgan will preach the first of a series of sermons on that day. On Sunday, September 30, a brief open forum is planned after each service so that people can ask any questions they may have about the budget. The campaign will culminate in the dedication of pledges on Sunday October 14 The Stewardship Committee plans a slightly different approach this year in the hope of encouraging more people to make a pledge commitment. This would help our Session to make wise financial plans for next year. Since this year’ s expected income falls short of our anticipated expenses, it is crucial for us to have a better idea of our resources for next year. This year’ s Stewardship themes are taken directly from our Re-Focusing Vision Statement, as we look at how our congregation is energized through worship, equipped to live as disciples through learning opportunities, and engaged with our larger community through our two initiatives and other mission projects.

Presbyterian Women Do you enjoy Bible Study? The study this year is: Above and Beyond – Hearing God’ in Jonah and Ruth s Call Lydia Circle meets Wednesday, Sept. 12, 10:00 at the church. Call Colleen Emery for details 496-7521 – cemery@cox.net Martha Circle meets Thursday, Sept. 13, 9:30 at the church. Call Val Jessen for details 495-0350 – jessen23@cox.net Mary-Deborah Circle meets Tuesday, Sept. 11, 7:30 PM. Contact Nancy Powers for location 495.4262 – forpowers@cox.net Are you a quilter? The PW Quiltmakers will meet on Thursday, Sept. 13 after breakfast. Call Marilyn Johnson for details 498-2231 – mj1626@aol.com Do you love to read? The PW Book Club meets Tues, Sept. 25, 7:00 PM at the home of Veronica Murray, 218.6074. Call for directions. The book for discussion: Can You Drink from the Cup, by Henri Nouwen. Save the Date PW Gathering Saturday, October 6, 2007 Cristy Maxey – Vietnam Experience My

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September 2007 Page 8

Starting September: 3yr old – Kindergarten class every weekend
Susan Howit and daughter, Morgan, along with Lillian Whitney will be leading this class in an effort to bring consistency to this very delicate age. They will be teaching from a book series of classis Bible stories. We are also thankful to Jennifer and Keith Cannon for being our back-up volunteers.

A new approach to discovering who god is for 1st – th 5 Graders
River's Edge Curriculum specializes in multi-aged, interactive curriculum, resulting in resources that creatively and relevantly connect children to Christ. The Kaboom! Discovering Who God Is unit allow kids to understand and comprehend the attributes of God. Through fun and simple science experiments children learn how God's character traits apply to their lives. The lessons contain drama, interactive Bible stories, fun applications, games, crafts, snack ideas, Bible memory activities, and parent take-home pages. A PowerPoint presentation is provided to complement each lesson. We will start with God’ s attribute of Love:

If you would like to be apart of this years team of volunteers and enjoy getting messy, than this will be a great place for you!! Find Laura Donovan and she will make this happen for you!!! Don’ t worry! I will have all that you will need to be successful and well equipped!

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