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MAM media asset management by cometjunkie45


									SECTION 1:2 Gilbane at a Glance

g.MAM at a Glance
Regional Administrators
CRO - Courtney Behm MARO - Desiree Thomas MWRO - Sue Chee NCRO - Brandon Steinhauer NENG - Bryn Hickie NERO - Tricia Faught SERO - Kim Williams SWRO - Lorena Hassler WRO - Alyce Fitzpatrick

g.MAM (Gilbane Media Asset Management) is an integrated Web-based application that provides a single source and resource to find, extract and manipulate project information, media and photography/images in real time across all regional servers.

MAM| media asset management
MAM is the first of two applications that comprise g.MAM and allows for the identification process and retrieval verification: tagging and searching of assets, respectively.

PB | proposal builder Key Contacts
Stephen Souls

Project Coordinator (401) 456-5642
Karen Penn

The second application is Proposal Builder (PB), where g.MAM will get it’s powerful functionality. When applied to MAM, the application g.MAM will perform discreet filtered searches and provide for the ability to manipulate the returned results into publishable documents and presentations.

Project Database (401) 456-5436
Geff Bottomley

Project Executive (401) 456-5528

(401) 456-5911

g.MAM Work Locally, Search Globally

SECTION 1:1 g.MAM Overview

MAM | Screen Profiles

Use this page to upload and copy assets from your computer or give information to and tag assets already existing in a folder to the MAM. Once an asset is tagged, it is available for the entire BD community.

Use the search page to key in the attributes or characteristics of the asset (information, image/photography, multimedia) that you are seeking.

Search Results
The system applies the characteristics of your search and yields a return that includes a thumbnail of the image or document and related information to the asset, such as the project and project number.

g.MAM Work Locally, Search Globally

SECTION 1:2 User Guide

MAM | User Guide
MAM is Web-based application used by Gilbane Business Development for the categorization (tagging) and retrieval of digital media and other document-based assets. Below are a few of the highlights and explanations of some of the features.

1.1 Multi-Pick Dropdown Control
The MAM application uses a multi-pick dropdown control that looks and functions like a traditional Web-based dropdown, except the user will see check boxes to the left of the dropdown choices. The user can make multiple selections in these dropdowns. closes the box and lets the user continue with the Clicking back on the arrow up next selection. Another feature of this dropdown box is the magnifying glass icon to the right of the dropdown. Clicking on this icon gives the user the ability to search and select alpha-numerically - by project number or name.

1.2 Assets
Assets are the files that make up the MAM. Among the files they include are documents, photos, project description sheets, PowerPoint presentations and all other digital files we use every day.

1.3 Content Servers
Content servers are the regional and corporate servers which hold our BD assets. The corporate content server is known as the “G Library”. Regional servers will continue to operate in their current capacity. A region can tag assets and keep them on their regional server. The added value in MAM will be the ability for users to search for any assets in all regions.

1.4 Common Keywords
Common keywords have been developed to give the end user a sense of the types of words to use when describing and tagging assets. Tagging assets in a consistent manner is critical to the success of the MAM, such that the returned assets meet the search criteria.

1.5 Glossary
A glossary has been compiled to aid in the terminology for the technical and functional aspects of the MAM.
g.MAM Work Locally, Search Globally

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