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									                                                CAMPAIGN BUDGET & MEDIA PLAN

CLIENT:        Winter Park Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce &Winter Park Resort
    PROJECT:   Early Season Ski Free Campaign
    PIECE:     Media Planning
    DATE:      Draft #3 October 29, 2009

Target Audience
Adults 25-54
7-County Denver/Boulder metro area
Recreational skiers
NOT season pass holders

Budget $25,000

Time Period Start earlyNovember 2009; Offer good Nov. 18 – Dec. 25

Media Options

Denver Post
Our recommendation in the Denver Post is to go with Option III as it gives us higher frequency and
allows us to kick off the campaign with front-page exposure. With this option, we’re able to run in
theSki Expo special section as well as mixing in some Entertainment and Travel sections.

               1 x on Denver Post Front-page strip ad on Sat. 11/7

               3 column x 4” ads run both BW and 4-color
               4 Insertions: Sun 11/8 Ski Expo special section, 3c x 4” 4C
                              Fri 11/13 Entertainment section, 3c x 4” BW
                              Sun 11/22 Travel section, 3c x 4” BW
                              Fri 11/27 Entertainment section, 3c x 4” BW
               Total cost $13,160
Sponsorship of the ski report. This will rotate 4 advertisers and runs on the home
page. The position will include a logo and a sell message.

Cost is $2,500 for one month to run in November
Early Season Ski Free Campaign
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Denver Digital Network
Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA)& Convention Center panels
1/2 schedule to run on the DCPA panels (up every 6 minutes, 10x/hour), to run 11/1-11/30
Full schedule to run on the CCC panels (up every 3 minutes, 20x/hour), to run 11/9-11/15
Total Cost; $8,000

The downtown digital signage is up throughout the DCPA and Convention Center areas. Use of these
signs will be a great way to target the audience. There is a lot of theater traffic in and around the
DCPA during November. We’ll reach this audience as well as Downtown workers, commuters and
Auraria campus students. The Convention Center signage will be up during the Ski Expo and will
provide the campaign with great reach of the expo attendees.

The boards are up for :10 and we can use partial or full-motion in the creative execution. We can do
up to three different creative executions to run in rotation. With the recommended ½ schedule, our
message will be up 10 times per hour, running every 6 minutes.

There are six 9’ x 16’ and one 14’ x 48’ LED signs up for one month, 11/1 – 11/30:
       Northbound Speer at Arapahoe
       Southbound Speer at Arapahoe
       Arapahoe & 14th
       14th& Arapahoe
       Corner of 14th& Curtis

       Convention Center; to run at full schedule (up every 3 minutes, 20x/hour), 11/9-11/15
       Northbound Speer at Welton (this is the 14’ x 48’ panel)
       14th& California

These signs are sold by Proxy Partners and our negotiated costs are 50% off of their rate card rates.
They currently have availabilities for our recommended half schedule on both the DCPA and CCC
90,000 impressions to run over a three-week period
$1,485 net

This is a popular website for skiers – during the 08/09 ski season, they had 90,000 users in the Denver
DMA. We are able to geo-target our coverage on the website to run in the Denver and Colorado
Springs DMAs.

Our recommendation is to run 30,000 weekly geo-targeted impressions on large square banner ads
on this website.
Early Season Ski Free Campaign
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OnTheSnow also sends out enewsletters every Thursday to 145,000 opt-in subscribers nationwide.
We recommend against this as the cost is too high and the national coverage would be wasted.

The recommended radio will run with trade – packages and quantity to be determined by you. We
will approach the top-rated stations in the A25-54 demographic with the goal being to secure on-air
giveaways of the packages. We’ve done this with other clients and it was a successful effort.

Email Blasts
At least one email blast to the Chamber’s database and 2-3 blasts to the Resort’s database will
support the campaign.

Chamber Member Marketing Tools
We will make the postcard/hand-out art and the HTML email files available to Chamber members to
use with their databases.

Other media options considered
We also considered other media options that are ultimately not recommended because of budget
limitations. 150,000 weekly impressions on the KUSA website would be recommended to run for 3
weeks. Cost is estimated at $3,375 Text Messaging: KMGH has text messaging for their weather and school
closure reporting. They have 5,000 opt-in subscribers for weather and 10,000 opt-in subscribers for
school closures. The station expects these numbers to increase once we get into the bad weather
months. With the mobile messaging, we’d have a “sponsored by” mention after their weather
message. We would have a logo on phones that are equipped for that technology. We could have a
teaser line. There is then a website link which can be accessed by web-enabled phones
Early Season Ski Free Campaign
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following the name and sell line. We would also be included with sponsorship messaging and link on
emails sent to their opt-in subscriber base. The cost to run this sponsorship for the month of
November is $3,000.

                                  Early Season Ski Free Campaign
                                         Budget Summary

              Denver Post                                        $13,160

                                         $ 2,500
               Sponsorship of Ski Report on home page

              Westword Winter/Ski Special Edition                $1,200

              Denver Digital Network                             $ 8,000
               (7) digital signs, DCPA & CCC

                                          $ 1,485
               Geo-targeted Banner Ads

              Hand-out/postcard printing (5” x 7”)               $ 1,200
              Distribution at 11 Christy Sports locations        No charge

              Email Blast from Resort 2- 3 times                 No charge
              Email Blast from Chamber 1x via Internet Honey     $ 1,200
              Email Blast to AOR’s Newsletter database           No charge

              Agency Fees
              AOR, to write and design ads, postcard, emails,
              landing pages, and manage campaign                 $ 4,000
                Media Visions                                    $ 1,140

              Grand Total                                        $33,885
              Budget                                             $25,000

              Amount over budget:                                $ 8,885

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