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					Issue # 7 Jan.2006

    Supervised by Abdusalam Sharafuddin

     We would like to draw the
  attention of our readers, that the
  issue of January has dealt with a
  number of important topics, some
  of which are related to the events
  and      activities    that    were
  implemented throughout the year
  of 2005. In this regard, the issue
  carried an article related to the
  Annual       Documentary      Book
  which covered a number of
  activities and events, the UN
  SG’s op-ed and statements on
  various occasions. Such book
  could be used as an easy
  reference by researchers and                          UNICEF Provides
  other interested individuals.
  Regarding       the    international                  Relief Assistance
  issues, I would like to inform you
  that UN HQ in New York
                                                      to Al-Dhafeer Village
  produced a short program under          UNICEF acted swiftly to provide interim relief to the   to
  the title of “1 Year in Review”         displaced families in the Al-Dhafeer village of Bani Matar
  Which focused on the natural            district that was hit by a massive landslide on Wednesday
  disasters around the world and          night. As part of its response to help the local authorities to
  relief efforts. The annual “Year        cope effectively with distribution of essential supplies, an
  In Review”programme includes            UNICEF team headed by its Country Representative
  coverage of global events and           Ramesh Shrestha visited the village yesterday morning for
  comments from world leaders. It         a rapid assessment. During the visit the
  also provides an intimate view of       UNICEF team held meeting with the Governor and
  the worldwide work of the               District authorities to assess the situation for providing
  United Nations in 2005…                                                                      sh
                                          urgent relief to children and women temporarily sheltered
                      To be continued     in the make shift camps.

                                                                                      A photo of
                                                                                     world leaders
                                                                                     who attended
                                                                                     the WORLD
                                                                                    SUMMIT that
                                                                                      was held in
                                                                                       New York
                                                                                       the period
                                                                                       Sept. 2005
-   Issuing a monthly newsletter in electronic format
    and printed in both English and Arabic. This new
    activity began on June 2005 and will be produced
-   Launching the Website of UNIC in Arabic and
    English Language. The website will be updated on
    a daily basis.
-   Opening Internet corner for journalists and students
    so that they can get an easy access to the
    information related to the General Assembly,
    Security Council and other UN news through using
    the Online Documents System (ODS).
-   Accompanying Mr. Ali Alatas, the envoy of UN
    SG during his visit to Yemen and attending the
    OIC conference. UNIC also assisted the UN official with the media coverage and arranged interviews
    with the local media. (28-30 June 2005)
-    Accompanying Mr. Jeffery Sachs, the Director of Millennium Development Goals Project during his
    visit to Yemen. UNIC also assisted the UN official with the media coverage and arranged interviews
    with the local media. (30 June – 2 July 2005)
-   Organizing a press conference for Mr. Jeffery Sachs, the Director of MDGs during the conclusion of
    his visit to Yemen at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (2 July 2005)
-   Co-organizing a workshop with the International Finance Corporation on developing the small and
    medium enterprises. The workshop was co-organized at Sheraton hotel with the participation of several
    journalists (31 June 2005)
-   Co-organizing a press conference with the Cultural Development Project on the exhibition of State’s
    uniform/ UNIC Premises, 21 July 2005. The press conference was attracted with a number of
-   Co-organizing through the cooperation of the US Embassy training courses for the staff of Human
    Rights Ministry
-   Publishing and disseminating the UN Report “”More Secured World” in several leading Yemeni
    newspapers. Also a number copies of the report were distributed to Government and Non-government
-   Publishing and disseminating the UN SG’s Report “”In Larger Freedom” in a number of Yemeni
    newspapers. UNIC printed amore copies of the report and were disseminated to all media institutions
-   Co-organizing with UNDP the launching for the advocacy campaign of MDGs, The event was under the
    auspices of Her Excellency Amat Al-Alim Al-Suswa, Minister of Human Rights with the participation
    of Yemeni journalists and government officials. The launching was attended by WHO Representative,
    Deputy Representative of UNDP and Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.
    (UNIC premises/ 4 December 2005)
-   Co-organizing with UNDP drawing competition for schools students on Millennium Development
    Goals. 24 students took part in the competition, representing different government and private schools. 6
    winners were selected and honored during the UN Day. The winners received cash prizes $115 for each,
    while the rest of students were given appreciation certifications for their participation. (UNIC
    premises/12 October 2005)
   -    Preparing through the cooperation of UN Agencies in Yemen
       for the celebration of the UN Day
   -   Producing through the cooperation and support of UN agencies
       8 pages blue colored supplement on the occasion of the UN Day
       where 35,000 copies were printed and distributed
   -   Issuing through the cooperation with UNDP 9 postal stamps (1)
       on the occasion of the UN 60th anniversary and 8 stamps on the
       Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
   -   Co-organizing with UNICEF a seminar discussion on AIDS/HIV
       on the occasion of the World Aids day (UNIC premises).
                                            - Disseminating all the materials and documents related to the
                                                World Summit to the Yemeni media
                                            - Producing and printing a special handbook of clippings on the
                                                World Summit which was produced to government and media
                                        In addition to the above, UNIC has played a key role in disseminating
                                        press releases and UN information to the Yemeni media, some of
                                        which are the UN SG’s statements, op-ed, messages on different
                                        occasions, as well as the most important reports such as “In Larger
                                        Freedom” and “Safer World”. Ten stories of UN were also published
                                        by the Weekly Yemen Times.

                                               Continued from page 1
. as it strives to reform and renew its image during this anniversary year. The program was aired by the Yemeni
  Satelite TV on 25 January 2006 at 18:45 O'clock.
  In this connection, UNIC has a great pleasure to inform you that the above program would be shown again at
  its premises next Monday 27 February 2006 at 9:00 am. Your attendance will be highly appreciated.
               Darfur Descending: No Time for Apathy on Sudan
                                                  By Kofi A. Annan
When I visited Darfur last May, I felt                                 dependent on international relief for food
hopeful. Today I am pessimistic, unless a                              and other basics. Many parts of Darfur are
major new international effort is mustered                             becoming too dangerous for relief workers to
in the coming weeks.                                                   reach. The peace talks are far from reaching
I visited a village whose people had                                   a conclusion. And fighting now threatens to
returned after fleeing from violence and                               spread into neighboring Chad, which has
were living in relative safety, thanks to the                          accused Sudan of arming rebels on its
presence of troops from the African Union                              territory.
(A.U.). True, this was only a beginning. Much of              Despite a chronic funding crisis, A.U. troops in
the vast region was prey to sporadic violence, with           Darfur are doing a valiant job. People feel safer
more than a million people living in camps. But               when the troops are present. But there are too few
thanks to a massive relief operation led by the               of them -- a protection force of only 5,000, with an
United Nations, the number dying from hunger or               additional 2,000 police and military observers, to
disease was falling dramatically. A cease-fire,               cover a territory the size of Texas. They have
admittedly flawed, was in place. Peace talks                  neither the equipment nor the broad mandate they
between the Sudanese government and the rebel                 would need to protect the people under threat or to
movements, ably mediated by A.U. representatives,             enforce a cease-fire routinely broken by the rebels,
were proceeding in Abuja, Nigeria. It was hoped               as well as by the Janjaweed militia and Sudanese
that agreement could be reached by the end of the             government forces.
year.                                                         On Jan. 12, the African Union decided to renew the
There were other positive signs. The U.N. Security            mission's mandate until March 31, while expressing
Council had referred the situation to the                     support, in principle, for a transition to a U.N.
International Criminal Court and had decided in               operation this year. The timing of this transition is
principle to apply targeted sanctions to individuals          still being discussed, including at this week's A.U.
who could be identified as responsible for the                summit in Khartoum. This puts the Security
atrocities of the past two years.                             Council on the spot. The U.N. Charter gives the
I wish I could report that all these efforts had borne        council primary responsibility for international
fruit -- that Darfur was at peace and on the road to          peace and security. And in September, in a historic
recovery. Alas, the opposite is true. People in many          first, U.N. members unanimously accepted the
parts of Darfur continue to be killed, raped and              responsibility to protect populations from genocide,
driven from their homes by the thousands. The                 ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against
number displaced has reached 2 million, while 3               humanity, pledging to take action through the
million (half the total population of Darfur) are             Security Council when national authorities fail.

                              UNIC Activities
                          Annual Documentary Book
  UNIIC Sanaá iissued iitts annuall documenttarry book off UNIIC acttiiviittiies fforr tthe
  UN C Sanaá ssued s annua documen a y book o UN C ac v es o he
Yearr off 2005.. The book whiich consiistts off morre tthan 300 pages hiighlliightts allll
 Yea o 2005 The book wh ch cons s s o mo e han 300 pages h gh gh s a
tthe eventts and acttiiviittiies tthatt werre iimpllementted by UNIIC and coverred
  he even s and ac v es ha we e mp emen ed by UN C and cove ed
exttensiivelly by tthe Yemenii prriintted mediia.. The book iis a good rrefferrence fforr
 ex ens ve y by he Yemen p n ed med a The book s a good e e enc e o
jjourrnalliistts and rresearrcherrs who may be iintterrestted iin gettttiing ffamiilliiarr wiitth tthe
  ou na s s and esea che s who may be n e es ed n ge ng am a w h he
prress rrelleases and sttattementts tthatt werre delliiverred by tthe UN Secrrettarry
 p ess e eases and s a emen s ha we e de ve ed by he UN Sec e a y
Generrall,, Mrr.. Koffii Anan on varriious occasiions.. Allso tthe book coverrs tthe
 Gene a M Ko Anan on va ous occas ons A so he book cove s he
confferrences,, worrkshops,, semiinarrs tthatt werre orrganiized orr co--orrganiized by
 con e ences wo kshops sem na s ha we e o gan zed o co o gan zed by
UNIIC durriing tthe yearr off 2005.. UNIIC wiillll make avaiillablle some copiies off tthe
 UN C du ng he yea o 2005 UN C w make ava ab e some cop es o he
book att UNIIC’’s lliibrrarry,, so tthatt iitt can be used by allll jjourrnalliistts,, sttudentts and
 book a UN C s b a y so ha can be used by a ou na s s s uden s and
  e s e a c he s

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