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Enterprise Management Portal

Harnessing the latest web portal technologies to create an integrated
collaboration between companies, partners and customers, EMP is the means to
connect multiple subsidiaries or branches in a real-time environment to fulfill
mission critical business requirements.

Besides enhancing productivity and growth, EMP offers a comprehensive set of
business modules to effectively encourage collaboration and information sharing
between your organization’s multiple business subsidiaries and ultimately
resulting in a more cohesive organization.

Unlike most other systems that utilize thick client architecture often requiring the
adoption of specific operating systems and a multitude of software and
workstations to work, EMP is built on thin client architecture and only requires
one main database and works on almost any operating system and workstation.

  Thick Client Architecture                           Thin Client Architecture

With one main database catering to multiple subsidiaries of an organization,
changes made within the system are instantly updated to all subsidiaries
throughout the entire organization in real-time. This will ensure that minimal data
discrepancy and duplication, therefore preserving your organization’s data

Various Costs And Considerations In Choosing EMP Over Other Systems

Features                 Other systems                  EMP
Platform Independent     No. Extremely platform         Very platform independent
                         dependent and requires         as EMP can be used on any
                         organization wide              Internet ready work station,
                         conformity in all end user     irrespective of operating
                         work stations. i.e. all        system.
                         Windows, UNIX or Linux

Implementation costs     Incur a great deal of          Lower or non existent
– Hardware & Software    hardware costs in              hardware and software
                         purchasing or upgrading of     costs as EMP functions on
                         workstations in order to       almost any operating
                         meet the operational           platform. Just requires
                         requirements of the system.    Internet connection and a
                         Additional software is often   web browser.
                         required to run these

Flexibility              Each new workstation must      EMP can be deployed almost
                         meet required hardware         anywhere, on almost any
                         specifications and be          Internet ready work station
                         preinstalled with the          with access to Internet
                         systems software, usually      connection by your own
                         by the vendor’s technical      staff. Saving time and
                         staff, prior to usage.         money.

Technical Support        Requires more physical         Merely requires ONE
Requirement              technical support at each      technician to maintain the
                         retail outlet or branch for    central database.
                         each work station.

Hidden Costs             Often saddled with costly      EMP offers you many
                         upgrades or additional         modules and features that
                         modules, expensive             are customizable to fit your
                         consultation and               organization at a very
                         customization fees and         reasonable price as well as
                         other hidden costs.            a pay as you use rental

In short EMP offers a wide variety of invaluable business functions in an
economical package, both in terms of EMP’s pricing and IT infrastructure

                                                                     Ultimately,   maintaining   an
Real-time Information              Collaboration and Effective       application from one central
Access and Update                  Communication                     point not only enables remote
                                                                     customer support, it also
EMP's thin client enables the      Allowing       cross-subsidiary
                                                                     reduces scheduled downtime
remote and real-time access        information sharing within
                                                                     and    support   time,    while
of information via the web so      the entire enterprise will
                                                                     improving productivity and
that the latest version of         inevitably       nurture      a
                                                                     customer service.
critical business information      collaborative     environment.
can be instantly disseminated      The immediate and real-time
                                                                     Due     to    EMP's   modular
and accessed from anywhere         availability of the latest
                                                                     functions,    other   business
at anytime. This enables the       relevant information results
                                                                     applications or modules can be
enforcement       of    specific   in     smarter    and    faster
                                                                     easily added in at different
business    logic    such    as    decision-making, boosts staff
                                                                     application layers, enabling
inventory control and real-        efficiency and effectiveness,
                                                                     vendor     independence    and
time update of inter-branch        and ultimately resulting in a
                                                                     reduced long-term investment
transactions.                      more cohesive organization.
For instance, stock codes          Besides that, information can
                                                                     Highly Scalable, Robust and
created in one branch can          be rapidly and effectively
now    be   recognized     and     deployed to a dispersed
applied to all other branches      group of employees, bringing      Because EMP is built upon a
throughout the enterprise.         about cost savings along with     J2EE platform, it is scalable,
                                   increased sales.                  reliable, and compatible with
Support of Multiple Entities                                         multiple platforms. This not
                                   Business    and    Inventory      only makes EMP extremely
The capability of EMP to
                                   Control                           portable and modular, it also
support diverse and multiple
                                                                     attributes to the application's
profit and cost centers, as        In order to maximize the
                                                                     easy integration into a variety
well as business entities also     bottom line, businesses need
                                                                     of legacy systems.
means that the application is      to   properly   track     their
able to effectively consolidate    inventory and sales to control
                                                                     Maximization    of    Your   IT
financial data at a higher         the inventory levels and
group level. Regardless of the     prevent fraudulent practices.
number of entities in the                                            By offering a complete range
whole     organization,    EMP     With EMP, organizations can       of e-business modules below,
enables       the     complete     easily   detect   fraud   and     EMP     provides    the  right
authorized     view     of   all   minimize inventory loss by        combination of functionalities
subsidiaries with just one         tracking the flow of products     so    that    businesses   can
single login.                      and inventory transactions        leverage on their existing
                                   from the point of placing and     technology investments:
Productivity and Efficiency        receiving orders to recording
                                   customer sales, as well as         •   Point of Sales
By enabling the automatic          monitoring inventory levels of
update of information to all                                          •   Customer Relationship
                                   each item in stock in each
subsidiaries from a central        subsidiary and across the              Management
database, EMP makes the            company.
entire    organization     more                                       •   Inventory Management
transparent    and      cohesive   Lower Overall Operational          •   Warehouse Management
through a complete and             Costs
authorized view of all other                                          •   Purchasing and Vendor
business      entities.     This   Since EMP is capable of
minimizes          redundancy,     managing and updating data
therefore,            increasing   from     a    single     server    •   Accounting and Finance
productivity.                      regardless of the number of
                                   subsidiaries    or    branches
For businesses with multiple       available,   this    ultimately    •   Analytics and Reporting
branches, customers seeking        results in a lower cost of
                                                                      •   Employee and Payroll
out-of-stock merchandise can       ownership.    A     centralized
instantly be informed of other     database also enables the              Management
locations with that item,          ability to easily isolate and
                                                                      •   System Administration
adding tremendous benefits         diagnose problems compared
to improve customer service        to a decentralized thick client
and increase sales.                system.

                                   • calculate gross profit and
Point Of Sales (POS)                 margin in real-time;                Purchasing & Vendor
EMP's POS module allows            • generate detailed stock
businesses      to    maintain       movement reports to track           EMP enables the automated
accuracy and control over all        the flow of products at a           flow of information between
aspects of sales and inventory       specific branch for tighter         your organization and your
in the organization. The             inventory control;                  vendors.
system also allows for other
                                   • track the real-time and             By streamlining processes and
capabilities such as:
                                     historical movements of a           addressing common critical
• automatic        alerts of         specific product between            issues,       EMP       enabled
  customers with poor credit         branches, in transit and            businesses can deliver value
  history to ensure tighter          sent for repairs;                   and     reduce    inefficiencies
  credit control ;                                                       across the entire value chain,
                                   • monitor      changes     in
                                                                         resulting in reduced costs and
• set multiple promotional           purchase price through
                                                                         increased margins through
  packages-combination      of       stock purchase reports, to
                                                                         these tools;
  items and prices so that the       adjust      sale     prices
  total    sale    can      be       accordingly;                        •   online            purchase
  automatically     calculated                                               requisitions and automated
                                   • track historical inventory
  simply by clicking on the                                                  routing for approval;
                                     balance and details of
  selected package choice:
                                     products sold to customers          •   immediate     record   of
• automatic calculation and          and      purchased      from            merchandise received into
  generation of reports of           vendors by serial number                the system and automatic
  items      subject      to         to identify discrepancies.              notification to accounts
  government service tax.                                                    payable; and
                                   Warehouse Management                  •   debit and credit notes to
Customer Relationship
                                   It is important for businesses            allow    contras    against
Management (CRM)
                                   to     have       an    efficiently       multiple invoiced amounts
Designed to help businesses        managed         warehouse        to       with vendor rebates.
organize and manage their          control costs as well as
customer relationships, the        manage           the       smooth     Analytics & Reporting
system enables businesses to       movement,          replenishment      EMP allows businesses to
connect more effectively with      and storage of merchandise -          access and analyze data
their customers by:                this will directly impact sales       across the enterprise while
• providing     sales   force      and        fulfillment,         and   managing complex financial
  automation and customer          ultimately,             customer      and operational reports - this
  support      helpdesk    to      satisfaction. EMP's warehouse         is not only crucial in the
  manage the entire lifecycle      management                 solution   decision-making process but
  of your customer;                automates              inventory-     can also help businesses stay
                                   handling       processes       and    a step ahead of competition.
• assigning varying payment        allows for paperless inventory        EMP offers tools such as:
  terms and credit limit by        tracking,       timely        order
  studying the history and         fulfillment      and      accurate    •   financial   reports    which
  trend   of   what    your        inventory control through key             apply accounting concepts
  customers buy, when they         warehouse           functionalities       automatically,    streamline
  buy, how much they spend,        such as:                                  the    financial   reporting
  and much more.                                                             process, integrate with the
                                   • support of up to four levels            general ledger and enable
Inventory Management                 of stock keeping units                  real-time      access      to
                                     (SKUs) for each batch of                integrated financial data;
EMP help companies slash
                                     products received;                      financial ratio and statistics
inventory costs by providing                                             •
tighter control of stock levels.   • receiving, stocking         and         to enable data mining,
It allows the retrieval of real-     replenishment; and                      enhance             business
time information of inventory                                                intelligence and improve
                                   • tracking of origin, vessel of           decision-making;
at all branch locations with
                                     stock    and    government
one single login - from the                                                  report and form wizard to
                                     permit numbers - this               •
receipt and movement of                                                      easily create, update, and
                                     proves to be especially
stock, the sale, removal or                                                  modify reports and forms
                                     useful for licensed bonded
other disposition, to the exact                                              to    fit   your    specific
valuation      and      balance                                              organizational needs.
remaining in inventory at any
time. EMP has the capabilities

Employee & Payroll                  General Ledger (AFM)               Payment Vouchers (AFM)
                                    Being the central location of      EMP caters for the issuance of
One of the most important           all financial information in       payment vouchers for cash
assets that a business has is       your     organization,   it   is   payouts and receipt vouchers
its     people     and      their   essential for the general          to    account     for    revenues
knowledge. As such, it is           ledger to be accurate and up-      derived       from       non-core
critical for companies to keep      to-date, yet dynamic enough        business                 operating
a thorough record of their          to allow the creation of any       functionalities such as rental
employees' profiles from their      general ledgers with no            and interest earned. One
background and skill sets to        restrictions of GL codes in        single payment voucher can
their evaluation and leave          any     formats     with    any    be issued for multiple vendor
details. This is easily done        character lengths - EMP can        invoices. Besides enabling the
when a company is small, but        do just that, while offering       verification of cheques for
can get increasingly laborious      the    flexibility  to   define    added      accuracy,      payment
as a company grows. As with         different account structures       vouchers      also    allow    the
employee management, the            and fiscal periods for each        automatic       assignment      of
payroll process is often laden      subsidiaries.                      general ledger codes.
with      paper    and     time-
                                    From the general ledger,
consuming processes causing                                            Cash  Flow        Management
                                    journal transactions can be
delays and inefficiencies.                                             (AFM)
                                    accessed and from there,
• flexible payroll structure for    drilled down to the source         Managing cash is a vital
  differing salary payouts,         documents so as to simplify        activity for any organization,
  pay     periods     and   tax     the audit processes.               regardless of what business
  deduction schemes                                                    you do or how big your
                                    Because data is calculated in
                                                                       business     is.    EMP    lets
• automatic calculations      of    real-time, changes in the
                                                                       businesses       monitor   and
  tax deductions                    general      ledger       will
                                                                       forecast their cash flow at
                                    immediately affect the Profit
• easy    payroll integration                                          anytime. With the ability to
                                    and Loss statements as well
  with commission, claims                                              gain instant access to their
                                    as    the   Balance    Sheet,
  and finance                                                          current cash balance and view
                                    minimizing     errors    and
                                                                       the summary or detail of any
• online    submission        of    ensuring accuracy.
                                                                       given day's cash transactions,
  employee     claims       with
                                                                       businesses can easily detect
  automated     routing      for    Account Receivable (AFM)           discrepancies     and    better
  approval and payout
                                    EMP's Accounts Receivable          manage their cash flow. EMP
• online leave application with     module manages the entire          also enables businesses to
  automated      routing    for     collection    process   from       manage multiple cash books
  submission and approval           invoice    entries   to   the      and effectively reconcile their
                                    recording of payments.             bank accounts.
Accounting & Finance
Management (AFM)                    As well as automatically
                                                                       Multiple Subsidiary
                                    computing taxes, discounts,
Having instant and real-time                                           Transactions (AFM)
                                    and due dates, EMP also
access to the latest financial      posts invoice amounts to the       EMP allows businesses to
information and reports is          appropriate general ledger         monitor, analyze, and report
imperative when you need to         account based on the item          on multiple subsidiaries or
make informed, on-the-fly           sold.                              functional divisions within an
strategic decisions. This is                                           organization.
possible with EMP as it             Account Payable (AFM)
integrates           financial                                         With one central database,
information of all business         With EMP's Accounts Payable        businesses can automate and
subsidiaries    with    sales,      module,     businesses    can      streamline processes, close
receiving and other relevant        easily automate and simplify       books, and report results by
functions, and delivers real-       a wide range of vendor             subsidiary or as a consolidated
time financial data directly        related tasks, saving time         company, resulting in reduced
from those departments.             and administrative costs and       administrative     work    while
                                    make better       billing and      enhancing the value and
Deployed in single or multiple      analysis decisions.                timeliness of information.
subsidiaries, EMP allows the        EMP also tracks issued post-
easy retrieval of relevant          dated     cheques.      Because
information when you need it        relevant information such as
and the way you need it,            due dates and money owed is
while      enabling   efficient     readily accessible in real-
transaction processing and          time,         future       cash
complex financial reporting         requirements         can     be
capabilities.                       accurately forecast to ensure
                                    a favorable cash flow position
                                    at all times.

Fixed Asset     Management        Bank Reconciliation (AFM)         System Administration
                                  EMP's Bank Reconciliation         EMP provides various robust
EMP offers businesses the         module      helps    businesses   system          administration
flexibility  and  control   to    simplify and automate the         functions to enable businesses
maintain their fixed assets       reconciliation     of      bank   to:
accurately while automating       statements      with    general
arduous     tasks   such    as    ledger bank accounts in order     •   define and identify system
calculating       depreciation    to minimize discrepancies,            users,          currencies
according to various standard     save     time     and     lower       transacted,       payment
methods or by user defined        administrative costs.                 terms, bank accounts, tax
parameters.                                                             structures and more;
                                  Transactions made in the
The fixed assets management       bank     reconciliation   are
                                                                    •   validate users to ensure
module is integrated with the     automatically updated in the
                                                                        that    only   authorized
general ledger, minimizing        general ledger so that you
                                                                        people have access to
data    entry     errors    and   can get real-time information
                                                                        business data;
ensuring             up-to-date   on which cheques have
information at all times.         cleared and which items are
                                                                    •   track system usage by
Businesses can also maintain                                            users via comprehensive
multiple sets of books and        In addition, EMP enables you          audit trail;
ensure accuracy of data by        to quickly identify and
integrating with debit and        reconcile unrecorded              •   back up business data,
credit accounts, as well as       transactions between books            make adjustments, and
other accounting and financial    and banks, while allowing for         run automatic, predefined
data.                             better cash flow analysis             processes; and restore
                                                                        data,    as  and    when
                                                                        required, with available
                                                                        maintenance and support

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