Vocabulaire de base by fjzhxb


									Vocabulaire de base
A absent absent accent accent accepter to accept accident accident accord agreement ACHETER to buy acier steel acte act adroit cleaver aéroport airport affaire business Afrique Africa AGE AGE AGRÉABLE nice, pleasant Agriculture agriculture AIDER TO HELP ailleurs elsewhere D'ailleurs beside AIMABLE kind AIMER to like, to love AINSI SO, THUS air air aise ease, relax ajouter to add ALLEMAGNE Germany ALLER TO GO Allumer to light ALORS THEN Ame soul Amer bitter AMÉRIQUE America AMI (E) FRIEND Amuser to enjoy oneself Ane asse ANGLETERRE ENGLAND ANIMAL Animal ANNÉE YEAR APPELER TO CALL APPORTER TO BRING APPRENDRE TO LEARN APRÈS AFTER ARBRE TREE ARGENT MONEY,SILVER Argot slang Arme weapon Armée army Armoire wardrobe Arrêter to stop ARRIVER TO ARRIVE Arrière back Art art Ascenseur elevator, lift Asie Asia Aspect aspect ASSEOIR (S') to sit down ASSEZ ENOUGH Assiette plate A travers accross, through Attacher to fasten ATTENDRE TO WAIT (FOR) ATTENTION BE CAREFUL Auberge inn, pub Augmenter to increase AUJOURD'HUI TODAY Au lieu de instead of AUSSI ALSO, LIKE, TOO Aussitôt as soon as, straight away Autant as much, so many Auteur author AUTO CAR Automatique automatic Autorité authority AUTRE OTHER AVANT BEFORE Aveugle blind AVION PLANE AVOIR TO HAVE B Bagages Bague Bain Balle Banc Banque Barbe BAS Bataille BATEAU BÂTIMENT Bâton BEAU BEAUCOUP Bébé Belgique BESOIN Beurre Bibliothèque Bicyclette BIEN BIENTÔT Bière Bijou BILLET BLANC Blé Blessure BLEU Bœuf BOIRE BOIS Boîte Bombe BON Bord BOUCHE Bouger Boulanger Bout Bouteille Branche BRAS Brillant Bruit Brûler Brun BUREAU But C Café Cahier Caisse Camera Camion CAMPAGNE Camper Caoutchouc Capable Car Carré Carte CASSER Cause Cave Ceinture Célèbre Célibataire Cendre Cependant Cercle Cerise Cerveau Chaîne Chair CHAISE CHAMBRE Champ Chance CHANGER CHANTER CHAPEAU CHAQUE Charbon Chasser Chat Château CHAUD CHAUSSURE Chef GOOD side mouth to move baker end, extremity bottle branch ARM brilliant noise to burn brown DESK, OFFICE goal, mark

luggage ring bath ball bench, seat bank beard LOW battle BOAT BUILDING stick BEAUTIFUL A LOT baby belgium NEED butter library bicycle GOOD, WELL SOON ale jewel TICKET WHITE, BLANK wheat wound BLUE ox TO DRINK WOOD box bomb

coffee note book case, cash desk movie camera truck, lorry COUNTRY to camp rubber capable bus square map, card TO BREAK cause cellar belt famous bachelor, unmarried cinders, ash yet, still circle cherry brain chain flesh CHAIR BEDROOM field chance, luck TO CHANGE TO SINK HAT EVERY coal to hunt cat castle HOT SHOES head

Chemin road Cheminée chimney Chemise shirt CHER Dear, expensive CHERCHER TO LOOK FOR Cheval horse Cheveux hair CHEZ AT, WITH Chien dog Chocolat chocolate Choisir to choose CHOSE THING CIEL HEAVEN, SKY CIGARE CIGARE CIGARETTE CIGARETTE Cimetière cimetery CINÉMA CINEMA Clair clear Classe class Clé key Client client, customer Clou nail CŒUR HEART Coiffeur hairdresser Col neck, col Colère anger Collier necklet Colline hill COMBIEN HOW MUCH Commander to command, order COMME AS COMMENT HOW COMMENCER to begin Commerce trade Commode easy, suitable Commun common Complet entire Compliqué complicated COMPRENDRE to understand COMPTER TO COUNT UP Concernant relating to Condition condition Conduire to drive Confiance confidence Confort confort Connaissance knowledge CONTINUER TO CARRY ON Contraire contrary CONTRE AGAINST Contrôle register Corde rope Corne horn CORPS BODY Correct correct COTE SIZE CÔTE RIB COTON COTTON Cou neck Coucher to put to bed Coucher (se) to go to bed Couler to pour, to sink COULEUR COLOUR Coup knock Couper to cut Cour court

Courage Courant COURIR COURT COUTEAU Coûter Couvrir Craie CRAINDRE Cravate Crayon Creuser CRIER Crime CROIRE CROIX Cru Cuiller Cuir CUISINE Cuivre Cultiver Curieux D D'ABORD DAME DANGER Danser Date DEDANS Défaut DEHORS DÉJÀ Déjeuner DEMAIN DEMANDER DEMOISELLE Dent Dentiste Dépenser DEPUIS DEPUIS QUE DERNIER DERRIÈRE Dès que DESCENDRE Désert DÉSIRER Dessert Dessin DESSOUS DESSUS Détail Détester Détruire Dette DEVANT Deviner DEVOIR DEVOIR DIEU Différent DIFFICILE Dimension

courage current TO RUN SHORT KNIFE to cost to cover chalk to be afraid of tie pencil to dig TO CRY crime TO BELIEVE CROSS crude spoon leather KITCHEN copper to cultivate curious

Diminuer DIRE Direction Discours Discussion Disque Distance DOIGT DONNER DORMIR Dos Douane Douleur Doute Doux Drapeau DROIT Dur Durer E EAU Echelle Eclairer ECOLE ECOUTER ECRIRE Education Effet Efficace Effort EGAL Eglise Electrique Elégant ELÈVE EMBRASSER Employé Emprunter EN BAS ENCORE Encre A L’ENDROIT ENDROIT EN FACE ENFANT ENFIN EN HAUT Ennemi En outre Enseigner ENSEMBLE ENSUITE ENTENDRE ENTIER ENTRE ENTREPRISE ENTRER ENVIRON ENVOYER Epais Epeler Epingle Escalier Espace

to diminish, to reduce TO SAY, TO TELL direction talk, speech discussion record distance FINGER TO GIVE TO SLEEP back customs pain doubt sweet flag RIGHT, PRIVILEGE hard to last

AT ONCE LADY DANGER to dance date INSIDE, WITHIN default OUTSIDE ALREADY breakfast TOMORROW TO ASK YOUNG LADY tooth dentist to spent SINCE, FOR, FROM SINCE last BACK, BEHIND as soon as to come down desert TO WANT sweet drawing UNDER OVER detail to hate to destroy debt before, in front of to guess, to devine MUST, TO HAVE TO DUTY, RESPECT GOD different DIFFICULT size

WATER scale, escape to light SCHOOL TO LISTEN TO WRITE education effect efficient effort EQUAL, SAME church electric elegant STUDENT TO KISS employee to borrow AT THE BOTTOM STILL, MOREOVER ink RIGHT WAY UP place, right side OPPOSITE child finally AT THE TOP enemy besides to teach TOGETHER AFTER, THEN to hear ENTIRE BETWEEN enterprise TO COME IN ABOUT to send thick to spell pin stairs space

Espagne SPAIGN ESPÉRER TO HOPE FOR Esprit spirit ESSAYER TO TRY ESSENCE petrol Est east Estomac stomach Etat state Etats Ŕ Unis United states Eteindre to turn off Etoile star Etonner to astonish, to amaze ETRANGER foreigner, alien ETRE TO BE etre being Etroit narrow ETUDIER TO STUDY Europe europe EVEILLER (S’) to wake up Evénement event Exact true Excuse excuse Excuser to apologize Exemple example Exercice exercise Expérience experiment Expliquer to explain Extraordinaire astonishing F FACILE Faible Faim Faire Fait FAMILLE FATIGUE FAUTE Fauteuil Faux Féliciter FEMME FENÊTRE Fer Ferme FERMER FEU FEUILLE Fier Figure FILLE Film FILS FINIR FLEUR FLEURIR FLEUVE FOIS Force Forme Former FORT Fortune Fou Fourchette

Fourrure Frais FRANCE Frapper Frein Fréquent FRÈRE FROID Fromage Front Frontière FRUIT FUMÈE FUMER Fusil Futur G Gagner Gai Gant GARAGE GARÇON Garder GARE Gâteau GAUCHE Général Genou Glace Glisser Goûter Goutte Gouvernement GRAND Grand mère Grand père Gras Gris GROS Groupe Guérir GUERRE Guide H S’HABILLER HABITER HABITUDE HAUT Herbe Hésiter HEURE HEUREUX HIER HISTOIRE HOMME Honnête Honte Hôpital HÔTEL Huile Humide I

fur, skin cool, fresh FRANCE to knock brake frequent BROTHER COLD cheese front boundary FRUIT SMOKE TO SMOKE gun, rifle future,

ICI IDÉE Ile Imaginer Imiter IMPORTANT Imprimer Industrie Instrument Intelligent Interdire to Intérêt Invention ITALIE J Jaloux JAMAIS JAMBE JANVIER JAPON JARDIN JAUNE JETER JEUNE JOIE JOLI Joue JOUER JOUR JOURNAL Jupe JUSQU'À Juste L LA LÀ ŔBAS Lac LAID Laine LAISSER LAIT Lancer LANGUE LARGE Larme LAVER Léger Légume Lent LETTRE LEVER SE LEVER Lèvre Libre Ligne Limite Liquide LIRE Liste LIT LIVRE Loi LOIN

HERE IDEA isle to imagine to imitate IMPORTANT to print industry instrument clever forbid interest invention ITALY

EASY weak hunger to do fact FAMILY TIREDNESS MISTAKE armchair false to congratulate WOMAN WINDOW iron farm, ferm to shut, to close FIRE LEAF, PAPER proud figure daughter, girl film, movie SON, BOY TO FINISH FLOWER TO FLOURISH RIVER TIME vigour form to shape STRONG luck mad, crazy fork

to earn, to win cheerful glove garage, parking lot boy to keep RAILWAY cake LEFT general knee ice, mirror to slip to taste, to enjoy drop governement TALL grandmother grandfather fat grey BIG group to cure WAR guide


TO DRESS to live PRACTICE, USE HIGH grass to hesitate HOUR happy YESTERDAY STORY MAN honest shame hospital INN oil damp, wet

THERE OVER THERE lake UGLY wool TO LET MILK to throw TONGUE BROAD tear TO WASH light vegetable slow LETTER TO RAISE to get up lip free line limit liquid TO READ roll BED BOOK law FAR


LONG when to rent, to praise HEAVY light monday MOON GLASSES grammar school

M MACHINE ENGINE MAGASIN SHOP Maigre thin MAIN HAND MAINTENANT NOW MAISON HOUSE Maître master MAL EVIL, BAD MALADE ILL MANGER TO EAT Manière way MANQUER to forget, to miss Manteau coat Marchand trader Marché market Marier (se) to marry Marque mark Marteau hammer Matériel (adj) material MATIN MORNING MAUVAIS BAD MÉCHANT UNPLEASANT MÉDECIN DOCTOR Membre member, MÊME SAME Mémoire memory MENTIR TO LIE Menton chin MER SEA MERCI THANK MÈRE MOTHER Mériter to deserve Mesure to measure Métal metal Métier trade Métro underground METTRE TO PUT Meuble furniture MIDI MIDDAY MILIEU MIDDLE Militaire military Mince thin Ministre secretary MINUIT MIDNIGHT MINUTE MINUTE Miroir mirror Mode fashion MOIS MONTH Moisson harvest MOITIÉ HALF MOMENT MOMENT MONDE WORLD MONNAIE MONEY MONSIEUR MISTER

MONTAGNE MONTER MONTRE MONTRER Moral MORCEAU Mordre MOT MOTEUR Mou Mouche MOUCHOIR MOURIR Moustache Moyen Muet Mur Mûr Mûre MUSIQUE N Nager NAÎTRE Nation Nature Naviguer Navire NÉCESSAIRE Neige NEUF NEZ Niveau Noël NOIR NOM Nombre Nord Normal Note Nourriture NOUVEAU Nuage NUIT O Obéir Objet Obliger Obtenir Occasion Océan ŒIL Œuf Officier Offrir OISEAU Ombre ONCLE Ongle Opération Opinion OR Orage Orange

MOUNTAIN to go up, to climb WATCH TO SHOW moral PIECE to bite WORD MOTOR soft fly HANDKERCHIEF TO DIE moustache means, middle dumb wall ripe blackberry MUSIC

Ordinaire Ordre OREILLE Organisation Os OTER Ouest Outil OUVRIR

ordinary order EAR organization bone TO REMOVE west tool TO OPEN

to swim TO BE BORN nation nature to sail boat NECESSARY snow NEW NOSE level christmas BLACK NAME number north normal note food NEW cloud NIGHT

TO OBEY THING to oblige to obtain opportunity ocean EYE egg officer to offer BIRD shadow UNCLE nail operation opinion GOLD storm orange

P Page page PAIN BREAD PAIX PEACE Panier basket Pantalon trousers PAPIER PAPER Pâques easter Paquet parcel Parapluie umbrella Parc park PARCE QUE BECAUSE PARDON SORRY PARENTS PARENTS Paresseux lazy PARLER TO SPEAK Parmi among Partager to divide Participer to take part in Partie part, PARTIR TO LEAVE PARTOUT EVERYWHERE Pas step Passé past Passeport passport PASSER TO PASS Patrie homeland PAUVRE POOR PAYER TO PAY PAYS COUNTRY Paysage landscape Peau skin Pêcher to fish for Peigne comb Peindre to paint Peine pains PENDANT QUE WHILE Pendre to hang up PENSER TO THINK PERDRE TO LOSE PERE FATHER PERMETTRE TO ALLOW PERSONNE person PETIT LITTLE PEU FEW, LITTLE PEUPLE PEOPLE Peur afraid PEUT Ŕ ETRE MAYBE Pharmacien chemist Photo photo Phrase sentence Physique physical Piano piano Pièce piece PIED FOOT

PIERRE STONE Pipe pipe PLACE POSITION Plafond ceiling Plaisanterie joke Plaisir pleasure Planche board Plancher floor Plante plant Plat flat Plein full PLEURER TO CRY PLEUVOIR TO RAIN Plume feather Pluriel plural PLUSIEURS SEVERAL Plutôt (que) rather than Poche pocket Poids weight POLI polite, polished Poing fist Point point Poire pear POISSON FISH Poitrine chest Police police Politique political Pomme apple Pomme de terre potato Pont bridge Porc pig Port harbour PORTE DOOR Portefeuille port folio PORTER to carry, to wear Position position POSSIBLE POSSIBLE Poste post Pot pot Poudre powder Poule hen POURBOIRE TIP POUR ( QUOI) FOR, WHY Pousser to push Poussière dust POUVOIR CAN, MAY Pratique practicle Précédent previous Précis exact PREMIER (2EME) FIRST PRENDRE TO TAKE PRÉNOM FIRST NAME Préparer to prepare PRES (DE) NEAR Présent present Présenter to offer PRESQUE NEARLY PRÊT ready Prêter to lend Prêtre priest Prier likely Problème problem Produire to produce PROFESSEUR TEACHER Profond deep

Progrès progress PROMENER (SE) to walk Promettre to promise PRONONCER TO pronounce Proposer to propose PROPRE PROPER Propriétaire owner Public public Puissance power Pur pure Q Qualité quality Quantité quantity QUELQUE SOME, A FEW QUELQUEFOIS sometimes QUESTION QUESTION Queue tail Quoique although R Racine RACONTER RADIO Raisin Raison Rapide RARE Recevoir Récompenser Réel REGARDER Région Règle Refuser REGRETTER Relation Religion Remarquer Rencontrer Rendre Réparer Repas RÉPÉTER RÉPONDRE REPOSER Respirer Responsable Ressembler RESTAURANT Reste Rester Restituer Résultat Résumer Réunion Réussir REVENIR RÊVER Revue RICHE RIEN RIRE Riz Robe

Rocher ROI Rôle Rond Roue ROUGE ROUTE RUE RUSSIE S Sable Sac Sain Saison Salade Salaire SALE SALLE Saluer SANG SANS SANTÉ Sapin Sauter Sauvage Sauver SAVOIR SAVON Scie Science Sec Seconde Secret Secrétaire Sécurité Séjour SEL SEMAINE SEMBLER Semer SENS Sentiment SENTIR Séparer Série SERIEUX Serpent Service Serviette SEUL SEULEMENT Sexe Siècle Siège Siffler Signature Signe SIGNIFIER Silence SIMPLE Sincère Singe Singulier Société

rock KING list, part round wheel RED road STREET RUSSIA

root TO TELL RADIO grape reason quick RARE to riceive to reward real TO LOOK AT region rule to decline TO REGRET relation religion to remark to meet to give back, to return to ripair meat TO REPEAT TO ANSWER TO REST to breathe responsible to look like restaurant rest, remains to remain, to stay to restore result to sum up meeting to succeed TO RETURN TO DREAM review RICH NOTHING TO LAUGH rice dress

sand bag healthy season salad wage DIRTY ROOM to salute BLOOD WITHOUT HEALTH fir to jump savage, wild to save TO KNOW SOAP saw science, knowledge dry second secret secretary safety stay SALT WEEK TO SEEM to sow SENSE feeling TO FEEL to separate series SERIOUS snake service towel, napkin ONLY, ALONE ONLY sex century seat to whistle signing sign TO MEAN silence SIMPLE sincere monkey singulare society

SŒUR Soie Soigner Soin SOIR SOL Soldat SOLEIL Solide Sombre Sombrer Sommet Son Sonner Sorte SORTIR Sot Souci Soudain SOUHAITER Soupe Sourd SOURIRE Souvenir (se) Souvent Spécial Sport Stylo Sucre Sud Suggestion SUISSE SUIVANT SUIVANT QUE Supposer Sûr SURPRISE Système T Tabac Tableau Taille Talon TANTE Tapis TARD Tasse Technique TÉLÉPHONE Tempête TEMPS Tendre TENIR TERRE TÊTE Thé THÉÂTRE Théorie Timbre Timide Tirer Tiroir Toit Tombe

SISTER silk, bristle to look after care, EVENING GROUND soldier SUN solid dark to sink top sound to ring sort, way TO GO OUT silly care sudden TO WISH sop deaf SMILE to remember often special sport pen sugar south Suggestion SWITZERLAND NEXT DEPENDING ON to suppose sure SURPRISE system

TOMBER Tort TÔT Total Toucher TOUJOURS Tour Tournant Tourner Tousser TOUT TRADUIRE TRAIN Tranquille Transport TRAVAILLER TRAVERS A TRAVERS Triste Tromper TROP Trottoir Trou TROUVER TUER U UN, DEUX… Université Usé USINE UTILE Utiliser V VACANCES Vache Valeur Valise Vallée Vendre VENIR VENT Ventre Ver Verbe Vérité VERRE VERT Verser Veste VETEMENT VIANDE Victoire Vide VIE VIEUX Village VILLE VIN Violon VITESSE VIVRE Voile VOIR

TO FALL wrong SOON total to touch ALWAYS tower, turn turning to turn to cough ALL TO TRANSLATE TRAIN quiet transport TO WORK ACCROSS THROUGH sad to be wrong TOO pavement hole TO FIND TO KILL



ONE, TWO university waste, exhausted factory USEFUL to use

tobacco board, painting stature, cutting heel AUNT carpet LATE cup technical TELEPHONE storm WEATHER, TIME tender TO HOLD EARTH HEAD tea THEATRE theory stamp shy to pull out drawer roof grave

HOLIDAYS cow value, suitcase valley to sell TO COME WIND stomach worm verb truth GLASS GREEN to pour jacket CLOTHES MEAT victory, win empty LIFE OLD village TOWN WINE violin SPEED TO LIVE sail TO SEE

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