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									Vintage Leather

Vintage Leather
During the 1930’s in England, a new affluence was to be seen, enjoyed by the middle and upper classes. Furniture requirements became associated with status and a demand for top quality leather, very expensive compared to other soft furnishings, became the benchmark for seating in the luxurious residences of the expanding nouveau riche. Our Vintage leather chairs and settees are expertly crafted to replicate the antique look with incredibly realistic distressing in the areas that would have received most natural wear over the years. Manufactured with a top quality hardwood frame, eight-way hand tied springs and a clever combination of foam, fibre and duckdown fillings give that desirable lived-in look. The leather needs periodically feeding with a proprietary brand of ‘leather care’ wax or cream to retain the soft, luxurious condition. Classic leather furniture, you’ve always dreamt of, now at affordable prices. Another Coach House success story!


Vintage Leather

HZH001 Vintage Leather Chair
H:900 W:1000 D:900mm.

HZH002 Vintage Leather 2 Seater Settee
H:900 W:1480 D:900mm.

HZH003 Vintage Leather 3 Seater Settee
H:900 W:2050 D:900mm.


Vintage Leather

HZH043 Brown Buttoned Wing Chair
H:1120 W:920 D:940mm.

HZH025 Vintage Leather 2 Seater Chesterfield
H:780 W:1800 D:950mm.

HZH026 Vintage Leather 3 Seater Chesterfield
H:780 W:2240 D:950mm.


Vintage Leather

HZH004 Mayfair Leather Armchair
H:820 W:850 D:850mm.

HZH006 Classic Leather Armchair
H:880 W:910 D:880mm.

HZH015 New Classic Leather Footstool
H:500 W:680 D:430mm.

HZH014 New Classic Leather Wing Chair
H:1120 W:820 D:750mm.


Vintage Leather

HZH013 Leather Eames Chair + Footstool
Chair H:890 W:785 D:785mm. Stool H:470 W:640 D:640mm.

HZH007 Marlborough Leather Armchair
H:640 W:780 D:720mm.

HZH008 Vintage Leather Stool
H:430 W:480 D:480mm.

HZH037 Brown Leather Office Chair
H:1190 W:640 D:600mm.

HZH036 Black Leather Office Chair
H:1190 W:640 D:600mm.


Vintage Leather

HZH019 Vintage Leather Trunk/End Table
H:560 L:480 W:430mm.

HZH021 Vintage Leather Trunk with Straps
H:730 L:880 W:580mm.

HZH016 Vintage Leather Trunk/Coffee Table
H:330 L:1240 W:790mm.


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