INTD_4007_Syllabus_2009-10 by peirongw


									COMMUNITY SERVICE LEARNING ELECTIVE: INTD 4007 2009-10 Course Description: This innovative interdisciplinary community service learning course, offered in partnership with the School of Nursing, NURE 3090, will allow medical students to integrate meaningful community service with instruction, preparation and reflection to enrich their learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. This course will enable students to examine social justice and social determinant of health issues and apply these principles in a structured service learning practicum that is conducted in and meets the social and health needs of a community partner in a culturally competent manner. Through online modules, readings and a structured learning practicum, this course will combine community service with preparation and reflection to help foster civic responsibility in the health professions. Course Director: Ruth Berggren, MD Credit Hour Allocation: 2.0 Credit Hours Number of Students: 10 Learning Objectives: 1. Identify the principles of service learning. 2. Explore social justice issues and social determinants of health and their impact on health disparities of a specific community. 3. Demonstrate the use of culturally competent behaviors and their role in community service learning activities 4. Actively participate with nursing students and community partners in a community service learning practicum that contributes significantly to positive changes in individuals within a community setting. 5. Critically reflect on own personal role in developing structured opportunities in their service learning experience. Elective Activities: 1. Learning Modules: Student will review eight (8) online learning modules with information relevant to community service learning. Most modules will consist of a PowerPoint presentation, reading, and an assignment on the Discussion Board. Module I: Introduction to Service Learning Module II: History of Service Learning Module III: Setting and Measuring Objectives Module IV: Community Needs Assessment Module V: Social Determinants of Health Module VI: Cultural Competency Module VII: Health Disparities

Module VIII: Health Literacy 2. Discussion Board: Student will participate in an online discussion about community service learning, answering eight (8) questions related to module materials and self-reflection of community service learning experience. 3. Service Learning Quiz: Student will complete a quiz at the end of the course that covers all eight leaning modules. 4. Reflection Journal: Student will submit a reflection journal that reflects his or her thoughts about community service learning, including personal experience and lessons learned, to faculty once a month. 5. Community Service Learning Experience: 40-hour structured service learning practicum in partnership with medical students and community partner. Student will self-select mentor and site. Student will submit CSL Project Plan before beginning project and submit documentation record of hours at the end of the project. 6. Abstract / Poster of CSL Project: Student will submit a Poster Abstract and will design a poster of their CSL experience. Student must submit Poster to Multimedia Dept per directions of CSL Coordinator. 7. Presentation of Poster: Conference in April 2010. Student will present Poster at the Annual CSL

Method of Evaluation: Pass/Fail The following criteria must be passed for successful completion of the course:  Complete all learning modules and entry into Discussion Board for all module questions (20%)  Pass Service Learning Quiz (10%)  Submission of Monthly Reflection Journal to Faculty (20%)  Completion of CSL Project Plan and documentation of 40 hours of community service learning (30%)  Creation of Abstract and Poster of CSL Project, with Presentation at CSL Conference in April 2010 (20%)

June 26, 2009 Syllabus subject to change.

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