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Organizing, preparing for and running a swim meet requires a lot of man power. Did you know that Home meets require about 50 workers and away meets require about half that number? That’s why volunteers are so important and why it is every parent’s responsibility to volunteer in at least 2 regular season meets and City Meet. There are many different ways to help out before during and after the meets. Please take a minute and review the volunteer position descriptions below. Please help make this a fantastic swim season for our Orcas! Bake Sale* – (min 2 needed per home meet) – During home meets our team sells, cookies and other individually wrapped baked goods to make money to supplement the swim team. The bake sale volunteers man the table and sell the goods throughout the meet. Bake Sale* (Pre Meet) – (min 5 families per home meet) - A minimum of 5 families are needed to contribute individually wrapped baked goods to be sold at our home meets. Card Sorter – (min 4 needed per meet) – Writes the official time on the swimmers card, determined by the 3 times given per lane during the event. Fastest and slowest times are discarded and the mid time is recorded. The card sorter also arranges the swimmer cards by fastest to slowest official times for each event and records each swimmers place in the event based on the times. In the event of a DQ (disqualification), the card sorter will attach the DQ slip to the swimmer’s card, place all DQ at the bottom of the stack and pass all cards to the scorer. Clerk of Course- (2 needed per meet) – Organizes the swimmers in the event they are to swim as assigned on the swimmer entry card. The clerk of course will also consolidate heats and swimmers if necessary to expedite meets where one team has more swimmers than the other. Hospitality* – (4 needed per home meet) – Meet hospitality staff move the hospitality cart throughout the meet, providing beverages and snacks for all meet workers. Home meets only! Newspaper Recorder – (1 needed for season)- submits the names of the first place boys and girls winner in each event and age group to local newspapers the day after the meet. Orca Tank* – (min 4 needed per meet) – Orca tank volunteers gather and organize our swimmers (especially the young ones) for their events and send them to clerk of course. Orca tank volunteers keep track of event numbers and have a roster of swimmers by event, so that our swimmers do not miss their events or delay the meet. Runner - (min 4 needed per home meet) – Runners transport meet documents throughout the meet, whether gathering swimmers cards from timers, DQ slips from

judges to meet referees or score cards to the scoring table. Card runners are also responsible for bringing swimmer’s cards from one end of the pool to the other in the time it takes to swim one length. (Runner really means running! But, it’s a lot of fun and really makes the time fly) Scorer – (1 or 2 people needed per meet) – Keeps a cumulative score of the meet. This record will indicate the swimmer’s name, team, time and points earned. Each team provides a Scorer, and they work together to confirm accuracy. Scoring Data Entry – (minimum 2 people needed per meet) – Enters each event score onto a computer. Set up and Clean up – (minimum 4 strong people for each per home meet) - Set up volunteers will arrive at the pool by 3:30 on home meet days to help arrange furniture, tables, beverage coolers and other meet set up requirements) Clean up volunteers will stay approximately 30 minutes after each home meet ends to rearrange furniture, dispose or trash and generally prepare the swim club for the next day’s opening. Lifting and moving heavy items is necessary for both of these positions! Stroke and Turn Judge - (4 needed per meet) – (MUST BE CSA CERTIFIED)* – Determines if each swimmer is swimming strokes legally as defined by USA swimming rules. It is the Stroke and Turn Judge’s responsibility to disqualify any swimmer whose stroke, start, turn, or finish is illegal. *certification is easy Timers – (32 needed per home meet) - Time swimmers in each race with team provided stopwatches. There are 2 team timers per lane. One timer records all times on entry card, and the runner picks cards up to bring to scoring table.