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                                                                          After 9/11 we decided to make the
                                                                          leadership for peace a cornerstone of
                                                                          our lives. Our decision to endorse
                                                                           Dennis Kucinich for President of the
                                                                           United States comes from our profound
                                                                           respect for his leadership against the
                                                                            invasion of Iraq, the funding of the war
                                                                            in Iraq, and his subsequent decision to
                                                                             seek the presidency in 2008 because of
                                                                             the failure of other candidates to put
                                                                              peace first. We believe this peace
                                                                              leadership is positively crucial to the
                                                                              survival of all civilizations on earth.
                                                                               The time to elect Dennis Kucinich as
                                                                               president is now. We hope others will
                                                                               join us in endorsing Congressman
                                                                                Kucinich for the democratic
                                                                                nomination and the presidency.

                                                                                 -PAUL and DEBORAH HAGGIS
                                                                                  two-time Academy Award-winning

                                                      As a physician, I need the Kucinich
                                                      health plan. As a peace activist, I
                                                      need a president for whom peace is
                                                      an imperative, not a “process.” As
                                                      a chess master, I expect President
                                                      Kucinich to make the right moves,
                                                      before we are all checkmated.

                                                                                     -ANTHONY SAIDY, M.D.
                                                          past vice chair, Coalition for Peace in the Middle East

                                                       Dennis Kucinich is our citizen centurion who guards
                                                      and defends our Constitution. He's Joe Hill, John
                                                      Henry, and Thomas Paine, rolled into one. America
                                                      needs Dennis Kucinich.

                                                                                              -HECTOR ELIZONDO
                                                                                                   actor and activist

                   KUCINICH for PRESIDENT                                 1-877-413-3664
          Sharon Jimenez, Kucinich for President 2008                310-478-0114
                               Labor donated. Graphic design by Meryl Ann Butler.
         Photos with Paul and Deborah Haggis, Hector Elizondo, Anthony Saidy and Frances Fisher by Bob Jimenez.

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