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Specification of the product
Product name Wavelength of Laser Wavelength of LED Operation period per one time Voltage Weight of the main body Size Sagara Hair Laser 890nm 660nm 10 minutes 10V charging battery, 12V DC Adaptor 513g 110mm x 110mm x 198mm USER GUIDE



A proven concept for hair and scalp restoration with no medication, rubbing or side-effects.
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Are you contented with your hair? Is it not as healthy as it used to be? Because you can now restore your selfassurance and confidence with the Sagara Hair Laser. Progressive replenishment for rich healthy hair and scalp.

A delightful change of hair condition little by little every day. Rich and healthy hair will make you look and feel the way you used to. Sagara Hair Laser is the companion for your future.

Please read the instructions carefully before using the Hair Laser as the instructions have detailed information on how to use the product effectively and safely.

The instructions should always be kept with the product and transferred together with the product if and when the product is transferred to others.



The laser should not be used by the following people and on the regions listed below (seek medical advice first)

The following users should not use the Hair Laser
1. Users with electronic equipment in the body, such as supplementary equipment for heartbeat. 2. Users with electronic medical equipment to maintain life, such as artificial pump-oxygenator. 3. Users using the electronic medical equipment attached to the body, such as electrocardiogram. 4. Users with metals, plastics and silicon in their bodies.


• Acute malignant tumor patient • Hemophilia patient • Heart disease • Disabled patients for the sense of pain and without perception • Patient with high or low blood pressure • Pregnant women • Traumatic region • Abdomen region at the time of the menstrual period. • Profuberant parts of the eyelids

• Dermatitis region • Discoloration on the face by the physical stimulation • High fever • Patient using other people's internal organs in steroid and hormone. • Children under 12 years • Symptom of the skin being red coloured or tingling by excessive suntan • Facial melanosis • People having sensitive skin with physical constitution of allergy



1. Please do not use The Sagara Hair Laser for any other purpose than described. 2. Please do not use the product with other electronic goods at the same time (for example: beauty equipment or electric blanket). This may cause a mechanical problem. 3. As the Sagara Hair Laser is to be used on the scalp only, please do not use on any other region of the body. 4. Please keep the product away from heat, water and dust. 5. Please ensure hands are dry before removing the adaptor plug from the outlet. 6. Please do not exert force upon the product.


1. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed , contact a doctor at once. 2. Do not heat or dispose of in fire. 3. Battery disposal method should be in accordance with local and government regulations.

Please read the instructions carefully in order to use the product effectively, and pay careful attention to the suggestions before using the product.

Suggestions before use
• Please read the instructions carefully before using Hair Laser. • Please do not put the product in water or any other liquid solutions. • Please ensure your hands are dry before connecting the adaptor to the outlet. • Please do not use for other purposes than described.

Suggestions for use
• Please use the product according to the order of operation as described in this User Guide. • Never look directly at the window of the laser while in operation. • The product consists of very sensitive parts such as laser and LED. If force is used with the product then malfunction may occur. • Please use the product away from objects which cause a reflection, such as a mirror or a watch.



charging terminal
stimulating bar to the scalp laser lamp laser window laser sensor

LED window

charging lamp


on / off switch

adaptor connection

charging terminal

What is the LLLT?
The laser light of the LLLT is an unlimited source of cell energy. The inside of the human body is in total darkness, and the laser penetrates into the darkness, expands the blood vessels and improves blood circulation in order to turn the old cell into a normal cell (Dr. Tina Karu, Russian Laser Academy of Science).

laser lamp

1. Sagara Hair Laser consists of the ultra semiconductor laser and the red coloured LED which is also used for astronauts at NASA. 2. The laser within the product is not visible to the human eye, but it is a high quality laser which penetrates deep into the skin, substituting infrared rays. The blue coloured laser light in front of the product shows the normal output of the laser light.

3. The stimulating bar to the scalp is made of urethane rubber, irradiating the laser on the necessary region and stimulating the spots suitable for treatment on the scalp. 4. Sagara Hair Laser does not have reaction as it uses the laser and the LED light. 5. The Hair Laser is set for 10 minutes for each use. If you want to use continuously, please press on/off switch again.



1. Please connect the adaptor to the charging terminal.

2. Please plug the adaptor into the mains socket. (charging lamp: green colour)

3. Place the Hair Laser in to the charging terminal. (charging lamp should be green in colour to indicate fully charged. If not, the colour should be red). Please charge the product for more than 10 hours before using it.

In order to confirm the output of the laser
You may place the laser window of the Sagara Hair Laser to the laser sensor on the charging terminal. A beeping sound will indicate that it is ready to use. NOTE: Please ensure the charging terminal is connected to the mains before testing the output.

4. Please press the on/off switch on the front of the product. (It is ready to be used if the laser lamp is a blue colour and the LED will light up red).

5. Please use the product in accordance with the usage instructions. (Sagara Hair Laser will turn off automatically after 10 minutes).

6. Please place the Hair Laser on the charging terminal again to recharge after use. If the product is discharged, an alarm will sound for 5 seconds.



* It is important to press as if it is finger pressure therapy without combing the scalp. This will stimulate the spots suitable for treatment more effectively.

1. Taking the central part of the agonized region as the datum point, place the laser window on the agonized region and press for 5 - 10 seconds.

2. When the central parts treatment is complete, please move the laser window about 1cm from the datum point and then press for 5-10 seconds again.

3. Use the product to stimulate all the agonized regions for about 10 minutes in total.

1. As the Hair Laser manages your scalp problem by operating on the scalp cells directly. It is necessary to use the product daily until the desired result is obtained. 2. Use the Hair Laser for about 10 minutes per day. 3. The best time to use the Hair Laser is around 21:00 hours in the evening.

1. The colour of the charging LED is green when the Hair Laser is not placed into the charging terminal. The colour of the changing LED will turn red in colour when electric charging is completed. 2. It takes about 10 hours to complete the electric charging in full.

Repair / Inspection
1. In case of mechanical problems, please stop using the product. The user should not attempt to service the appliance. Servicing should be referred to qualified personnel.

1. Please clean the product with a soft, dry cloth after use. 2. Please do not use alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, hot water or chemicals when cleaning the product. 3. Please do not place the product on a high shelf, to avoid accidental damage. 4. Please do not place the Hair Laser in places where temperature and/or moisture level is high, and keep away from direct sunlight. 5. Please store the Hair Laser in the charging terminal at all times.

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