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Toric contact lenses

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					Toric contact lenses now make it possible for people who have astigmatism to wear comfortable, affordable, disposable contact lenses! In the past, those with astigmatism had few options when it came to wearing contact lenses. They could wear those not-so-easy-to-adjust-to hard contacts. Or, they could spend a lot of money on a pair of soft contacts made for astigmatism. Thanks to the new scientific advancements, however, toric contact lenses make it possible for patients with astigmatism to afford comfortable, soft lenses. Because the astigmatic eye is oval shaped, instead of the normal round shape, regular soft contact lenses do not provide the proper fit and correction. The toric contact lens, however, DOES provide a proper fit and correction for the astigmatic patient. New materials from which the toric lenses are made make it possible to manufacture the lenses inexpensively and sell them to the public at a low cost. The new toric contact lenses allow for many hours of comfortable wear! In fact, they feel almost like wearing nothing at all! Each pair is designed to be worn for about two weeks and then, discarded. Although they can be slept in, it is recommended that the wearer remove them each night before going to bed. So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of those glasses and show your beautiful eyes to the world! Find out if toric contact lenses are right for you!

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